In an effort to rid law enforcement of corruption,members of the New York City Police Department embrace my passion to spotlight injustice.

As a whistle blower I ask the readers of my website to be mindful. Law enforcement has the back of citizens 24/7. Those who choose this noble profession are anointed by the heavens. It is a calling .Every institution has a few bad apples.When it comes to protesting or demonstrating I choose not to take the route of a anti-cop protester. That would be non productive and would disrupt the quality of life of the citizens.

In contrast ,unlike Rev. Al Sharpton ,I heed the advice given by smiling T.V. Pastor Joel Osteen and walk the path that Jesus would take. " Thank the corrupt few , kill them with kindness  and create a movie"

More recently in New York, a retired officer explained to me that when it comes to law enforcement I bring along bad luck.

He then issued me the nick name : " The Black Cat". 

As I entered an uptown subway station a officer held the train door open for me.

With courtesy professionalism and respect I was greeted by N.Y.P.D. Transit Officer Serpico.

I thought to myself : "Officer Serpico? What a name of convenience this officer has". I explained to Officer Serpico that the NYPD, LAPD and the Feds  "SET ME UP " for a movie deal.

I boarded the train and Officer Serpico exited. With a thankful heart ,I was heard by many as I shouted out.........

"Thank You NYPD.".....and "Thanks a Million !! "

if law enforcement can act this reckless,one would wonder just how would they go to cover up a crime.This website is in a diary format that has been condensed .It spans a five year period.During this period ,I sought medical attention at Stony Brook Hospital ,Bellevue Hospital New York and a clinic in los Angeles.During my visit,law enforcement interupted the medical evaluation and treatment.The hospitals involved did unessisary testing and treatment at the request by law enforcement.

This resulted in malpractice.Law enforcement became my primary care physicians.

Those involved have crossed the boundarys.

This is a crime.

M.Kennedy Forensic Investigations exposes the plot to overthrow a District Attorney during his re-election.

The crime, the cover up and the economic ripple effect that followed during the LISK investigation.

Through a collaborated effort ,Kennedy and Sullivan reveal where the Long Island Serial Killer DNA evidence lies.

One piece of the puzzle remains in a evidence box marked the 1989 homicide of Jessica Manners. Two DNA samples were recovered . The fist DNA sample links to Christopher Loliscio who had a casual encounter with the victim.The second DNA sample links to the Long Island Serial Killer who murdered the victim.The second DNA Sample could now be tested for a match against the DNA of persons of interest including  James Burke the former Suffolk County Police Chief.

It is time to exonerate Christopher Loliscio who has been wrongfully convicted.This information has come forward as a result of an investigation into a 2012 frame job and cover up that was meant to derail the Suffolk County District Attorneys reelection..Read from the beginning.The next paragraph.

Contact info : Bill Sullivan (772)-646-8524 or

Shown here is Christopher Loliscio. He is wrongfully convicted. The remaining evidence that was recovered from the crime scene that does not match the DNA of Loliscio is that of the LISK .It was never tested for a match.Why ? a SCPD cover up ? One question for the FBI is ? When the body of Jessica Manners was discovered shore side ,a witness came about. The witness was a lawyer who did per diem work for the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office. The witness stated that the body of Jessica Manners was not present at 7:30 am.This info would rule out Chrisopher Loliscio as a suspect. Yet this witness was deemed an unreliable witness.

It is now time for law enforcement to revisit the 1989 homicide of Jessica Manners to uncover the LISK link


"Much Ado About a 007 James Bond Style Spy Jacket"

In 2012,  I worked for Homeland Security.During the law enforcement feud behind the Gilgo Beach investigation,the feds discovered that many years earlier I had testified against a Suffolk County Police Detective during Martin Tankleff's appeal to have his murder conviction overturned .Within the ranks of Homeland Security New York are retired Suffolk County Police Officers.The officers have a bond with the detective that I testified against.The feds alongside Homeland Security sought vengeance towards me. This all came about when the feds were looking at Suffolk Police Chief Burke,  D.A. Spota and older Suffolk homicide cases such as the Pius case '79,Tankleff '88 and Manners '89.The Chief and District Attorney are under a fine microscope. Then as the feds reviewed the Tankleff homicides a light bulb went off .The  feds saw a window of opportunity  to de-rail D.A. Spota's upcoming re election campaign.

Members of the U.S. Department of Justice, Suffolk County Police-FBI Task Force and Homeland Security formulated a scheme to instigate problems and controversy for Suffolk D.A. Spota . The instigation and controversy would derail the 2013 re-election of Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney.

In this game of dirty politics ,this maneuver would have him overthrown from office. The new Suffolk District Attorney that would take the oath of office would then grant the FBI access to the  Gilgo Beach serial killer investigation.

Those involved to take out D.A. Spota will conspire to have me framed on drug trafficking charges.Once I'm arrested ,the arrest would make headline news.The newspaper headlines would read : " Witness for Tankleff Framed " -My defense would be police entrapment.Through the course of my adult life,I have never sold drugs.

All fingers of guilt would then point towards the Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota as his office is being criticized for the mis-handling of Martin Tankleff's wrongful conviction .The media speculation would see a motive for this witness retaliation.In the court of public opinion,the taxpayers of Suffolk County would accuse D.A. Spota of framing me .The public image of D.A. Spota would be diminished and his re-election would be doomed.

The plot was carried out however ,it was foiled by my actions.You see ,my training that I had acquired from the New York City Police Department and Homeland Security was put to the test. I unleashed my training back onto the feds and I sabotaged an elaborate government drug sting operation.Unbeknownst to me ,through my actions I foiled the government plot to takeout District Attorney Tom Spota. During the sting operation I took custody of evidence.The evidence was a James Bond Style surveillance jacket that came complete with a "wire" . The jacket is meant to indict a lot of people. I cut the wire and stashed the jacket. My actions led to major economic loss for the United States Government.With this surveillance jacket ,the government had plans to indicted individuals,seize there property and bank accounts.Without this surveillance jacket the feds have no case against those in organized crime including the dirty cops who are also being investigated.

The government broke the law when they issued the surveillance jacket to me.It is a crime to place a wire on an individual without permission of the court.This is eavesdropping.A federal crime.

 A government cover up through the United States Department of Justice immediately commenced. 

With the plot to overthrow the Suffolk County District Attorney foiled ,nine months later, D.A. Spota won the primaries that led to his re election .

"Sullivan trained by the NYPD,worked for Homeland Security ,wore a wire, tailed by a helicopter, petitioned for witness protection and he is kidnapped and robbed by law enforcement"

"Sullivan is a Modern Day Goodfella" - Joe Pesci (Actor) 

On a segment on the O'Reilly Factor ,Mr O'Reilly made a comment .The Comment went like this."When someone treats you unfairly .it is time to stand your ground ". With that being stated,In 2014, In my efforts  to clear my name as a drug trafficker, I set up this website as my own investigative tool.

Since this website went live for public distribution,law enforcement officers have come forward and tipped me off with information that changed the course of this story. The motive behind the frame job and cover up is revealed.

During the duration of this web site journal ,I establish a pattern of police retaliation and entrapment. Through my website and my movie endeavour, I bridge a controversial subject of police misconduct and I bridge the gap with humor .

I do it through this online novel as I expose police misconduct and corruption through a comical edge. I use fair and balanced journalism while poking fun at those involved in the frame jobs.The last thing I would want to do is slander a person or an institution .So with that said ,I would be more than willing to edit and remove information posted on this website.

I'm sympathetic towards the victims and the loved ones who became victims to the long Island serial Killer.

When I launched my website titled : Mission IMPROVable Movie, I had no clue of my connection to the Long Island serial killer investigation.There is nothing comical nor funny about the LISK. This website is not about the gruesome crimes. It is about the police mishaps that took place behind the scenes .These mishaps are seen as being comical and most likely occurred due to the law enforcement interaction blending with my comical nature.

Also in 2014, A young aspiring forensic investigator took interest in my website.
His name is  M.Kennedy.In the area of forensic investigations ,his approach is holistic and unorthodox in nature.In the field of forensic science his attributes are not recognized by many in the field however,his knowledge of old fashion police investigative techniques are.When it comes to compelling investigations such as this one, Kennedy is seen as the Dom Perignon and the Rolex in forensic investigations.

Kennedy intervened ,being wise for his age ,he offered me grand insight upon reviewing my website - blog and journal.

Just like law enforcement,he too monitored my website as it revealed clues to police misconduct.He concluded that the 2012 frame job involving the 007 James Bond was orchestrated by the feds to derail D.A. Spota's 2013 re election. 

M.Kennedy stumbled upon a remarkable discovery.The greatest discovery's in life happen out of accident.This discovery is apart of a collaborated effort between I and him as it wraps around the 2012 LISK federal cover up involving the 007 spy jacket and the 2015 NYPD cop rob cover up.

Through the 2012 federal cover up to derail the Suffok County District Atorneys reelection ,M.Kennedy expanded his investigation into the LISK investigation. Just as the FBI ,He too combed through old Suffolk County Homicide cases.

This is for good reason. No stone left unturned. The clue ,the evidence ,a missing piece of the puzzle resides in the 1989 homicide of Jessica Manners of Stony Brook. The body of Jessica Manners was discovered in the marsh of a beach front community of Setauket Harbor.Now all law enforcement has to do is place the homicide case file of Jessica Manners atop of the LISK cases .Once placed on top ,LISK investigators should hear a click.

This is the same click when placing the final pieces of a puzzle together. There is a big problem here. There has been an arrest and conviction in the homicide of Jessica Manners.It appears now that the man charged with the homicide has been wrongfully convicted.

It becomes obvious,there are discrepancies within the forensics . There are two DNA samples that were recovered .The first sample belongs to the LISK. The second DNA sample recovered belongs to Christopher Loliscio. In the 1989 homicide of Jessica Manners  ,Christopher Loliscio was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Christopher Loliscio and Jessica Manners were being stalked by the LISK prior to her death.This homicide as a result of strangulation is the work of a serial killer.It is time to test the second DNA sample .This sample could be used to eliminate  persons of interest such as James Burke the former Suffolk County Police Chief . There is a innocent man in prison. His name is Christopher Loliscio. It is time to exonerate Christopher Loliscio .He too is a victim of the LISK.

This information will spell problems for prosecutors once one or all those responsible for the LISK are brought to trial.

Gilgo Beach Cover Up Behind the Law Enforcement Long Island Serial Killer Investigation 

The Feud  -The Surveillance

OIG - DOI Case # 16 -0243

NYPD IAB # 2016-629

Mission : IMPROVable Novel / Movie

To be filmed on location in Gilgo Beach - New York -California -Florida 



Then come July 2014,law enforcement was still up to their old bag of tricks.My witness status was revealed.I was informed that I'm a witness for Martin Tankleff. With the ongoing police retaliation over the stashed 007 spy jacket, I petitioned for witness protection through Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney and Eric Holder the United States Attorney General.

This petition for witness protection came to the attention of D.A. Spota during his  preparation for Martin Tankleff's wrongful conviction civil trial ,through this action ,the Suffolk County District Attorney initiated an investigation on me. It is through his investigation that was set forth on me  that he had uncovered " the cover up" that was meant to have him overthrown as the District Attorney who is also leading the Gilgo Beach serial killer investigation.

With knowledge of this cover up , D.A. Spota and the feds battle it out behind the scenes.The rocky relationship among the law enforcement communities magnified and the end result led to a distraction caused by bitterness towards one agency and another agency.This distraction hampered the serial killer investigation of Gilgo Beach. This is a complete embarrassment.

The feds are caught in wrongdoing.

In 2015, I work and reside in New York City. District Attorney Tom Spota  of  Suffolk County and the NYPD  are conducting parallel investigations on me. During this period ,under the feds, New York law enforcement sought to throw D.A. Spota under the bus again.

In a scenario of police entrapment, Law enforcement plotted to have me arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer.

Again, through my actions ,I foiled the plot however, the incident led to a police officer to engage in criminal misconduct.

The officer kidnapped and robbed me.This is a crime. It became known as the controversial  "cop rob".The NYPD would then cover up the cop rob incident.

By this time, multiple law enforcement agencies such as the (OIG) Office of the Inspector General and the (DOI) New York City Department of Investigation are investigating the cop rob cover up.During this period ,another discovery is made.My medical records have been falsified.The OIG-DOI investigate public corruption.Case number 16-0243 is issued .Law enforcement used police retaliatory tactics and had my medical records fudged. All this police retaliation transpired and stemmed as a result  of the 2012 federal cover up that involved the 007 spy jacket.The  fallout and it's ripple effect of this federal cover up is now seen as a law enforcement train wreck that traveled the course of multiple states,New York California and Florida.

Eventually, through police officer interactions with me ,law enforcement is made aware that I know of this cover up and that D.A. Spota is a continued target as well as myself.

Through the years, since the initial frame job and the federal cover up in 2012 that involved the 007 spy jacket, with vengeance,law enforcement manufactured evidence and set me out to be a drug trafficker again. That failed. law enforcement would change their retaliatory tactics .

Law enforcement would then stage and set out to have me locked up for assaulting a cop. That failed too.

In 2016,when all there retaliatory tactics wore thin ,law enforcement had their sights on staging and framing me for a heinous crime.How far will they go ? Is it a homicide this time ? Only time will tell. A noble law enforcement officer approached me.

I asked him : "What Is with the audio laser surveillance beam that my cell phone camera captured at my work place and my residence " .

He shared information with me. He said : " You should not be concerned, just be aware that this is now a homicide investigation".

In 2017,The Office of the Inspector (OIG),the New York City Department of Investigations (DOI) , the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)  and the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office are just a few investigating public corruption that surround the whereabouts of the 007 James Bond style surveillance jacket .Basically put, the Department of Justice unlawfully placed a wire on me.This is eavesdropping. It is a federal crime and is a felony.Just as law enforcement is known to set up an individual on a crime ,the same retaliatory methods are applied among the agencies caught up in the feud and cover up. It is called black mail.  The Agencies are black mailing one and another.

My name is Bill Sullivan and this is where I come into the scheme of things

I become the porn for the feds.You see on behalf on the American justice system I testified against a Suffolk County Police Detective during Martin Tankleff's appeal as he was wrongly convicted of a double homicide. Martin Tankleff's conviction was overturned and Tankleff was exonerated of those crimes .He and his lawyers form lawsuits against the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office and the Suffolk County Police Department.When the trial comes up I would have to testify again.

I would have to take the stand.In the process I would then be cross examined by the Suffolk County District Attorney who would be defending the police detective who I testified against on behalf of the American Justice System.The Suffolk County District Attorney is Thomas Spota.

Come 2017, law enforcement is in need of direction in the LISK investigation.A sign leading up to the south shore beaches of Long Island  reads : " Shit Creek" This is where M.Kennedy Forensic Investigations take lead .

Bill Sullivan, now being hailed as the black cat in the law enforcement community, sits on top of a charitable movie at heart to benefit the 9/11 charities

He has a few words to share with the corrupt few in law enforcement.
The finale idiom to this story is :
What's wrong ? Cat got your tongue ?

Desktop ready -Website under construction-Undergoing editing

In 2012 ,Headlines read " The Long Island Serial Killer of Gilgo Beach "

The title being the "LISK investigation" has been on going for quite sometime. At the helm of the investigation is Chief Burke of the Suffolk County Police Department and Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney.The FBI made a request to join the investigation.Both Chief Burke and D.A. Spota deny the request and block the FBI from joining the investigation. Behind the scenes,law enforcement is having a feud among themselves over speculated theories. This feud spills out into the public spotlight during press conferences.The FBI at the time is looking over older Suffolk County Police homicide investigations.

The FBI combed through the Suffolk County Police homicide investigations .

The FBI focused on many cases with deficiencies. They looked back to the homicide of John Pius 1979 , the Tankleff homicides of 1988 and the Homicide of Jessica Manners of 1989.

With a public outcry and political pressure the FBI continued to pursue involvement into the serial killer investigation.The FBI request to join the investigation is blocked again by Chief Burke and D.A.Spota. The FBI has the resources and many involved in the investigation become suspect as to why the FBI is being blocked. FBI behavioral analyst speculate that the serial killer is a law enforcement officer.The feud is magnified as local politics take precedence.When it comes to the FBI, they are known to be the mother ship in law enforcement and they don't take rejection easily. Chief Burke and D.A. Spota become a target. The two are under scrutiny .The feds will devise a plot to have them both removed from there authority whereby the FBI will seize involvement into the LISK  investigation.

The cover up lacks luster ,the whistle has been blown. Bill flipped a coin and contacted the Mitevlaw law firm .

Attorney John Ray who represents the family's of the LISK is notified of the recent LISK DNA Link

On the grounds of witness tampering  / retaliation and on my behalf ,It is my hope that in the presence of Mr.Tankleff, the attorneys shown here ,Mr.Barry Pollack and Mr.Bruce Barket form lawsuits against the federal government, State of California, New York and Florida. Including all law  enforcement agencies involved and the county's within .Then to add the cherry to the pie ,form lawsuits against the hospitals on the grounds of malpractice and falsified medical records

Law enforcement has been hot on my tail .Law enforcement swooped up my laptop back in 2013 and have read all my updated files as they have intercepted my wi-fi.Law enforcement is tampering with my mail and reading correspondence between myself and Kennedy .I Know first hand how an individual can be framed for a heinous crime.I kept a journal on their methods.I'm living proof. If it were not for my training from the NYPD and Homeland Security ,I too would have been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated .

Call me  the Whistle Blower -Bill Sullivan

"The heavens are questioning ,with Sullivan the black cat testifying in a trial, what were the feds thinking when they sought out to have District Attorney Thomas Spota over thrown from political office ?"  

​​Witness Tampering

In 2016, as I slept ,I felt a mild warmth stinging sensation across my face .With my eyes shut ,I would have these unusual experiences .I would define it as an orbital glow around my eye balls.Then sometimes just a gray haze.

Truth is: A police officer in the adjacent building aimed this audio surveillance beam at my face.Laser energy is damaging .

With criminal intent to cause harm to a witness,this officer used laser and thermal energy unintended for it's use as a method to assault me.This is reckless and criminal.I filed a complaint with the FBI . I expect the District Attorney to put the cuffs on the officer and all involved.Look at this image carefully. Notice the tail .The image looks much like a comet in the nights sky as it passes the electrical outlet.

This beam of light is invisible to the human eye however ,my camara eye caught it as I was about to take a selfie.