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Rogue Cops Framed William Sullivan the Witness for Martin Tankleff on Multiple Homicides

Not yet charged,Sullivan unleashed his comical nature.

Though this website,he walks the path of Jesus and he thanks the rogue cops for setting him up for a movie deal

Mission :IMPROVablethe Movie

Featuring :The Gilgo Beach Cover Up "the law enforcement feud behind the Long Island Serial Killer Investigation"

Department of Investigations (DOI) - Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Case #16-0243

NYPD IAB Log # 2016-629

Law enforcement has installed  what appears to be infrared technology into my camera cell phone. As Luck would have it ,

I snapped a photo of an undercover officer on the subway train as he took seat across from me. Look below his waist line.

I cropped the second photo to highlight what appears to be a gun. After reading this web site ,one would ask .Is this the homicide weapon. Is the gun a NYPD service weapon ? MMmm.Not from what I can tell. Then as luck would have it ,I was nudged to take a photo of another undercover officer who took seat across from me. He covered his face as he boarded the train.This is unusual behavior officer for a police officer.Raise the photo. On his left side just below his blue shirt do you see what may be a gun ? Take a second look.Peeping under the officers shirt appears to be the tip of a gun barrel.Could it be a gun or could it be a electronic surveillance device ?In the area of the chest ,has the photo been "blurred" to  conceal the officers shield that is displayed under his shirt.

This does raise a safety concern for me.

Here is the lamp cord wire. It came complete with a spy camera. In front of the surveillance team ,my neighbors raised there eyebrows and commented " Why is Sullivan wearing a wire ? "

 Shown here , A young aspiring forensic investigator took interest in my website.

His name is  M.Kennedy.In the area of forensic investigations ,his approach is holistic and unorthodox in nature.In the field of forensic science his attributes are not recognized by many in the field however,his knowledge of old fashion police investigative techniques are.When it comes to compelling investigations such as this one, Kennedy is seen as the Dom Perignon and the Rolex in forensic investigations.

Kennedy intervened ,being wise for his age ,he offered me grand insight upon reviewing my website - blog and journal.

Just like law enforcement,he too monitored my website as it revealed clues to police misconduct.He concluded that the 2012 frame job involving the James Bond  007 spy jacket was orchestrated by the feds to derail D.A. Spota's 2013 re election. 

The greatest discovery's in life happen out of accident..M.Kennedy stumbled upon this discovery

Through the 2012 federal cover up to derail the Suffok County District Atorney's re-election ,M.Kennedy expanded his investigation into the Long Island Serial Killer investigation. Just as the FBI ,he too combed through old Suffolk County Homicide cases.

This is for good reason. M.Kennedy leaves no stone left unturned. The clue ,the evidence ,a missing piece of the puzzle resides in the 1989 homicide of Jessica Manners of Stony Brook. The body of Jessica Manners was discovered in the marsh of a beach front community of Setauket Harbor.This homicide case is the same "method of operation" (M.0.) as the Long Island Serial Killer.Now all law enforcement has to do is place the homicide case file of Jessica Manners atop of the Long Island Serial Killer cases .Once placed on top ,Long Island Serial Killer investigators should hear a click.

"This is the same sounding click when placing the final pieces of a puzzle together". There is a big problem here. There has been an arrest and conviction in the homicide of Jessica Manners.It appears now that the man charged with the homicide has been wrongfully convicted.

It becomes obvious,there are discrepancies within the forensics . There are two DNA samples that were recovered .The first sample belongs to the Long Island Serial Killer. The second DNA sample recovered belongs to Christopher Loliscio. In the 1989 homicide of Jessica Manners  ,Christopher Loliscio was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Christopher Loliscio and Jessica Manners were being stalked by the Long Island Serial Killer prior to her death. The homicide of Jessica Manners is the result of strangulation is the work and (M.O.) of a serial killer.It is time to test the second DNA sample .This sample could be used to eliminate  persons of interest such as James Burke the former Suffolk County Police Chief. There is a innocent man in prison. His name is Christopher Loliscio. It is time to exonerate Christopher Loliscio .He too is a victim of the Long Island Serial Killer.


No privacy including my bathroom. The camera spy screw that was in place within the door knob fixture

Shown here is a magnified image of a surveillance listening and tracking device that was place into my jacket. Actual size is smaller than the head of a pencil eraser.

M.Kennedy Forensic Investigations exposes the plot to overthrow  Suffolk County District Attorney  Thomas Spota during his 2013 re-election.

 The plot is titled "the Gilgo Beach Cover Up" the case is given a project name "the Mission Position"

The crime, the cover up and the staged homicide that is meant to frame Bill Sullivan the witness for Martin Tankleff is revealed within this website.

What you are about to read within this website has nothing to do with the actual crimes committed by the Long Island Serial Killer. The story highlights the law enforcement feud among the agencies involved within the investigation whereby the FBI's interest to take part of the Long Island Serial Killer investigation is denied by Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota. Through M.Kennedy's investigation into the plot ,he expands a secondary investigation into the Long Island Serial Killer Investigation whereby he discovers where the DNA is located to identify the Long Island Serial Killer.

Bill Sullivan the witness for Martin Tankleff, framed on a homicide rap is now being hailed as the black cat in the law enforcement community, he sits on top of a charitable movie at heart to benefit the 9/11 charities

He has a few words to share with the corrupt few in law enforcement.
The finale idiom to this story is :
What's wrong ? Cat got your tongue ?

 The NY Comptroller- (OIG)The Office of the Inspector General- (DOI) The New York City Department of Investigation

DOI Case Number16-0243

Up to this point rogue law enforcement has been up to there old bag of tricks.They like to play tricks .So with that said ,I play tricks back.I reflect back to to a segment on the Bill O'Reilly T.V. Show. Mr. O'Reilly made a comment.The comment went like this "When someone treats you unfairly ,It's time to stand your ground"This comment and advice resonated with me.During the cop rob rob incident I was bullied and robbed.To seek the return of funds one would have to file a federal lawsuit.This could take up to ten years to have the funds returned.To expedite the process and at the same time make a point I filed a cop rob claim through the office of the NYC Comptroller. This action opens a can of worms as the comptroller is brought into the picture. During the Comptrollers investigation a discovery is made. About a year prior to the cop robbery ,law enforcement using police retaliatory tactics had my medical records falsified.This discovery initiated an (OIG) and (DOI) investigation .Following the Comptrollers investigation the Bureau of Law and Adjustment returned the funds that the cop robbed from me.Bill O'Reilly's words of advice could not have come at a better time.

( Show and Tell ) - Below are photos of spy surveillance gadgets that I have collected

I'm beginning to show the symptoms of electronic surveillance harassment. Long term exposure has weakened my skin protective barrier whereby I developed skin boils and MRSA. With hundreds of police officers swarming me I finally caught it.

I came down with the Blue Flu. During my recovery from the Blu Flu ,I've come to understand some of the conditions and environmental hazards that the "good" officers endure daily .Perhaps the Mayor should up the incentives for the officers who deserve there due.

"The heavens are questioning ,with Sullivan the black cat testifying in a trial, what were the rogue cops thinking when they set out to frame him on multiple homicides. 

Law enforcement swapped out my reading glasses for there spy surveillance glasses.Everything I see ,read, say and do is being recorded all within the privacy of my residence.Note in the foreground.: Electronic surveillance was placed within the wall.  It is obvious that the sheet rock and plaster repair to the wall was not done by an experienced pro.

In an effort to rid law enforcement of corruption, members of the New York City Police Department embrace Sullivan's marketing idea to spotlight injustice

As a whistle blower I ask the readers of my website to be mindful. Law enforcement has the back of citizens 24/7. Those who choose this noble profession are anointed by the heavens. It is a calling .Every institution has a few bad apples.When it comes to protesting or demonstrating I choose not to take the route of a anti-cop protester. That would be non productive and would disrupt the quality of life of the citizens.

In contrast ,unlike Rev. Al Sharpton ,I heed the advice given by smiling T.V. Pastor Joel Osteen and walk the path that Jesus would take. " Thank the corrupt few , kill them with kindness  and create a movie"

More recently in New York, a retired officer explained to me that when it comes to law enforcement I bring along bad luck.

He then issued me the nick name : " The Black Cat". 

As I entered an uptown subway station a uniformed officer held the train door open for me.

With courtesy, professionalism and respect I was greeted by N.Y.P.D. Transit Officer Serpico.

I thought to myself : "Officer Serpico? What a name of convenience this officer has". I explained to Officer Serpico that the NYPD, LAPD and the Feds framed me.In doing so they "SET ME UP " for a movie deal.

I boarded the train and Officer Serpico exited. With a thankful heart ,I was heard by many as I shouted out.........

"Thank You NYPD.".....and "Thanks a Million !! "

Shown here centered is Mr.Tankleff .On his left, his Attorney Barry Pollack.On his right ,his attorney Bruce Barket

If law enforcement can act this reckless,one would wonder just how far would they go to cover up a crime.

In the case that surrounds me : "MURDER"

This website is in a diary format that has been condensed .It spans a five year period.During this period I would have to say that I had more law enforcement around me than the President of the United States.As I traveled to and from work the law enforcement detail was well syncronized.Undercover officers were not only assigned to my train,they were assigned to the forward and rear subway cars as well.

Even as the train stopped at stations  in  route to my destination , undercover law enforcement was in position there as well. This presence of law enforcement around me I did not mind.I liked the company and the attention.What I found most unpleasent was in the area of the surveillance that was conducted.I had to experience  surveillace at my workplace,the homes of friends and relitives .At times the surveillance was extreme and entrusive.The surveillance conducted in the privacy of my bedroom and bathroom is unlawful in my book.You name it ,law enforcement used it on me.Infared camaras ,Thermal,UV Blue lighting,Spy coins,spy glasses,spy screws.spy candy bars,3d scanners.

Come 2017 law enforcement confirmed that I was framed on a homicide and that the survellance is related to that.

With that said,I suspect that I have been framed for more than one homicide and if true the homicides were random.I'm not sure however with the detail of law enforcement that surrounds me from point A to point B ,my awareness is raised.I list three facts:

# 1 -This is a homicide investigation that surrounds me .

#2- I was kidnapped and robbed by a police officer with deadly intentions 

#3- Using police retaliatory methods,my  medical records were falsified .

It is better to be safe then sorry.I notified the Attorneys for Martin Tankleff.Bruce Barket,Barry Scheck and Barry Pollack.

An affidavit has been presented.The Subject: witness retaliation "The Witness for Martin Tankleff has been framed on a homicde rap.

Disclosure :

In 2014, I set up this website as my own investigative tool.

Since this website went live for public distribution,law enforcement officers have come forward and tipped me off with information that changed the course of this story. The motive behind the frame job and cover up was revealed to me.

During the duration of this web site journal ,I establish a pattern of police retaliation and entrapment.

Through my website, I bridge a controversial subject of police misconduct and I bridge the gap with humor .

 I use fair and balanced journalism while poking fun at those involved in the frame jobs.The last thing I would want to do is slander a person or an institution .So with that said ,I would be more than willing to edit and remove information posted on this website. At the time of the last publishing ,I was tipped of that rogue law enforcement framed me on multiple homicides. I place homicides into the story line however the true specifics to the homicides and the number of homicides will all be revealed when the indictments role off the printing press .My contact info :

Shown here is Christopher Loliscio. He is wrongfully convicted in the homicide of Jessica Manners. The remaining DNA evidence that was recovered from the crime scene that does not match the DNA of Loliscio is that of the Long Island Serial Killer .It was never tested for a match. Why ? a SCPD cover up ? One question for the FBI is ? When the body of Jessica Manners was discovered shore side ,a witness came about. The witness was a lawyer who did per diem work for the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office. The witness stated that the body of Jessica Manners was not present at 7:30 am.This info would rule out Chrisopher Loliscio as a suspect. Yet this witness was deemed an unreliable witness.

It is now time for law enforcement to revisit the 1989 homicide of Jessica Manners to uncover the Long Island Serial Killer DNA link


Surveillance laser captured in my bedroom. Unseen by the human eye,captured by the cameras eye.

As I slept, I would experience a white orbital glow around my eyes. This laser explains why I had unusual experiences while I was sleeping.

"Sullivan trained by the NYPD, worked for Homeland Security ,wore a wire, tailed by a helicopter, petitioned for witness protection and he is kidnapped and robbed by law enforcement"

"Sullivan is a Modern Day Goodfella" - Joe Pesci (Actor) 

UV Surveillance lighting was used in my bedroom. Unseen by the human eye, this powerful UV light was captured by the eye of my camera.Jeans are placed on top of hamper. Notice the bright glow that comes from the interior front pocket of the jeans

 law enforcement is in need of direction in the Long Island Serial Killer investigation. A sign leading up to Gilgo beach Long Island  reads : " Shit Creek" This is where M.Kennedy Forensic Investigations take lead .

Desktop ready -Website under construction-Undergoing editing

In 2012 ,Headlines read " The Long Island Serial Killer of Gilgo Beach "

The title being the "LISK investigation" has been on going for quite sometime. At the helm of the LISK investigation is Chief Burke of the Suffolk County Police Department and Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney.The FBI made a request to gain access to the long Island Serial Killer investigation. Both Chief Burke of the Suffolk County Police Department and D.A. Spota of the Suffolk County District Attorneys deny the request and block the FBI from gaining access to the Long Island Serial Killer investigation. Behind the scenes,law enforcement is having a feud among themselves over speculated theories. This feud spills out into the public spotlight during press conferences.The FBI at the time is looking over older Suffolk County Police homicide investigations and focused on many cases with deficiencies.

With a public outcry and political pressure the FBI continued to pursue involvement into the Long Island serial killer investigation.On multiple times,the FBI request to gain access to the Long Island Serial Killer investigation is blocked again by Chief Burke and D.A.Spota. The FBI has the resources and many involved in the investigation become suspect as to why the FBI is being blocked. FBI behavioral analyst speculate that the serial killer is a law enforcement officer or perhaps two law enforcement officers.Many see Chief Burke of the Suffolk County Police Department as a possible person of interest in connection to the Long Island Serial killer homicides

The feud is magnified as local politics take precedence.When it comes to the FBI, they are known to be the mother ship in law enforcement and they don't take rejection easily. Chief Burke and D.A. Spota become a target. The two are under scrutiny .Fueled by the corrupt political landscape of Suffolk County ,the feds will devise a plot to have them both removed from there authority whereby the FBI will seize involvement into the Long Island Serial Investigation.

The cover up lacks luster ,the whistle has been blown. I flipped a coin and contacted the Mitevlaw law firm .

Attorney John Ray who represents the family's of the Long Island Serial Killer is notified of the recent "L.I.S.K." DNA Link

((( Breaking News )))

Bill Sullivan the Witness for Martin Tankleff has Been Framed on a Homicide Rap. Sullivan who is also an IMPROV comic walks the path of Jesus and thanks the rogue cops for setting him up for a movie deal

My name is Bill Sullivan and this is where I come into the scheme of things

I become the porn for the feds.You see on behalf on the American justice system I testified against a Suffolk County Police Detective during Martin Tankleff's appeal to have his conviction overturned .He was wrongly convicted of the double homicide of his parents. Martin Tankleff's conviction was overturned and Tankleff was exonerated of those crimes .He and his lawyers form wrongful conviction lawsuits against the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office and the Suffolk County Police Department.When the federal civil trial comes up I would have to testify again.

I would have to take the stand .In the process I would then be cross examined by the Suffolk County District Attorney who would be defending the police detective who I testified against on behalf of the American Justice System.The Suffolk County District Attorney is Thomas Spota who has jurisdiction over the Long Island Serial Killer investigation.Martin Tankleff's wrongful conviction is highly controversial  in the manner in which the Suffolk County District Attorney Office handled the case.

If anymore controversy  were to come about,the district attorneys re-election would be doomed.

The  feds came about the idea to frame me as they were going through old case files that the Suffolk County District Attorney office handled.The feds looked at cases with discrepancies  and controversy such as the homicide of John Pius 1979,the Tankleff Homicides 1988 and the homicide of Jessica Manners 1989. A light bulb went off as the feds reviewed the Tankleff case.The feds involving Homeland Security developed a scheme to frame me for a heinous crime.Once arrested and charged the newspaper headlines would read "Witness for Martin Tankleff Framed".

If the feds plot to frame me was successful it would cause controversy and instigate problems for Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney.

In the court of public opinion, Suffolk County taxpayers would see that all fingers of guilt pointing towards DA Spota as the person responsible  for the frame job that was set forth on me.The media speculation would see the frame job as witness retaliation.My defense would be police entrapment at the hands of rogue cops.

D.A. Spota's public image would be diminished and his 2013 re-election would be derailed .The newly elected District Attorney  Ray Perini would grant the FBI access to the Long Island Serial Killer investigation.There is further speculation that political foes of District Attorney Thomas Spota may have played a role in an effort to de-rail his re-election.

The Frame Job is Underway

In 2012 I was employed as a Federal  Officer and worked for Homeland Security.In a game of dirty politics,the feds devised a plot to frame me on drug trafficking charges.Eventually,the rogue officers involved will go to far and stage a homicide and frame me on that homicide.The plot fails.You see prior to working for Homeland Security I also acquired training from the NYPD. When rogue law enforcement set me up in a federal drug sting operation I was aware of the shenanigans .With the training I acquired from homeland security and the NYPD I stood my ground and I unleashed the training back onto the rogue cops and sabotaged an elaborate federal drug sting operation.

Much Ado About a 007 James Bond Spy Jacket

During the frame job,I gained possession of a surveillance jacket that came complete with a wire.I call the Jacket "a James Bond 007 Spy Jacket. I cut the wire that was located inside the Jacket and then stashed the jacket.The jacket was meant to indict a lot of people within organized crime whereby the government would seize property and bank accounts owned by the drug traffickers.My actions resulted in a major economic loss for the United States Government and unbeknownst to me at the same time the plot to derail DA Spota's re-election was foiled and about nine months later Suffolk County District Attorney  won the primaries that would lead to his re-election.Bottom line is the rogue cops issued the surveillance jacket to me without a warrant.This is eavesdropping.It is federal crime.To conceal the crime a government cover up commenced .

Witness Protection-Summer 2014

My witness status is made known to me.I petitioned for witness protection.Petitions were drafted and mailed (Certified) to Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota and Eric Holder the United States Attorney General.The petition fell on deaf ears however District Attorney Thomas Spota did reply with a response to direct all inquiries to Eric Holder the United States Attorney General.As a result of my petition ,the Suffolk County District Attorney Office will conduct a parallel investigation on me as I'm a witness for Martin Tankleff.

District Attorney Thomas Spota quickly learns that the frame job on me was meant to de-rail his 2013 re-election .From this point on the feud between the FBI and Suffolk DA office magnifies within the Long Island Serial Killer Investigation.This frame job within the Gilgo Beach Cover up became a distraction to the LISK Investigation.Behind the scenes there is a war going on among the agencies.What happens next is jaw dropping and takes place right under the nose of Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota

The Execution of a Federal Witness is underway-The NYPD Cop Rob-May 2015

Then as the plot unravels further,the cover up is upgraded to a murder plot in which rogue NYPD officers would  stage a confrontation with me. During the confrontation,a undercover cop demanded that I give him money that he claimed I owed him.Once the altercation proceeds a lethal shot would be fired killing me.A weapon would be planted and the police shooting would be declared justified.Luckily for me,I knew he was a undercover cop and that he was full of baloney.Reflecting on the Eric Garner homicide the Rule of thumb is : never challenge a cop on the streets.Challenge the cop in court. The plotted murder attempt against my life was unsuccessful because I did not challenge the officer when he provoked me to fight him during the confrontation. In the end ,this confrontation resulted in kidnapping and robbery.You see the cop went to far.Against my will the undercover cop ordered me into a taxi cab and then robbed me at a Wells Fargo Bank lobby ATM.Following this incident another coverup would then proceed.