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under surveillance  



Law enforcement has installed  what appears to be surveillance technology into my camera cell phone. As Luck would have it ,

I snapped a photo of an individual on the subway train as he took seat across from me. Look below his waist line.

I cropped the second photo to highlight what appears to be a gun. My camera had x-ray technology 

This is me wearing my spy eye patch as I hold a conversation with the surveillance statue .

Through my website, I bridge a controversial subject of police misconduct and I bridge the gap with humor . While under duress,I express these feelings through my comical nature.

Here is the lamp cord wire. It came complete with what could be a spy camera. In front of the surveillance team ,my neighbors raised there eyebrows and commented " Why is Sullivan wearing a wire ? "

Bill thanks the Officers of the 34th pct for their part in a major drug sting operation

In the movies ending,a helicopter passes above Sullivan and the pilots shout out to him a message from the surveillance team "Rise up and Rise above the crowds"

My camera captured the surveillance device within the door jam


UV Surveillance lighting was used in my bedroom. Unseen by the human eye, this powerful UV light was captured by the eye of my camera.Jeans are placed on top of hamper. Notice the bright glow that comes from the interior front pocket of the jeans

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On the eye glass lens is the metal chip that fits into the eye glass frame.It is on the bottom right corner of the lens.This is a pair of surveillance glasses

I'm beginning to show the symptoms of electronic surveillance harassment. I finally caught it.

I came down with the Blue Flu. During my recovery from the Blu Flu ,I've come to understand some of the conditions and environmental hazards that the "good" officers endure daily .Perhaps the Mayor should up the incentives for the officers who deserve there due.This would surely eradicate the blue flu

Unlawful surveillance every day. infared camera exposed at the jam of the bedroom door.A Surveillance lamp is shown here.Following the cop robbery ,I moved into my residence on Riverside Drive .Someone entered the residence and placed a layer of fleas under one third of my bedding.I had a severe reaction to my legs due to being eaten alive  by fleas.I promptly received medical attention .

Sullivan thanks the NYPD for there training 

Pictured here is a surveillance wire I created into a heart for law enforcement. A spoon rest upon a blue blanket .Notice the green and red tint.This is the surveillance technology exposed.

Law enforcement swapped out my reading glasses for there spy surveillance glasses.Everything I see ,read, say and do is being recorded all within the privacy of my residence.  

Web site is under construction

My name is Bill Sullivan.My contact is : mimovie64@yahoo.com . In 2012 I was working for Homeland Security as a federal officer.I took a voluntary work transfer from New York to Los Angeles.While searching for an apartment ,I answered an ad on Craigslist for a bedroom for rent in Compton.Unbeknownst to me there was MS-13 gang members residing in the home.At times they would use my phone.Well anyway ,come September of 2012 I moved into my own studio apartment whereby I discovered that I was under electronic surveillance.I came upon a bug (a wire) on the backside of my ceiling fan.Soon I took note that my phone was on a tracer and I had undercover officers surrounding me at times.

Then come November 2012 law enforcement issued me a jacket to wear.The Jacket came complete with a wire and transmitter within the insulation of the jacket.I cut the wire that was inside the jacket and then stashed the jacket.This was a law enforcement clusterfuck .I named the jacket the 007 James Bond Jacket.In early 2013, I spoke to a wire tap attorney .The attorney stated to me that this sounds like a homicide or major drug investigation .From this point forward I was under duress.The electronic surveillance would continue for close to seven years.

I have a comical nature about myself.So with that said ,I would entertain law enforcement as I  would go into spy mode.I would wear novelty disguises and pull off some comical antics while under surveillance.My comical routine would lead to more clusterfucks. In the end ,officers came up to me and explained to me that this is a homicide investigation and not to be concerned ,just be aware .One officer stated to me "Like in the movie Annie ,maybe the sun will come out tomorrow" .

This will become Mission: IMPROVable a.k.a. the Mission Position the movie .A tasteful police comedy with a charitable heart with a movie premiere to benefit the 9/11 charities.My father Bill Sullivan Sr was the construction inspector for the World Trade Center. I ask that you rally behind me .Thank you -Bill Sullivan ;)

More recently in New York, an officer explained to me that when it comes to law enforcement I bring along bad luck.

He then issued me the nick name : " The Black Cat". 

As I entered an uptown subway station a uniformed officer held the train door open for me.

With courtesy, professionalism and respect I was greeted by N.Y.P.D. Transit Officer Serpico.

I thought to myself : "Officer Serpico? What a name of convenience this officer has". With a grateful heart I shouted out "Thank you NYPD for the C.P.R !! .....Courtesy ,Professionalism, Respect 

 clothes are wired.

Pictured here is a Surveillance laser captured in my bedroom. Unseen by the human eye,captured by the cameras eye.

As I slept, I would experience a white orbital glow around my eyes. This laser explains why I had unusual experiences while I was sleeping.

"Sullivan  - trained by the NYPD, worked for Homeland Security ,wore a wire, tailed by a helicopter,  and he is kidnapped and robbed by  a cop "

"Sullivan is a Modern Day Goodfella" - Joe Pesci (Actor) 

Bill Sullivan as the Phantom of New York City

unmarked car stationed outside my residence .Officer is snoozing

No privacy including my bathroom. The camera spy screw that was in place within the door knob fixture

WGA WEST REGISTRY #2067907 Expires 07/13/2025 Author-William Sullivan

Shown here is a magnified image of a surveillance listening and tracking device that was placed into my jacket. Actual size is smaller than the head of a pencil eraser.

Bill Sullivan is hailed as the black cat in the law enforcement community, he sits on top of a charitable movie at heart to benefit the 9/11 charities 

Pictured here is a surveillance device that I found in my residence.It is called a pulsar.It is in the shape of a donut. I proudly wore it as a medal of honor around my neck(L.O.L.)

These are pictures of myself while under street surveillance .I was in spy mode as I walked the streets of Manhattan