FBI Project name : The Federal Corruption Dragnet

N.S.A. Case file : Mission :IMPROVable.

 Subject : William Sullivan the homicide Suspect  ( aka The Grim Reaper )



Law enforcement has installed  what appears to be infrared technology into my camera cell phone. As Luck would have it ,

I snapped a photo of an undercover officer on the subway train as he took seat across from me. Look below his waist line.

I cropped the second photo to highlight what appears to be a gun. After reading this web site ,one would ask .Is this the homicide weapon. Is the gun a NYPD service weapon ? MMmm.Not from what I can tell. Then as luck would have it ,I was nudged to take a photo of another undercover officer who took seat across from me. He covered his face as he boarded the train.This is unusual behavior officer for a police officer.Raise the photo. On his left side just below his blue shirt do you see what may be a gun ? Take a second look.Peeping under the officers shirt appears to be the tip of a gun barrel.Could it be a gun or could it be a electronic surveillance device ?In the area of the chest ,has the photo been "blurred" to  conceal the officers shield that is displayed under his shirt.

This does raise a safety concern for me.

Welcome to the Federal Corruption Dragnet 

Every story has a song behind it. I and radio host Delilah have common ground.We both have a gift in the field of Disc Jockey and entertainment.People call in to Delilahs on air radio show and they express a chapter in their lives to her.In return ,on air DJ Delilah chooses the perfect song as to bring comfort or joy to the listener of her live on air call in radio program.Reflecting on her gift,I too was blessed with such a gift.I was a mobile disc jockey who would perform for special occasions such as weddings ,engagements ,birthday parties and night clubs.I would listen to those attendees at the party and take there request with an open ear.Some would even share a story of a chapter in their own lives with me.I would embrace the guest and choose that perfect song for them.My musical ear would make the occasion that more memorable and in the end ,I would bring everyone together through music .Dick Clark the host of the T.V. show American Bandstand was quoted "Music is the soundtrack to ones life' .Now reflecting on Dick Clark's quote, if I was to choose a soundtrack for my life ,the soundtrack would be in coded  within the "August Rush Rhapsody".This medely would be my chosen song for the "Federal Corruption Dragnet". Here is my August Rush Rhapsody analogy.Just as a symphony orchestra has a conductor leading the way,I too see myself as the conductor of the federal corruption dragnet.I look back on the past five year period and I'm nudged to call the investigation "The Federal Corruption Orchestra".In the August Rush Rhapsody video,I represent August Rush.The parents represent federal and state law enforcement officials.The orchestra represents the detectives, investigators and air support.The audience represents the task force assigned to me and the public they serve to protect.You see,not only am I the conductor of this law enforcement orchestra ,I'm also performing the role of a homicide suspect.At the time of republishing this website ,I've been told that there has been 25 homicides .You see the key element behind the federal corruption dragnet is all about a dream.However in the end my death will come prematurely as law enforcement will seek vengeance towards me.The goal is incarceration.In the beginning of the rhapsody,as a child I look up to the stars and make a wish.That wish is to become a police officer.At age six ,with both grandmothers in the kitchen grandma asked me "what are you going to be when you grow up ? Without hesitation,I stated "a policeman" .My other grandmother turned to the other grandmother and stated "the apples don't fall far from the tree".You see both of my grandmothers brothers and bloodline have a history with the New York City Police Department.One of the brothers was shot on the job.He survived.As a teenager I was told the job was to dangerous. The level of discouragement within my pursuit to join the NYPD would rise as I would further pursue the career .In turn I would adapt other peoples beliefs in relation to the experience of family members who lived through the shooting.Many who were closes to me would sow the seeds of discouragement .When this discouragement would present itself at most times it would fuel my motivation.As soon as I hit around age 19 I would begin to take the civil service exams for the position of police officer. I would apply to Suffolk County,Port Authority ,Nypd, NY Transit, NY Housing, Baltimore,Fairfax Va and LAPD.I was very persistence .The doors would never fully open.You see ,it was not my time.It was someone else's .I would soon get my lucky break to demonstrate the intentions of my heart.I was accepted into the NYPD Auxiliary program.As an APO with the NYPD ,Police Commissioner Howard Safir hailed me as the ambassador for the NYPD. I took this as a sign as what many would agree to be as a *God Wink

Bill thanks Law Enforcement for solving the homicides

As a whistle blower I ask the readers of my website to be mindful. Law enforcement has the back of citizens 24/7. Those who choose this noble profession are anointed by the heavens. It is a calling .Every institution has a few bad apples.When it comes to protesting or demonstrating I choose not to take the route of a anti-cop protester. That would be non productive and would disrupt the quality of life of the citizens.

In contrast ,unlike Rev. Al Sharpton ,I heed the advice given by smiling T.V. Pastor Joel Osteen and walk the path that Jesus would take. " Thank the corrupt few , kill them with kindness . 

More recently in New York, an officer explained to me that when it comes to law enforcement I bring along bad luck.

He then issued me the nick name : " The Black Cat". 

As I entered an uptown subway station a uniformed officer held the train door open for me.

With courtesy, professionalism and respect I was greeted by N.Y.P.D. Transit Officer Serpico.

I thought to myself : "Officer Serpico? What a name of convenience this officer has". I explained to Officer Serpico that the rogue police officers framed me.With a grateful heart I shouted out "Thank you NYPD for the C.P.R !!

The sacrifice of being a undercover homicide suspect . In my own words .

You lose 100% of your privacy. You live under a microscope at your workplace and private life.The surveillance is intrusive.Then there are times whereby you will be tested.Coming from my experience ,I've had law enforcement officers bully me,Kidnap and rob me. Steal my cloths ,phones and rent money.On there own accord police officers stoop to the lowest and place a layer of fleas across the lower portion of my bed.This action is an assault .The fleas bite me and I needed medical treatment at a hospital.I suspect that I was also poisoned on multiple occasions.In Los Angeles ,officers arranged and had a date rape drug placed in my drink.My residences . All of them California,Florida and New York have been and are presently "wired" including bedrooms and bathrooms.During this experience I ponder on a couple of quotes "what is your life showing you?" "Your life is speaking to you."At times I became frustrated towards law enforcement because of this infringement that has been set upon my privacy.Being in the presence of the F.B.I. and realizing there frustrations made me reflect on "what life is showing me." When you work in law enforcement you must be willing to make a sacrifice .Big or small. I've come to learn that family's of a law enforcement officer also make sacrifices as well on behalf of the commitment the officer took when he or she was sworn under oath.I now recognize this intrusiveness of ones privacy as a sacrifice and I accept the sacrifice on behalf of the men and women in blue who make this sacrifice daily to provide a quality of life for those they serve to protect.Through my experience of portraying a homicide suspect I have a deeper sense  of gratitude towards the detectives .The homicides take a toll on the human soul.The detectives bring there work home with them.Detectives like all law enforcement officers have taken a sworn oath.With that said,the officers are in sense on duty 24/7 365 days of the year.This is a sacrifice that is unseen whether on the streets or at home with their family.

My clothes are wired.

This is a crime of great brutality that involved one of the largest law enforcement deployments in American History.Behind the scenes ,the investigation drawed international attention as detectives were bewildered by the nature of the random homicides.When it comes to police corruption the FBI will stop at no clock,no watch and no boundarys. The FBI would hunt those responsible down.Some investigations end on a happy note,some on a sour note.I foresee the ending of this investigation revealing the unvarnished truth of who we really are.There are many motives behind the crime.The primary motive is vengeance.In law enforcement there are those who seek justice and then you have those who seek vengeance.It is said in most cases,those who seek vengeance will dig two graves.One for themselves and one for the individual who they seek vengeance against.This statement is merly a belief coming from ones experience.This is the rule of thumb however there are exceptions.This is the exception.Reflecting on the innocent lives that were taken.It is my belief that those responsible have dug a grave for themselves  and  they dug a grave for me too.The motives and the names of those responsible for homicides will be released once the indictments are unseal

Disclosure :

In 2014, I set up this website as my own investigative tool.

Since this website went live for public distribution,law enforcement officers have come forward and tipped me off with information that changed the course of this story. The motive behind the frame job and cover up was revealed to me.

During the duration of this web site journal ,I establish a pattern of police retaliation and entrapment.

Through my website, I bridge a controversial subject of police misconduct and I bridge the gap with humor . While under duress,I express and dispel these feelings through my comical nature.

 I use fair and balanced journalism while poking fun at those involved in the frame jobs.The last thing I would want to do is slander a person or an institution .So with that said ,I would be more than willing to edit and remove information posted on this website. At the time of the last publishing ,I was tipped of that rogue law enforcement framed me on multiple homicides. I place homicides into the story line however the true specifics to the homicides and the number of homicides will all be revealed when the indictments role off the printing press .My contact info : w.sullivan64@yahoo.com

Here is the lamp cord wire. It came complete with a spy camera. In front of the surveillance team ,my neighbors raised there eyebrows and commented " Why is Sullivan wearing a wire ? "

I live in fear as cops carry unauthorized guns in their groins as they seat across from me inside a subway car

Surveillance laser captured in my bedroom. Unseen by the human eye,captured by the cameras eye.

As I slept, I would experience a white orbital glow around my eyes. This laser explains why I had unusual experiences while I was sleeping.

"Sullivan the homicide suspect - trained by the NYPD, worked for Homeland Security ,wore a wire, tailed by a helicopter, petitioned for witness protection and he is kidnapped and robbed by law enforcement"

"Sullivan is a Modern Day Goodfella" - Joe Pesci (Actor) 


No privacy including my bathroom. The camera spy screw that was in place within the door knob fixture

In the meantime and during my pursuits to enter into the field of law enforcement,I worked as a owner - manager of a restaurant ,bar ,catering and entertainment venue,then at times I would be mixing drinks as a bartender and taking requests as a mobile Disc Jockey. Then another lucky break would soon come my way.Two employment opportunity's presented itself. 1-NYPD School safety officer 2- Federal officer with Homeland Security .I was at a crossroad so I turned for advice to Sean a Suffolk Police Officer. Sean's advice was simple .Go with the feds. That I did. I would soon submit the lengthy background paperwork required to Homeland Security.Lockheed Martin is the government contractor who works alongside the feds during the background investigation process.The government left no stone left unturned. The government reviewed all my previous civil service applications submitted to the law enforcement agencies listed above.This would also include the statements that I had given investigators who at the time were conducting background investigations into my past.The federal investigators could smell a paper trail of corruption a mile away.The application process with Homeland Security would open a can of worms as they would discover an internal cover up within law enforcement.One element to the cover up is within my record of arrest .My record of arrest involved the N.Y. State liquor Authority and minor business code violations as I was the operator of a liquor licensed establishment.Following my arrest and as a result of behind the scenes corruption my fate was sealed.No convictions were to come from the arrest . Newsday Long Island reported the corruption story.The headline read : "Much ado about a sign" "Welcome to Crookhaven Township" The news story was centered around a section of Suffolk County called Brookhaven Township. The Suffolk County District Attorney conducted the corruption probe that led to a dozen or so officials to be arrested and then convicted.In the meantime ,Its 2011 and I would begin my training with Homeland Security.Current events and headlines at the time read "The Long Island Serial Killer Investigation. Body's were discovered along a section of Suffolk County called Gilgo Beach.The FBI made a formal inquiry to assist with the investigation.Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke and Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota blocked the FBI and federal government from the Long Island Serial Killer Investigation a number of times. Well with my application to join the ranks of Homeland Security all underway ,the investigation into my background would be the key for federal investigators to snoop around and unearth corruption within Suffolk County.The federal government was in need of a key to gain access to the law enforcement files being blocked and my background investigation paved the way to unlock the doors.The federal corruption dragnet can best be described as an onion.The feds are going to peel back the onion layer .Layer after layer. Finally  through the arrest of  Suffolk Police Chief Burke the FBI and the federal government gets to the core of the onion as they peeled  back the onion.Each layer of the onion peel tells a different story that leads to further FBI investigations.My story has nothing to do with the cover up at Gilgo Beach known as the Long Island Serial Killer Investigation however ,my story is the outermost layer of the onion titled "The Federal Corruption Dragnet" .This investigation being separate from the other peels of the onion will involve 25 homicides within multiple states. My role within the Federal Corruption Dragnet can be described in three words "The Homicide Suspect" .The federal government looked at my background and my determination to persist into the field of law enforcement.With that said ,the FBI saw me as there man.The FBI will eventually create a big lie and portray me as a homicide suspect.This so called big lie is a much needed element needed to solve the homicides because the homicides deal with police corruption however, there is a catch.Throughout the investigation there is a common theme that is brought up during my encounters with police offices .The theme is a favorite of mine as this phrase was coined  by T.V. Pastor Joel Osteen. At many turning points police officers acknowledge this phrase with me. "William things don't happen to you.Things happen for you". Reflecting back on this big lie in early 2013 and after speaking with Ken a wire tap attorney I had a suspicion  that I was framed on a homicide due to the amount of surveillance and police officers that were in my presence all the time.Eventually close contacts in law enforcement came forward and acknowledged that 23 people were murdered  and that I was the suspect.With empathy,officers in the top tier of law enforcement provided me with intel and (FYI ) "Don't be concerned, Just be aware " ."We are on game with you.We are on the same team" "We are going to catch those responsible".It was at that moment that I realized that  I'm in the process of  discovering my dream.The FBI gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to assist them in solving this major crime. You see my role is : "The Undercover Homicide Suspect"  aka " TheUndercover Angel"  .

Shown here is a magnified image of a surveillance listening and tracking device that was place into my jacket. Actual size is smaller than the head of a pencil eraser.

UV Surveillance lighting was used in my bedroom. Unseen by the human eye, this powerful UV light was captured by the eye of my camera.Jeans are placed on top of hamper. Notice the bright glow that comes from the interior front pocket of the jeans

Bill Sullivan the homicide suspect is hailed as the black cat in the law enforcement community, he sits on top of a charitable movie at heart to benefit the 9/11 charities .That is if I'm given immunity.

He has a few words to share with the corrupt few .
The finale idiom to this story is :
What's wrong ? Cat got your tongue ?

I'm beginning to show the symptoms of electronic surveillance harassment. Long term exposure has weakened my skin protective barrier whereby I developed skin boils and MRSA. With hundreds of police officers swarming me I finally caught it.

I came down with the Blue Flu. During my recovery from the Blu Flu ,I've come to understand some of the conditions and environmental hazards that the "good" officers endure daily .Perhaps the Mayor should up the incentives for the officers who deserve there due.

Unlawful surveillance every day.infared camera exposed at the jam of the door.I get raped every night 

"The heavens are questioning ,with Sullivan being seen as the black cat, what were the rogue cops thinking when they set out on a path to commit multiple homicides. 

Sullivan thanks the NYPD for there training .He has put it to use when he was being set up.

​Hello my name is Bill Sullivan.This website is not aimed to cause ill to law enforcement agencies .I want to bring out the corruption whereby the truth is printed towards my self.I'm pro law enforcement.I want to acknowledge with the NYPD that the government entered this website whereby I have called NYPD dumb asses.This is not true.A government agency hacked the account to have officers target me.The truth is to show the NY Times my true character .As you read this website ,it is undergoing editing I must make America know that my medical records were conveniently falsified as the FBI labeled me a homicide suspect to keep an internal investigation a float.In conclusion, the medical report had been falsified to shade my work with Homeland security and my volunteer status with the Auxiliary NYPD Police covered up.This is a crime.The medical report concludes :Sullivan worked for NYPD,Homeland Security,was arrested multiple times for SLA violations as he was the holder of a liquor license .This is consistent of a delusional disorder .Truth is : this is factual and at the time I was seen trying to hand over the NYPD aux number,Homeland Security contact info at the doctors window.Truth is: One would ponder if law enforcement can't be trusted and the medical profession as well.who do I turn to ? After all ,I was being assaulted by surveillance weaponry .Lasers being aimed on my eyes. My skin weakened and burned .I will hand over my falsified medical records to the New York Times.A cry for help during my ordeal and I was let down.This is so criminal .Now to add more fuel to the fire ,an undercover cop ordered me into a taxi cab and once we arrive and enter the bank ATM lobby, the officer robbed me.I made an inquiry with a private therapist and explained what had occurred .The therapist had the diagnosis within a few minutes. PTSD.The therapist explained that she does not take cases were she would bring herself into a patients lawsuits.I again was let down

a surveillance wire I created into a heart for law enforcement.

Law enforcement swapped out my reading glasses for there spy surveillance glasses.Everything I see ,read, say and do is being recorded all within the privacy of my residence.Note in the foreground.: Electronic surveillance was placed within the wall.  It is obvious that the sheet rock and plaster repair to the wall was not done by an experienced pro.