This concludes chapter eight.

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The Law Enforcement Spotlight          p-85

The Federal Bureau of Investigation
 The F.B.I. has now crawled out of the wood work     p-88

N.Y.P.D. confidential informant Ron meets Bill for breakfast.

He explained to Bill that he has a message he has to relay to him. He told Bill that the detectives from Police Headquarters downtown express their gratitude for his efforts as a modern day vigilante.

Ron congratulates Bill: " Your mission has shut down the drug trade in new your city"

He further went on to say : " The detectives tried their best to have the NYPD Emerald Society  Marching Band perform live for you however, the band is booked for the month.It is with great honor and a privilege that I play this music video for you".

Ron reached into his pocket for his smart phone and presented Bill with a music video dedicated to him from the Detectives of the New York City Police Department.

The music video performed in light of his vigilante act : "For he's a jolly good fellow" .

A week later Ron reaches out to Bill and explained to him: "We have to talk" .

Bill met up with him for breakfast. Ron explained to Bill that the feds were unprepared for his actions in Los Angeles.

"You screwed them and they left behind the K-Y Jelly.Now what you have done in New York is Iconic ,again you screwed the feds as they were unprepared for your actions. This time they left behind a truck Load of Crisco Oil that was meant to ease there pain".

Pictured here : With great honor, Bill tipped his hat to the F.B.I. for there integrity .

For the corrupt federal officials ,he rests his cap on top of a can of Crisco oil.

The Blue Bloods of the 34th Precinct  p-87

In case your wondering ,Bill now travels the city with the distinguished look of a ship captain.

Around his neck is his homemade shield. This is the authentic shield that he flashes to the MTA subway clerks to receive special entry into the subway system.

( The shield is made out of rolled up tin foil. His mission is on a tight budget.)

​Now that he confessed over Face Book , he now has thoughts that the government is going to charge him with espionage.

He headed back uptown to the Grand Oliveri Hotel for a bite to eat.

As luck would have it, undercover New York City Police Officer Cleveland McMillian is present. Bill headed up towards the cafe counter. He heard Officer McMillian shout into his cell phone : " Bill Sullivan knew what ? Sullivan knew the whole time that he was under surveillance ?  He led the horse to water ? " 

Then the officer turned to Bill and gave him a thumbs up. This means that N.Y.P.D law enforcement has read his confession Face Book post. The NYPD now knows that through his actions that he is not a drug trafficker and that Bill knew all along that he was under investigation .Bill knowing that he was under a New York investigation ,law enforcement has come to realize that he set out to flip the investigation that was upon him back onto the cartel , who are partially responsible for his brothers death related to the use of heroin.

Some investigators in law enforcement also come to realize that something is not sitting well with regards to the B.S. story that the corrupt feds have conjured up that Bill is a drug trafficker however ,Bill who is now being looked upon as a modern day vigilante is not off the hook yet.The feds will hold a grudge for a life time.

Now as he sits in the cafe dining area, he is joined by undercover NYPD officer McMillian.

After reading the Face Book post the officer can not compose himself.

Officer McMillian can't look Bill straight in the face .When he does , his stomach bursts into a belly laugh having knowledge that Bill has pulled the rug from underneath John Dough and screwing him again. Once in Los Angeles and now a second time in New York.

Truth is  : The NYPD  trained and equipped  Bill for his mission and law enforcement never saw this one coming.

Through his comical antics and the information that Bill provided the Washington Heights cartel ,the cartel is in a frenzy and so is law enforcement
During this time frame, the feds have partnered with multiple law enforcement agencies. Bill has caused grief and ciaos .
The multiple investigations ongoing in the area are fragile as law enforcement has to pick up the pieces. The cartel has briefly closed down their operations .Cartel will restructure there organization and re-open. The cartel dealers always return and law enforcement awaits grazing in the field.The cartel is in a scrambling mode and moving their stash to other locations. 

As they are in a state of panic, a cartel member runs out of a drug house with close to a million in heroin. He takes the duffel bag of heroin and tosses it into the back of a vehicle that is double parked. Even though double parking is a small offense the N.Y.P.D. anti-crime unit will not turn a blind eye. 
Truth is : The smallest offenses have led to solving the most notorious crimes of the past. The plainclothes officers of the 34th precinct anti-crime unit approach the vehicle.

As they make the approach the passenger runs off. The officers are suspect and ask the driver if they could search the vehicle. The driver consents and upon the search, Officer Sgt.Brian and Officer Michael Walsh recover close to a million dollars in heroin.
The N.Y.P.D. always gets there man. The driver Joanois Delacruz - Aries is arrested.
( A Taste of Heaven with Sweet Revenge )

Pictured centered is : Bill as he is in spy mode.

This is obvious as his government I.D.tag is displayed around his neck. (L.O.L.) .

 Once at his covert operations center,he placed an analogy on his face book wall. Through this analogy, he explained to law enforcement that he knew all along that he was under surveillance and that he used the opportunity to expose the drug lords of Washington Heights."He led law enforcement to the cartel "His actions at Central Park were translated over face book that he "led the horse to water"  . Then to give John Dough the screw,he had no other choice but to tip the cartel members off.This is his confession.Every law enforcement agency that is involved between New York , Washington,Virginia, Florida and California will be notified within moments. The systems are in place.Once he presses the post button, the bells and whistles are going to go off.He posted the confession.

Within 20 minutes of his FB post, many in these law enforcement agency's are going to be rolling over in laughter that Bill has taken full responsibility for his efforts to shut done the cartel. Then some in law enforcement will be balling over in tears because they are going to be held accountable for this  clusterfuck / F.U.B.A.R.

Over the course of the next few weeks Bill will continue working his sanitation route . During this month along his route in China Town, he will have an upgraded heavy police presence around him. 

Their facial expressions show frustration. Bill pondered there body language. MMMmm.

 Through their body language, the NYPD detectives are tipping off Bill as to what ever he is up to ,John Dough will do what it takes to frame him 

Bill takes there cue and gives his finale performance as Pablo Escobar the Colombian drug lord (comically speaking). He will enter the drug infested buildings of Washington Heights for one last round.

N.Y. Special Prosecutor Bridget Brennan Addresses 
The Tri-State Law Enforcement Community  p-97

The Spy Who Loved Me
Bill calls Radio Talk Show Host Delilah 106.7 FM   p-89

The  Drug Raid - Operation Snow Fall 

Featuring Bill the Invisible Man         p-86

July 2013 
N.Y.P.D. Police Brass Convey a Message to Bill       p-92

" WTF Jay, 007 Spy Jacket ? Marked bills stashed ? I would have placed the marked bills into my IRA"

A F.B.I. Agent consulted with the doctors.

The doctors explained to Bill that blood work is required and that a blood tech will be in to draw your blood.The F.B.I. Agent switched into the blood technicians position.The FBI agent now posed as the blood technician. The agent entered the blood drawing station .The agent placed a zip lock bag filled with heroin pellets on the computer key board and left the room.

He came back 20 mins later to draw Bill's blood . He thoroughly examined Bill's arms as he looked for a good vein to puncture.

This is for good reason.The FBI agent is inspecting Bill's arms to see if he is a junkie that shoots drugs. He then picked up and dangled the bag of so called prescription medication "heroin" and said to Bill : " I have to take one pill a day".

Bill replied :  "Geez". "I hope you feel better". Bill was released. Bill knew that was some kind of test or police entrapment  to see if he would take the heroin.

He knows the F.B.I. is on there game. Bill sees this as a good thing.There going to check his system for drugs.  

On his final day of his mission he takes out his secret weapon.

 It is called a NYPD department issued pen.

With the pen,he inscribed very classified information on to the backside of the documents that detail the drug sting operation.

With his actions of the past few days ,law enforcement is now on edge. Undercover law enforcement officers have now come out of the wood work in full force.Law enforcement officers make their presence known to Bill .

Being gutsy ,Bill walked up to the dealers and handed them a top secret document and tipped the dealers off. 

( The information that he put in the documents is still top secret today ) 

The cartel shut down their operation. This causes a ripple effect as the drug houses of Washington Heights begin to close during the height of a major investigation.  Law enforcement is not happy since these investigations are lengthy and costly.

Bill can justify his actions .With his training and knowledge he acquired from the New York City Police Department he has saved lives .In the process ,with his NYPD issued pen he put his training forward as he unleashed it and sabotaged a  drug sting operation. 

( This is a certified clusterfuck )


With 4 days left of his mission and under heavy surveillance, he displayed a Oscar Mayer Wiener whistle necklace around his neck.

Bill picked the necklaces up that day when the wiener mobile was in town for their promotional event.

Through his actions, he is going to convey a non-verbal message to the law enforcement. In the presence of law enforcement ,  Bill walked through the streets of Washington Heights as he tooted the wiener whistle .

He then interacted with the dealers and then placed the whistles around the necks of the drug dealers.

He explained to the street drug dealers to blow on the whistle.

The idiom definition of blowing the whistle :

"To report someone's wrong doing to someone (such as the police) who can stop the wrong doing ". (alluding to blowing the whistle to attract the police)

Bill was wronged and he is going to teach John Dough a lesson as he is giving him fair warning that he will soon blow the whistle on the cartel and on their sting operation.

Chapter Eight

June 10, 2013 
The Honorable Jackie Lacey   p-84

FBI Government Informant "Admin"        p-94

Pictured here : (L) The balcony were Pedro a cartel member was found dangling from, the aerial view of the building(R) the recovered goody bag filled with pharmaceuticals that were shrew across the Cross Bronx Expressway

NYPD News -A Nagle Avenue street gang that dealt cocaine and other drugs around the clock was busted Thursday after more than a yearlong investigation, authorities said.

New York's Special Narcotics Prosecutor and the NYPD announced the arrests of nine members of the "Nagle Boyzz," a gang that dealt cocaine, Percocet, and other pills out of 176 Nagle Ave. for over a year. The bust is a result of a lengthy investigation in which Bill Sullivan portrayed himself as a Modern Day Vigilante, he was involved as a spy officials said.

Authorities said under the guidance of "Nagle Boyzz" leader Remiguel Sanchez, members including Felipe Hernandez, Manuel Castillo, Joel Pena, Keven Perez, Ramon Fabian, Kevin Arias, and Edwin Diaz-Almanzar sold drugs inside their apartment and nearby buildings' lobbies and stairwells. The crew worked around the clock, assigning members to three eight-hour shifts.

Sales were typically set up by an agent calling members or approaching them on the street.
The crew regularly posted photos of themselves posing with firearms, with large amounts of cash, and making gang signs on their social media profiles, officials said.Photos are shown here.All subjects shown are innocent until proven guilty.


" In this drug sting operation ,Mr. Sullivan has led the horse to water" -Bridget Brennan

"Please be mindful that Mr.Sullivan loss a brother to a drug over dose while he was in the hands of cartel members of Washington Heights .
In 2012 ,Bill Sullivan a federal officer, became aware that he was under investigation as he came across a wire on his ceiling fan. 
Through his actions using social media , while under surveillance and in spy mode he used the opportunity with vengeance to expose the cartel members, the Nagle Boyzz of Washington Heights. Arrest have been made and this office of the special prosecutor has declared Bill Sullivan : 
( A Law Enforcement Vigilante ) "

Pictured here : Its a hot day in August and weathermen Sam Champion and Al Roker report of a snow storm in the vicinity of  Washington Heights @the Cross Bronx Expressway .
Sam Champion points out that the snow storm originated from the balcony of apt 18c . It wasn't the biggest snow fall in New York history, but it did send the Mayor and Governer into panic . Al Roker confirmed that it was a drug sting related snow storm

Pictured here : Two undercover FBI agents who took residence at the church for one day .They posed as church staff .During their stay they interacted with the nefarious scoundrels that reside at the church.

Bill received a hand shake from undercover NYPD officers "McMillian "and "Boozer".

 A thumbs up from an NYPD patrol officer for his efforts as a modern day vigilante

With 3 days left of his mission and Under Heavy Surveillance, Bill is carrying  bags of beans.

Under the federal spotlight, he conveyed a non-verbal message to the surveillance team. In the presence of law enforcement, he spilled the beans onto the ground that surrounded the drug dealers.

One of the dealers even mentioned to Bill : "Hey ! Your spilling your beans ". 

Bill replied back to him:  "Tell your boss that I'm spilling the beans".

The idiom definition for spilling the beans : 

"To give away a secret or a surprise"

This is Bill's way to give the dealers fair warning that through his actions he has led law enforcement to their criminal enterprise. Many will agree that through his actions he has: " led the horse to water ".

Pictured here : Confidential Informant Ron Trespilcious ,the prayer canister and Brandon the fugitive

Pictured here is The Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey

Mr. Holder  claimed that :  "Bill Sullivan who is seeking reinstatement - rehire with Homeland Security has ties to MS-13 and the Colombian cartel".

He further stated :

"The N.Y.P.D. claims that Sullivan is a law enforcement vigilante as he sought vengeance against the Washington Heights cartel who are partially responsible for his brothers premature death".

The President responded  by saying : " Sullivan's actions are heartfelt ".

The President had concluded with the following statement : " Mission : IMPROVable has merit, for his actions as being a law enforcement vigilante he should receive the medal valor of honor"

F.B.I. Agents intercept Bill at Bellevue Hospital       p-96

The info behind the 007 spy jacket  hits the Desk of the President p-98

Good News Travels Fast
With gratitude the N.Y.P.D. Emerald Society  Pipes Band performs for Bill      p-95  

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has displayed concern

Pictured here : In Washington D.C. the Shit has hit the fan.The President is briefed.He is informed  that a Bill Sullivan a former federal officer, who is under investigation, has sabotaged multiple drug sting operations .

The President attended a behind closed door briefing with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his F.B.I. aides. Mr. Holder is furious. Pissed off .

Bill checked his email inbox and he sees that he has an acknowledgement from the District Attorneys Office of Los Angeles.

The D.A.'s office acknowledged the subject matter regarding the frame Job on November 18,2012. The matter regarding the OO7 spy Jacket that was issued by undercover agent Paul / Twiggy is under further review by this offices bureau of investigation

The Case of Espionage . 
Bill made a run for it.             p-91

Pictured here is an F.B.I. Informant -Operative .

The government informants name is "Admin".

His assignment is to befriend Bill and gather information and intelligence.  Admin takes residence at the church convent .He greets Bill . He said he was new to New York,  as usual his story did not add up .Bill suspected that this guy is full of baloney.

Bill made an observation right away, between his shoulder blades, protruding through his shirt, is an electronic device about the size of a smart phone.

Bill observed that it is harnessed in a canvass under garment.

Bill gave him a welcome to New York tap on the back as to get a feel as to the size of the electronic device.

Bill said to himself : "this is elaborate and high tech.It is most likely transmitting to a satellite". 

 Bill then rendered a final compression to his back , Admin turned to him and said : "I'm not working on your case" .

Bill replied : "with that electronic GPS gizmo your wearing I bet you will never get lost in this city" 

Truth is : Admin was initially assigned to Bill however, on his first day he blew his cover.

He has taken residence at the church as he is working undercover as an operative with the government. The government has bigger fish to fry. Even when Bill left the church, Admin stayed behind as his work with the government is on going. 

This is a certified F.U.B.A.R.

 In order to salvage the sting operation, law enforcement needs to gain info. Confidential informant Ron Tresplicious  is assigned to Brandon the fugitive and Bill.Law enforcement issue a prayer canister listening device to the confidential informant as to listen in on Bill

like any other morning Ron ,Bill and Brandon walk from the church to the Oliveri Grand Hotel for breakfast. All three entered the dining area ,Ron walked over to reserve a table.

 Bill noticed that Ron had placed the prayer canister on the table. All three ordered breakfast and then seated. Bill had noted that the prayer canister has been placed on the table for a good three days.The can is very suspect and is waving a red flag in Bill's mind. He has Finally realized that Ronald is the culprit who has been placing the canister on the table.

With that said, when all were seated Bill raised the "almighty question" : 

" What is with the prayer canister on the table?" 

Confidential Informant Ron replied : "Drop a coin into the canister .Shake it.Then speak your prayers into the can and your prayers will be answered".

Bill is very much aware that the feds have linked into the hotel's surveillance system.

He has known for some time that law enforcement had control over the video system and his gut told him that the prayer canister had a "wire" in it to provide audio. With that knowledge, Bill placed his baseball cap over the canister. When Ron got up to use the bathroom , Bill lifted the hat and the canister whereby he smuggled the canister out of the hotel .

Bill had an appointment that morning with his new career counselor who's office is located in queens.

Once outside the hotel he made a run for it and caught the next subway train.At a subway transfer station a undercover officer, out of breath boarded his train in pursuit of the canister.The officer is a familiar face to Bill . Upon arriving at his destination ,undercover officers are swarming him. They are watchful of the bag that he is carrying.

They have to regain possession of the prayer canister. The canister has a listening device inside of it which is unlawful. The canister is  most likely issued by the district attorney's office. As Bill has possession,the chain of custody has been broken regarding the canister.

Truth is : The can is sending a signal. Funny thing is ,the signal is not coming from the bag. It is coming from Bill's groin area. When Bill took seat in the waiting area he recognized another familiar face.Law enforcement has now intercepted him at the office of his career counselor.

Upon seeing Bill,the DEA agent got up and inquired with the reception desk .

The agent then took seat next to Bill in the hopes to swoop up the prayer canister. Bill looked at his facial expression as he is seated next to him. He appeared that he is under pressure and ready to blow steam out of his ears .

The agent mumbles a few words. Bill could swear that he mumbled the words :

 "Holy mother of god" .

Bill turned to the agent and said : "Did you just say something to me ?" 

The DEA agent replied back to Bill with a chuckle in his voice : "I'm just thinking out loud to my self" .Within seconds, the agent rolled over in tears of laughter ( a belly laugh ) . 

Bill can understand why. This is another blunder on the part of the government. Bill walked into the bathroom . He placed the listening device into a condom. Rolled it into toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet.The electronic gizmo is sending off a signal as it is heading into the direction of a city sewerage treatment plant.

Through Bill's actions the heavenly father is now conveying a message to law enforcement that the investigation is now down the drain.  
( Amen ) 

P.S. In case you are wondering Bill kept the listening device coin canister as a consolation prize for his troubles.

He has a conscience.He will confess and take responsibility for closing down the Washington Heights cartel on the hottest day of the summer. Bill headed in the direction of Central Park for a little mediation and contemplation.The law enforcement is in pursuit of him as they suspect he is making a drug drop off or a pick up.

Once he arrived at Central Park he took note that everyone in the park is wearing appropriate attire such as tee shirts and shorts .Bill and the undercover officers are  wearing slacks, long sleeves shirts and jackets. The officers are not dressed for this wild goose chase. Within minutes as the officers tail Bill through the park they become drenched in sweat.This is God awful what the officers have to endure as they are sweating bullets. After 30 minutes of this pursuit ,the officers quench for thirst.They begin to feel the effects of heat exhaustion. With the Central Park reservoir in the background,they begin to see what appears to be a mirage . Bill came up with an idea to convey a message to law enforcement that he knew he was under surveillance and led them to the drug dealers over the past months.Under surveillance he will " lead a horse to water". 

within moments officers observe Bill exchanging words with a Joe Friday the horse.With compassion for the thirsty horse,Bill guilds the horse to water. As he walked around the water reservoir of central Park undercover law enforcement officers from multiple agency's intercept him. The surveillance team remarked : " Bill is leading the horse to water "

 Finally, Bill comes up with an idea for a confession.

A light bulb went off above is head. ((( Face book ))) .That is it .

With a police dragnet in his wake, he headed downtown to the apple computer store located in the meatpacking district. This store he has renamed as his spy headquarters.The Apple store is convenient ,since he does not not have a internet service provider.He renamed the store "Spy Headquarters " It is his covert operation center 

 Face Book confession over fb.wall post that Bill put up for law enforcement to read.     p-90

Doctors examined the area were the spider bit him.

The doctors explained to Bill that this is a mouse bite.The doctors questioned him about the mouse tattoo on his leg and the symbolism behind it . Bill explained to them : " it is not a mouse tattoo .It is a rat tattoo and It symbolizes an aspect of myself".

He freely admitted that he is much like a rat as in a " whistle blower ".

He further went on to say that he just spent months ratting out the cartel .. The doctors wished him the best in his pursuits . They explained to him that it is rare the a mouse would bite a human however , it became obvious that the mouse had mistaken your tattoo as one of his own within its territory. The doctors requested that Bill stay seated as they sought a second opinion.Bill pondered the thought,  is it possible that a mouse can carry a step ladder around. 

Bill entered the hospital for what he believed to be a spider bite . His leg is swollen

He took a seat in the waiting area. Moments later he noticed that the F.B.I. has arrived to retrieve medical information.

 Bill posted his story about the frame Job over Craigslist and Facebook.

The story circulates through social media and with that said,upon hearing the TMZ buzz, Jay Leno had one last question for President Obama and that is :

 " Is Sullivan a Spy ? "

 The President with a chuckle responded : "Hell no"

You Know Jay ,I cant respond or comment on an undisclosed investigation".

With 2 days left of his mission, he is about to pull the rug from underneath a drug sting operation.

Bill walked along his normal route through Washington Heights. Only on this day he will make it a memorable one for the feds to remember. He carried an electrical wire with a plug on the and of it. In his other hand is a pair of scissors. Under heavy surveillance ,he conveys a non-verbal message to law enforcement

In the presence of law enforcement he pulled on the plug and then he snipped on the wire with a large pair of scissors. This action is meant to be a reminder of when he cut the wire that was in the jacket that he once wore. It is payback time.He heard an officer shout out :

"Sullivan is cutting the fucking wire. He is going to blow the whistle and spill the beans on the drug sting operation." 

When Bill cut the wire with a pair of scissors this action is the equivalent to giving someone the screw.

 The idiom definition of giving someone the screw : 

" To interfere with someone or something ;to mess up someone or something ".

Crisco Oil launched a televised ad campaign. Crisco Oil is now official endorsed by the federal government

Pictured here:18 floors up ,cartel members make the great escape .
As seen here , Padro attempted to become a "Modern Day Superman"

Pictured here is : Radio talk show host Delilah.

She is known to be the queen of sappy love songs.

Bill is thrilled to see that the F.B.I. is now in the picture. With that said ,Bill has a new love interest . He called the radio program and he requested the song :  "Nobody does it better / The spy who loved me " and he has it dedicated to the F.B.I.

As a consolation prize ,he put the video on his Face Book wall in honor of the men and women of the F.B.I. ​​

Shown here are the Washington Heights cartel

Mission :IMPROVable

has hit the social media circuit  p-99

The law enforcement scenery and landscape has changed.

Bill is now swarmed by F.B.I. Agents.

As he heads to see his career counselor at 125th street the feds (DEA) await for him.

As Bill goes up and down the elevator he is accompanied by ACME maintenance repair men

( The feds are disguised as maintenance workers)

One agent is dressed rather nicely business attire. To Bill this law enforcement officer definitely has FBI appeal. He kind of resembles the law enforcement officer who accompanied him during his flight from Florida to New York. 

 Law enforcement is obviously pissed off by his actions.

Come the weekend , he walked the High Line Park .The F.B.I. is watchful of him and who he speaks to. At the present time the F.B.I. feels that an individual in law enforcement has tipped Bill off regarding the Washington Heights sting operation. The FBI questioned if that be the case then other investigations could be compromised. The F.B.I. is investigating the possibility of an internal breech within multiple law enforcement agency's.

 Bill is not in a place of comfort for the time being .For months ,Bill being in spy mode  is acting as a modern day vigilante.

His role as a vigilante has now interfered with a major drug sting operation and it may now go up in enforcement now has to identify as to what Bill discussed with the dealers as to salvage the operation that was just tossed out the window.

Bill is going to take responsibility for his actions. He is going to post a confession over Face Book for law enforcement to read.

With 5 days left of his mission and under heavy surveillance, he will convey a nonverbal message to law enforcement. As he walked along the sidewalks of Washington Heights Bill carried a stick. In the presence of law enforcement he "drew a line in the sand" that surrounds the curbside trees.

The idiom definition of Bill'a action :

" If you draw a line in the sand,you establish a limit beyond which things will be unacceptable ". 

He feels he was wronged .He is now going to teach John Dough a lesson as he has drawn a line in the sand

With cheers of laughter coming from Police Headquarters located downtown, Bill is dining uptown at a sidewalk restaurant at the corner of 8th Ave and West 30th St.

Undercover N.Y.P.D. police officers Cleveland McMillian and his partner Gregory Boozer approached Bill.

In conversation ,as Officer Boozer extended his hand towards Bill, he turned to his partner and said:

" Lets shake hands with the biggest man in New York City".

With great integrity ,the two undercover officers extended their hands and through this handshake they gave him their stamp of approval for his unorthodox methods as he has led law enforcement to the cartel.This is an act of gratitude and a thank you coming from the N.Y.P.D.

As the officers walked away Bill shouted out: "The Lord works in mysterious ways" .

With a cheerful laugh ,Officer McMillian replied back : " He sure does ! "

After reviewing  the email communication from the Los Angeles County District Attorney , Bill now sees that he has to put his finale plan into action. In his darkest hour he will again demonstrates who he truly is as he makes a great effort to shut down the cartel in honor of his brother.

However, what he does next law enforcement will never see coming.

It is lights , camera and action...........

The Prayer Canister -Eavesdropping Device 
The Investigation goes down the drain         p-93 

Just like that home cooked meal your grandma would make. 
Your grandma knew the secrets to add flavor to any dish. She would spice it up with zest appeal. Well, Bill does the same for his mission as he spices his story up .After all the prosecutors  have the same gift grandma has .They too know how to add spice and zest to a case. Well by now you should get the point .Enjoy the read.
The cartel has been feeling heat for the past month .With the chatter of the cartel closing down their trade, law enforcement acts quickly .The feds stage for the raid on 260 Audubon ave apartment 18c .The cartel will soon feel the pinch. Just prior to the feds enter the building , Bill who is operating in spy mode ,creates the magical illusion and transforms himself into the invisible man .He has high hopes of making another heist .He is a law enforcement vigilante and he being translucent as the invisible man he tipped the cartel off  . 
The cartel is now in a state of panic .What happens next the John Dough never saw coming. 
It is another cluster fuck .High up on the 18th floor balcony the cartel members are chucking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cash,heroin and drugs out off the balcony onto traffic below . It is officially snowing on the Cross Bronx Expressway. 
Traffic comes to a snarl as the drugs are strewn across the expressway . Law enforcement enters the premise and recover the remaining amount. Dangling from the 18th floor balcony is Pedro  . The pharmaceutical entrepreneurs were arrested .  With cellular technology the word of the raid spreads like wild fire. The drugs houses throughout the Heights have to move there stash and close there operations.