With a search warrant pending ,Bill has to use diplomacy and strategic planning to exit Los Angeles. Law enforcement has made a costly investment in their effort to frame him and they must be able to justify two months of surveillance that included a multi-agency investigation.

Bill knows that in most cases a  search warrant is limited to 10 days .With that said, he will have to mislead them into believing that he will be returning within the 10 day period to prevent them from using it on his day of departure.He is aware that his email and face book are being monitored by law enforcement.

Thinking like a spy he came up with a plan as he headed to the computer cafe .To mislead law enforcement that he will be returning within the period of the issued search warrant he purchases round trip airfare with a return within seven days.The thing is Bill has no intention to return and he believes that law enforcement will by into this plan of "diversion" whereby they will put off the frame job until he returns back to his residence in seven days.

To make his BS story of him leaving with the intent of returning more believable he tells his family members over face back that he is flying out to New York to visit them for the holidays and will return to Los Angeles to begin a new job that he had recently landed.

Now to really pull the plug on the frame job and to mislead law enforcement further that he is going to return. He sends a friend a message over Face Book. Over Face Book Bill explains to "Wes" who lives in West Hollywood that he is leaving to fly out to New York and would be returning by week. He than asked Wes and Dan if they can hold one bag of luggage in storage for a week . He explained to them that he would meet up with them at the Old Coast Saloon during happy hour whereby  one of them would take possession of the luggage bag.  

This Luggage bag is known as the "diversion bag ".This diversion bag is filled with rags and torn clothes. Under surveillance, Bill will be seen giving his prized luggage bag to a friend.

 Bill  meets up with Wes and Dan .Dan accepts the luggage and they head to Dan's home. Once there Bill speaks to Dan on his future plans in Los Angeles upon his return in a week.He then left Dan's home and headed back to his residence.

Upon arriving back at his residence  he over heard a plainclothes officer shout into his phone " Sullivan just booked a flight to New York and he will be returning next week " With that said ,Bill now knows for certain that law enforcement has read his email and face book entries .

One  luggage bag he is going to take with him to New York.The second luggage bag that he gave to Dan to hold is filled with rags. "Ha ,Ha " and he is off to the airport with a dragnet of law enforcement in his wake.

 Once at the airport ,Bill passed a law enforcement agent who was on his cell phone . The officer acknowledged with central dispatch that Bill has arrived at the gate and is boarding the aircraft. Bill boarded the plane with his spy camera and within moments the plane took off .With that said, the game called : "cat and mouse" is now over and Bill's mission titled : "The Mission Position Phase I" is  complete.

Once he arrives in New York he will initiate phase II "The launch of his website"

Pictured here isa surveillance coin that has been hollowed out.

The alarm clock goes off . Bill leaped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. As he is in the bathroom taking a shower undercover officer Edward is assigned to drop two quarters on Bill's bed.

The quarters have been hollowed out and a tracking device has been inserted . Since Bill does not carry his cell phone law enforcement has no other way of tracking him. Law enforcement hopes that Bill will enter his bedroom and pick up the quarters were he would place them in his pocket.

If Bill takes possession of the hollowed out quarter, they will then be able to locate him and send a confidential informant to initiate "a set up". Undercover officer Edward is following orders however, Edward  is aware that Bill is highly observant and his actions will tip Bill off.

With that said, Edward does not toss the quarters on to the bed. He stacked them and placed them on his pillow case. Bill being observant entered the bedroom and saw the quarters stacked .He knows that this is out of place for two quarters to be stacked on a pillow that he has just slept eight hours on.

Bill picked the quarters up and placed them in his pocket. Bill knows that the quarters are hollowed out. The hollowed out quarter weights half the weight of regular quarter. Bill wrapped tin foil around the quarter to block the signal.

Edward the West Hollywood undercover police officer has integrity . He did this deliberately to undermine the "Frame Job " a.k.a Operation Fly Swatter. 
Bill reflected back in thought over the officers actions : 

" Thank you officer Edward  ! "

Pictured here is   Mr.Dough .He is seen on the hospital grounds holding a white envelopes marked with stark black lettering that spelled :  " BRIBE ,PAYOFF and HUSH MONEY". 

Pictured here :  In New York ,Captain Culpepper From California reached out to New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and N.Y. District Attorney Cy Vance.

He explained to Mr. Kelly and Mr. Vance that Mr. Sullivan is more than just a vigilante. He is claiming to be a modern day spy .He further explained to Mr .Kelly that the 007 spy jacket and the marked bills have not been recovered.

In closing ,he tells Kelly to have his men put down the fly swatters and get out the "fly trap"..

With the launch of this web site ,  Dough has "grave" concern over this matter. 

Over the past few days ,NY law enforcement is expressing intimidation towards Bill following the launch of this website.

This does create anxiety for him. After 3 days of difficulty sleeping he consults and confides with his family and his retired friend in law enforcement. Bill has a black cloud over his head since taking possession of the 007 spy jacket. He needs to take prompt action to shake the law enforcement off. When he took custody of the 007 spy jacket  many in law enforcement told him it equates to an individual taking a police officers gun. Everyone agrees that this idea just my be the way to get law enforcement once and for all off his back. After a finale consultation with his retired friends in law enforcement he agrees with their plan to get his story documented for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons is that the unlawful surveillance  will be documented into his medical records and a pattern of retaliation will then be established. 

He takes their advice to go to the local hospital .He chooses Bellevue NYU Medical Center. Bill got the idea after watching Santa Clause's performance in the Movie "Miracle on 34th Street". As part of the movie product placement Kris Kringle "Santa Claus" is evaluated at a New York Psychiatric Hospital. Once Bill arrives at Bellevue he is welcomed by Hospital Police Officer "Best". The police officer has a last name of convenience. Bill takes this as a sign that he is now in the "best" of care. Well this is true however ,short lived after his first visit.Keep reading......

This is no delusion. He steps into the E.R. and explained to the hospital staff of his recent experience and his anxiety that is causing him to have difficulty sleeping. There is a risk involved. The risk involved here is that if the Physicians don't buy his story they will hold him against his will for a least a 30 day observation and evaluation . Since he is aware that he is under a  investigation he is also aware that law enforcement will be making an inquiry with the hospital staff regarding his health.

Law enforcement is gathering evidence and will check with staff for the presence of drugs in Bill's system.Law enforcement has the legal right and they do this for their safety.All law enforcement has to do is ,in writing explain that Bill is a suspect .Upon admission the staff will screen his blood for drugs. This too is hospital protocol. Once the Physicians hear of Bill's story and his experience ,they too will seek background information.

A good doctor makes for a good detective. They will exchange information from law enforcement regarding the parameters of the investigation and the medical information that they can release under privacy laws . Law enforcement has there ways on how to obtain information legally without a warrant.

If the average person walks into the hospital with the story that Bill revealed they would without a doubt be held against there will for a lengthy observation and evaluation. Most likely a good 30 days or longer.

With that said Bill goes forward and takes the risk. When he walked into the triage the attending nurses took down his information. Upon admission the hospital staff ran  a criminal background check on Bill.This is hospital protocol. At this same time Bill smells a malodorous odor in the air. It Smells like someone has just kicked the bucket.

Within moments ,law enforcement and John Dough  arrived at Bellevue NYU Medical Center. Dough engaged with staff and made an inquiry for protected health information.A warrant is not needed.

During the initial triage ,the staff with an open ear listened to all he had to say. At times the hospital staff were laughing so hard they told him to continue. The staff all turned to each other and said:

 "007 spy jacket ? ,You cut the wire .Helicopters ? This is just to funny. You cant make this shit up. Continue on".  "L.O.L" .

The thing is what you have read in this web site is what Bill expressed to the Physicians 

Bill also had doctors review his website . The one your reading now .They have now placed his website into his medical records. Bill then was evaluated by staff psychiatry . He went onto tell the psychiatry physicians the same story that he had explained to the staff .That law enforcement have pushed dope on him and set him up to be framed for a major crime in the past and that he feels that law enforcement will do it again.

 He continued to say that Los Angeles law enforcement framed him for a major crime and there attempt  back fired. He further went on to say that he had helicopters follow him as he wore a 007 spy jacket. The pilot had him on the thermal finger print system. He continued to say that he taught law enforcement a lesson that they would never forget as he cut the wire that was located inside the surveillance jacket.

He than explained to the physicians that the effort to set him up followed him to NYC whereby ,with his comical nature, he sabotaged another drug sting operation in an effort to undermine the Washington Heights cartel.

Bill explained further that law enforcement is pissed at him and being comical. The physicians then led Bill to the waiting room. 

Mr. Dough the corrupt fed was seen on the hospital grounds. Dough was holding white envelopes. On the white envelopes was stark black lettering that read : "Bribe ,Hush Money and payoff's"

Dough is on the premise for one reason and that reason is to influence physicians to falsify a diagnosis.

Now during this time frame Bill gets the opportunity to show his true light as he saves a human life. This is how it went down.  Bill was seating in the waiting room. He was in the company of two other patients. One of those patients sat next to Bill .

Bill observed that the individual was tearing up a sheet. Bill being comical asked the male patient:

 " What are you going to do ? hang yourself ?" 

Bill got up to use the water fountain and when he returned the patient did just that . The patient hung himself around a door jam."This is not a delusion" .Bill pounded on a glass wall partition to get the attention of  New York City Police Officers and hospital staff.The officers jumped into action to save a life regardless of the hostile environment.

Bill reached for a plastic knife to cut the noose . All of them ,along with two hospital aides were able to lift the man and release the noose from around his neck. The patient who was near death was given a second chance at life through the bravery of the NYPD officers. Through his experience Bill now calls himself : "a modern day life saver".

Now here's the scoop. Physicians than escort Bill into a small conference room. The Physicians including Dr. Burns question his background.A physician commented on Bill's cologne since it had an unusual odor.Bill explained to the physician that it is "Spice Bomb" and that he apply's it daily as part of his hygiene. Again the Physicians persisted in there questioning. A Dr asked Bill "Why is your skin oily ? ". Bill responded quickly by saying that he follows the directions of his dermatologist to use sun screen  

Under questioning Bill then details his background saying that he is presently working in food service as a waiter.In his past he remarked that he was a federal officer working for Homeland Security and assigned to the TSA in New York and California whereby he developed behavior detection skills and signed a U.S. confidentiality agreement, He went on to say years prior he operated a bar / restaurant and held a liquor license. Although never convicted, he was arrested multiple times for business related state liquor violations ,.In depth he explained his work with the NYPD as an APO whereby he gained great knowledge of community policing.The questioning ended.

Bill was than instructed to wait in the patient waiting area. Physicians  called family and friends.This is protocol.

The physicians spoke to the contacts that he listed. 1- His Aunt Nicole 2- His friend lisa. 3-His friend Kevin.

Physicians being just like a detective will call his family and friends and question them.The doctors speak to them regarding his so called delusions.His family and friends share the doctors concerns however they state to the doctor that they should not hold him.

At times Bill would approach the doctors window. He takes notice of the doctors work station as it appears to be disorganized. Bill proceeds to  post a note up to the window of the doctors work station , the staff is running around like chickens with there heads cut off. The notes would include background contact information for the NYPD 105 precinct ,Homeland Security and Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey.  D.A. Jackie Lacey would be able to confirm the incident that surrounds the 007

The physicians returned and told Bill that he needs not to say anything more and that they know everything that has happened to him. They expressed empathy and said that they were sorry to hear that he had to go through that experience. The physicians gave Bill a sleep aid and discharged Bill with an appointment for a follow up at the out patient clinic for counseling.

The diagnosis : Unspecified

Bill returned to outpatient .He arrived late and missed his appointment. With law enforcement in the background ,Bill was redirected to the emergency room. Something is very fishy.He was held against his will for three days.This time he had to down play the so called investigation the surrounded him .His gut told him that law enforcement is seeking to incarcerate him.At the time of discharge,Bill turned to the Dr and asked her: "what is the Diagnosis? the Dr. replied : "we don't have one" .

The Dr. finalized the paperwork and then referred Bill to been seen at the outpatient clinic for counseling

 the Diagnosis may have been falsified through the intervention of John Dough

This change in diagnosis was done without any further testing or even a cat scan of the brain.

The fudged diagnosis read : Patient under investigation,worked for NYPD,Homeland Security ,arrested multiple times as he was a holder of a liquor license.This is consistence of a delusional disorder .Patient has a risk of violence. The Dr. has lied right to Bill's face when he asked her what is the diagnosis. 

Pictured here :The two undercover officers that were ejected from the bar for there scandelous behavior

Chumping up the charges

Pictured here is the evidence that was going to be "planted" in his bedroom.

Picture here : Bill is in flight with his spy camera.

"Always a Happy Ending "

Pictured here :Bill who is under duress was traumatized by the events in los Angeles is suffering from duress. After watching the movie "Miracle on 34th St." he headed off to Bellevue.He approached the hospital and like many he is haunted by the front gates leading to the entrance .

Bone chilling archive photos drape the walls. Bill questioned if this out patient clinic is right for him. Keep in mind that this could be a delusion or just a comical edge.

New Years 2014                    P-136

Pictured here:  Bill in his shared New York city apartment .He will add a futon ,Small table and lamp. No clutter .The bare necessities . Whether residing in L.A. or N.Y. when guest come over the big question they ask him is :  "Are you a spy ? "

Pictured here : Law enforcement had planted a tracking device into the sole of his shoe in a effort to recover the marked Bills and the 007 Spy Jacket.

December 8 2013
Bill has arrived in New York City and is now searching for an apartment      P-133

The Truth is : With a lengthy paper trail the F.B.I. is not going to turn a blind eye once Pandora's box is opened.
If Bill had not been tipped off through the integrity of the California police officers he would have been arrested and charged on an array of drug charges.

This is how the frame job would have gone down on December 6th and 7th . Bill would have went about his normal routine however, with his cell phone left behind it would be more difficult to track him.

With that said, law enforcement arranged for a officer to place a  tracking device quarter on his bed. Bill would have picked up the "tracking device quarter" and put in into his pocket. Bill without his cell phone would then be tracked. Later that evening when he is out and about in West Hollywood a confidential informant would intercept and befriend Bill.

While Bill is in the bar mixing and mingling a undercover officer will pass by and slip a "Roofy" a.k.a a "date rape drug" into Bill's beverage. Once Bill is under the influence of the date rape drug , rogue officers would have planted evidence in his jacket .The rogue officers will sprinkle a pinch of crystal meth into his drink. Just a dash of the drug so that when Bill is arrested and processed the Drug will show up in his system during the drug screen . 

The confidential informant  and Bill would then enter the house that Bill resides at. Both the confidential informant and Bill would enter the premise together. Once they arrive Bill would be under the influence of the drug cocktail. With Bill being in a "black out phase " the confidential informant will roll Bill's fingers over a crack pipe. Upon leaving the premise the confidential informant would then toss the drug evidence into the garbage pail located in his bedroom.

local law enforcement will then enter the residence with a search warrant that is in the name of "William (Bill) Sullivan". The officers would then conduct a search of Bill's bedroom and discover the evidence in the garbage pail.

Officers seeking vengeance over the loss of the 007 spy jacket that Bill took possession of a year earlier will then seek to chump up the charges by planting a big bag of crystal meth. Enough "meth" to imprison Bill for life .

Bill would come around when the date rape drug wore off. He would than realize that he is in L.A. County Jail with a loss for words and a loss of memory . A total "black out" so that he would not be able to identify the police officers involved. Facing a long prison sentence prosecutor's would then cut Bill a deal in exchange for the return of the "007 James Bond surveillance jacket. This plot is ruthless ,cold and calculated .

Due to the integrity of the many officers who tipped Bill off , the plot was undermined by their actions. Although the plot was foiled, the F.B.I. is in the background and will maintain their position as they take what is called a wait and see approach as to what will unravel in New York upon Bill's return.

Pictured here : John Dough has texted a message to Eric Holder the United States Attorney General. The message read : "Operation fly swatter was sabotaged by police officers who work for the L.A.P.D. and the West Hollywood Sheriffs Department. They tipped Sullivan off and he pulled out.

Bill Sullivan is back in New York . 

IIt is New Years eve and Bill plans to spend the evening at the Boiler Maker Lounge to celebrate his birthday. $ 4. drink specials 10 pm to close .The place gets so hot the bar owner takes the cover off. There is no cover charge.

On the other hand law enforcement will form another plot to set him up. Again, law enforcement will never see it coming as two of there agents are thrown out of the lounge for there antics. This is how the evening wet down.

An hour or so after Bill arrived at the Boiler Maker Lounge  two law enforcement officers walk in .They  interact with Bill and quickly befriend him. By now Bill knows this is a charade  and a set up . One of the officers present Bill with a gift on his birthday. The officer places a clear plastic bag in Bill's hand.Bill knows exactly what to do. He accepts it and thanks the officer. The bag is filled with a white powdery substance.

With that said ,Bill headed to the bathroom .Once in the bathroom he reflected back to a couple of 1970's police T.V. shows. The T.V. shows are Kojak and Police Women. From watching these T.V. shows he knew what to do next.He took out his pocket knife and with precision he slits the bag down the center.He then licks and dabs his pinkie finger into the bag filled with powder. Then he dabs his finger on his tongue as to sample this seasoned substance. 

"Geez ,this stuff is twice as sweet as sugar".

Detective Kojak and Detective "Pepper" from his favorite T.V. shows would most likely agree with him that this is a set up.

Bill then exited the bathroom with the bag in hand. He approached the Bouncer of the bar and questioned him .

Bill acknowledged with the bouncer that he had just returned from Los Angeles were marijuana is legalized.

With that said ,Bill presented the bag with the powdery substance to the bouncer and raised the question:

 "Hey is this stuff legal in New York ? " 

The bouncers jaw dropped in shock and asked Bill where did he got the bag from. Bill replied from the two guys over in the corner.

The bouncer walked over and without hesitation he took the two undercover officers by the collar and hauled them both out to the curb. As the two officers picked themselves up off the sidewalk one officer said to the other. 

" That mother fucker used some reverse psychology crap on us".

Bill just taught these two undercover officers a lesson that they will never forget. Another plot has been foiled.Over the months to come the law enforcement will make last ditch efforts to set Bill up. Bill will continue to humor these officers and there confidential informants .

Bill's birthday celebration begins

The Home Invasion 
featuring the Hipsters of Williamsburg                 P-139

If you want the full horror movie effect, go at night. I’ll never forget taking my friend to Bellevue Hospital at midnight years ago for an emergency. As we passed the dilapidated grounds, he turned to me and said : “ Wait – this is the hospital ? ? ”

Now with a falsified medical report , John Dough is overwhelmed by toxic corruption that pollute the hospital air.

They say that Breaking up is hard to do.            P-131

 The Frame Job was Foiled   P-132

After returning back to his residence ,Bill stepped out of the house again .Within 5 minutes L.A.P.D. helicopters are circling over the property.He thought to himself that perhaps it is a training exercise. Then he realized that the helicopters are flying in what is called : "a missing man formation"  

This kind of fly over is orchestrated during a police officer funeral / memorial service. He gave this fly over a second thought . There are no funeral homes or grave sites in the area. When Bill walked over a few blocks the L.A.P.D. air support formation followed. Bill then walked back to the residence where he resides and he entered the back yard. The helicopters were low enough for him to view the pilots. It appeared that the pilots were gesturing a thumbs up to Bill as he made eye contact with them. Bill was just tipped off to leave his residence by law enforcement on the ground and now the air support is doing the same. Bill then headed to the computer cafe to book a flight back to New York .As he walks he reflects upon their message from above. These pilots have integrity and are flying above him in such a pattern as to tip him off .

Their message to Bill is :  "law enforcement is going to bury you . Leave Los Angeles  A.S.A.P " . Bill received their message loud and clear . He gave them a thumbs up and a salute as he made his way to the computer cafe.The pilots were aware that law enforcement was preparing to enter Bill's place of residence with a search warrant whereby evidence is planted as part of an effort to frame him again.

The L.A.PD. Air support have tipped Bill off and they too have just undermined " Operation Fly Swatter"

Pictured here : Law enforcement officers are aware of the plot to set up and frame Bill .There hands are tied as they have orders to follow however as mentioned before they have integrity. They honk there horns and flash there high beams to gain Bill's attention as to tip him off.

February 2014 

The Cowboy from Virginia enters the scene and fires a warning shot  P-137

Coincidence ? Bill took residence in an apartment building that houses a surveillance post

Toxic corruption now fills the air .Bellevue hospital staff take precautions to prevent inhalation.

Bill is going to do a little experiment. He is going to have a change of venue and leave Manhattan for a couple of hours.

He took his phone with him. He wanted to see if the surveillance team will track and pursue him in another borough .

With that said, he headed underground into the subway system. Bill then boarded the 14th st L-Train to Williamsburg Brooklyn.

It is the first stop out of Manhattan. He arrived 5 minutes later and exited the subway station at Bedford Av.  He walked one block and three hipsters then approached him .The three said that they recognized Bill from the year 2007.

In conversation, they asked Bill if he likes to party ?  Bill thought to himself . There is noway that law enforcement could arrange this encounter in such a short period of time. He then questioned himself if these three might be confidential informants.

Bill has an Idea as he knows the neighborhood from years ago.

He replied back to the hipsters : "Yes .Everyone likes a party ! " One of the hipsters whipped out a bag of weed and suggested that they all go back to Bill's place. Bill agreed. However, he gave them a line of B.S. Although he resides in Manhattan,he mentioned to them that he lives a walking distance away just past Driggs Av. They arrived at the front doorstep to Bill's house .

Bill opened the front door. He then explained to them: "make yourselves at home. The beers are in the refrigerator".

The three entered and headed towards the kitchen.

Within seconds, Bill then closed the front door of the home behind them. He began ringing the door bell. He heard one of the guys say : "Why is he ringing his own door bell ? "  Seconds later and up on the second floor the lights lights go and out of nowhere  a 400 lbs man who looks like a woolly mammoth wearing fruit of the loom underwear came rumbling down the stairs shouting: "What the Hell is going on here? "

 Bill heard the commotion from outside the home and quickly made his way off the property .He heard a hipster scream:

" OMG ! This is not his house ! " As the woolly mammoth bludgeoned the hipsters, Bill was heard saying :

" Adios Amigos Suckers ! "  You see again ,they asked the wrong cowboy if he likes to party . " That will teach them ! "

With that said ,Bill Sullivan is a vigilante roaming Williamsburg Brooklyn 

During Bill's stay he is horrified as he is placed among the criminally insane. This place is a doom and gloom environment  This experience will compound his post traumatic stress further.

Bill knows that something will be going down soon. He can feel it .The feeling he gets is his instinct speaking.

He calls it : "The quiet before the storm feeling "

Prior to leaving the property ,he took a peep out the front door and the coast looked clear.He headed out of the house and walked up to the corner store for a quick bite to eat .

Unmarked cars passed Bill and he thought to himself , it is business as usual all over again however ,this time the undercover officers in the cars and trucks are honking there horns and flashing their high beams to signal to Bill. The officers are tipping him off that he needs to leave that residence that he resides at A.S.A.P. 

Bill being observant received their signal loud and clear. These officers have a conscience that is fueled with integrity. They are fully aware that their superiors are being cold, harsh ,ruthless with malicious intent.The Officers make an effort to tip off Bill to clear their conscience. These officers have undermined "Operation Fly Swatter". Bill reflected back in thought on the integrity the officers displayed through their actions " Thank you officers ! "

Pictured here : The L.A.P.D. air support is not flying in a routine pattern.  The pilots are conveying a message to Bill that if he stays in L.A. the feds will bury him.  This pattern is called "The missing man formation". With that said, Bill is going to be one missing man as he fly's back to New York. Thank you L.A.P.D. Air Support !!

Prior to leaving Los Angeles Bill posted a message over Face Book to the corrupt agents of Los Angeles. Bill is a former disc jockey and comical in nature.In his Face Book post he declares his breaks up and cuts ties with the officials involved with "Operation Fly Swatter " . He than dedicates a you tube video over Face Book to them. The video is a song by Denise Williams and Johnny Mathis. The song is titled :

"Too Much , Too Little ,Too Late" 
The lyrics to the song go as follows 
 "Yes its over.Call it a day. Sorry it had to end this way.
​No reason to pretend we knew that it had to end someday,this way"
This songs lyrics are very fitting as he ended this game of cat and mouse. In flight he bids them a farewell . The plane passes overhead of the flight tower . The flight control officers heard Bill shout out :
"Adios Amigos Suckers !"

The disposible spy camera that contains photo's of undercover officers

This concludes Chapter Eleven.

Click here to view Chapter Twelve

The Great Escape            P-130

About a week later, Bill visited the Bellevue outpatient clinic as pictured here.

The Shoe Repair Clusterfuck                  P-135

Chapter Eleven

Friday December 6, 2013 
      Pillow Talk           p-127

The Boiler Maker Lounge ,East Village NYC.

Picture here is  the You Tube video that Bill dedicated to the officials who were behind "Operation Fly Swatter ". Once he posted this video over Face Book law enforcement  between New York , Washington D.C. ,Virginia , Florida and California reacted .Many rolled over in laughter , meanwhile the rogue officials behind the Frame Job were caught balling in tears.

Valentines Day 2014 
A life is saved
The Launch of the "Mission: IMPROVable  Web Site - Blog .  P-138     

The phone rings and it is Joe the shoe repair guy. He explains to Bill to come down to the shop and most of all come alone. When Bill arrives Joe closes the door and hangs a sign that reads : "sorry.closed ".

Here is the scoop. One of the soles on the pair of high end shoes came off. To make a perfect match Joe replaces both soles for the perfect feel. As he pulled off a layer of the sole he stumbled upon something that Bill should see.

With one look Bill replied : "Jesus H.Christ" . Joe then went on to ask Bill if he was a spy. Bill replied : "no and funny thing that you should say that". Joe you should come over to my apartment and with one look you would certify me as a spy".

Bill went on to tell him that the feds set him up. Joe stopped Bill right there on the spot and told him to " take these shoes out of here . I don't need the Feds climbing down my back. Forgetaboutit  . Do yourself a favor Bill and burn these shoes because if you don't your going to be buried up to your neck in sand".

Bill took Joe's advice and tossed the shoes off the Manhattan Bridge.

Bill moves into his apartment  located at 547 West 142 St. apt # 18 N.Y. N.Y     P-134

Like many of the physicians ,the outpatient clinic physician pictured here is bizarre looking  . 

The physician greeted Bill and said to him : "Make himself at home". First thing that Bill brings up is the medication that was given to him.

He explained to the Doctor : " This is anything unlike a sleep aid.I can't work as a waiter being on this medication.This sleep aid gives me the jitters.I feel that this medication is a gateway to drug addiction".The doctor explained to Bill to cut the dose in half. He then proceeded and went over much of Bill's work history.

The doctor gave Bill a prescription and told him to wait right here for a moment. After about 10 minutes of waiting, he has the gut feeling that the plot to lock him up against his will is underway. John Dough is seen holding a white envelope that reads in stark black letters :" HUSH MONEY".

When the coast is clear Bill makes a run for it.  

John  Dough's plot is to pay doctors off in an effort to lock Bill up and hold him against his will.

In the weeks to come the out patient clinic calls him and leaves him messages "We want to give you a tour of our new clinic" as Bill listens to the message he smells bullshit in the air. On his initial visit he did not see anyone wearing a tour guild uniform. He envisioned what possible attractions can a outpatient psychiatry unit offer.

MMMmmm  he wondered  : "Down this wing is where we conduct electric shock treatment. On the left, is our straight jacket fitting room. Sizes come in small, medium and large. On premise tailoring is available and to conclude this tour you will be provided with meals and fresh linen" .  Law enforcement is cute however ,Bill knows the game.   

The Feds Plan to Bury Bill a.k.a. The Fly           P-129

The Idiom of the Day

"The Coast is Clear "              P-128 

The Cowboy from Virginia enters the Boiler Maker Lounge as Bill is standing at the bar . He walks up alongside Bill and said to him :

"Are you aware that you are the funniest person walking the planet earth.  In all my 30 years you are the funniest person that I have come to know".

He further went on to say to Bill :

"You don't need anyone to help you write your movie .You are a writer and there is no one that can play you other then you".

With encouragement ,the Cowboy from Virginia raised his glass and wished Bill all the best with

"Mission : IMPROVable the movie" The Mission Position