The back drop for the ending scene. p-203

W Hotel surveillance footage shows Captain Culpepper making a run for it as he is seen taking possession of the marked bills that was stashed from the 2012 drug sting operation.

 Under the Comptroller ,Special Agent David Barbaro of the Bureau of Law & Adjustment reviewed the cop rob claim and the comptrollers deposition titled : MissionIMPROVable  / The Mission Position. Agent Barbaro being a good man approved the return of funds.On behalf of the New York City Police Department ,the check for $110. was issued to Bill Sullivan.

Pictured here : High up on a rooftop located in Tribeca ,the noble DA Cy Vance meets up with Bill.

The two greet each other "It is a pleasure to finally meet you"Bill who has great knowledge of wines, surprises and upgrades DA Vance to a fine wine .The conversation is brief yet meaningful as the two exchange a handshake.DA Vance parts and acknowledges with Bill "You have a better taste for wine than I do"

The handshake conveys a message.The message is that Cy Vance has caliber and is true to his oath.

Meanwhile in California ,Captain Culpepper tries to pin point the exact location of the evidence that Bill Sullivan stashed. He explained to the Chief that the 007 spy jacket and marked bills have not yet been recovered. Culpepper further went on to say that Sullivan has initiated a cop rob claim with the New York Comptroller. Sullivan has taken the investigation that was set upon him and is using it as evidence against the rogue cops involved as it will reveal a pattern of retaliation under John Dough.

"within the cop rob claim ,Sullivan has named all law enforcement officers as a witness to an investigation".

Under anonymity and disguised ,Bill's parents speak out on his behalf    p-188

This is a pivotal moment in the career of Captain Culpepper. Culpepper feeling the heat of the OIG-DOI investigation he contemplates over a bowl of ice cream.

He makes the decision to retire and retrieve the James Bond 007 spy jacket and flee to Mexico with the marked bills.

He got the idea of creating the image of a spy after watching the movie: "Snowden".

 With his cop rob check in hand,Bill wearing a red baseball cap, shared a slice of Joes Pizza with smiling Betty Marzyck from the New York Comptrollers Offices. Special Agent Marzyck said to Bill :

" I've been thinking of you " . Bill replied back : "Betty its a mad,mad,world.A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.


Special Agent Marzych parted with her quote .

You know Bill  "Life is stranger than fiction" - Bon appitte !!

This concludes chapter fifteen 

Click here to view The End .Movie Premiere

A short time frame later,Bill was preparing to take a selfie. His cell phone camera captured a laser beam that is invisible to the human eye.Law enforcement is aiming the surveillance audio beam through Bill's bedroom window. A search warrant is required for this.This would explain the slight warming sensation on his face and the orbital glow around his eyes as he slept.Law enforcement his not using the" laser energy" for it's intended use.The effects he is feeling around his eyes and the weakening of his skin tissue is all the result of surveillance harrasment .Bill notified the 30th precinct to make a surveillance harassment complaint.An officer with blond hair explained to Bill that the image his camera captured is a reflection on the wall of the sun rising . The officer would not take the complaint.He then filed a surveillance harassment  complaint with the FBI on line

Dr. Burns a Bellevue Physchiatrist sets the record straight   p-189

Confidential Informant Zach     p-193

With audio surveillance and thermal cameras aimed through Bill's bedroom window ,Bill picked up a Bic lighter and conveyed a message to the surveillance post in the adjacent apartment building.With knowledge of military morse code ,he flicked the lighter on and off to send a message " This is unlawful surveillance"

Pictured far right isCalifornia Police Captain Culpepper.Culpepper explained to his colleagues that Sullivan and his comical edge has given all law enforcement a run for there money.After coming up empty handed, following the search of the Holly"W"ood sign, He has now pin pointed the specific location of the James Bond 007 spy jacket and the marked bills.The location is the grounds of the W Hotel of Hollywood Los Angeles.Captain Culpepper laughs out : "Sullivan got the idea of stashing the goods under the Big W after he watched the move : Its a Mad,Mad,Mad ,Mad World"

The crack pipe jackpot         p-194

Culpepper has one last card up his sleeve   p-200

Shown here is Police Officer Cowboy John . The officer assists Dough and coordinates the manufacturing of evidence within the confines of the first, sixth, thirty and the thirty fourth precincts. The evidence collected will be planted at Bill residence.

The Bureau of Law and Adjustment     p-196

On the west coast ,L.A.P.D. Detective Columbo comes out of the woodwork.The homicide is solved.He closes the case by lighting a cigar.The surveillance on Sullivan is over.

Dough  is back .He continues to manufacture evidence  p-191

A conference call between (L) New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance ,(C) John Dough and (R) Captain Culpepper.

D.A. Vance told Dough :" You lack public trust"."Pack up and flee the county"

Culpepper told Dough: " Join me in mexico ,I have an extra plane ticket"

In celebration,Disc Jockey NYPD Chief Delatorre and DJ H2O jump on the band wagon and provide the music backdrop for Mission: IMPROVable .Chief Delatorre choose "Viva La Vida" By Cold Play

Back at Bill's residence ,he placed his jacket on his bed and he stumbled upon a tear in his jacket.Law enforcement placed a tracking device into the elastic waist band of his jacket.This is another police blunder.He notified the 30th precinct.Police officers arrived and prepared a property damage report. After the report was written ,NYPD Sergeant Moynihan turned to Bill and extended him a handshake.He then asked Bill : "Bill is there anything that I can do to restore your trust in the NYPD". Bill replied ;"No." however he thanked the office for his genuine concern.

As Bill is resting on his bed in complete darkness ,the thermal surveillance operatives gasp when Bill raised his arm in windows view.* this image taken is meant for John Dough

 Bill has great faith in the comptroller ,at the comptrollers hearing he is testifying on behalf of the American Justice System. Every man walks a different path in the pursuit of justice.One must seek the truth and find it.This is were the Comptroller comes in.The Comptroller is his secret weapon. Bill delivered his testimony with the same conviction as those who have been involved in police misconduct.

The kidnapping and cop robbery that he had experienced has taken a psychological toll over his well being.This cop rob incident is just a component of police retaliation that is part of the ripple effect that followed the frame job in Los Angeles. 

Bill uses a hint of imagination in this portion of the comptrollers hearing.It is to make a point.He referenced to a recent  NYPD retaliation lawsuit.

The marked bills were stashed below the big "W" of the W Hotel of Los Angeles

Pictured here is retired NYPD first-grade Det. James Griffin,He says in a lawsuit that Assistant Chief Joseph Reznick, newly named head of Internal Affairs, once called him a 'rat' for blowing the whistle on colleagues trying to thwart an internal investigation.Once the cover up was reported to IAB retaliation followed.The City of New York settled with Detective Griffin and paid him  $280,000  all because Chief Reznick called him a rat.This is just one retaliation claim the City has settled.The next one in line is Bill Sullivan's cop rob claim totaling $110.

Pictured here :Captain Culpepper reached out to Mr. Scott Stringer the New York Comptroller.

Culpepper explained to Mr. Stringer that the nefarious scoundrels who formed the plot have given the law enforcement community of Los Angeles, Florida and New York a bad rap. He described the cop rob claim in one word.  "Incredible". Culpepper closed the conversation as he made it clear to the comptroller that he and many of the law enforcement officers involved stand behind  Bill Sullivan as he is defending the American Justice System through the return of his $110..

A law enforcement helicopter swarms overhead of Sullivan and the pilots have a message for him from the surveillance team. The pilots shouted out to him

"Rise up and rise above the crowds"

Sullivan gave the pilots a right handed salute.

Police Officer Cowboy John and confidential informant "Taxi" p-192

Outside the Comptrollers hearing featuring Grampa     p-190

NYPD Internal Affairs after hours party featuring  Grimace the confidential informant  p-199

The curse of the missing 007 spy jacket - The marked bills rain down over a Mexican city p-202

 Pictured above left is Dough in disquise and Culpepper on the right.

 To throw the law enforcement off course,Culpepper and Dough put there papers in for retirement and boarded a charter flight to Mexico with a hitch.Halfway to there destination they parachuted out of the plane.They got the idea to jump out of a plane from the db Cooper FBI case.

As the parachutes opened,the force jerked the case of marked bills open.With the cash raining down,Culpepper and Dough panicked on the way down.

They both came in with a hard landing.The people of Mexico hit the jackpot. Culpepper and Dough broke just about every bone in there body.     

Shown here is confidential informant "Zach"

Zach was recently arrested,charged and convicted on drug related charges.He served time at Riker's Island Jail..With his model good looks he cut a deal with the New York Prosecutors office.His sentence has been reduced as  part of a plea deal.He now joins the ranks of the NYPD confidential informants.

Dough and Cowboy John assigned Zach to push dope on Bill.On many occasions in the midtown business district ,Zach would walk side by side with Bill .Zach who is wearing a "wire" shouted out towards Bills direction : "Dope. Dope for sale"

Bill ignored Zach. The NYPD has promoted Zach .With this promotion he his upgraded to work alongside Ivan's Dirty 30 of Washington Square Park. Zack will at times attempt to lure Bill back over to Taxi's apartment located on West 24th Street.The Apartment is a NYPD drug den that is registered under the name of confidential informant "Taxi".The property is owned by Common Grounds.

The rogue few in the NYPD oversee this location.Through this  NYPD drug den,the surrounding area is polluting with drug related crimes ,all to line the pockets of the dirty 30. As Bill is in the vicinity of West 4th and sixth avenue,Zach intercepted him.The conversation is brief ,Bill observed the dirty cops who  are shaking down passerby's for money in exchange for drugs.Basically ,it is seen as a loan.Undercover officer are using tactics involving panhandling for cash.The officers claim to be broke and in exchange for cash ,the officers hand over the collateral.The collateral are often counterfeit drugs. This practice is just one avenue the officer uses to supplement ones salary.

The community reports these individuals not knowing that they are undercover officers.Because of this corruption,the local precinct commanders turn their backs.

Now as Bill is about to part, Zach said to Bill : "follow me, hold this crack pipe for me " .They continued to walk up a few blocks.As they did ,Bill made an observation that Zach has a pair of what looks like to be white motor cross gloves in his rear pocket.This is unusual as it is a very hot evening.This is a sign of possible criminal activity.

Zach then explained to Bill : " wait right here at this corner .I'll be right back". Zach entered an apartment building. Bill looked at the crack pipe .It looked like there was a tracking device inside the pipe. Bill sees law enforcement within arms reach approaching him.He does a test to see if there is a tracking device within the pipe.He tosses the pipe.Within seconds law enforcement tracked the pipe and recovered it in part of evidence collection.Bill left the area and was last heard saying :  "Adios amigos suckers ! " 

Outside the W Hotel is Culpepper. He now made his last call to headquarters .He explained that through a thorough search of the W Hotel he came up empty handed.With his retirement papers submitted, he explained to dispatch that he will be heading up north for his retirement.

Truth is : The Joker in the deck is Culpepper . He headed off to the nearest airport .With the marked bills in hand he is in route to Mexico for a lifetime of retirement.

This is a clear case of police malice.The Comptroller assigned Mr. Michael Harary of the Bureau of Law & Adjustment to oversee the 50-h hearing.Mr. Harary is well acquainted with public misconduct .He is a former member of the NYS Mooreland Commission.The Mooreland Commission focuses on corruption

​​Chapter Fifteen  


Bill has his  hair cut routinely at the same barber shop.One occasion undercover officers walked in and left.When Bill left ,he had a thought that these officers may pick up his hair as part of evidence collection and plant that hair at a crime scene.Months later he returned to the barber shop.As he was getting his hair cut,law enforcement entered the shop in an effort to collect his hair.When Bill got out of the chair he did the Barber a favor. He swept the floor that had a days worth of hair clippings.He than disposed the clippings into the garbage.

"Bill wished law enforcement all the best in there pursuits to recover a hair sample"

In his statement , Dr. Burns explained that he spoke with Bill the patient and after reviewing his website.

He concluded his statement with this quote :
" Like I told my fellow doctors then and as I state for the record now ,you can't make this stuff up".
"I told them so !"

Following the comptrollers hearing Dough arranged for "Cowboy John" an undercover police officer to stand right outside the building where the comptrollers hearing was taking place.As Bill exited the building he passed officer Cowboy John .The officer approached him and dangled a bag of cocaine in front of Bill. The officer then solicited  the sale of cocaine. Bill responded : "What a small world it is.You were soliciting drugs last night in the vicinity of Washington Square Park".Bill denied the officers sale and advised him to find other ways to supplement his police income.He suggested that he ask the Mayor for a raise.

John Dough is doing everything possible to build a case against Bill in an effort to save his skin to delay the prosecution of the officers who were involved in the cop rob.

The NYPD is persistence  with there agenda to protect there institution.They will make this last ditch effort to get Bill hooked to smoking crack.Although,there are law enforcement officers who have Bill's back.These officers tip him off as to what is going on.

Bill is in the presence of officers at a west village lounge.Bill inquired with one of the officers. he asked: " What is going on with the laser beam at my residence and place of work". The officer put Bill at ease.He said : " I have your back.You should be ??" and Bill replied : "concerned".The officer said : "No.a better word would be aware.You should be aware that this is now a homicide investigation" Bill left the establishment pondering the thought : "homicide ? ".Outside the establishment he was intercepted by a confidential informant named the Grimace .The Grimace explained to Bill that he knew where to get crack at a cheap price.Bill being forewarned by a cop who has his interest,heeded the officers advice .Bill told the Grimace that he lived a few blocks down at 315 Hudson Street.He invited the Grimace back to his place and the Grimace cheerfully agreed.Once the two arrived at 315 Hudson, Bill opened the lobby door and then came up with a BS story.

He directed the Grimace to sign in with the concierge and in the meantime, he stated to the Grimace : "I will be right back with a six pack of beers".The Grimace followed his directions and walked to the concierge. Bill then held the door and greeted  two NYPD IAB Police Officers as they followed the Grimace into the lobby.Bill then parted. This is a police blunder. Bill has just walked the confidential informant into NYPD Internal Affairs Headquarters. (LOL) The rest is history.

Unbeknownst to Bill,he is wearing a tracking device that law enforcement placed into the elastic waistband of his jacket.

This makes it easily for law enforcement to track Bill in order to send a confidential informant into his path.

Confidential informant "Taxi" is back in the picture.Taxi  operates a drug mill in the northwest corner of Washington Square Park.

On one evening Taxi intercepted Bill in the vicinity of Washington Square Park.Taxi explained to Bill that he is meeting up with friends for a social gathering at an apartment located on West 24th Street.Bill humored Taxi as he knows that law enforcement is up to another scheme.In Bill's mind ,he see's it as an opportunity to perhaps run off with the loot bag of marked bills again.In turn he would hit the jackpot again  through police entrapment.

Bill accepted Taxi's invitation and they continued to walk uptown.At this moment,Taxi was holding a box that had appeared to be enclosed in a gray plastic shipping  bag.The type used when shipping packages.Taxi asked Bill if he would be so kind to hold the package.Bill asked Taxi what is in the package ? and Taxi replied :"a box of sneakers".Bill said :"sure thing,I'll hold your package".Moments later,an undercover officer driving a yellow taxi cab pulled up curbside.Taxi then took the package from Bill and walked over to undercover officer who is the driver of the yellow cab.The two had a conversation whereby Taxi passed the officer in the cab the gray package.With the package in hand the officer got out of the cab and waked into a Tobacco smoke shop along the avenue.Bill asked Taxi : " Who is the driver of the yellow cab ? ".Taxi responded : "Oh,what a small world it is ? The yellow cab driver is my uncle who I have not seen in years".

First thought that came to Bill was: "What a bunch of NYPD bullshit".That package now has Bill's finger prints on it and he is aware this.Second thought that came to Bill's mind was : "NYPD will most likely plant that grey package at his residence or workplace at a later date.Most likely some form of illegal contraband is within the contents of the package".

The two continued to walk to Taxi's friends apartment.Once the two arrived .Taxi said :"Lets wait in the foyer till my friends show up.They should arrive soon. Oh look here they are".

Taxi introduced Bill to his friends and all four entered the premise. As they passed the concierge,Taxi abruptly explained to Bill that guest must be registered.With concerns for security, Bill didn't mind the hospitable gesture however ,a questioning thought passed : "If  Taxi is a guest ,he too should have registered with the concierge.This again is NYPD bullshit.Taxi is a resident and his two friends are undercover police officers"

Without further ado,he joined the trio.The four entered the apartment.Bill took note of one gentleman who was already in the apartment when they all arrived.He was seated and smoking a substance through a glass pipe..Bill entered the bathroom and then left the premise.Taxi escorted Bill back down to the lobby.Once outside Taxi continued to shake Bill down for cash.With an undercover officer in view Bill replied: " Adios amigos suckers !" 

Upon hearing the news that the Comptroller returned the funds, Culpepper reacted in disbelief since Bill Sullivan was not represented by an attorney.The first words out of his mouth were : " I'll be a son of a bitch ,he did it." He pushed the envelope" The Comptroller found the NYPD liable. Culpepper agreed with many that the cop rob is going to get John Dough pinched.

The comptroller hearing Attorneys

The attorney explained to Bill that the falsified medical records would have to be a separate claim however he would take possession of a copy of the Bellevue medical records.

Culpepper  updated central that neither the 007 spy jacket  or the marked bills have been recovered and that this matter at hand is causing his delay 

The office then patched a three way conference call with Dough and D.A. Vance

"Culpepper here, Everything's OK, but it's going to take a little bit longer to wrap this up because there was a joker in the deck, that no one counted on"

Between Dough and Cowboy John , the process of collecting and ,manufacturing evidence is underway. The evidence has Bill's fingerprints and dna on the contraband.Shown here is confidential informant "Bozo" of Washington Square park.

One evening as Bill left his favorite lounge .He walked up towards the corner West 4th and Seventh Av. Abruptly, he is eagerly greeted by every confidential informant that the NYPD can muster up. He blows them all off .He sees a perimeter of anti-crime officers in the background .

With a dragnet of layered law enforcement surrounding him ,he made his way over to the NYPD drug mill that is being operated out of the west side of Washington Square Park. Undercover law enforcement jumped out of the woodwork in Bills presence .

Abruptly, confidential informant Bozo Shouted out to Bill : "Grams for sale".Bill loudly addressed Bozo : "Is a gram the same as a brick or a kilo ?" Bozo replied : "Oh Noooo". He and many other confidential informants dangled the array of drugs openly in front of law enforcement. Bill humored them all and was on his way. With law enforcement tailing him ,he made his finale encore. Bill entered  a tobacco smoke shop on W14th Street. A Officer of high caliber followed him into the store. Like clockwork .Perfect timing. The officer purchased a lottery ticket. Oh it appeared that he has played his shield number. In the presence of this officer ,Bill purchased a glass pen. This pen can easily be transformed into a crack pipe.He left the store.   Bill pondered the though :

"I wonder if the officer who played his shield number hit the lottery jackpot ?" 

" Our son Bill is a good man and a respected man in the community .He was set up.What Ivan the cop did is monstrous.

He kidnapped and robbed our son all because he took possession of a James Bond 007 surveillance jacket". 

*Pictured on the right is Bill's father on top of the World Trade Center

Bill created the magical illusion that he is a spy p-204

The meeting of a lifetime featuring NY District Attorney Cy Vance  p-195

Shown here sitting on patrol car # 54 and looking like a wounded soldier is Bill's Grampa. On the right is his partner .The two have a strong message for the NYPD.

" It's Time For the NYPD ivan to Surrender and Return the $110. owed to Bill "

Shown here is (L) New York District Attorney Cy Vance and (R) Captain Culpepper of  California.

Mr. Vance explained to Culpepper that the comptrollers "Cop Rob" hearing is coming up and he reminded him that Commissioner Mark Peters of the (DOI ) is investigating the medical records that John Dough had falsified.   

DA Vance stressed :Where is the 007 spy jacket that was issued to Sullivan in Los Angeles ? Where did he stash the jacket ? "

Culpepper responded :

"We are focusing in an area of palm trees. Sullivan hinted to a New York cop that his a.k.a is the BIG W.This may be trivial but we know that Sullivan's favorite movie is : It's a Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World.In the movie the cash is stashed under four wilted palm trees that have formed the letter W. In the investigation ,we are focusing on an area of palm trees.I'm doing my very best locate and retrieve the 007 spy jacket before Bill Sullivan does ! "

"You see when Bill was just six years of age he was leading a life of crime. Just prior to the World Trade Center opening ,our son the young vandal with his homemade vip pass made his way pass security and ventured to the rooftop of the Twin Towers.

The cement was freshly poured over a section. Our son came across a ten foot metal pole amid roofing materials. With the pole in hand he inscribed his name,address and phone number across a fifteen foot section of the roof.He did not just scratch the surface .He penetrated the fresh cement three inches deep.Days later we received a phone call from the Minoru Yamaski the architect .The Japanese Architect was pissed that an Irishman's name covers the rooftop.You see our son Bill wasn't the brightest vandal as he left the crime scene with his Phone number in the wet cement. As you see crime is just not in his blood.Since that incident he turned his life around as he took the oath of a cub scout. Years later,being community minded he served the city working at the NYPD 105 Pct.

The surveillance and police blunders continue    p-198

Joes Pizza of Carmine Street New York City    p-197

" First and foremost , Bill Sullivan testified against the undercover cop who robbed him. As a reference to the NYPD "Rat" retaliation lawsuit, Bill and Detective Griffin both share common ground.

Like it or lump it ,truth is: They are both rats and there is nothing wrong with that.

It is a striking quality that they both possess. In Detective Griffin's lawsuit ,Griffin accused me of calling him a rat in retaliation.For that the city settled with Detective Griffin and paid out $280,000.

For the record , I would like to strike the term "Rat" from the comptrollers record.

" Bill Sullivan is the black cat "

With sweat dripping off his face, the chief stood up and shouted out:

"Sullivan has the dog by the collar as I speak.He has rolled the dice, blown the whistle and under surveillance he is has threatened us that if the funds from the cop rob are not returned he will tip off the drug dealers of an active bodega drug sting operation at 3484 Broadway @W142.

This is espionage dam it ! Who knows what else Sullivan has up his sleeve. If the city can shell out $280,000 all because I called a cop a rat ,the least they can do is return Sullivan his $110 that he is owed from his near death experience when he was robbed by the cop.

Dough is given advice to make a run for it p-201

Outside the police academy,law enforcement all reach for a pair of scissors.They cut the wire and launch Mission IMPROVable the movie

Behind closed doors and fearing that they too may be subjects to police retaliation, under anonymity and disguised are Police Officers, Detectives from multiple states and jurisdictions .

Mr. Stringer is a self proclaimed advocate for social justice. His voice resonates with those wrongfully convicted .Through his inventive ways he has wielded his powers as comptroller.Through his civil hearings ,he cuts through the red tape and offers an expedited option as part of the American Justice System

The NYPD "Rat" Retaliation case file : Detective Griffin Vs  NYPD  IAB Chief Reznick  p-186

 To defend the NYPD from Bill's  Cop Rob claim , IAB Chief Reznick gave his first hand account. p-187

The Comptrollers Hearing 

Presiding over the cop rob-kidnap claim is the Admirable Scott Stringer p-185

At the hearing ,cheers of laughter surround DA Cy Vance as he exhibits the weapon that was used to undermine an elaborate Los Angeles drug sting operation. The weapon is an ordinary pair of household kitchen scissors.