An all point bulletin is issued on Bill Sullivan and the Indian River County Sheriffs and the Sebastian Police Department prepare and stage for his welcome .

The reserve officers are on standby.

Like Fred Flintstone would say to his friend Barney Rubble on the cartoon T.V. show (The Flintstones ) :

 " Barney I hate these long good byes"

With that quote in mind, Bill took Fred's T.V. advice and planed his last minute escape out of L.A.. He called the plan operation  "Splitsville" . He prepares for his break up with the Los Angeles police department and then prepares for his departure  from Los Angeles .

However , before he leaves he wants to demonstrate to law enforcement that he has a generous heart. On his last day in Los Angeles the LAPD is becoming aware that he will be fleeing . The LAPD questioned themselves if Bill may be making a run for the Mexican border with his 007 Spy jacket and the loot bag of marked bills.

For the time being , Bill is holding the jacket and the marked bills hostage in a stashed location.

Local ,state and federal law enforcement has every available officer out in the field to intercept Bill and swoop up the jacket and the marked bills .Bill then reflected back to a movie titled 48 Hours that featured actor Eddie Murphy.

With that said :  "The Heat is On"

Bill ventured out to meet Mrs Yvonne Priestor at the local library.

She is involved with an organization that provides food to those in need.

With the marked bills he makes a very generous donation to her food pantry.

He purchased two large goody bags for her filled with food,love and laughter .

 With law enforcement in sight, he then passed her the two bags. He had some concern that law enforcement had their eyes on the bags as the bags may contain the 007 spy jacket and the marked bills. He prayed that the law enforcement would not tackle her over the bags thinking that the jacket was inside one of them

He is swarmed by law enforcement .The heat is on and he booked a flight that leaves in less than five hours from LAX Airport.

Wearing a pair of disguise glasses he makes his way to the terminal. Filled with anxiety Bill is sweating bullets .He is greeted by the flight crew.

He takes a deep breath and says : "Oh that is a close call" .

As the plane took into the night skies , the LAX flight tower heard a passenger from inside the plane shout out to rogue John Dough : "Adios Amigos Suckers !"

A week earlier, Bill met up with Bob Wilfong a long Island native at the Improv.

Bob worked with Carol Silva as a reporter with Channel 12 News. Bob is now known as the vanishing deductible salesman on the Nationwide Insurance T.V. commercial.

Bob who is a stand up comedian encouraged Bill to take his talents to the stage at a Santa Monica Improv Club. Bill took his advice and set out for the Improv comedy club.

 Bill is introduced to the Improv comedy team. They discuss a game plan. This will require audience participation. Bill will leave the room with the other comics.

During this time frame the audience will choose the topic and the comics will use there improv skills to entertain the audience. As the comics step back on stage the MC gives them the topic.

The topic is called "The Interrogation" and Bill is assigned to impersonate singer Whitney Houston who is the subject of the investigation. Bill gives it his best shot as his Improv detectives grill him.

Bill stands up and shouts out to the audience :

"With a bag of coke up my ass and the LAPD comedy squad in the audience I might as well confess now"

Bill incorporated Whitney Houston's song into his performance. No gun fire or warning shots however, in the audience was a packed house with undercover law enforcement. At the end of his performance the boys in blue ( the LAPD ) stood up and cheered him with a standing ovation.

Pictured here is Police Captain Culpepper of California. Finally after a long drive he has arrived in Sebastian Florida . He like many officials are in pursuit of the 007 spy jacket and the loot bag of marked bills 

The Holiday Inn of Stony Brook.
 Featuring the Federal ACME Entertainment Van        p-50

Chapter five

       The Heat is On       p-37

Friday December 14,2012 
Sayonara !!         p-43

Pictured here is :Ms Yvonne Priester.

She is a community activist in Los Angeles and is a voice for those in need.

With the "marked bills" that he swooped up during the frame job ,Bill provided her with pantry items for her cause.
She declared Bill :

"A Modern Day Robin Hood "

Pictured here are scenes from Spike T.V. 's  D E A  show.

The program is very informative . Perhaps if the cartel were to watch this they would evade getting caught.

Pictured here :His neighbors who aid him are shown here (L) Mrs Goldfarb  (R) Stanley and Helen. Centered is  the surveillance operative. You can't make this stuff up. Dennis who operates the surveillance post that is located above Bill's condo made a critical error.He left the surveillance report in view as he placed it on the passenger seat of his car.Bill could not help but laugh over this surveillance blunder.

Pictured here is the little shit bag.

In the building in which Bill resides there are plumbing and bathroom issues.

When you gotta go you gotta go. This issue only happened once before and at the time Bill did not have an "emergency shit bag" on hand. He had to use an umbrella.

Well, the bathroom issue has arose and Bill is going to shit a brick.He reached for the canvas emergency shit bag. He used the mid-evil and primitive device for emergency only. He puts the bag to use and now he has to dispose of it.

 Bill is too lazy to head down to the dumpster to depose of the emergency shit bag.

He opened his bay window and set it on the ledge. As he closed the window he saw a plain clothed officer with a walkie talkie in his hand. He over heard the officer shout into the radio: "Subject has placed a bag on the window ledge" Bill then panicked.

He thought to himself as what to do. If he throws the bag into the dumpster they will retrieve it thinking that it is evidence.  The odor is offensive, so he left the bag on the window  ledge . He closed the window and called it a night.

He is half asleep , he is awakened by a noise of a pulley system alongside the building. His first thought was:

" Dear God please tell me there not doing what I think they are  doing." 

He got up and realized that they have retrieved the emergency shit bag. Moments later ,he heard an individual up on the rooftop gag .That person then shouted out 

"That is it ! This guy is going to jail ". 
This is a certified emergency shit bag clusterfuck.

Pictured here .In the mean time as Bill Sullivan is in flight to Orlando Airport ,Indian River County Sheriff Dery Loar coordinated a surveillance detail for the outer perimeters of his jurisdiction. Once Mr. Sullivan arrives the multiple agency's will prepare for staging .

Pictured here are the good guys. The Indian River County Sheriffs .

The Sheriffs are now in the landscape as they assist in this federal investigation.

IRCS (M.A.C.E. Unit ) Multi-Agency Criminal Enforcement is on standby for Bill Sullivan's arrival.

 Bill leaves Pelican Point he bids a farewell to the residents of Pelican Point Mrs. Goldfarb ,Stan and Helen.

He puts the pedal to the metal as he heads to Orlando Airport. As he is en route and passes an exit he is joined by a motorcade of local ,state and federal law enforcement.

Upon arriving with minutes to spare he enters the gate area to board the plane.

He is the last one to arrive at the departing gate. At the ramp is a undercover federal law enforcement officer .He is awaiting for Bill.

Upon arriving at the gate Bill said to himself "Yep he's a fed".

After watching the DEA reality show he was expecting this federal escort as he is the target. As he boards he says to the undercover officer "After you . You first" .

The undercover officer said to Bill " After you"

 Bill replied "I insist ,after you" 

The federal law enforcement officer turned to the ticket agent and said "ladies I'll be back in a moment"  With that said Bill boarded the plane. Five minutes later as the plane doors were going to close the tall federal law enforcement officer entered the plane .

He is a true New Yorker as he proudly wore a Yankee baseball cap. The officer took seat in first class . The feds go all out .
He arrives a few hours later at JFK Airport New York .

He is greeted fellow TSA Officers . 

Pictured here (L) to (R) Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck as he prepares to fax the investigation report to the Indian River County Fl Sheriffs 

Centered (L) is Captain Culpepper of California as he makes phone contact with Indian River County Sheriff 

Captain Culpepper provided Florida officials of a warning advisory.

 "Mr. Sullivan is a born killer with ties to MS-13. He may have in his possession a 007 spy jacket along with marked bills that he swooped up during a drug sting operation. Have law enforcement keep their distance. Hollywood CA. police should arrive in 24 hours".

"Wait for further instruction" -Culpepper

Up to this point , John Dough and his gunslingers have assigned agents to plant evidence along Mr. Bill Sullivan's path  .This action has misguided Chief Beck and officers of the Los Angeles Police Department.

A government cover up could now be in play .

John Dough has painted a picture to the L.A.P.D. that Mr. Sullivan is a clear and present danger to society.

Mr.Sullivan has departed their legal jurisdiction, Captain Culpepper of California reached out to Indian River Sheriff Dery Loar. 
He informed them to put out an ( A P B ) upon Bill Sullivan's arrival.

Pictured here . As seen on television : It is 10pm .Do you know where your Fugitive is ?

Bill is now a : "Honorary Fugitive" .

Bill the Fugitive (L.O.L) is now heading to Sebastian Florida to hide out in a senior community.

His other options were Mexico,Canada or Russia however, those options are for a last resort as he is known to save the best for last.

In a flash of a moment, a dragnet of multiple law enforcement agency's will make way .

Like the airport sign reads: Always a Happy Ending.

The government is so suspicious of Bill .When Bill checks out , so will these vans

 Spy Mode         p-49

After a long flight and making a pit stop in Manhattan he enters Penn Station.

With his spy eye patch in hand he purchases a Long Island Rail Road disability ticket. Its a thrifty tip that comes with a 40% savings.

Be mindful , the long Island Railroad employee disability retirement corruption scandal making news head lines  Bill sees nothing wrong with cheating the system as he has just purchased a disability ticket. 

Many commuters would agree "If you can't beat em you might as well join em ! "

He boards the train to Stony Brook wearing his disability eye patch .  On the train the conductor is making his rounds collecting tickets.

He questions Bill . "What is with the eye patch ? Are you a spy ? " 

Bill replied back "I'm on retirement disability " The conductor accepted the ticket.

Once he arrived at the Holiday Inn of Stony Brook he  observed that the feds have arrived . Parked  out front is the federal "Acme Disc Jockey Surveillance Entertainment Van".

He enters and checks in . His room of course has been changed for obvious reasons. During his stay law enforcement will interact with him. Bill knows the Holiday Inn well.

You see Bill's former business partner owned a security firm and was friends with Mr. John Tsunis who owes the hotel. Mr Tsunis used the security firm to over see his property. Bill worked for the security firm as a security officer at that hotel in the past and because of his experience of working their he is well aware that there is no maintenance personal working overnights.

As Bill enters the lobby he uses the elevator. An overnight maintenance worker in uniform approaches Bill and has a brief conversation with him. The worker explains to him that he commutes from the Bronx to work at the hotel. Bill knows that this So called overnight maintenance worker is full of baloney .

The overnight maintenance  worker is a law enforcement officer.

The Disc Jockey who drives the "Acme DJ Entertainment" van  encounters Bill in the lobby computer room. The DJ explains to Bill that he drives all over the country as he provides a mobile DJ service. Bill observes the vans license plate is registered from a state located in the mid west. Bill being a former mobile disc jockey knows that this so called dj is full of baloney since there is no contact information along the sides of his van.

The van has a beautiful logo and yet no sign of a dot com either .

As Bill walks away he pauses and gives this chance meeting a second thought.

This confirms a federal investigation is now underway ,just as he had expected .

This federal investigation is due to the mishap in los Angeles. 

As law enforcement pursues the 007 spy jacket , he will come to learn that the investigation is going to be an elaborate and costly one . That is for sure.

 agents within  the jurisdiction of Indian River County Sheriffs Department will  enter his premise to conduct a search .They will install a camera screws into the bedpost of his bed.

This is unlawful Surveillance,eavesdropping  Pictured here is one of  screw cameras

Pictured here isa portrait of the Mona Lisa on the left. On the right is Mother Mary . There are similarity's .It is an easy mistake.

Bill thanks the officers of the LAPD for their presence of divine intervention .

Mr.Sullivan is now in flight. First class transportation is provided by Spirit Airlines.

 He is in route to Sebastian Florida and he has a connecting flight in Chicago.

Under cover federal law enforcement officers intercept him and take a seat next to him on his connecting flight to Florida.It is business a usual as both officers wear "pink polo shirts" .Pink is the color of the day and this trade mark color will identify them as law enforcement officers upon arriving in Florida.

In law enforcement terms Bill being the subject of an investigation is called "the target". En-route the undercover officers will interact with Bill as to gain info on the where about to the 007 spy jacket .

The flight attendant passes by Bill .He then questions her:

 "Excuse me stewardess do you speak Jive ? " She replied "very funny !" 

Bill and the officers ordered the usual . Make it 3 Rose Kennedy's . In flight Bill made it a point to chew their ears off in conversation . As everyone was exiting the plane , the officers were overheard saying in reference to Bill. 

"This guy is a character.He could not hurt a fly.Drug trafficker ? Something is not right with this picture". 

Bill Sullivan arrived in Sebastian Florida without a hitch.

Fearing that John Dough is going to set him up again ,he took refuge in a private senior  condo community called Pelican Point. He settled in quickly. 

Soon after his arrival law enforcement arranged for a undercover operative to move into the condo above his. The operative is trained in surveillance. Law enforcement will enter Bills condo and conduct an unlawful search in pursuit of the 007 spy jacket.

Law enforcement then arranged  to have a listening device dropped down through the wall from the condo unit from above. This is unlawful surveillance. During this time frame his phone, charge/debit card  accounts,face book ,email will all be monitored.

The residents of this community take note of the unusual law enforcement presence as they initially swarm the grounds in search of something

.For extra income Bill will become a broker and attempt to sell a used pickup truck.

 He attempts to make a sale through a craigslist posting .

Soon after that Florida law enforcement officers will see this as a way to interact with him in an effort to obtain information. Florida law enforcement has been advised the Bill Sullivan is a drug trafficker .Florida law enforcement officers inquire with Bill regarding the pickup truck for sale.

During the weeks to come undercover officers of the Sebastian Police Department and the Indian River County Sheriffs will be watchful of him as he enters the local retail stores as well as his general activity's . The United States Attorney General has legal jurisdiction over Bill Sullivan .

This is a big case for the law enforcement community's of Indian River County Florida . The Sebastian Police Reserves are called into action as they await in the sidelines. 

The cave man returned for an encore presentation .He planted more evidence under the toilet bowl. It is a dirty job however,someone has to do it.

Upon hearing that Bill has ties to MS-13 ,the Suffolk County Police K-9 officers prepare for a more gentle approach as they welcome him with their ferocious K-9 deer taking center stage.

Suffolk County Police prepare for staging .An all points bulletin  ( APB ) is released on Sullivan 

It is getting a bit nippy and the radiator in Bill's studio is not working.

Bill is a handyman and he borrowed tools to look into the matter. The carpeting is a little wet in that area. He lifts up the radiator and he realized that there is no water in the system.It appeared to have been drained recently. He made a discovery. The pipe that connects to his radiator  leads to the adjacent studio .It appeared to have a surveillance listening device within the plumbing.

Through the plumbing he has a clear view of the room next door.

Over the next few weeks, undercover law enforcement will enter studios as AT&T technicians and Los Angeles Fire Department personal conducting "random apartment inspections" .Management and the super are present during the inspections. 

The residents of the building begin to question these nuisance inspections. Bill spoke to no one about what he observed or what is going on with him regarding the spy jacket.  Law enforcement officers are in search of the 007 spy jacket that Bill has stashed.The thing is Bill stashed the jacket in a place that they would never give thought to.

The Puppet Convention      p-41

December 2012 
The Return of the Cave Man      p-38

Bill flipped through the television channels. He came upon a reality show that is called :" The D E A " .This stands for the Drug Enforcement Agency .

He sees this as informative and insightful. On this program they explain the behind the scenes operations on how they  gather ,monitor and collect information on a subject who they are investigating. An individual under investigation is known as a "subject" or a "target". The D E A gives away there sensitive strategic strategies on this televised program.  

Of course like any investigation the subject will have there banking , phone , computer , social media and metro transit cards monitored. A light bulb goes off above Bill's head. He comes up with an idea however, he is not sure how he will pull it off. He tosses the idea around and his gut gives him the go ahead. This is what will make his mission iconic.

Here is the game plan.

When Bill leaves Florida to head to New York , under surveillance he will use the opportunity to lead investigators to the cartel who are partially responsible for his brothers death due to the use of heroin while in the hands of dealers.

The information that he just acquired from watching this D.E.A. T.V. program will be very useful however , for now it is on hold till he arrives in New York to assess his situation as he is in the reinstatement process with Homeland Security New York.

He gives it a second thought.

Be mindful that Bill became aware that a surveillance operative had moved in above his condo for a number of critical errors. One of them being that he had left his surveillance logs on the passenger seat of his car for all those walking by to view.

Knowing that a surveillance operative is monitoring his wireless laptop as well as his television programing Bill feels that its time to "pour fuel on the fire" .To captivate the attention of law enforcement as to add more heat to the investigation he takes the following action. For days he is researching  world air travel to Cali , Bogota Colombia .Miami and world wide drug trafficking routes .With that said....

 "It is Time to let the Games Begin"

Pictured here .Bill entered the Holiday Inn Of Stony Brook. 

The Owner Mr. John Tsunis and his staff arrange a personalized  welcome .

Bill realizes his room is bugged with another wire. Just as a precaution and with scissors in hand they cut another surveillance  "wire" and then move Bill to another room. 

Upon hearing that he gave the feds the screw  in a sting operation the staff gave Bill the pink stamp of approval  

(The V.I.P. Treatment ) the Pink Sweet .

When you book this room a portion of the proceeds go to benefit breast cancer charities 

December 7 2012 

The Santa Monica Improv Comedy Club "The Interrogation"   p-40

Mission : IMPROV able 
 "A Taste of Heaven with Sweet Revenge"    p-44

   The APB / All Points Bulletin      p-45

The 1 AM Emergency Shit Bag Incident
 "This incident should remain classified"  p-39

 Sebastian Florida .The Golden Pond . Indian River County            p-46

Jose and his girlfriend extend an invitation to Bill .

They asked him to accompany them to a Religious Feast .All that he is required  to bring is a photo of  Mary the Virgin Mother of Jesus and a candle to light.

Bill accepted the invitation and joined them as he embarked on this Mexican religious celebration. This invitation was last minute and Bill had no time to spare to find a photo of Mother Mary. As luck would have it, someone had discarded a 3'X3' portrait of Mother Mary outside the building in which he resides. It was a bit over sized however, it will have to do.

Upon arriving at the celebration he sees that the LAPD Mexican surveillance team has him on radar. He is taken back in aw by the thousands of worshipers as they pay respects to the Mother Mary on her birthday.

It Is a candlelight vigil and celebration all in one. 

 Bill's portrait is over sized and it is drawing a lot of attention. Being that he was a former disc jockey he approached the Mariachi band and put in a request to get this party started. He requested some of his Mexican all time favorite dance tunes such as the songs like the Macarena ,the Conga , La cu caracha and La bamba . Jose ,Yolanda and Bill then awaited on line outside the church for one hour .Once they entered the church the line moved quickly .Once at the alter Bill rested his portrait of Mother Mary aside. He, Yolanda  and Jose  said a "Happy Birthday Prayer " to Mother Mary.

The three left the church with their photos and candles in hand .

Then out of the blue ,they were confronted by an angry lynch mob of Mexicans.

Bill does not speak Spanish so he turned to Yolonda and asked her what is this commotion all about. He explained to her that he does not understand Spanish and can not tell if they want to make love to him or if they want to kill him. You see to Bill the Spanish  language all sounds romantic . 

Yolanda and Jose explained to Him that we have to leave now.

The problem is that the portrait is not of the Virgin Mary. It Is the Mona Lisa !

Bill replied:  "this is a clusterfuck". 

LAPD law enforcement surround them as they too expressed concern that there maybe a possible blood bath . The Mexican religious community feels that Bill the white guy is making fun of their religious cause.

Bill explained to his friends that this is the time to make the great escape from this angry lynch mob of latino's. He further went on to say:

"Now is the time to say a prayer ,act natural ,walk steady and whatever you do don't turn around".

All three made it back home without a scratch. Hail Mary !!

L.A. Live downtown Los Angeles is known to be the heart of the entertainment capitol of the world. Between L.A. Live and Bill's Studio is a valet reserved parking lot.

On this evening undercover officers have parked their cars in the valet section.They seemed a bit bored out of their minds as they focus on his bay window.

"It is Show time !" Bill improvised and created a puppet stage out of his window.

With an array of socks to choose from he will modify and transform them into sock puppets. While under surveillance he entertained the officers and everyday people as they passed by.

A police sergeant is overheard saying :    " Sullivan is mocking us"  

Pictured here is the radiator and the plumbing line that connected to the adjacent apartment

This concludes chapter five.

​Click here  to view Chapter Six

Pictured here .Thelocal club house located inside a senior community called Pelican Pointe of Sebastian Florida

Pictured here . Captain Culpepper of California is taken by surprise as he received the news from the federal government that Bill Sullivan has left their jurisdiction and is now in flight to Florida .

As it is said in the Spy Business: " They never saw this one coming".

Thinking out loud Captain Culpepper mumbled :

" Sullivan has the loot bag of marked bills and the a spy jacket that is all registered to law enforcement".

"Son of a bitch".

Bill Sullivan exited JFK Airport . He then headed uptown Manhattan to a section called Inwood.

Inwood is located near Washington Heights. He lived in Inwood for a good number of years. As he made his way through the community in search of an apartment he observed that he is swarmed again by local, state and federal law enforcement.

Under surveillance he realized that this is his time to act and demonstrate his true light

 This is his purpose. A grand opportunity awaits on the horizon for him.

He soon put his plan into action .

Being in spy mode ,and with his allegiance to the New York City Police Department, his mission is to lead anti-crime officers from the 34 precinct to the Washington Heights cartel who are partially responsible for his brothers death due to heroin use at the hands of dealers.

With his comical nature ,Bill will set out to undermine the Washington Heights cartel and at the last moment he will pull the carpet from underneath the feds during another sting operation.

Bill not yet severed from the government ,he gave his  Mission: IMPROVable a slogan
"A Taste of Heaven with Sweet Revenge"

Wednesday December 12,2012 
The Feast Day of Lady Guadalupe East Los Angeles       p-42

January 26,2013 
Bound for New York with a Police Dragnet in his Wake         p-48

January 2013
The (D E A ) T.V. Reality Show      p-47

A charitable room - The pink suite

Pictured here (L) to (R):At an Improv theater comics are improvising "The Interrogation".

The Detectives are pressuring Bill ( Whitney ) to Confess. Bill Improvised and performed as singer Whitney Houston

Pictured here:  Bill is under heavy surveillance ,he shit a brick into the emergency shit bag, he then placed the bag on the window ledge and officers retrieved it thinking that it may hold the 007 spy jacket.