Pictured here is Bill. He is in spy mode.
The location is Target department store located on Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood. Bill, who is now in spy mode, located a pay phone and called "Twiggster" .

Twiggster answered , Bill with great eagerness to meet Twiggster, said : "Hey, its me Bill, were are you at ? " 

Twiggster replied : " in Hollywood and were are you ? ". Bill Replied: "Target of West Hollywood". Twiggster with a quick response said :  "I'll pick you up in about 20 Minutes".

As Bill stood curbside, Twiggster pulled up in a white convertible and said : "Jump in".

Bill jumped in and they all drove off. Bill realized that his gut is right. Twiggster who is in the drivers seat is the same person as Patrick who is the individual who he met a week earlier.

 In the passenger seat is a female and  seated in the back seat with Bill is a scruffy looking guy. Bill has a bad vibe. The alarm of his inner guidance system is going off. Within a few minutes of hearing the female speak he new her story was B.S..

Bill concluded that he is seated in a car with police officers and a confidential informant. Bill speaks up and asked  Twiggster  to raise the roof on the convertible since it is chilly. Twiggster said: " here, put on my jacket for a while". Bill accepted the kind gesture and wore his sleek and trendy jacket. Twiggster then pulled up to a hotel and the female undercover officer got out.

Twiggster than drove off to a couple of homes in West Hollywood. As they pulled up to a home Twiggster explained to Bill and the scruffy confidential informant to stay behind in the car. So for a good 30 minutes Bill stayed behind with the scruffy looking guy who claimed to have a hangover from the night before. His story is not adding up as well.

Twiggster has left for the time being ,the confidential informant explained to Bill that he owns the car that they are seated in.

By this time, Bill confirms that the scruffy looking guy is a confidential Informant and Twiggter is a deep undercover law enforcement officer .

Twiggter gets back into the car. Just before they drove off, Twiggster pulled out a bag of "dope" He then asked Bill a Question :

 "Do you like to party ?" 

Bill replied : "Yes.Everyone likes a party".

Twiggster then placed the bag of dope under the seat and then he said to Bill : 

"here is your share" and he then presented him with a pocket sized photo of "Cher" the Singer with his phone number inscribed on the back.This is police entrapment. " a set up" .Bill pondered as what Twiggster has just said to him. Here is your Share / Cher ??   Talk about entrapment . It can't get better than this . Twiggster  pulled this a week ago on Bill when he claimed to be Patrick.

The Game has changed.

  Federal Overtime         p-25

The ransom letter that Bill prepared gives contrast to the post-it note that was discovered in the 007 spy jacket .

The post it note read :

"Plant this on the TSA Agent and remember to remove this note".

Sunday November 18,2012 
Spy Mode 

                  The Ambush a.k.a. The "Frame" Job  p-30

Pictured here is  Target department store .

Located at the corner of Santa Monica and LeBrea

​​F.U.B.A.R. Definition

1. (WWII military slang) 

Fucked up beyond all recognition (or repair).

This concludes chapter four.

Click here to view Chapter Five

Law enforcement canvas and search area garbage dumpsters in the vicinity of the Oviatt Apartments in hopes of recovering the jacket and the marked bill's

Saturday Night Live Responds :

"This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system "

  • " Finally a White Guy is Framed "

Wednesday November 14,201

 The Meeting with the Big Guns of Homeland Security LAX Airport     p-27

Bill stashed the "James Bond 007 spy surveillance jacket along with the marked bills in a top secret location.  It is Thanksgiving and Bill rises and shines in the early morning .

 He looked out his bay window, Bill observed the unmarked cars staged in the staples parking lot across the street. He exited his studio and entered the hallway.The hallway windows throughout the building's offer a view of the property corners. Bill sees that the building and property is surrounded  by plain clothed officers.

Bill  takes pride in the place in which he lives. At times he assists Louis the super with disposing the buildings garbage. 

He throws the garbage out throughout the day as to gets a sense of the police activity that surrounds the property.

As Bill does this chore he observed that law enforcement is scouring the grounds for evidence .Most likely the jacket.

By noon the police photographers have arrived.They park in the Staples parking lot and then walk to the rear ally behind the Oviatt apartments.

Officers painstakingly empty the garbage dumpster. They go through every bag .:

Once the task is completed an officer is seen kicking the dumpster .The officer shouted out :  " Damn ! "  

Around 1 pm Bill observed an officer exit his studio and walk briskly towards him with his face positioned downward to conceal his identity. *This is unlawful entry.Breaking in and entering without a warrant.

Bill then entered his studio and he looked out his window. To Bill it  appeared that the many federal law enforcement officers have taken the holiday off as he did not see a fleet of federal government vehicles in the parking lot as he has seen in the past. Around the clock 24 / 7 a good twenty unmarked police cars  remained parked in a staging position outside of where Bill resides.

To Bill It appeared as if they were waiting for him to leave however, Bill who is shaking like a leaf, is not going anywhere. Bill was heard shouting out the window :

Happy Thanksgiving to all, enjoy the overtime !! 

Tuesday November 13,2012 
The Fax Out              p-26

Chapter Four

Saturday November 10,2012 

The set up - Here is your "Cher"    p-24


Pictured here is Patrick/ Twiggster the deep undercover government agent , an illustration of police entrapment .A description of the carrots being dangled before the mule , a pocket sized photo of Cher the singer that Patrick issued to Bill.
 This is a setup clusterfuck . It is relevant to the upcoming frame job on November 18 ,2012

As Bill awakened , he realized that he had never returned Twiggster's Jacket from the night before. He left the scene of the frame job wearing Twiggster's jacket .

The Thanksgiving holiday traditions are about to kick off and Bill headed out wearing Twiggster's sleek and trendy jacket. 

With caution and concern he took a peek outside the Oviatt apartments to check and see if the coast is clear.

 LAPD patrol officers arrived curbside at the Oviatt again to deal with the same husband and wife dispute from a month ago. As Bill passed the officers they both greet him with a friendly good morning. From his recent experience of being set up by Twiggster on Sunday evening Bill has the feeling that things are not always as bad as they seem, so with that said, Bill takes a deep breath and  ventures out to downtown Los Angeles.

Throughout the day, individuals are giving Bill second looks. Wherever he goes he realized that individuals are checking him out . At first thought, Bill felt that it must be the trendy jacket that he is wearing. The jacket looks and feels good on him .The jacket has brought him a new gain of confidence.

Later that day ,he passed the uniformed patrol officer that he met curbside outside the Oviatt apartments .The officer is now in civilian clothes and perhaps off duty.Or perhaps not.

The officer tips his hat to Bill as he passed him on foot.Truth is: The officer is tipping Bill off

Patrol units are now pulling over and engaging in general conversation with Bill. Bill now realized that a helicopter is hovering over him in a distance however ,to Bill he feels that this is a normal routine for the LAPD air support unit as it is just another bright and sunny day. After awhile and being in denal , he does become suspect of the low flying helicopters as he is carrying the marked bills from Sunday night.

Things are now starting to brew as Bill entered government buildings. Bill is now being swarmed by undercover officers .He realized this and yet tries his best to "act natural" as he makes his way back to his studio apartment. He is being cool ,calm and collective in his thoughts.

He than said to himself :  "Geez, I have more law enforcement around me then the President of the United States"    

Picture here : The Federal Bureau of Investigation responded :

"Sullivan took possession of the marked bills .Ky Jelly anyone ?"

From his studio window Bill has a grand view of the parking lot across the street. Unmarked cars surround the Oviatt apartments to the point were everyone who resides in the building has taken notice. It is 24/7 police presence. This is costly police overtime.

Bill senses something very fishy is going on. From what he has witnessed while residing at the Oviatt , and from his own experience ,he has a strong sense and a gut feeling that this federal overtime is all for him following his meeting the night before with Patrick  (Twiggster)

Unmarked cars that represented local and federal law enforcement  are in a staging position .The officers parked in their vehicles have telescopic cameras .The cameras are aimed at the Oviatt apartments . At this point in time, Bill feels that if he leaves his studio the rogue agents are going to plant evidence in his studio. He stays put.

The frame job analogy  

*** The Frame Job**

To make a comparison and to offer an analogy to what has happened here it is much compared to a fireman staging a fire, then setting it a blaze ,where he returns to extinguish the fire, all to receive a hero's status from his peers and media.

It is news worthy.

However, if he is caught the fireman would be charged with arson. 
If the frame job was successful, Bill would have been arrested and charged with a heinous crime .If found guilty he would spend the rest of his life in prison

Pictured here (L) to (R): Bill back in spy mode .

He cut the wire located inside the Jacket .

He is now the proud owner of an official James Bond 007  spy Jacket

The Good Fellas have a belly laugh.The good fellas crack up in laughter:

 " There has not been a  heist of this magnitude since the JFK Luftansa heist of 1974"

"Sullivan the federal officer ran off with the marked bills and the 007 spy jacket .

He even had the guts to cut the wire".

The good fellas concluded : "Sullivan is a funny guy"

Something is horribly wrong .Bill is going to "call out" for work. He has issues that surround his cell phone, he has witnessed law enforcement link into the Oviatt apartment's building surveillance system and the lobby pay phones.

Bill being under high anxiety and very concerned . he decided to step it up a notch .

He sent a strong message to his employer (Homeland Security) .

The message is what he would define as being  a signal of "duress" . Bill asked Carmen the office manager of the Oviatt if he could use her office fax machine.   

She replied : " yes "  

With that said, he is officially the first person to "fax out" from work. He took the day off. It is now on government record.

 The Government Ransom Letter        p-32

 Pictured here is Twiggster 

It is raining cats and dogs, Bill flipped a coin in questioning himself  if he should call the man of mystery known as "Twiggster".

He called and Twiggster answered  Bill with a welcome back greeting .

"Hi Twiggster it is me Bill .longtime since we last spoke. Would you like to go out to the clubs ? " 

Twiggster accepted his invitation and explained to him : " come up to North Hollwood via a bus .Come over to my place first.

My place is located at xxxx Vineland ave".

Bill caught the next bus leaving up to North Hollywood. When he arrived at the property Bill observed a gray / silver truck with a cab on it.

 He suspected that  behind the wheel is a federal law enforcement officer. He continued to walk toward Twiggster's  motel room. Once at the doorstep Bill sees  a V. W . Bug parked in front of this dimly lit motel property. The lights and the T.V. are on inside the motel room .Bill knocked on the door and no one answered. He left the property and bid a friendly farewell to the federal law enforcement officer who was taking seat in his truck.

Bill eventually ventured out with a sense of freedom.

He made his way through the city of Los Angeles and Hollywood .Everyone within his presence looked up at the motorized birds in the sky .

At this point the LAPD Air Support division has Bill locked into the thermal fingerprint system  .

They're in pursuit of his location in their effort to recovery of the 007 spy Jacket that he had stashed

Plant this on the TSA Agent

and remember

to remove this note

The vehicle that the  L.A.P.D. and the feds use to distribute drugs throughout Los Angeles

Pictured here is  Famed California Attorney Ed Masry. 
With Bill's Resignation in order, simply put, this is now Bill's boiling point .This is the time where Bill rolled up his sleeves and recalled a quote from a pugnacious California Attorney Mr. Ed Masry. 

"Gentleman, Let the Games Begin"

Bill is going to take a leap of faith and test the waters . With great curiosity, he is going to make a call to the man of great mystery who is named "Twiggster" .

Under surveillance, many in law enforcement behind the scenes will see Bill with one foot in his grave. 

Thanksgiving eve 2012 
The 007 spy jacket that came complete with a wire and a transmitter   p-31

Bill arrived back at his residence at the Oviatt . Once inside his studio he is in deep thought. Something is not right. He looks out his bay window and took note of unusual police activity.

Twiggster's jacket is resting on the futon. Bill's intuition kicks in .The Jacket is starring at him and he stared back .

If the jacket could talk it would scream : " Pat me down! Search me ! Open me up !" Bill's intuition hears this message loud and clear . As a federal officer who was provided the training and the skills, Bill will now put this training to work.

He initially patted the jacket down .

As he searched the pockets he discovered a folded yellow post-it note that once unfolded read: 

"Plant this on the TSA agent and remember to remove this note"

At this point Bill is boiling and pissed. Bill looks out the window towards law enforcement and voices out from his second floor window :

 " Really ? Are you guys kidding ? Is this some kind of a joke or test ? " 

Bill began to wonder , he stepped his training up a notch and he opened the insulation of the jacket. He discovered a wire and transmitter.From his second floor window ,Bill held up his prized possession in view of the many law enforcement officers on the street below.

He picked up a pair of scissors as officers curbside scramble to find some ky Jelly lubricant. Being a savage at heart ,Bill cut the wire.

He than heard a women scream the following words from the adjacent apartment:
"He found the wire" 
Bill turned to the adjacent apartment in disbelief . This now makes perfect sense as to why there are small drill holes at the base board of the wall that divided the adjacent apartment from his. About a month earlier, Bill noticed that the carpet threads were pulled near the base board. The drills used caught the carpet thread and created carpet "pulls". This is done when fiber optic cameras are used and inserted through the wall. This is unlawful surveillance.

Thanksgiving Day 2012    p-33

Bill's lively hood is at stake ,

He has now reached his boiling point   p-28

1010 Wins -Reporting  p-35

1010 wins news reporting. You give us 22 minutes ,we'll give you the world 

"The United States Government has reported that a daring heist took place during a California drug sting operation.

L.A.P.D. says: $10,000 ,D.E.A.says: $20,000 Homeland says: $100,000 F.B.I. reports one million? five million?

No one knows for sure.

Law enforcement sources say it is the largest lost since the Lufhtansa heist of 1974 ".

 With a F.U.B.A.R. on hand the government launched a new ad campaign endorsing K-Y Jelly

LAPD air support -thermal fingerprint
 In pursuit of the 007 spy jacket      p-34

Pictured here (L) to (R) 
Twiggster a.k.a Patrick and "Ma" Parker (Law enforcement) , Scruffy a confidential informant.

 All three are licensed to commit crimes involving drug sales

Well they all drive off into the sunset and when they come up to the intersection Twiggster taps the bumper of the car in front of him. He than put the car in reverse and taps the bumper of the car behind him. All three cars than pull off to the side of the road.

Twiggster pressured Bill to take the drivers seat because he claimed to have a suspended license. Bill declined and gets out of the car. Twiggster, being slick, leaps over and takes the passenger seat . This maneuver is to make Bill look like he is the driver.

Bill headed over to speak to all party's involved with the fender bender. Bottom line is that no one claims to be injured and there is no damage to the cars .Not even a scratch . Yet they want to call the police to make a report. Who would waste there time waiting for a patrol car to show up to take a report about nothing ? Bill sees this as being  a classic frame Job.

Anyway, Twiggster got out of the car . He then approached the other drivers . The drivers then make a suggested claim that Bill is the driver. Twiggster pulled Bill over to the side and confided in him. He explained to Bill that he is low on cash and asked him to go to the nearest Atm machine and pull out a $200 in cash as to pay these individuals off .Bill agrees and plays Twiggster like a fool.He explained to Twiggster that he has left his Atm card on the passenger seat of his car and that he will retrieve it.

He heads over to the car and motioned as to look for the Atm card.He then headed back towards all of them . Bill acknowledged to all that he is going to the ATM and will be right back .

Bill walked with a steady pace and tried his best to "act natural" as not to tip them off that he is aware that he knows he is being set up., Now as he reached the corner he observed a parked black and white LAPD patrol car. How convenient is this ?

He crossed over to a parking lot and he is was last heard by the patrol unit as he shouted out : "Adios Amigos Suckers ! " . Unbeknownst to Twiggster, Bill is now on the run because during this encounter he has just taken possession of the marked bills that Twiggster had placed in the car. Bill arrived back at his studio apartment. 

He is rattled and filled with high anxiety like never before. After sleeping on "pins and needles", and after hours of twisting and turning he finally fell asleep.

By now it is clear to Bill ,he came to terms that he has a black cloud over his head and that his days working for Homeland Security are numbered, unless he transfers back to the New York .

Bill has the gut feeling that he is being set up. It is time to bring this to a head and have a candid meeting with top brass at Homeland Security.Bill than head to work.

En-route he observed that a LAPD uniformed airport police officer is now undercover and posing as an airport representative.The officer is watchful of drug trafficker "Bill" .Unbeknownst to Bill, this officer is Bill's police escort to his place of employment at the airport.

When Bill arrived he is quickly greeted by his supervisor Mr. Robert Alford.

Mr. Alford received Bill's  "call out fax " that was sent to headquarters . Mr. Alford is very concerned over his well being and confronted Bill as to what is troubling him.

Bill explained to him that he needs to speak with management in private. Within minutes Mr Cruz, his manager, approached Bill . Bill explained to him that he needs to speak to him in private and away from the hustle and bustle of the airport security check point.

Mr. Cruz told Bill to continue working and that he would speak with him shortly. About 30 minutes have passed and Mr. Cruz called Bill over to the side .The two then walked over to a private area. Mr. Cruz seated with Bill and as a professional that he is he demonstrated concern and asked Bill : " what is going on ? " 

Bill explained to him in a troubling  voice that he has issues with his cell phone and that something is wrong. He continued to say that some guy named "Twiggster" is calling him. He further went on to say that his phone is on tracer and he feels that he is being set up.

Mr. Cruz gave Bill the opportunity to collect his thoughts and take a brief leave in the break room. About 30 minutes have passed and his fellow employees are expressing concern.

His fellow officers questioned him as to what is troubling him. He replied to his fellow officers that something has gone wrong . He explained further that he suspects that the issue is over his cell phone as gang members in Compton had access to it.

Bill then received news that upper management is ready for an emergency conference. Bill entered the management office.

He is introduced to upper management.

He extended his hand to all with a handshake  and he initially led the discussion with an opening statement : 

" The best policy is to be honest and I'm going to be open and honest ".

"I'm under great anxiety ever since I discovered a listening device "bug" on the backside of the blade of the ceiling fan within my residence".

 "I also discovered that my cell phone is on tracer and I'm receiving calls from a stranger named Twiggster".

"At the same time I have individuals pushing dope on me".

"I request a transfer back to New York".

The airport security director explained to Bill that prior to working for Homeland Security he worked in law enforcement for 23 years .He explained to him that: "you and I are pee-ons and no one is going to place our phones on tracer or install a wire inside the  residence of a pee-on" .

"You have to be involved with organized crime". "Perhaps the wire that you discovered is a remote control component of the fan itself".

The assistant federal security director went on to say that while he was involved in law enforcement a women was so high on dope that she saw the face of the devil on her baby's face .She then placed the baby in the microwave and set the unit on high .She then cooked her  baby to a crisp.

Sondra the HR rep was concerned and asked Bill if he takes anxiety medication ?

Bill replied : "No however , a resident at the Oviatt apartments gave him a natural supplement to ease anxiety". Sondra was insistent and wanted the names of the individuals who are pushing dope on him . She asked : "Are they TSA officers from this airport ?" 

Bill replied "No. They are not TSA officers and I don't know the names of the individuals". At the present moment he had a strong gut feeling that the dope pushers are officers in law enforcement and he is now caught in the middle and does not want to get anyone in trouble.

He just wants a transfer back to New York. Sondra spoke to Bill about his options.

She went on to say that you can only transfer once during your two year probationary period .

"Bill this is what we can offer you.Resign and we will assist you with reinstatement at JFK New York.The exit process will take about two weeks and then you can fly back to New York".

Sondra presented Bill with the resignation form and instructs him on where to sign. Under reason for resignation she instructed him to write "For Personal Reasons" .

Bill suggested that he preferred to be honest and  would rather put down the  subject matter and what is actually going on as his reason. Management stated that it is not necessary and lets keep this among ourselves.

Bill signed off "For Personal Reasons" . Many managers were startled over what Bill had reported to them . They asked how far did it "get" meaning the investigation that he believed has been set upon him .Bill being rattled, replied : "I feel that as I traveled on the train today, I was accompanied by an undercover airport police officer who's name is McDonald. although I'm not 100% sure".

Bill firmly stated to management that he feels it is without any  question that the investigation that he feels is upon him is now at the footsteps of the airport door.

Bill will soon find out that he is 100% right. With closure of the meeting ,management arranged for Bill to receive a personal escort en-route to his residence with an official from Homeland Security. The official escort and Bill  left the airport and used public transportation right to Bill's destination.

This demonstrated the high level of professionalism that Homeland Security LAX exemplify's  .

Over the course of the next two weeks, Bill will be going through exiting procedures at Homeland Security's headquarters. During this time frame, Bill reached out to Homeland Security of New York to begin the transfer reinstatement.

Pictured here : Bill  has a gut feeling that he is a subject of an investigation and senses that perhaps there may be a plot to set him up. He met with the big guns from Homeland Security and he requested for a transfer back to New York.

Bill reflected on a famous quote by California Attorney Ed Masry:

 "Gentleman the Game has changed " 

At the TSA Check Point ,Madea responded with a question:

"White federal officer is framed ? 
The feds must have ran out of needles "

Law enforcement will set the stage for police entrapment

Bill is walking along Santa Monica Boulevard. He encountered an individual named Patrick.

He explained to Patrick that he has just recently moved into the area from New York.

Patrick welcomed him. The two engaged in a lengthy conversation. As Patrick reached into his pocket he announced to Bill :

 "here is your share" 

He then gave Bill a pocket sized photo of "Cher" the singer.

On the back of the photo it is inscribed with pen ink "Paul (555) 491-9871".

Bill being a former Disc Jockey said :  "Thanks!" Patrick then retrieved the "dope" from his pocket and basically as one would say  he ( dangled the carrots in front of the mule ) .Patrick is pushing dope on him .This is a classic case of entrapment since Dope is not Bill's cup of tea. Patrick then extended an invitation to Bill to join him at his place in North Hollywood. Bill declined.

Then as Bill walked away he realized that Paul shared the same phone number as Twiggster. Twiggster was some strange guy that called Bill a few weeks earlier although they have never met.

Unbeknownst to Bill, Patrick and Twiggster are the same individual .Patrick / Twiggster is a deep undercover officer .

Bill now is very suspect

Pictured here: Just like the weekend of October 19 , 2012  unmarked cars  for a good three days ( 24/7 ) surround the property of the Oviatt.

He witnessed law enforcement linking into Oviatt apartments building surveillance system .

A major crime has taken place and unbeknownst to Bill he is the subject .

This is well orchestrated by rogue agents. At this point in time and with heavy thoughts, Bill knows deep down something horrible is going to happen.

A comical illustration of police entrapment. Twiggster /Patrick dangled the carrots (dope) before the mule (Bill) .

Reflecting back, Twiggster said : " Bill here is your share and he presented him with a pocket sized photo of Cher" 

This is priceless !!

The jacket that is now in Bill's possession. It is high tech and elaborate.

The federal government is involved . This kind of 007 Spy  Surveillance Jacket is issued by a  prosecutor and a judge. For Twiggster to issue this Jacket without a warrant is a criminal act .

The Jacket was never intended for Bill to wear. Twiggster was high himself that Sunday and exercised poor judgement. The moment the wire was cut, unbeknownst to Bill, he has just sabotaged a major  drug sting operation. The jacket is evidence that is meant to convict many individuals of a crime syndicate known as Frank Smith's Mob. The jacket acquired information for multiple law enforcement agency's at the local, state and federal level. With this jacket the government will seize bank accounts , automobiles, and property's of those convicted.

Through the actions of Bill the investigation could go down the drain , 
Through Bill's comical nature , his humor is expressed. He prepared a ransom letter for the jacket.
The ransom letter read: 
"If you ever want to see the jacket again wait for further instruction."