With the Irish spirit in the air, Bill stopped in for a drink at the Irish Brigade Pub. It is a favorite watering hole for the Irish as well as law enforcement of the 34th precinct. Drug dealers and confidential Informants take residence as the NYPD oversees the drug mill.Many locals know the bars reputation as being a drug mill.Even one with a blind eye or a blind drunk for that matter can make sense of this criminal enterprise. "Peg Leg Kenny " is at the center of this drug mill operation. Dough lurks in the background of the task unit.Dough assigned Kevin the confidential informant to befriend Bill.

Bill is a weekly patron and over time under the direction of Dough the NYPD and all of the above will seek Bill's attention .

An undercover officer prepared Bill his favorite drink.

The Chinese restaurant .The phantom of  N.Y.C.

The drug lords Albert and Joseph feel the presence of law enforcement.Under surveillance ,on the sidewalk,Bill places a heater and an Easy Bake Oven outside the bodega.He is conveying to the surveillance team across the street that Albert and Joseph are feeling the heat of police presence

Mr. Scott Stringer the New York City Comptroller.

Stringer reviewed the cop rob claim ,he exclaimed :"Holy Mother of God " .In disbelief ,he went numb and dropped the papers.The office of the comptroller initiated an independent investigation alongside the NYPD's investigation. During this time frame ,a great discovery is made.Bill's Bellevue medical records have been falsified by Dough . Doughs retaliatory tactics were used when law enforcement interacted with hospital staff.

Pictured here is : Billy "Tipps" Sullivan the bartender and actor Tom Cruise.

Bill pictured on the left created the magical illusion that he is an actor / bartender Tom Cruise.He got the idea after watching the movie: "Cocktail"

Bill works as a bartender at the Pinnacle, a high end entertainment venue.With food on the table,a roof over his head and a couple of bucks in the bank ,he agrees with many that being grateful ,he considers himself to be one of the richest people in the world.

High up on a rooftop bar in Tribeca a rabbi ,pastor and a priest took seat at Bill's bar. Within a split second he turned and questioned them :  " Is this some kind of a joke ?"

Never a Dull Moment. The Story that Never Ends 

A spokesman for the Law Department, Nicholas Paolucci, said: “The comptroller has the authority to settle claims against the city before a lawsuit is filed. We trust that he will exercise that authority wisely. As always, the Law Department is available to consult with the comptroller in connection with any settlement of this matter,”

Referring to  claims,Mr. Stringer said he saw the Law Department as a partner. But he added, “Not all cases should be litigated.”
“At some point, you have to look at the process holistically,” he said, adding that early settlement of a meritorious claim could save the city money in the settlement cost itself, litigation costs, legal fees and interest. “And you also have an opportunity to bring closure and security to those who have been wronged,” he said.

Bill reflected on this statement made by Nicholas Paolucci. Being wronged at the hands of law enforcement he follows through with the claim and makes a call to Mr. Gerald Singleton of the law department.

The above photo of a black cat has been inserted into the closing of the crime stoppers crime tip.

" Thanks a Million NYPD "  -Confidential Informant the Black Cat.

NYPD IAB ​Chief  Reznick and LAPD Chief Beck are both troubled over the kidnapping and robbery


 Dough sent the Spider into Bill's path.Bill made his way to the Gym on Eighth Ave in Chelsea .Once he arrived three undercover officers  followed him in. Bill took note of this as he has a gut feeling that a set up is underway. He left the Gym and an individual named spider greeted him with an opening line: "Do you like to party ? " Bill said to himself : " Here we go again " . He replied back: " yes ".

Bill knows that law enforcement has a plot in store for him and for the time being he will entertain and humor Spider with law enforcement in the background.

After a few hours of touring the city they headed back to the East Village. Once Spider showed Bill the bait "Dope" he knew it was time to sever ties as not to get caught in his web..As they say in the spy business : "it is time to pull out". With a  surveillance utility truck rolling up to the dungeon , Bill called it a night and wished Spider all the best in his future endeavors as a drug trafficker.He showed him the door.Dough will continue his efforts to set Bill up.

Confidential Informant Ralph Mouth  p-161

Bill has not only brought upon bad luck on law enforcement he with his comical nature has brought upon that same fate onto members of the Hamilton Heights drug cartel.

As Bill the confidential informant made his way around Hamilton Heights he interacted with cartel members between W 135 and W 145 along Broadway. With the information he had gathered he went online to the crime stoppers hotline. He reported the drug mills in the area. If the tips lead to an arrest Bill could make out like a bandit and receive up to $2,000. in reward money.

As the Black Cat ,This is the official outfit he wears as he interacts with gun slinging drug dealers.

( Remember you can't make this stuff up.)

This chapter onward overlaps the Comptrollers investigation and hearing.In the mist of this cesspool of police misconduct the Office of the Inspector General and the Department of Investigations launch an investigation into NYPD and Bellevue Hospital 

Being a victim of kidnapping and a robbery at the hands of law enforcement, Bill is now under a finer microscope . Law enforcement agency's have a watchful eye on his every movement.Following the robbery Bill presents clear signs of a post traumatic stress dis-order .

Bill  is working on a low budget. He set aside his disguise glasses and his spy eye patch and traded them in for a set of black cat ears. He suspects that the justice department may step in to the so called IAB cop rob investigation. During this investigation and under the spotlight he sees it as a way to demonstrate his true spirit. With his rehire / reinstatement with Homeland Security hanging by a tread , he sees it as an opportunity to give some contrast through his actions. It is Bill's hope that law enforcement will recognize his mission as he will reveal through his actions that he can be trusted to hold a security clearance and will always side with law enforcement.

Once again ,he is going to continue to prove that he is not a drug trafficker. Be mindful, law enforcement initially set him up as to appear as a drug trafficker in 2012 and now again with malicious intent John Dough has orchestrated that same plot all over again in spring 2015.  

Bill is once more making every effort to clear his name as a drug trafficker and set the record straight by combining his comical nature with trickery and determination. 

Once again.under the  law enforcement spotlight .he will make his way through the Hamilton Heights section of Manhattan as a confidential informant wearing his "black cat ears". This time around unlike other times he will not tip the dealers off. As a confidential informant he quickly identifies the local drug mills between 135 st and 145 st.

With great courage he will infiltrate the Hamilton Heights Cartel of New York City. There is a risk since many of the cartel members are felons and are dangerously poised towards violence .Many of these locations already have a undercover law enforcement presence. Now in order to bring heat down on the drug mills Bill will carry his cell phone which is being tracked. Bill will plant his cell phone at these locations to draw the attention of law enforcement.

This clever idea works again. on October 12th Bill makes his rounds through the hood. At the corner of west 138 and Hamilton Place Bill the confidential informant Is greeted by dealers, informants and undercover law enforcement. This corner has a sidewalk construction shed above the pedestrian walkway. This location is known as Juniors smoke shed. Everything to anything that is smokable is smoked at this location. You name it and Junior will deliver it. Anyway with that said a undercover officer motions for Bill to come over. Bill suspects that he is undercover as he is the one holding the surveillance pen. It appears to be just like the spy pen that officers in Los Angeles used to capture audio during the frame job.

Junior and his entourage welcome Bill and encourage him to make himself at home and to take a seat. Bill takes seat next to the undercover officer. The two then stare at each other. The officer appears to show concern that Bill may blow his cover. Bill who is wearing his cat ears has made it clear over face book that he is a confidential informant. Many in the entourage are smoking some kind of "funny stuff". They pass a pipe around. Junior then passes the pipe to Bill. Bill is now placed in an awkward position for a number of reasons .One being that he is a non smoker and two his employer or the government may subject him to a drug test since he has established reinstatement.

He being a confidential informant is put on the spot and cannot blow his cover. When the timing is right Bill "fakes it" and passes the pipe back to Junior. Then out of the blue an irate Spanish speaking individual begins to yell in a violent tone towards the undercover officer. The irate man takes a step forward . The scene has just become ugly as a dispute and conflict may soon evolve. Bill has concern for the officers safety as he noticed that the officer appeared to be unarmed.

Bill reaches for his phone as to signal 911 NYPD emergency dispatch however his battery to his phone is disengaged. The undercover officer motions with his right hand and as he scratches his leg he reaches further down to the sole of his footwear to engage the silent alarm to send a signal for patrol backup. Bill sees this as a sign of relief .A close call as he has just witnessed the dangers of the officers job. The irate man walked away after words were exchange. Bill being in this hostile environment calls it a night and leaves. Back up officers arrive and make an arrest. 

To draw more attention to the location Bill being a funny guy places his cell phone on the rooftop of a white van that is parked curbside to this outdoor drug den. Law enforcement is tracking Bills cell phone  via GPS(LOL !). Soon after Bill plants his phone on the van's rooftop ,an undercover officer drives up to the van whereby he gets out and snoops around the van in search of Bill. The officer takes a peep through the window in hopes to see what Bill is up to however ,Bill is nowhere to be found and that is because he is watching this cell phone antic from a block away. " Tax payer money well spent" as law enforcement continue their witch hunt. Soon after that ,law enforcement places electronic surveillance at the site. Patrol officers issue summons to Junior and his mob for obstructing the side walk.Junior is eventually arrested on drug related charges and becomes a street informant.Law enforcement will use Junior to entrap and arrest people.The NYPD will issue new crack pipes to junior for distribution. He even has Bill light up and take a hit.Bill is on game as he has learned an insider tip from undercover officer Cowboy John.As to not blow their cover undercover officers smoke organic material such as pasta.When Bill lights up he gives the surveillance team the special visual effects and lights up a hit of Ronzoni pasta. (Dry of course).

​Here is a CCRB artist sketch of Officer Ivan 

He has the blood line of the dirty 30

On Memorial Day Monday ,John Dough will put another plan into motion .Officers being ruthless,cold and calculated will set up and stage a police confrontation.If the plan goes as planned ,John Dough will see that bill is arrested on assaulting a cop . 

After a good nights sleep, Bill then awakened to the hymn of crows and mockingbirds as he took residence as a squatter at the estate of Albert Capsouto .Prior to leaving the property, he takes a peek and he sees what appears to be undercover Anti-Crime Officers within  view of the property line.His gut tells him that they are there on a surveillance detail and that he is the target of police shenanigans . With that said Bill has a change of plans. He is going to try to shake off the officers.

He dis-engages his phones battery so that he can't be tracked through GPS. He exits through the rear of the property instead of the front. Bill crosses through the back streets along Canal Street.It appears that it worked.Not an officer in site.He arrived at Mcdonalds and as he payed for his burger and fries he realized he had no cash on him and said "Dam". You see this means that he will have to use his debit card and once it is swiped law enforcement will know of his location.Bill completed the transaction and headed out of the store with a burger and fries. He walked to the corner street vendor and with his last dollar he purchased a can of coke. His meal is now complete.

Officers tracked his debit card activity to the Mcdonalds location . Dough orders undercover officer Ivan to get into Bill's face and provoke a fight with him.Officer Ivan would then use his talents in police trickery to bring anger out of Bill as to make him reach his boiling point whereby he would strike the officer in defense. Once the altercation sparks Dough will order officers in the area to intervene in the altercation and have Bill arrested  on an array of charges. however, Dough's plot back fired.Here is why.

Now the story continues.....

Just steps away from Mcdonalds,Bill opened his can of coke. He walked towards the opposite side of the street .He is abruptly greeted by an undercover officer who calls himself Ivan. Be mindful that the average person would not be able to detect that Ivan is a police officer as he is wearing everyday street clothes .To keep this chapter short ,sweet and simple the officer made a claim to Bill that he owed him money and if he does not pay him he will beat him. He demands $80 from Bill. Bill knows that this guy is law enforcement and is playing some kind of game and that it is most likely a set up of some type.

Bill who is feeling ill at the time said to himself "I never saw this set up coming". The officer explained to Bill that his name is Ivan and that he sells drugs by night in the west village and handbags by day on Canal St. Ivan demanded that Bill is to get into the next cab were they would be driven to the Wells Fargo branch were Bill would withdraw the funds that Ivan demanded. 

During this set up, Bill had a flashback .He thought back on the Eric Garner and the choke hold that killed him while being in police custody . Eric Garner challenged the police officers and the police encounter turned deadly.Bill knows better and he knows not to challenge a police officer.

Against Bill's "will" he followed the officers demands knowing that you should not challenge a police officer on the street.

(Ordered into a cab by a police officer,this is more than unlawful detainment.It is a form of kidnapping ) 

Upon arriving at the bank ,undercover Officer Ivan had a change of mind and demanded $100. Bill fearing for his life and under an environment of duress,he gave Officer Ivan $100 against his will. ( This is robbery ). Bill shaking like a leaf exited the bank and drove away in the cab. As the cab pulled away Bill shouted out the window "I know your a cop" The plot to arrest bill on assaulting a cop backfired .Instead of handing the undercover officer a punch Bill being numb at the time handed the cop the $100 that he demanded and there was no physical confrontation.It is back to the drawing board for Dough

Pictured here in the center is Former FBI Director Robert Mueller .

  Mr.Mueller the former FBI director pays Bill a visit at his work place. 

Bill prepared a drink and they both engage in a striking conversation . Then as Mr. Mueller parted ,he encouraged Bill with mighty big words: "Come work for the bureau" .

Bill's boss Mr. B. turned to him and asked: " That was some conversation ,why in the world would the F.B.I. director engage in conversation with you and offer you employment ? 

Bill simply responded by saying : "I was involved in a sting operation and I cut the wire that was inside the FBI surveillance type jacket that was issued to me to wear ".

In disbelief , Bill's boss replied: "Get the fuck outta here".

The Patrolman Benevolent President Pat Lynch vs. the Mayor  p-177

Pictured here : The exterminating truck.Behind the wheel is Chief Reznick who heads NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau.Many employed by the NYPD hail Chief Reznick as the "Big Rat" who dislikes rats among his department.

One day Bill heard a knock on his apartment door.He opened the door and to his surprise ,an exterminator greeted him.Bill summed the man up to be a undercover cop posed to be an exterminator.Bill asked him for Id.He said he did not have Id .Bill acknowledged that he did not have a pest problem and referred him to 315 Hudson street known to the local patrol units as the NYPD Cheese Factory.

Confidential Informant  "The Spider"   p-162

Picture here is Bill in fugitive mode.

It is March 17 Th 2015 , Bill has arrived in NYC .He took law enforcement by surprise as he created the magical illusion that he is a fugitive.He got the idea after watching the movie : "The Fugitive" staring actor Harrison Ford.He settled into his suite at a swanky upper east side hotel. The fugitive rate is about $32 a night. He proudly put on his t-shirt that reads :

" The Mission Continues.Its not a charity ,It's a challenge "

Now for the special effects He than kicked it up a notch and moved into an authentic underground dungeon.The dungeon is located in the East Village and came complete with a roll out bed,running water and electric.Some would agree that it is an inhabitable environment.

Truth is : It is a squatters delight as it is rent free.

Dough returns to deliver the finale blow  p-179

At the First Precincts monthly community council meeting ,Harry Crumb a precinct community council member lashed out in anger towards the police captain over the heavy handed tactics that were used against Bill a pillar to the community.Mr. Crumb shouted out : " Captain Iocco , you were nominated cutest cop of the year by the LGBT community.Is this the best you can do ?

Bill Sullivan was kidnapped and robbed by a cop ! What is taking so dam long to have his funds returned to him ,First Precinct Commanding Officer Capt. Mark Iocco, responded :

" further investigation is needed and there’s a lot of pressure on the detective squad." 
Photos by Amanda Woods/Tribeca Tribune

N.Y.P.D. Training Day at Pinnacle Rooftop bar      p-159

Pictured here is:  The evidence that has been planted and recovered from the property's that Bill has taken residence at.

Under the order of John Dough the evidence is planted. This will intensify the investigation. This action will furthermore misguide the rest in Law enforcement .

Pictured here is Mr Gerald Singleton of the New York City Law Department.

Mr. Singleton  responded to Bill Sullivan's cop rob claim. He left a voice message for Bill : "I don't doubt this. I had my people reach out to the New York City Police Department to look into the merit of your claim and there are many people investigating this ".

An informant tips Bill off to who is behind the frame job.He stated to Bill "John Dough took it on his own to set you up"."It was over the mishap in Los Angeles as to why he sought retaliation against you.

Pictured here :The  store front footage is a target and under law enforcement surveillance

" The Rent is to Dam High "       p-164

Pictured here are NYPD 911 dispatchers who receive Bill's tip.

Under surveillance , Sullivan the" black cat "puts the final nail in the coffin on this bodega drug mill.

The operators of the drug mill are Albert (646)600-4689  and Joseph (646)215.0315. Joseph offers free delivery service on all pharmaceuticals purchases. The owners of the grocery store are aware of this drug mill. In this strategic maneuver Bill Sullivan places a phone call to NYPD 911. He being the" black cat" explains to operator 1482 that Joseph and his Mexican friends are selling drugs down the cat food isle and that he is up in claws about it.

The operator asked ? What kind of drugs are distributed there ? With a quick reply Bill said cocaine, molly's and happy camper pills.When patrol officers arrive and follow up with this complaint the store owners are bewildered.Albert and Joseph the dealers are taken off guard.The patrol officers leave.There is an argument in Spanish. An unmarked vehicle arrived and Albert and Joseph fled the scene .Bill witnessed law enforcement's quick response from across the street.Albert and Joseph continue to operated the drug mill.An NYPD bodega drug sting operation is underway at 3484 Broadway at West 142.

Bill  meets up the the broker as he has a new listing.The broker questioned him: "what is going on with the cop rob claim and what is with the cat ears ?" Bill was quick to say : "Between what took place in Los Angeles and now that I'm a victim of a cop robbery,the NYPD now refers to me as the black cat since I've caused the law enforcement community bad luck".

The broker said Halloween is right around the corner and he laughed. He went on to say that he has an apartment share that is closer to Broadway.Bill liked the location and headed to 5304 Broadway ,apt 5a. He spoke to Isabelle about the shared apt.

At $600 a month it fits the bill as it comes complete with the comfort and feel of a survellance "Sleep Number Bed".Upon moving in he becomes suspect.He feels that the whole transaction has been prearranged by law enforcement.On the perimeter of the window screen is 3 wire strands.This is wi-fi surveillance.The screen captures info when Bill uses his laptop.Then there are the wall outlets.The outlets are tamper resistant and he suspected that the outlets are a surveillance device that picks up smoke.Kinda like a smoke detector however this electronic device would send a silent alarm signal to a nearby surveillance post.The bedroom came with a mirror.With a closer look, it appeared that on the top left corner ,there may be a pin sized spy camera.Then again, there may just be a crack in the mirror.Bill leaves all alone however,within time he cuts the wire on the outer portion of the screen.

This is fact :Law enforcement tampered with the buildings heating system.The heating pipe in Bill's bedroom will swell in temperature.The vent will emit steam.The temperature of the steam is about 212 degrees. For three months ,Bill as he sleeps ,will gasp for air due to the moisture content and room temperature.Of course he cracks open the window.This condition will also create an environment for mold.Due to the mold condition ,Bill's body will expel the allergens .As he does, he will experience violent coughing at times.On a surveillance recording device ,Bill will appear to have a smokers cough.

Multiple investigations on Bill have rolled into his place of work and Bill is on "pins and needles" .

He seeks a sign. In prayer ,he asked his heavenly father to Send him a sign. At Bill's place of work, pandora's box has been opened as he is in the shadows of a police Investigation. Bill's boss learns of the investigation through his ties in law enforcement .Bill's boss Mr. B is a caterer to the stars and everyone under the sun.He and his colleagues are known to be the pinnacle of caterer's. As Bill is at his place of employment His boss Mr. B and a business colleague enter the elevator. All three ride down to the first floor. Mr. B winks at Bill. Mr.B than acknowledges with his business colleague "If you have not noticed I'm winking at Bill".

Its the same wink that his grandfather conveyed to Bill many times as a child. This kind of wink is known as a god wink.Bill responded back to Mr. B by saying "you have to give me a good price on catering for my charitable movie premiere". Mr.B ended the conversation by saying "you still have to complete the script" Bill sees this as a "God Wink" .In the food business the wink equates as  "the Cherry on the cake".

The Good fella's have just received the news over 1010 WINS News that a police officer kidnapped and robbed Bill Sullivan.

In this scene Tommy DeVito ( Joe Pesci ) remarked : ."A cop just shot himself in the foot,that's one less person  i'd have to shoot in the foot. Perhaps we should call Doctor Oz !! "

​Bill Welcomes Law Enforcement to The Grand Estate of Albert Capsouto  p-165

As Bill walks along Thayer St and Arden St.  he is approached by undercover officers. 
The officers are so anxious to set Bill up they even make a phone call to Kevin since Bill has left his phone behind. The officers are eager and Bill is fully aware what the cops are up to. 
They explain to Bill to head over to Kevin's apt on Thayer St.
What happens next Bill never expected. When Bill arrives Kevin "Tips" Bill off . He does this on two occasions. Not only did Kevin express it , he also placed a note in Bill's hand. 
One Note read " This Building has surveillance and the next note he implied " All I can say is God bless you man ". 

Bill had a thought to himself "Law Enforcement must have mentioned to him that I had sabotaged a sting operation in the past".

A couple of weeks later Bill will teach John Dough a lesson that he will never forget.Bill will pull the plug on this drug mill. Bill called  and texted the dealers that attempted to befriend him and he tipped them all off that there is a snitch and they all would be busted soon. 
Law enforcement is not happy as this caused a disruption in service within the walls of the Washington Heights Cartel. Bill then pulled out. He was last heard saying " Adios Amigos Suckers ! " The following day John Dough was last heard saying "F" ing Fiddle stix ".

Pictured here is:  Confidential Informant "The Spider"

As Bill continues to entertain the surveillance team he lays out in front of the drug dealers and his actions declare the bodega at 3484 Broadway a crime scene 

Pictured here is :Commissioner Mark Peters, is a man of the utmost integrity .He oversees one of the oldest law enforcement agency's know as the DOI.The Department Of Investigations investigate corruption.

An investigation is launched and a case number is issued.OIG-DOI # 16-0243

Anger Erupts at the Police Community Council Meeting p-172

Bellevue Hospital is Notified That Bellevue Medical Records Have Been Falsified  p-175

A Judge with an open ear  p-174

Pictured here is : The owner of the Irish Brigade Pub, Barbara Cronin, says she feels police are targeting hers and other bars in the area for selling liquor to minors and to add insult to injury she is outraged to find out that law enforcement and their agents have converted her establishment into a drug mill.

The God Wink . The Idiom of the day "The Cherry on the Cake"     p-178

Pictured here is confidential informant Kevin (347) 780-4771

He is licensed to sell drugs.Under the direction of  Dough ,Kevin will befriend Bill in a subtle approach as to build the foundation of friendship.A friendship is what will secure "A broad conspiracy Charge".This is a drug related charge.Kevin also operates a licensed drug mill at 40 Thayer St. His satellite operation is at the Irish Brigade Bar.

As seen here , L.A.P.D. Officers now have a reason to celebrate .

You see in 2012 and 2013 they too shot themselves in the foot as they set Bill up in a drug sting operation.Now that it has been confirmed that a cop kidnapped and robbed Sullivan, the officers choke back the tears upon hearing the news that the NYPD has shot themselves in the foot as well.

Proudly wearing his cat ears ,Bill created the magical illusion that he is a confidential informant.He wears his signature belt buckle.

Bill disagrees with Mr. Jimmy McMillan the famed "The Rent is to High Activist".

Being in fugitive mode is not easy. You must make sacrifices and be willing not to look a gift horse in the mouth when searching for a new residence.

With law enforcement on Bill's tail ,he moved out of the East Village dungeon and took residence at Chad - Erik's E-Z Park Guest House.The property is vacated and is set for demolition .This certified him as a squatter.

The Tribeca area is affluent and pricey yet this retreat is affordable.For a fugitive it is a thrifty savings idea and priced right. It is rent free and gated. Within a few days law enforcement will creep up on Bill the fugitive.

1010 WINS -REPORTING  p-168

The Mayor lashed out at lynch during the talk."I'm saddened and angered to learn that the medical records were falsified, I disagree with you regarding higher police salaries however ,I agree with Al Sharpton that many of your cops have a bag of rocks for brains and they should not be robbing citizens on the grounds to supplement their income !!! And one more thing,I'm going to take over the rat infested building at 315 Hudson Street known as NYPD Internal Affairs.

Before slamming the phone down on Lynch, de Blasio in anger shouted out :  

"Dam........ a cop robbed a pillar to the community"

​​Bill checked back with IAB about a week later. IAB officers explained to Bill that they have "shelled" the investigation out to the first precinct.The IAB officer explained to Bill that he needs to speak to the captain of the first precinct. Eventually after a couple of attempts Bill is greeted by a uniformed officer and a desk sergeant .The sergeant explained to Bill that he has read the IAB notes and he has arranged for patrol officers to drive him to the fifth precinct to speak to detectives there.

With diminished public trust on his mind Bill left the station house unannounced .He knew that something was fishy.

The Sergeant is way to nice.A short time after that .Bill reflected back on the IAB officers words: "Shelled out".In Bill's mind this term is a subtle phase for "Cover up".

Truth is: Unbeknownst to Bill ,in 2014 Dough had his medical report from Bellevue Hospital falsified to a diagnosis of dillusional disorder ,schizophrenia with a risk of violence.The sergeant was being coy.The NYPD was stalling for time as they were in the mist of arranging for Bill to be transported to Bellevue Hospital for an psych evaluation.

Being that the medical records were fudged by Dough the sergeant saw this as a golden opportunity to lock him up in a psych ward. To silence him whereby once Bill is held against his will for 90 days the deadline to file a claim against the city will have expired.Bill knew the intentions of NYPD IAB .This is why he walked out of the precinct.  It was a good thing he left.He out smarted John Dough again 

Bill has thrown in the towel as he lived the lifestyle of a fugitive.He moved uptown to an apartment located on West 138St. .

Under surveillance at 3484 Broadway,Just steps away from the bodega ,Bill conveyed a message to the surveillance team.He placed a stuffed teddy bear on a bench. His message is simple. If the money from the cop rob is not returned he will roll the dice and tip off the dealers.

This rent free property is prIstine and well cared for by the parks department

Pictured here is : Justice Carol Robinson Edmead  
A Supreme Court Judge with Star Quality .
Her passion can be summed up in one word : "Justice" 

On one fateful evening ,Bill the victim of kidnapping robbery had the high honor of meeting Judge Edmead. Being open and candid he explained to her that he was kidnapped and robbed by a undercover police officer and in an effort to have his funds returned,he had filed a cop rob claim through the office of the Comptroller. 
She replied : 
"A cop robbed you ? No way ,never happened .Don't quit your day job"
Judge Edmead then explained to another fellow Judge about the cop rob claim. Judge Edmead summed it up by telling her fellow Judge :
"I told Bill not to quit his day job".
All were having a good laugh and then Bill pulled the rabbit out of the hat by saying that Gerald Singleton from the NY Law Department responded to his claim. Upon hearing the mention of Gerald Singletons name ,Judge Edmead and her fellow judge paused and stated : 
"Oh, this did happen , you may be in for an early retirement ".

Mr. Stringer the Comptroller pictured here is seen by the leaders of New York City as the "bridge builder" among the diverse community's that he serves. The Comptrollers cop rob claim now commences into full gear as he has the blessings of the New York City Law Department. 

Pictured here is:  undercover NYPD officer Chris. 

Although there are some facial similarity's, this  photo is used for illustration purposes to shield the officers identity.

NYPD undercover law enforcement is now in full force at Bill's place of employment.Chris is Bill's favorite as they work together behind the bar.Chris greeted the first guest. The guest ordered a gin & tonic.

Chris then turned to Bill and asked him : "what goes into a gin and tonic ?"  Bill replied back : "A shot of gin topped off with tonic water" .Chris prepared the drink and placed the drink in front of the guest.

The guest took one look at the drink and responded back by saying : " This must be your first day.You forgot to add the ice".

 Chris topped the drink with ice.

This concludes: "the NYPD training day".With knowledge that undercover law enforcement has been planted to work alongside him, Chris knows that Bill knows that he is undercover and at the start of the shift ,Chris offers a "Wink" to Bill.

The wink is known as a god wink .

The Confidential Informant - The Black Cat      p-181

Pictured here is:a Washington Heights Drug Lord. His alias is : "Peg Leg Kenny" .Kenny can be reached at (917) 272-4448.

He walks with a limp and at times as a decoy ,he carries crutches.

He operates a drug mill at the bar.Bill will continue to entertain and humor him and all of his law enforcement buddies.

This concludes Chapter Fourteen.

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You can't make this stuff up.New York's best kept secret.This is the real deal.A dungeon buried beneath a basement.

Following the robbery, Bill with his hands raised and shaking like a leaf ,shouted out : "Help I've been robbed by a cop,someone call the police .He then took seat in the cab and drove off.He shouted out the window of the cab : "I know your a cop !" The cab dropped him off a few blocks away.With bouts of weakness ,as he suffered from walking pneumonia , he found the strength and walked over to NYPD Internal Affairs to report the crime of kidnapping and robbery.Internal Affairs Bureau is located at 315 Hudson Street.It is located on the grounds of the old cheese factory. 

Under surveillance,outside the the bodega drug sting operation,Bill kills two birds with one stone.He places an american flag beach chair outside the bodega.He conveys a message to the surveillance team.In the pursuit of having his money returned related to the cop rob incident, he rest his case with the comptroller in hopes that the money will be returned through the efforts of the comptroller .This flag is a symbolic message of American Justice

Pictured here is: Special Agent Ford New York Comptrollers Office -Claim # 2015PI023879 

 Bill submitted the cop rob-kidnap claim to Agent Betty Marzyck.the office of the comptroller located at 100 Church St.

Agent Marzyck greeted Bill with her genuine concern.She has seen many claims however, this was the first cop rob claim.After reviewing the claim she stated "You can't make this stuff up ! Life is stranger then fiction".She placed her stamp of approval on it and Bill went on his way.Upon checking the status on a follow up visit ,Special Agent Ford explained that the NYPD is not responding to our request.Bill said of course their not going to respond.If they do it is the equivalent to a signed confession.The officers involved could be charged with robbery.  Special Agent Ford further went on to say that you gave the cop cash and that may be difficult to prove. The claim has been assigned to Special Agent Borkowska (212) 669-2232. 

Bill ended the conversation with this reply : "Gee , next time I get robbed by a cop I'll offer the officer a check".

The Civilian Complaint Review Board     p-170

"Much Ado About a Tweet " Featuring the Police Commissioner p-171

The Irish Brigade Pub of Washington Heights  

"The Blarney Stoned "  p163

Pictured here : a photo of the bank robbery scene .

The Mission Continues featuring former F.B.I. Director    p-160

The NYPD bodega drug sting operation is exposed on Craigslist. This ad is tweeted to the Police Commissioner.Tweet activity reports 8,000 plus views

​​Pictured here is Bill as he took residence at his new centrally located Estate .

Fearing that the rogue agents were going to plant more evidence at Chad - Eriks Guest House, Bill had no other choice and moved to another location just a few blocks away. He took residence as a certified squatter on the grounds of Albert Capsouto.

The property is priced right.It came complete with running water, lighting and basic Pre-historic furniture. Right off the set of the Flintstones T.V. show ."(L.O.L.)" .

This is a fugitives dream.For bathing a roman empire water fall is included.As seen here ,you won't find a bathtub like this one at the N.Y. Plaza Hotel.

The NYPD Bodega Drug Sting Operation 3484 Broadway @W142    p183

Chapter Fourteen -The Fugitive -Time period 2015 -2016

Saint Patrick's Day  Bill arrives in New York City   p-158

With Bill squatting on local properties ,First Precinct Captain Mark Iocco  has housing plans for Bill.With Tribeca rents soaring ,Captain Iocco is in the process of making room and refurbishing a cell for Bill the fugitive squatter. For more details and updates tweet the captain @NYPD1PCT

Shown here is Police Officer Mary Ann aka Scary Ann and her Confidential Informant named "Taxi". With just less than 90 days to file a cop rob claim against the N.Y.P.D. and the City of New York , Dough assigns this duo to scheme a plan to lock Bill up for 90 days in an effort to silence him whereby his time to file a claim would expire.here is how it went down. One evening as Bill made his way through the West Village he was intercepted by a confidential Informant named "Taxi" .Then moments later, he was joined by an undercover officer named Maryann a.k.a Scary Ann.

In conversation among the three, Scary Ann was in need of $60 worth of crack and Taxi would know just the person to see. They asked for Bill's company.

Bill knowing he was in the presence of law enforcement couldn't turn down the offer.

On foot all three would make there way from the West Village to the projects in North Chelsea. Just prior to the drug sale Scary Ann pulled out her money and then turned to Bill and asked him : " Are you going to get some ?" Bill replied : "no I'm a non-smoker".

Its a good thing. If he had purchased he would have been arrested and charged since the sale would have been a joint sale between him and the undercover officer.Scary Ann had intentions to give him most of the drugs in weight thereby a drug possession charge would have landed him a good year in jail.Anti-crime officers were in the background from point A to point B.Taxi the confidential informant is also working with law enforcement to set Bill up again.

May 25,2015

The kidnapping and robbery featuring law enforcement officer Ivan  p-166

Patrick Lynch, president of the police union, reached out to Mayor de Blasio and in conversation said, "I agree with the police commissioner that the first story is never the whole story and believe that placing the officer who kidnapped and robbed Mr. Sullivan on modified duty is premature and unwarranted.No police officer should ever face punitive action before a complete review of the facts. Let me discuss another issue at hand Mr. Mayor. Let's talk about police officer salary's. Perhaps if the officer involved had received higher pay ,he would not have stooped so low to Kidnap and rob a defenseless human being " 

"Our Police Officers Deserve a Pay Raise ! ".

N.Y.P.D. Police Officer Maryann a.k.a. Scary Ann and Taxi the Confidential Informant 

"​The 90 day window period"    p-169

Manufacturing of Evidence - 5304 Broadway  Apt 5a  p-180

Pictured here: Under surveillance ,Bill the confidential informant blows the whistle at the NYPD bodega drug sting operation located at 3484 Broadway@w142.This image and caption appear on the police commissioners twitter page.7,000 views and counting.

With the lost of sleep and feelings that he was bullied during the cop robbery,he took a further stance. Since the police officer who robbed him used profanity,this now also rest within the jurisdiction of the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board.To cover all the bases Bill made a formal complaint. Now through the efforts of the CCRB ,the criminal complaint with NYPD Internal Affairs has  now been upgraded to a NYPD Chief of the Department investigation.

New York City Department of Investigation

The DOI is Notified Of Police Corruption and Falsified Medical Reports p-176

The tampering of the heating system is a deliberate act.Dough will convince a prosecutor that Bill is not only cooking drugs in the apartment but he is also smoking the  drugs as well.Law enforcement has a surveillance post in the adjacent building.They aim a temperature laser through Bill's bedroom.At 212 degrees , being that it is a bedroom and not a kitchen ,a search warrant is issued.From the adjacent apartment building, 3409 Broadway 5th floor apt ,thermal cameras are then aimed towards Bill's bedroom.With the amount of steam spewing ,an illusion is created that drugs are being cooked and smoked.The next step is a audio laser. A audio laser is aimed not only through Bill's window.It is aimed at him.This is why at times ,he would feel a heat sensation on his face .While he was sleeping,with his eyes closed he would see an orbital glow around his eyes.This beam of light itself is invisible to the human eye. The tampering of the heating system and the unlawful use of the lasers are now considered to be an assault.Bill suspected that Karina who he shared the apartment with, has a sister named Geraldine who may be employed by the NYPD .

Both Karina and her sister Geraldine have had cops over to the apartment.

Fact : On one occasion,a cop stole a portion of Bill's rent money as it was left on the kitchen counter .This act concludes that NYPD officers steal to supplement their salary's. Bill also heard surveillance apparatus noise coming from the apartment from the floor below.For now,only time will tell as he feels law enforcement is acting sinister.Law enforcement entered his bedroom and opened up his laptop.Bill knows this because the cop left the laptop screw behind on his dresser.The rogue cop involved also opened Bills watch .He knows this because the cop used the black marker that was on his dresser to inscribe the number "2" on the inside of the back cover of the watch.This discovery was made when Bill changed the battery.These cops have tampered with his unlocked laptop and most likely have planted evidence.

*He questioned and pondered the thought : 
"How many other individuals have been set up in a trap like this, only to be framed and incarcerated on a bogus cooking of drug  charge." 
Law enforcement will place a tracking device in his jacket waistband since Bill removed the battery from his phone,this will make it easy to track him as to send confidential informants into his path.

Following the investigation that was set upon Sullivan, the Police Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department Charlie Beck is behind the wheels of steel.

As a Disc Jockey on his radio program he has a special song in mind for Bill Sullivan aka "The Black Cat/ the fly " .

He selected lyrics from the heart. The lyrics resonates with the members of the LAPD. Chief Beck makes a special on air dedication for the "Black Cat / the fly " Bill Sullivan.

" Your Still the One " by Orleans.

Picture here is drug lord Joseph.He can be reached at (646)-215.0315 He resides at 5305 Broadway .Rumor has it,he is now a confidential informant.With that said his identity has been shielded with a water melon

Another clusterfuck. While under heavy street surveillance I wore a blanket uptown to Washington Heights via the subway.Once there I visited the cartel and then made my way to a Chinese restaurant for some fried rice.I walked in and the women behind the counter turned pale white . She then hit the silent alarm as if I was there to stick the place up. Within minutes police arrived and had a belly laugh as they watched me chow down the fried rice.

"For that special touch, Bill tweeted the Police Commissioner Mr. Bratton. During a press conference ,in the presence of District Attorney Cy Vance, the commissioner with his cell phone in hand received the tweet : "I was kidnapped and robbed by one of your officers.I want my money returned". With his business etiquette ,Commission Bratton had his right hand man reach out to Bill the next morning.

Pictured here is NYPD street informant Drug Lord Junior.He is licensed to hand out crack pipes Issued and payed for by John Dough .His assistants are known as Cowboy John and Jarvis who is pictured here on the right.

Crime Stoppers Hot line - A second income     p-182

" It's My Money and I Want it Now ! "   p-173

NYPD IAB Chief Reznick (L) Captain Culpepper centered and LAPD Chief Beck (R) It is a three way conference call.

Culpepper remarked that Sullivan is like a Black Cat. You walk in his path and he brings you bad Luck.

Chief Beck explained to both that he would notify his Patrol Officers of the cop rob involving Bill Sullivan.

Nypd IAB Chief Reznick concluded the conference by saying : "It is time to hire an exterminator,Sullivan is a rat"

Chief Beck of the LAPD informed his department that during a set up ,a New York law enforcement officer had kidnapped and robbed Sullivan . In doing so, the Officers involved have shot themselves in the Foot.

 Being a victim of kidnapping and robbery,Bill seeks the advice to have his funds returned from the robbery.As he is watching this commercial on T.V. he called JG Wentworth for advice.They explained to him that they do not handle litigation involving police misconduct however, after hearing the story, JG Wentworth is taken back in tears of laughter .

Again, John Dough never saw this one coming.
JG Wentworth commented that Mr. Stringer the Comptroller stands up for the citizens and he gets results .
He is a reformer and as Governor Mario Cuomo has stated :
 " Stringer is the real deal and he has a strong voice with matters involving civil rights"

JG Wentworth advised him to file a claim through the comptroller as the courts are backlogged.So be it,with research and the help from the New York City Law Department he followed through.

Pictured here is:Ram Raju MD ,a man of great compassion.He oversees Bellevue Hospital and is the President of New York Health and Hospital Corporation.Dr. Raju, feeling betrayed, is saddened to learn of the public corruption that involved his medical staff and law enforcement.His office notified the HHC Office of the Inspector General .
" We are presently conducting an investigation into misconduct. We are focusing on the deficiency's within the medical report as we await to hear from the phantom Dr. Burns who attended to the patient 
We cannot comment further." -Ram Raju MD

At the Helm of the agency is :
Norman M. Dion, Inspector General
James Liptack, Deputy Inspector General
Kevin Kenna, Deputy Inspector General
Pearl Moore, Assistant Inspector General
Philip Hung, Assistant Inspector General

After a few days ,Bill adjusted to his new pad. One morning he was awakened by law enforcement parked curbside.

He heard one of the officers ask the other :"Where is Sullivan ? " The second officer replied: "Under the tarp".The following day when Bill awoke ,he removed the battery out of his phone so that he can't be tracked by GPS. He exited the property and circled around the block.

As he was approaching the property he came upon an officer seated in his car.The officer dressed in business attire became startled as he made eye contact with Bill.The drugs spilled on the officers lap and seat. It appeared as if he was preparing to plant evidence on the property that Bill was squatting on. Again ,Bill knew that the few bad apples would soon be up to there old tricks again as they would : "Chump up the charges" .

Law enforcement followed through and planted the evidence.

It is open hunting season and Bill is the target.

With that said, he moved to a new location.