Pictured here is Lurch the government informant.

One evening Bill is out and about in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.

He stopped into a local watering hole called the Eagles Nest. Lurch interacted with Bill .Upon speaking they have common ground.Bill was a record collector and a disc jockey for a number of years. Lurch too is a record collector.

Lurch invited Bill back to his place as he has interest in seeing his collection. Once the two arrived inside his home, Bill heard a "Pop,Pop,Pop" coming from the glass storm windows within the home.

The surveillance team has just applied suction cup eavesdropping equipment to the windows. Within moments, Lurch raised a subject and asked Bill a question :

" Hey I know were to get heroin .Would you be interested ? There is a guy just up the road that deals drugs" .

Bill declined. He explained to him that he is not a user. 

Truth is : Lurch is an informant and is obtaining information for the government due to the drugs that were recently planted when Bill checked out of his hotel room.

* This is police entrapment . Bill does not use heroin.

This concludes chapter nine.

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Pictured here :  Two men of great integrity.

Bill's uncle on the left and  Grampa on the right. 
Bill reflects on there images .His Grampa is seen giving a thumbs up ,Bill sees this as a message to go forth with his mission to return to Los Angeles for answers in hopes to get answers as to why he was framed.

Bill will follow in the foot steps of his uncle, grampa .

With that said , Bill reaches out to Homeland Security New York .He seeks reinstatement back out in the region of Los Angeles. He communicates with Homeland Security Burbank California. The reinstatement process begins and Bill makes plans to fly out to Los Angeles

Pictured here: After weeks on the road and traveling cross country, Captain Culpepper is on a conference call with the President and the N.Y. District Attorney Cy Vance.

New York D.A. Vance explains to all that the 007 spy jacket has not been located. Captain Culpepper has now reached his boiling point .Culpepper is suffering from high blood pressure over the Presidents remarks to give Sullivan merit for his actions in respect to him sabotaging the sting operation. Culpepper is heard in a direct tone : "where the hell is the 007 spy jacket ? 

The golden pond of Sebastian Florida .
Bill  arrives and takes cover at the Pelican Pointe Senior Community p-101


Bill entered the hotel with a limp .He made his way up to the front desk to book a room. The front desk clerk questioned Bill.

He asked him if he has just came back from a Halloween event .

Bill replied back to the clerk "Yes.I'm returning from  the LAPD masquerade run ". Bill then advised the clerk that other party goers meaning ( The surveillance team ) will be arriving shortly.

Bill settled into his room and soaked his swollen ankle in hot water. The peace is short lived .Within 30 minutes, he heard a load humming noise of a listening device. He shouted out to the peeping toms ( the surveillance team ) :

"Hey lower the volume of your eavesdropping equipment so I can get some sleep".

He than heard a male officer yell and argue with the  female officer over the booking of the adjacent room. Bill shouted out to mislead them:

 " The 007 spy jacket is buried beneath the letter (H) of the Hollywood sign" (L.O.L.)

The surveillance team pulled the plug and checked out early.

 Bill checked out of the hotel.Within minutes rogue officers rush in and plant evidence .

The L.A.P.D. entered the room and recovered the evidence. Bill headed back to the Adventurer Hotel near the airport.

As he walked down West Century Blvd , undercover Inglewood police officers line the street as they have him under close observation. An undercover officer posing as a street beggar interacted with Bill .She begged him for loose change.

He suggested to her to call her PBA union delegate for a pay raise.

He entered the Adventurer Hotel and discovered that law enforcement has taken residence. With that said ,Bill now felt that it is time to "pull out" and move . 

Upon hearing about Bill's comical antics in New York , L.A.P.D. officers pictured here enlist in "Operation Fly Swatter" .

They  too prepare for this comical operation.  The officers go all out and put on the same stylish spy glasses Bill would wear when entering a drug sting operation.  (L.O.L)

Bill walked into a restaurant bathroom and is shocked at what he saw .

He never saw this coming. This is what you would call round one of a boxing match and as the referee would say :

 "Bill is down for the count".

 He looked in the mirror and he noticed that he is wearing makeup .There is dark eye shadow around his eyes and a shade of white makeup on his face. Bill being white enough in skin complexion ,now appears pale like a ghost. This is pay back for all the times he visited Sephora cosmetic store with the surveillance team of New York .

This makeup job is to make him look like a crackhead.He is now aware that law enforcement has a surveillance team video recording him. He decided to leave the makeup on .

Lurch the Government Informant          p-113      

The LAPD air support unit has Bill locked into the thermal finger print system.

The air support ventured up to the Hollywood sign in pursuit of the 007 spy jacket that Bill has stashed in 2012 

Pictured here: John Dough The plot to frame Bill Sullivan is underway  again in los Angeles .

Pictured here : Captain Culpepper in hot pursuit of the 007 spy jacket and the marked bills

Pictured here : The evidence that was planted in Bill's hotel room. Upon checking out of the Historic Mayfair Hotel.

This became circumstantial evidence. 

Pictured here : Second from left is Bill's Grampa , a highly decorated police officer with the N.Y.P.D. 
On the far right is Officer Frank Serpico who brought down the walls of corruption within the New York City Police Department in the 1970's

Bill revisited Los Angeles on a mission to expose John Dough. He returned to Los Angeles for answers on the motive behind the frame job.While there, he entered the Homeland Security  reinstatement process in Burbank. His mission is titled : " The Mission Position". His goal is to take the investigation that has been set upon him and flip it back on John Dough and rogue law enforcement officers who had ill will toward him.

 Upon entering the arrival gate at lax airport.Law enforcement have his cell phone GPS being tracked.

Unbeknownst to Bill Law enforcement has a date in mind for the next frame job. The target date is preliminary set for December 7 ,2013.

Bill waited for his chauffeurs Ray and Melody to pick him up outside the terminal entrance. Within moments of stepping outside his chauffeurs arrived and whisked him to the Adventurer Hotel. Frank the owner prepared the royal treatment for Bill.

Frank parked his Rolls Royce near the doors entrance and the red carpet rested at the entrance."What service !"

The front desk staff knows Bill as a regular guest. Bill explained to them that he is back in the reinstatement process with Homeland Security. With a cheerful laugh, Bill requested the spy rate .

Frank obliged and gave Bill the courtesy rate of $16 a day including complimentary champagne.He is given the V.I.P. cottage located on the grounds of the hotel.

Later that evening the hotel staff surprised Bill with a welcome back sheet cake.

Farewell to Florida. Bill takes a second chance with Homeland Security p-103

Bill has put in for reinstatement-rehire .During the rehire process he placed a music video on his Face Book wall He demonstrates a sincere effort and hopes investigators will take note as they review his Face Book wall
The lyrics  in this song are :
"No jokes no surprises I'm ready to take a chance with you"

Pictured here : The Oviatt Grand

Bill in search for an apartment has an appointment with Carmen the office manager at the Oviatt Apartments 1315 South Flower st. She meets with him in the afternoon.

She explains to him that all the rooms and studios are rented however ,she has one that will be available the following month.
She welcomed him and placed Bill at the top of the waiting list.

 L.A.P.D. Captain John Romero explained to the surveillance team that operation fly swatter is top secret and that the password and log in information will remain on the dry erase board behind him. He stressed to all :

 " It is imperative that no one is to share this password with no one , and that includes the media  ! ".

Truth is : You can't make this stuff up.During a one on one interview with CNN, the Captain conducted the interview with the dry erase black board in the background.His interview was televised exposing the LAPD log on id and password.This turned out to be a major police blunder as the LAPD computer systems were easily hacked.

Shown here : The F.B.I. canvas the grounds of Riverside Drive ,Pelican Pointe in search of the 007 Spy Jacket and the marked bills

Pictured here (L) The crowds of party goers at Tree Trunks Lounge ,

(C) Confidential Informant Orange Juice Jones . He is licensed to commit crimes. (R) The parking lot in downtown Los Angeles were this set up took place.

The eagle has landed          p-105

A law enforcement  A.P.B. has been issued on Bill ,Inglewood Police are mobilized in a staging area. Bill is seen walking down West Century Blvd

Pictured here : Bill takes cover at Pelican Pointe.

It is a safe haven from John Dough

He is in the care of Helen & Stan , Mrs Goldfarb and "Cookie" the cougar of Sebastian

Saturday October 12,2013 . 
                     The Welcome Back Festivities Continue.....   p-112

As usual and acting very suspicious ,Bill made his way though downtown Los Angeles. Under a heavy police presence ,he walked in circles thought L.A. Live and the Staples Center. Then he zig zaged thought the side roads. Bill can walk down a dead end street and within moments ,he  can turn it into a major thoroughfare of unmarked vehicles . Bill conducted this experiment as his headed down an alleyway. He counted about 40 unmarked vehicles .

He than ditched his phone that is being tracked by GPS. From a distance of miles away, he saw the LAPD air support heading into his direction. The blood hound in the sky is now on his scent. He can run or walk however, he cannot hide since the air support has him locked into there thermal fingerprint system.

The LAPD helicopters are now in full support in an effort to recover the 007 spy jacket that Bill had stashed. Bill will repeat this cycle till he exhaust them in their efforts.

At times during this cat and mouse game ,Bill will take a break for meditation along a tree planter near the Pico train station. His favorite L.A.P.D. Captain stands next to him. Bill is concerned for the captains overall health as he appears to be under a great deal of stress.He watched him light up a few cigarettes. Being a concerned citizen .he made a suggestion to the captain and he recommended to him to give the tobacco patch a try.

Through body language, Bill received a nudge from the captain.

The captains body language has conveyed a strong message to Bill .That message is : 
"Leave Los Angeles . Law enforcement is going to screw you ! "  
Out of respect ,Bill tipped his cap to the police captain and wished him a good day. This game of cat and mouse is a waste of resources.  Bill will continue the game of cat and mouse till his feet wear tired.

L.A.P.D. Police Chief Charlie Beck has organized a early morning briefing on the LAPD Heliport.

He conveyed a message from the Attorney General.

 Chief Beck addressed the officers. He acknowledged that the government has issued a new alias for Bill Sullivan.

His alias is: "The Fly" .

He warned his officers not to plant evidence on Sullivan . He stressed not on his watch. Chief Beck concluded the briefing with the follow words of integrity :

"If the DEA pull some kind of hocus pocus that is there business . Air support will provide back up if needed. What ever action you take, do not spook Sullivan . It is imperative that we recover the marked bills and the 007 spy jacket. To my right , as of this morning is the latest photograph of Sullivan .

The DEA took this picture of Bill about an hour ago.Take a picture of this photograph with your phones and share among yourselves "

October 2013  
Touch Down Los Angeles 
 "The Mission Position"    p-104

Confidential Informant Orange Juice Jones .
Mr. Jones is licensed to commit crimes and will assist law enforcement as they pursue vengeance in retaliation towards Bill       p-107      

 Bill for the time being resides at the Adventurer Hotel near the airport .Due to the game of cat and mouse,his ankle is swollen and he is experiencing difficulty in walking.

With that said ,he hailed a cab to the Historic Mayfair Hotel since the airport Adventurer Hotel is a good 18 miles away.

The Historic Mayfair Hotel is a luxury Hotel. The cab driver takes Bill along the scenic route. The average fare should be $8. . The driver, basically hit Bill over the head with a bag of coals and demanded $25. Bill who looks like walking death gave the driver the $25 dollar fare .

As a thrifty savings idea he shouted to the driver : "Sorry ,No tip ,Death in the family".

Pictured here : Upon Bill's arrival ,These agencies have been informed of Bill's new government alias .

He is called "the Fly" and the government classified the operation.The operation is called :  "Operation Fly Swatter" .
Law enforcement agencies arm their officers with fly swatters.

Pictured here :Captain Culpper has arrived back in California .On the left he notified patrol to disperse unmarked units to intercept Bill Sullivan at every move.He further advised patrol that he believed that Sullivan is going to retrieve the 007 spy jacket and the marked bills.

On the right is central  dispatching an A.P.B. on Sullivan

( All Points Bulletin  )

Chapter Nine 

              The trap is set.           p-100      

Friday October 11, 2013  10 am 

                                                          The Initiation of "Operation Fly Swatter"       p-109

Pictured here : (L) The West Hollywood Sheriff prepares for: "Operation Fly Swatter".

(R) LAPD Detectives provide additional back up support

The L.A.P.D. air support now has a vital part of "Operation Fly Swatter".

Bill 's thermal fingerprint is stored in their computer data base.This is high tech equipment. The military uses this technology to identify an enemy from miles away.

This equipment is what many would call a blood hound in the sky.

Basically the system picks up an individuals core body temperature. Every person has a unique temperature fingerprint . When Bill ditches his cell phone that is being traced , the air support will be called in to locate Bill's precise location for ground units to intercept him.

This equipment is so sophisticated that once an individual is locked into the thermal fingerprint system ,there is only one rule of thumb.You can run however ,you can't hide. With that said, the air support is now in position in pursuit of the 007 spy jacket

Let The Games Begin 
A game of cat and mouse             p-111     

Pictured here :  Bill launched his mission and he makes a declaration of war against the rogue officers.

He takes pride and wears his custom made T-shirt that reads:

 "The Mission Continues . Its not a Charity .It is a Challenge ! "

Pictured here : Bill on another profound mission sets a trap as he goes undercover as an investigative journalist .

With the federal law enforcement over his shoulders , It is time to fly the coop to Sebastian Florida to formulate a strategy to flip the investigation that has been set upon him back onto the rogue officials in los Angeles who originally set out to frame him for a heinous crime.

As one would say : " It is time to think like Frank Serpico and set a trap".

With that said ,Bill purchases a new cell phone and registers it under the name of Mr.Eric Holder the United States Attorney General. He books his flight to Florida as to make a brief pit stop.

Note : Frank Serpico was a well known New York City Police Officer in the 1970's who tore down the walls of corruption within his agency the NYPD.

This time Bill Sullivan who is in reinstatement with  Homeland Security will have the same opportunity as N.Y.P.D. Police Officer Frank Serpico did however, this time around Bill is provided the opportunity to tear down the walls of corruption as he takes on John Dough .He packs his luggage and heads to JFK Airport. In flight at 1500 feet the flight control tower over hears a Bill shout out :

" Adios Amigos Suckers "

Shown here : Centered is Captain Culpepper From California .

Culpepper is following Bills every move to locate the 007 spy jacket and the marked bills.

Culpepper is now located at One Police Plaza in N.Y. He is on the phone with the (L) Sheriff of Indian River County florida.He advised them that Bill has caused another clusterfuck in New York .He further went on to say that the government has given him the alias : "the Fly".

*Place an A.P.B. on Sullivan with clear instructions not to intercept. 10-4 k"

Pictured here: Frank the owner and his staff personalized Bill's stay with complimentary champagne. Frank positioned his Rolls Royce and rolled out a red carpet for Bill. pictured on the right is a creative place card that the staff left on his night stand . That is special treatment !

Pictured here is : Bill the following day after a "roofy" was slipped into his drink.

The LAPD staff makeup artist went all out .This is payback for sabotaging multiple drug sting operation.​Sephora could not provide this complimentary make up session.

The sun has gone down and Bill has made his way up to West Hollywood .

He entered Tree Trunks Lounge .The room is filled with energy .Mario the bartender welcomed Bill with a super sized version of a drink called :  " The 007" .

Soon after he arrived law enforcement sent a confidential informant into the bar to befriend Bill. The confidential Informant's name is : " Orange Juice Jones ".

His assignment is to slip a "roofy" into Bill's drink.

A roofy is also known as a "mickey" . ( It is a date rape drug).  Once the pill is placed in his drink the confidential Informant and others involved in this plot will bring Bill down to Skid Row a.k.a. Campgrounds of America.

En route they will stop off and have a L.A.P.D. makeup artist apply makeup to Bill's face .This will provide him with a look  of a zombie. Once in downtown Los Angeles the confidential informant will roll Bill's fingers around a crack pipe .The crack pipe will then have Bill's fingerprints on it .

This crack pipe is evidence and will be stored and planted on Bill at a later date.

Note : Now you get the idea, here is how the evening played out.

Now with that said ,Bill arrived at Tree trunks lounge at around 9 pm . He had 3 drinks charged to his debit card account at 11:30 pm .He remembered being present a that time however,the next 3 hours are blank. A complete mystery .

He then found himself at 2:30 am in a parking lot near skid row. He can't account for 3 hours or how he even got down there. He blacked out.

When he realized he is in the presence of "Orange Juice Jones" .He and Orange Juice Jones are sitting in a parking lot. Bill then stood up and left. He remembered Orange Juice Jones holding what looked l to be a crack pipe.  Orange Juice Jones placed it under a parked vehicle when he was stood up. As Bill was leaving the lot a light colored van pulled in and parked in the area where he was. A female got out of the van and ran over towards Orange Juice Jones.

Bill then heard her shout out : "I got it".

She than ran back to the van and passed what ever she was holding to another individual in the van. She than ran out of the enclosed parking lot on foot. The van stayed parked. She got into another vehicle.

Bill then made his way towards the Pico Train Station. law enforcement is swarming him. Unbeknownst to Bill L.A.P.D. and the fed are back at it as they is build a case against him. The incident with Orange Juice Jones was planned in advance and staged.

*A "roofy" was slipped into his drink.The evidence that was recovered at this staged set up will be planted at a later date when Bill finds housing.

Bill stoped in at his favorite sandwich shop. ( Joe's Famous Market Place & Deli )  Joe asked Bill : "Were have you been ?"

 Bill explained to him that he was set up by law enforcement and that he even wore a "wire" inside a jacket like the one you see on T.V. and in the movies.
With that said ,Joe welcomed him back with a : 
"James Bond Sandwich"

Pictured here : Helen and Stan are aiding Bill.While Bill was is in the kitchen, law enforcement came knocking. Stan shouted out to them 
"No one is home .Screw off !"

Thursday October 10,2013 
 "The Mission Position" ......The mission continues       p-106

Shown here : Mrs Goldfarb is aiding Bill . The feds are on the grounds of Pelican Pointe. They inquired with Mrs. Goldfarb regarding to Bill's whereabouts. She put a firm foot down and explained to them  :
" There is no individual of that description residing on the property , so get lost !"

The Wild Goose Chase Begins               p-110

Friday October 11,2013 
 featuring a L.A.P.D.  Staff Make Up Artist          p-108

Captain Culpepper arrived back in Los Angeles after a lengthy trip between California ,Florida and New York . He returned to Los Angeles empty handed.

The 007 Spy Jacket and marked bills have not been recovered.

Police Officers are Role Models     p-102       

Pictured here is Bill , he models his new zombie look courtesy of the L.A.P.D. make up division.

As part of Bill's mission, he is going to toy with law enforcement as they have toyed with him.

In this segment, the game is called cat and mouse. He is now aware that rogue officials are in the initial stage of building a case against him as they plan to frame him in the near future. 
The Idiom for a game of cat and mouse is defined here : 
To repeatedly try to make someone react in away that will cause problems
To try to defeat someone by tricking them into making a mistake so that you will have an advantage over them.

 The cloud of law enforcement vengeance is like the wind,It is all over the place. In law enforcement , officers record their daily activity's in a memo log. Time records are kept. People ,places and things are recorded as well.

These agency's have a budget like any institution.The resources used and time are managed and recorded. This is how Bill is going to flip the investigation that has been set upon him back onto the corrupt officials who have sought and who seek to frame him.

Bill who is playing the part of the mouse is setting a trap for the rogue officers who are playing the role of the cat. Bill is going to play this game of cat and mouse and at the right time he is going to pull out right before the next frame job.

He will not stick around for the second frame job that will take place on or around December 7,1013 . Bill does not trust law enforcement. The officials overseeing "Operation Fly Swatter" will be held accountable for the mis-use of resources and funds . The time records of personnel will reflect an internal investigation that will open a can of worms and expose gross misconduct when an internal investigation is conducted in the future

In the end ,Bill will be seen as a modern day spy