Law enforcement agencies all work under one umbrella and for the most part they work harmoniously together.Chief Burke on the left and Suffolk District attorney on the right have blocked the FBI from the investigation.The FBI is seen as the mother ship and to block the FBI in such a case raises suspicion .The FBI does not take rejection easily .Behind the scenes a feud erupts. Many feel that these two officials are concealing information .Some speculate that blackmail may be playing a part.

Bill Sullivan

The Ambassador to The New York City Police Department    ( P-2 )

Bill received two summonses that are returnable to the court. Well it looks like he has to post pone the work transfer in July.He has to return to the court in September. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He received a letter in the mail a few weeks later from the New York District Attorneys Office to disregard the summonses.The charges are dropped.

Truth is:  John Dough the fed arranged the dismissal of the summonses to expedite Bill out to Los Angeles.

The  summonses are dismissed and the frame job is now underway . Bill boards the plane to Los Angeles on his voluntary work transfer.

Bill gears up the four seasons of the Los Angeles climate

(1 )-The Earthquakes (2) -The Wildfires (3) -The Mudslides and (4) - The riots.

Bill Sullivan, the federal officer, is sworn in by the Federal Security Director Michael Scott. Mr.Scott provided Bill with extensive training .With the training Bill had acquired  from the NYPD and Homeland Security, he has developed an intuitive guidance system . Bill has exercised the inner muscle known as the gut feeling when something is not right.

He is skilled in finding wires .He is as trained to find the needle in the haystack know as a "Wire". The type of wire that is used as an explosive device .

Be mindful that later in this story the training will payoff as Bill will discover a "Wire" on the blade of his ceiling fan located inside his own residence.

 Homeland Security has assigned Bill Sullivan to the TSA check point at  John F. Kennedy Airport. Bill is working under Mr. Nolan Adams, who is noted for his expertise as the best of the best. Since Bill has a security clearance with the United States Government, Mr. Adams assigns him to conduct the daily government  briefings. 


Bill suspects that something is going on however,he can't yet place his finger on it. As he made his daily commute to and from work he was pulled over in multiple jurisdictions.When asked why he was pulled over the officers would reply safety inspection.He didn't think much of it at the time. On one occasion, his manager Chris stood in Bill's presence, Bill picked up a negative vibe from him .Bill said to himself : "Something is not right or perhaps Chris is just having the blues due to a rainy day Monday".

Shown here is John Dough. He is a fed and he has one goal. That goal is to take out the Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota. The re- election is coming up and he sees the plot to have him overthrown a slam dunk. He has the assistance of many in law enforcement .Many in the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office see Dough as a backstabbing trouble maker.

Pictured here isPolice Officer Fred Adler.

He is a proclaimed instructor at the New York City Police Academy.

He is a community leader as well as a highly recognized liaison among the ranks and the community dignitaries within the communities that he serves. The hallway walls of the police academy are lined with plaques of gratitude dedicated to this officer.  

One plague is from Bill.

During the CPA course the officer was very honest and candid when he spoke of Institutions and corruption.Officer Adler explained that the blue wall of silence exist in every institution and playing field.

Cops take care of cops, priest take care of priest and teachers take care of teachers. There are boundaries and they cannot be crossed.When it comes to the blue wall of silence,it is not so much that police protect there own,the bottom line is that police are protecting the institution.Officer Adler turned to Bill and asked him what his trade. Bill responded back by saying a bartender.

Officer Adler used Bill as an example and questioned him.

"Do bartenders take care of bartenders ?"

Bill replied back honestly : "yes , when bartenders from the industry come into the bar I always buy them there first drink. It is customary".

Officer Adler explained further ,coming from the standpoint of integrity if that were applied to police officers that would fit in the category of corruption. This is a perfect example as to why police officers are not permitted to accept free cups of coffee.

It is against the departments policy for an officer to receive free, discounted items or services from merchants unless the special offered is for all consumers.

For Bill ,this lesson on corruption hit home and his awareness became of light.

Police Academy Instructor Adler's name has been engraved into all who participated in his CPA curriculum .

Chapter one

Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota and Bill Sullivan take on corruption( P-1 )

The Press Release of the Many Homicides Related to the Serial Killer of Gilgo Beach

Bill erected the Crookhaven sign. Brookhaven business leaders cheered him for his courage. Shown here is Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney .A corruption probe is launched on his behalf and it results in the arrest of David Orgass the Brookhaven Public Safety Director and his bullies within the town government. Thomas Spota the Suffolk D.A. is hailed as the Knight of Suffolk County. In the years to come, Bill and D.A. Spota will reemerge again ,this time the topic will be police corruption tied to the upcoming homicide frame job that will be set forth on Bill .

Shown here is David Orgass the Public Safety Director of  Brookhaven Township .He worked under the command of Brookhaven Town Supervisor John Lavalle.

Tankleff is Wrongly Convicted - Bill Sullivan is Seen as the Witness for Tankleff ( P-3 )

Much Ado About a Sign. "Welcome to Crookhaven Township" -Long Island Newsday

        Homeland Security New York Headquarters     ( P- 4 )

In the beginning, Bill Sullivan managed,owned and operated a bar restaurant,catering and nightclub venue.His business colleagues were retired police officers.In the political landscape his business partners had friends and foes.The hot spot was located on route 347 Stony Brook. It is located in a section of Suffolk County called Brookhaven Township.Bill had received advance warning from David Orgass the Public Safety Director that the town will come after his business partner / land lord "Bob Johnson".David Orgass stressed to Bill not to take it personal however,Bob is not liked and the fire marshal will close the place down.Bill took it non threatening and brushed it off.During this period in time corruption within the town is at an all time high.Bill too received nudges from officials looking for a payoff.Well with less than 3 months left on his lease, David Orgass's staff including Fire Marshall Hart,Building inspector Muratore ,Suffolk County Police  K-9 unit and the State Liquor Authority stormed the business in a unwarranted raid.50 violations were issued.Many were duplicates.Bill is arrested on these charges.

Pictured here is Bill Sullivan the witness for Martin Tankleff

On his first day while out in the field he was dispatcher by Central .This was the moment he was trained for. Central dispatched  the the 105 rmp .Sullivan was assigned to "Check and advise" .The location was a backyard near Ally Pond Park.

The dispatcher went on to say that there is a report of a turtle turned upside down in the back yard. As Bill headed in the direction of the park the dispatcher further went on to say that the complainant called back again and stated that the Turtle is missing his arms and legs.

Upon arriving ,Bill noted in his memo book that the turtle had fled in an unknown direction. With that said,due to low crime stats Bill renamed the precinct .He coined the phase :

 ( The 105 Country Club )

An aerial view of the crime scene 

Dirty Politics

Shown here is Suffolk Police Detective Robert Trotta. Detective Trotta is part of the elite Suffolk County Police Department-FBI Task Force. He is a man of caliber and known as the maverick in law enforcement. Right under his nose and behind his back ,John Dough from the federal government and Suffolk County politics devise a plan to have Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney overthrown from political office during his re election. How dare they ? Once the District Attorney is overthrown ,the newly elected District Attorney Ray Perini would then grant the FBI request to partake into the Long Island Serial Killer investigation. Detective Trotta is outraged by the corruption within the Suffolk County Police Department .He will soon leave the department and pursue a political career with the Suffolk County Legislature

Following the homicides of his parents ,Detective McCready coerced a confession out of Martin Tankleff. Martin quickly recanted the coerced confession.At the trial he was convicted and imprisoned based on that confession.Following the conviction, Martin's Sister inherited the parents fortune.The lead detective who took Martin's confession left the police department and entered into a business relationship with Martin's sister and her husband.The detective and Martins sister open up a restaurant bar and they live happily ever after while the brother rots away in prison.Years later,Martin being wrongfully convicted for the double homicide of his parents appeals the conviction.

On behalf of the American Justice System,Bill Sullivan testified against a Suffolk County Police Detective.This testimony provided a hinge for Mr.Tankleff. With the support of his family,the determination of many attorneys and a highly trained retired NYPD Detective,Mr. Tankleff  is exonerated for the double homicide of his Parents. Once released Mr.Tankleff attended college and pursued a law degree .Meanwhile, his lawyers form wrongful conviction lawsuits against the Suffolk County Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office.When the federal wrongful conviction federal civil trial commences ,Bill Sullivan will be placed on the witness stand.He would then be cross examined by the Suffolk County District Attorney who is defending the police detective. In the meantime and in the near future ,law enforcement will retaliate against Bill.From this point on in the story,be mindful right to the last chapter that Bill is a federal witness.

Shown here is :

(L) New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance and (R) United States Attorney General Eric Holder.  John Dough the fed has pulled a "fast one" behind the back of the New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

In 2012, Headlines continue to read "Hunt for the Long Island Serial Killer " ( P-5 )

Pictured here is Bill Sullivan and Mr. Howard Safir The New York City Police Commissioner.

Prior to working for Homeland Security , Bill the former bar owner and comic is community minded .He held a Prestigious Position at the 105th Precinct located in Queens Village New York.

Bill Sullivan's shield number being 12911, was a conversation piece among the Officers. His Captain noted Bill as being a pillar to the community as he has the mind of the people at heart . He fits in with all.

The department recognized Bill for his heroic efforts during the recovery of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Police  Commissioner Howard Safir hailed Bill as the Ambassador to The New York City Police Department .

The department provided him with extensive tactical and managerial training. The training he acquired through the NYPD will be beneficial when the plot unfolds and a cover up is initiated.

In the eyes of John Dough a fed ,the game is over between Chief Burke and Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney.

The Department of Justice will do whatever it takes to gain access to the Long Island Serial Killer investigation.These two are a target .Under Eric Holder the United States Attorney General,the FBI reviews the many Suffolk County homicide investigations.They are displeased at what they have uncovered. The FBI focuses on the investigations where the cases were mishandled. The FBI goes far back in time to the homicide of John Pius of 1979, the Tankleff homicides of 1988 and the homicide of Jessica Manners

The FBI makes a request to join the Gilgo Beach serial killer investigation. Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney closes the door and blocks the FBI from the homicide investigation.

This concludes chapter one .
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              Summonses -Judicial Misconduct   

Featuring  the New York District Attorneys Office ( P-6 )

Pictured here is : Mr. Michael Scott The New York Federal Security Director for Homeland Security. He took Bill under his wing and selected him to be trained by the best of the best. He is trained to find a wire ( explosive device )

Shown here is Suffolk County Judge Bergson.He took notice that one of the charges against Bill is missing a bond payment.This is not at Bill's fault.Judge Bergson remanded Bill into custody.He explained to Bill that it's eight hours to check into the county jail and eight hours to check out.The judge orders that Bill to be placed in protective custody.Upon arriving at the jail ,he is greeted by a cell mate. What an experience this is going to be.The jail bird is Danny Pelosi " The East Hampton Killer ". While in the slammer for sixteen hours ,he is provided with an experience that is not taught at the police academy .Through due process, the Judge came around and dismissed the charges once Bill erected a large highway Bill Board that read" Welcome to Crookhaven Township "

The Voluntary  Work Transfer

Bill puts in for a voluntary work transfer to Los Angeles .Human resources explain to him that it will take about a year for the process to be completed.Well the lord works in mysterious ways. The transfer is approved in 30 days.Unbeknownst to Bill this was done for good reason. John Dough is eager to expedite Bill out to Los Angeles and It is much easier to convict an individual on a crime in the State of California over the State of New York

It is retaliation time.Bill Sullivan the witness for Martin Tankleff will become the porn for the government.It is payback time as Bill has testified against a Suffolk County Detective .The plot is simple. The feds and Suffolk politics will instigate problems for D.A. Spota during his re-election period. Bill works for Homeland Security New York. Being sinister,these rogue officers will set up and frame Bill the federal officer on homicide and federal drug trafficking charges.Once Bill is arrested and charged the headlines would read: "Witness for MartinTankleff Framed". Bill's defense would be : "Police Entrapment" .This would become controversial and seen as a frame job. All fingers would point towards Thomas Spota the District Attorney as the mastermind behind the frame job as to discredit Bill as a witness as his testimony would impact a Suffolk Police Detective's testimony.This frame job would derail the re election of D.A. Spota. The rogue officials involved see this as a way to kill two birds with one stone. Spota and Sullivan (R.I.P.)  For now ,it is all systems go .Eric Holder the United States Attorney General is overseeing the investigation that would soon commence on Bill Sullivan the federal officer.