Under Police Commissioner Ray Kelly undercover officers Gregory Boozer and Cleveland McMillian are assigned to Bill Sullivan.

The department is aware that  something not right with this whole picture .

This assignment will requires a skill of behavior detection. There are two that qualify for this function . The elite officers that have the background in behavior detection are Officers Boozer and McMillian.

Over the months to come, these officers are keeping a watchful eye on him to see if he is dealing drugs. They too will take residence at the church convent and join him in his presence for his routine morning breakfast.

April 4, 2013 

Forensic Police Photographers          p-73

This is the end of chapter seven.

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 The Fake Dog         p-75

Pictured here is Bill

Law enforcement are high up is a residential high rise building conducting Surveillance Along Nagle avenue of  Washington Heights .

Bill observed this.He has vision of a hawk.

Nagle Avenue has now become a reality stage for Bill and the feds are his audience.

Bill being in spy mode, purchased Grucho Disguise Glasses for himself as well as for the drug dealers.  

Through his comical edge and the glasses in hand , he greeted the local street dealers and issued them the disguise glasses .

He explained to them that the feds are all over the place. He advised them to get rid of the hoodies since it is a warm day. 

Bill explained to the dealers that it is obvious that you guys are dealers since your wearing the trademark outfit known as the hoodie.

He has the dealers try the disguise glasses on for size.This is a perfect fit.He also explained to them that the feds have hired lip readers and they should cover their mouths when they speak.

He further went on to say to the drug dealers  that if you guys wear these glasses there is noway you will be under suspicion for drug dealing. You will go undetected .

Pictured here : Bill provided detectives with a morning wake up call

Bill walks pass and interacts with the heroin dealers .

Law enforcement is now investigating a drug ring .Those pictured here are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The feds are now monitoring drug related activity as they are high up in the high rise buildings along Nagle ave.

The high rises become there headquarters for the sting operation.

The lead surveillance operative spots Bill as he made his way down Nagle Av, The surveillance operative observed that Bill is carrying a dove over his right shoulder.

The operative comments :" Bill Sullivan has a bird on his shoulder Just like a pirate".

Law enforcement is  suspect of this . They suspect that the bird is stuffed with drugs such as heroin however , Bill  has placed this stuffed dove on his shoulder for good reason.

You see during this stage of Bill's mission law enforcement is now advancing and is now purchasing drugs from the street dealers. They are closing in on them. 

Just like the dog had meaning ,the dove is a symbol of peace and love . Bill is conveying this message to the NYPD anti-crime officers that are positioned along the perimeters.

Just as he carried the fake dog ,this subliminal message he is conveying to the NYPD is :

" Don't shoot" ."I'm a friend and I come in peace ".

June 5 , 2013 
The Insurance Fraud Mill featuring a Wanna be Confidential Informant Mr. Leroy Stapleton. 
 He is not yet certified in this line of work.  p-82            

Amateur Confidential Informant Mr. Allen Wu 
a.k.a The Chinese Grasshopper       p-72 

Pictured here is Brandon 

He is a wanted Fugitive.

The heavenly father works in mysterious ways as his house is open to all.

With law enforcement taking residence at the church Brandon's days of seeing day light are going to be short lived.He picked the wrong church to take residence at.

 Bill is en-route to the N.Y. Public Library near 40th street. He is intercepted by forensic police photographers .

As part of a covert operation, the photograpers move into action and get up and real personal as they walk by him. They take photos of his extremities .Law enforcement will analyze the images closely to look for an anomaly within his body and outer most garments. Law enforcement are making every effort to see what drugs Bill could be concealing and where ?

Now that Bill is now partnered up with confidential informant Dano Potter, he knows that his mission has captivated the full attention of multiple law enforcement agency's.

This is now the time were Bill will raise the steaks of his mission.

What is an investigation without the stamp of the United Postal Service on it.

Bill is clever, and it is time to bring the  postal police into the picture.

Bill attends to his mission now with a confidential informant on his side. He sees this as a problem .Bill has to get rid of Dano. As one would say: "It is time to unload the dead wood" Bill must act alone for good reason.The law enforcement has what is called a broad conspiracy charge.To be charged ,two or more must be involved. The other reason is: Dano would come to learn of his mission and tip off law enforcement once he discovered that Bill is just playing the game.

Bill will enter a store with Dano and ditch him.

For weeks Bill has been engaging with drug dealers on street corners .

The dealers see Bill as a local who is making package delivery's into apartment buildings . At times, he entered the buildings with pizza pie boxes , floral arrangements, cases of beer ,packages and Bags.

New York  law enforcement suspected that there is more to "the apple that meets the eye". Law enforcement knows that he has years of experience working alongside the men and women who serve with the New York City Police Department.

Bill created the magical illusion,and has presented himself to be a drug mule who is trafficking drugs however, something does not sit well with the NYPD. 

The NYPD cant put there finger on it. The dealers are feeling heat and they too suspect that they are being watched by a heavy presence of law enforcement.

Bill now knows that it is time to turn up the heat.

This is were the United States Postal Service  comes in. Under surveillance Bill walked into the New York Post Office across from Penn Station. He picked up an empty Postal Envelope or two. As he made his rounds and entered the drug infested buildings in Washington Heights ,law enforcement  took notice and being on top of there game they question as to were Bill is receiving and who he is delivering these USPS packages to. New York law enforcement notified the postal police.

The postal police have been notified.

Bill entered the post office to retrieve an assortment of "free" priority mail boxes .

Standing at the red velvet ropes is uniformed Postal Police Officer White-Wallace. This Officer is on her game .She knows all the regular postal patrons by name.

As Bill passed her, he gave her a salute.

She winked back . She engaged with Bill as she too is suspect as to why he enters and leaves without ever going to the counter. When Bill passed the officer by, he acknowledged with her that these priority boxes are useful for storage and make great gift boxes.There priced right ! (Free)

With law enforcement swarming him, he declared that Officer White-Wallace is on game.

An officer with this kind of caliber most likely carries a good 25 years of service under there belt.When you bring the postal service into the game it brings another law enforcement jurisdiction into the investigation.

Mission:IMPROVable  now has the stamp of the United States Postal service on it.

Bill and Ron take seat and Bill teases Ron as he takes out a pair of scissors .Bill is heard saying : "Snip,snip,snip" ( L.O.L)  

Bill is about one month away from blowing the whistle and pulling the plug on a federal drug sting operation.

Bills cell phone is heating up again and the phone is not even in use , when he does use it there is third party interference.

Bill being a practical joker finds a creative way to ditch his phone.

He purchased an inflatable blowup sex doll. He than headed to the Manhattan Bridge. While in route he placed his cell phone into a zip lock sandwich bag.

With the surveillance team in his view ,he walked onto the pedestrian walk of the bridge .He turned around and noticed that the surveillance team retreated to the foot of the bridge.  The surveillance team observed Bill and questioned themselves that he maybe making a pickup or a drop off of drugs.

They maintain a distance. The sun goes down. Bill inflated the blowup doll.He than placed the phone  into a zip lock bag. He than stuffs the phone into the mouth of the blowup doll .Then he placed duck tape around the mouth.He picked the doll up and launched the doll over the safety fence of the bridge.

 "Adios Amigos Cell Phone !" 

The doll plunged towards the water.The surveillance team stood in shock as they witnessed a silhouette of a person leaping to there death. His phone is being tracked .The GPS signal shows that it too is plunging towards the water.

The officers hearts have sunk into their stomachs as they just witnessed Bill leap off the bridge. Bill has just punk'd the surveillance team.He walked back down the pedestrian walk way .He passed the surveillance team .The officers faces show disbelief .

((( Price Less )))

After a long good thought Bill realized that Leroy is apart of a medical fraud scam .

Bill being a whistle Blower, headed over to the queens district attorneys office to make an inquiry regarding this scam.

Once there the DA's office,the D.A. rep  referred Bill to Mr O'Brien an insurance fraud investigator who is located in Manhattan.

The D.A.'S agent provided Bill with Mr O'Brien's number (212) 274-6126 .

Bill met with Mr. O'Brien and his top aide. They reviewed all the info that Bill provided and concluded that this is in fact a medical fraud mill that he had entered.

With that said, a few days later Bill returned to the doctors office and requested to see his medical records. A staff member opened Bill's records and when she turned around he snatched the records and headed for the front door.

The office manager shouted out to the staff security: "Stop him . he has the records !" 

As Bill made it outside, this big goon that works for the doctor tackled Bill to the ground. Then a car passed by and Bill reached up and latched onto the cars interior headrest.

The big goon leaped for Bill's feet as they dragged alongside the moving car.

The driver at first thought that Bill was a carjacker .

He shouted to the women to hit the gas. Instead she stopped and got out of the car and came to Bills rescue.

At first the elderly driver asked Bill if this is some kind of realty T.V. show . 

Bill replied : "No. Do you see any camera's around ? " 

She hit the big goon over the head with her hand bag knocking the guy to the ground. Bill suffered a few chest bruises.

Bill followed up with Insurance Investigators Mr. O'Brien and his aide. They Thanked him for his heroic action and explained to Bill that he needs to write a movie.

That he will !!  

"Thank You For The Movie Idea Mr.Obrien"

Bill makes his way through Washington Heights with a "life like"porcelain dog under his jacket.

To  law enforcement they suspect that the dog is filled with drugs. Truth is: the dog is hollow inside. Bill is carrying the dog for good reason . You see law enforcement is now making buys from the dealers as Bill is interacting with all of them.

*Through his actions of holding the dog ,Bill is conveying message to the N.Y.P.D. that he is loyal and there best friend and not to shoot at him if something was to go down.  

A dog is known to be a symbol as mans best friend and loyal even on the dogs worst day. Bill keeps his fingers crossed in the hopes that they will be able to identify and translate this comical message:  "A dog is a mans best friend" .

Under surveillance Bill is seen giving the fake dog to a street dealer .This is the equivalent to the kiss of death.

During this time frame the N.Y.P.D. along with the feds are conducting major investigations to sweep and close all the drug houses in Washington Heights

Pictured here . Bill who resides in a church  , is now working for a higher authority as his mission to undermine the cartel is underway. He also has the lords blessing to pull the rug from underneath the feds along with their Washington Heights sting operation.

Law enforcement will never see it coming ! ....or do they ? By the picture here you be the judge.

Pictured here : Bill has flowers for N.Y.P.D. detectives              

Like Clock work. Bill and his confidential  informant Ron leave the church convent at 6am.  The two walk down 6th avenue as they are en-route to the Oliveri Grand Hotel for breakfast.

They pass by the undercover officers who too are on foot.The officers are positioned to observe Bill's demeanor , character and who his contacts are as they close in on his : "fictitious phony baloney criminal enterprise ".

Like clock work the feds and detectives are parked in there cars at both ends of the block just outside the Oliveri Grand Hotel. Ron the confidential informant instigates Bill to express his friendship to the officers who are sleeping behind the wheel of their cars.

Ron suggested to Bill to place coffee cups across the hood of their cars while they are a sleep behind the wheel. Bill followed through.

Ron knows that Bill has had a previous love affair with the N.Y.P.D. as he worked at the 105 Precinct. With that said, he nudged Bill to place roses across the detectives car windshield.

With the sunrise gleaming into their unmarked vehicles ,the feds and the N.Y.P.D. detectives are awoken to see a surprise through their windshields. 

A detectives retrieved the roses and shouted out to Bill and Ron :

" Thanks ! It is my wife and I's wedding anniversary .The roses couldn't have come at a better time ! " 

Ron and Bill walked down to where law enforcement have parked  to get a glimpse of there reaction. A dozen of empty Starbucks coffee cups line across the hood of their car. The law enforcement retrieved the coffee cups and shouted to Bill and Ron : 

" Thanks ! Hey where Is the coffee ? These coffee cups are empty ? " 

Bill shouted back : "government cutbacks , not in the budget" .

In case your wondering ,Bill picked the empty coffee cup containers out of the corner garbage pail and the roses are out on loan from a church corner memorial. ( L.O.L.)

The Fugitive
A fugitive takes residence at the church convent. While in prayer Bill looked up to the Heavenly Father and questioned him. 
 ​"I thought you had higher standards to live in the house of God"    p-79      

April Fools Day  2013 
The Inflatable Blow Up Doll              p-70

Pictured here :  Bill took the surveillance team along for another wild goose chase through New York's Duane Reade, Cvs and Rite Aid drug stores .

Law enforcement refers to the store surveillance cameras only to find that he is buying and returning jars of peanuts.

Pictured on the far right is: Bill as he is caught in the act of buying and returning jars of peanuts

New York Police Officers on Special Detail        p-71

Pictured here : On the left is a standard telecommunications utility belt and tools. On the right is a standard air conditioning utility belt and tools of the trade.

The undercover officer is posing as a air conditioning repairman.Another police blunder,he wore the wrong belt

March 23 and 24,2013  
The New York Post  
 Thank You Very Mooch !!     p-69

Expressions of Friendship p-81          

New York Post Staff Reporter Dana Sauchelli is reporting a story on out of state residents who take residence in New York City as they find a way to beat the high cost of living . 

Bill explained to Dana Sauchelli that he recently arrived to New York City from los Angeles after he was set up in a drug sting operation. It was a : "classic frame job".

He further went on to say that he is awaiting reinstatement with Homeland Security in New York.

Dana asked Bill how are the accommodations at the church.

Bill explained to her in the evening a buffet is served and that he is well pampered.
Dana quoted Bill as he stated :

" We all here at the church have silver spoons in our mouths and for that I give the Church of Saint Francis five stars. Thank you very mooch !"

The last week in May 2013
Court Ordered Surveillance - ? ? ?          p-78

Pictured here .The return of Charlies Angels.

As Bill prepares to pull the rug from underneath a drug sting operation, local NYU students pose for a :

" Mission : IMPROVable  movie photo op "

Pictured here : The white surveillance van

The Return of Grucho Marx           p-74

May 2013 
The Stuffed Dove      p-76   

Pictured here. Bill who is operating in spy mode as Pablo Escobar is now entering these drug infested buildings with U.S. Postal Priority boxes. Under surveillance ,he leaves the buildings empty handed as he high fives the drug dealers out in front. The investigation that is upon him has now broadened and the dealers are now feeling the heat as law enforcement is gradually picking up information as to identify of the drug king pins within their organization.

with sweet revenge

Pictured here is World Renowned Photographer and N.Y.Post Reporter Dana Sauchelli . As she interviewed Bill ,law enforcement was in the backgroud in the background . 

The following day the N.Y. Post is taking photo's of Bill just around the corner from the Oliveri Grand Hotel

For months now ,Bill is aware that his cell phones are still being traced and tracked.

Bill ditched the phones making it difficult to pinpoint his locations.

Law enforcement assigned confidential Informant Allen Wu.

Allen Wu took residence at the church convent .His  assignment is to keep track of Bill's coming and goings and to notify Mark who is his immediate contact.

Rumor has it , Allen Wu is working with law enforcement as part of a plea deal following his involvement with welfare fraud. The feds pay him $9 an hour to keep an eye on Bill and a wanted fugitive named Brandon.

Pictured here : Bill interacts with good Samaritans of Washington Heights .He does this to build trust with them as he enters the drug infested buildings. As he makes his way up the stairs he is greeted by the friendly neighbor"hood" watch.

He passes them by with postal delivery packages. The dealers merely see him as the local package delivery guy.

At the end of the workday Bill pulled into the sanitation South Street Seaport headquarters .Chief Troy is behind the wheel.

They are followed into the lot by the white surveillance van.

Bill punched the clock and called it a day after driving around the city with Chief Troy .

With the van in view, Bill saw this  reality screen play an opportunity to express his real feelings as he awaited his reinstatement with Homeland Security.

Truth is : He feels that law enforcement have a real axe to grind with him over the mishap that occurred in Los Angeles .He is aware that he is giving law enforcement the impression that he is Pablo Escobar the Colombian drug lord. With that in mind, he feels that as a result the Homeland Security is delaying his reinstatement. 

He is unhappy with his paycheck as he works for the department of sanitation. Bill misses the cash flow that he once had that came with federal benefits.

He feels that he is working for peanuts as a p.t. sanitation worker.

As he is under surveillance ,he planed to convey a message through his actions to Homeland Security in an effort to reinstate him .

With the surveillance team over shoulders he takes his normal route to visit the drug dealers of  Washington Heights.

This  time around he makes a pit stop at the nearest CVS drug store.

He walked into the store and purchased a jar of peanuts and then leaves. He than proceeded to Duane Reade drug store and makes the same purchase of peanuts. A few blocks up ,he stoped in at Rite-Aid drug store and purchased another jar of peanuts .

Then with the white Surveillance van tailing him, he returned the peanuts to these chain stores as he makes his way uptown. He repeats this buy and return  process. Whenever he uses his debit card, law enforcement is notified to the time ,date and location. This method of tracking him is done automatically . Law enforcement suspect that he may be buying and swapping out cold medicine as to convert it to crystal meth.

Law enforcement is beginning to get frustrated as they are on another so called wild goose chase.The surveillance team loses patience .They enter the stores and review  the stores surveillance tapes .The store security revealed that he is buying and returning peanuts. The surveillance team is puzzled.

With that in mind , law enforcement purchased the inventory of peanuts to check for the contents of drugs as a member of a cartel may pick up the jars of peanuts. ( LOL )

Bill is aware that law enforcement is monitoring his face book  account as well as the time and the location of the computer that he is using.

When he returned from Washington Heights he goes online and conveys a message .He posted on Face Book ,that as he awaits for reinstatement he equates that working for the sanitation department is like working for peanuts. ( L.O.L. )

Under the counsel of Ron the NYPD confidential Informant , Bill is instructed by him to place roses under the wiper blades as in an expression of friendship.

When Bill worked at the 105 Precinct in Queens, his training officer.Leanora Edwards noted Bill as being: "the bearer of gifts".

Pictured here .Bill's mission is dangerous. He walks to the next  24 hour corner pharmacy .This rival gang lacks customer service skills .Thet are suspect that Bill is up to something .They are not so fond of Bills comical antics.

For obvious reasons,when Bill approaches them the dealers take out the bats , Bill makes a quick U-turn

Pictured here is The Manhattan Bridge , The marine unit as it headed into the direction of the blow up doll. Officers retrieved the doll and checked it for a pulse. As you can see no CPR was given. The cell phone is recovered as well .

The feds discovered that Bill's cell phone is registered to Charles Bronson who is the actor who played the role as a vigilante in the move "Death Wish".This is a April Fools Story .Geez can't the feds take a joke ?

      June 2013 
           The Informant a.k.a Agent Breeze          p-80

One morning at 8 am , Bill entered the Oliveri Grand Hotel for breakfast and he observed a telephone repairman approach the front desk.

He over heard the repairman say : "I'm here to repair the air conditioning" 

The front desk clerk responded by saying : "I have not been notified of a work order .I will have to check with the office" 

Bill advised her that the air conditioning repairman is wearing a telecommunications utility belt. This kind of belt would make him a telephone repairman and not a air conditioning repairman as he claimed to be.

The clerk returned from the main office and explained to the air conditioning repairman that his access is denied. Since Bill has his breakfast every morning at the Oliveri he realized that the air conditioning repairman is a undercover law enforcement officer and he is there to link into the buildings surveillance system. Law enforcement will then have a closer eye on Bill and his morning routine. He has law enforcement fooled into believing that he is a drug trafficker.

 Bill then sat down for breakfast. About an hour later when Bill was leaving the hotel the air conditioning repairman entered and was given access to enter the building. Bill knew that the heat is now on him .Either the operators of the Oliveri Grand Hotel granted permission or this is court ordered.

Later that evening as Bill is at the church of Saint Francis and resting in bed he heard a : "Boom" "Boom".

It sounded as if a tool box was dropped onto the floor located above him .

Above were he sleeps is a school class room .He than heard drilling into the walls.

He knows what is going on .There dropping a surveillance device down into the wall behind his bed.

Bill inquired with Jim who works at the church.

He asked Jim :  "Do you hear that noise coming from above ? "

Jim replied : " That is odd ,above this room is a class room that is not in use . It is very unusual that work by maintenance would be conducted at this hour " .

The noise that began around 10 pm continued till midnight.

For the duration of Bills stay at the church , the raccoon's ( law enforcement ) will occupy the classroom above to eavesdrop as to pick up information on Bill's ties to the Washington Heights cartel.

 Bill fell asleep. He thought to himself : " I don't even think Actor Ashton Kutchner could have Punk'd law enforcement into believing that he is Pablo Escobar the CEO of the Colombian Cartel ".  

The Heat is on !

Pictured here is The Official Headquarters for Medical Fraud 
Ragen Mansar Cardiology

Pictured here : Surveillance operations @ a Nagle Ave High rise , Bill is seen wearing a dove on his shoulder as he walked down Nagle ave. The high rise buildings are in the foreground 

Pictured here .The Colombia ,Jamaican and Dominican cartel  leaders who are involved with drug distribution. After losing a brother to heroin ,Bill has a vengeance and a death wish for the cartel and their street dealers.Very soon there days will be numbered as Bill has drawn attention to their criminal enterprise.

With the passing of his brother on his mind this is truly :

"a Taste of Heaven with Sweet Revenge".

The Washington Heights Cartel  .
Those pictured here are presumed innocent until proven guilty  p-68

 Tired of Working for Peanuts           p-77

June 6, 2013 
The Queens District Attorneys Office 
 The Whistle Blower                    p-83

Pictured here : Leroy Stapleton.

Leroy Stapleton took residence at the Church of Saint Francis .

Leroy Stapleton befriended and lured Bill into a medical fraud mill. The fraud mill operates at the Ragen Mansar Cardiology located at 164-03 Hillside Ave. Jamaica Queens N.Y. 11432.

The way a fraud mill works is basically like this.

You the patient see a doctor. The doctor completes a series of unnecessary test.

The doctor pays you for the visit and then bills the insurance company. So in this case the Doctor has lines of people visiting his office.It is a win win situation. The doctor gets paid and the patient makes a few bucks to supplement there income.

This is insurance abuse and fraud.

Unbeknownst to Bill, Leroy Stapleton is not a a recruiter for a medical research study. He is on the doctors payroll as a recruiter for his medical fraud operation.

Leroy approached Bill to see if he was interested in making some quick cash as a participant in a medical research study whereby upon completion of the study he would receive $40.The only requirement is that the individuals who partake in the study must be over 40 in age and participate in the metro plus medical insurance plan.

With that said, Bill met the qualifications.

He and Leroy headed to the doctors office. Once there he filled out a patient history medical form. The startling thing is : the forms were pre-checked for diabetes .

Bill did question this as he felt it was a red flag. The staff explained to him that it is just routine. The testing required more than just running on a treadmill as Leroy initially informed him. The testing was extensive.

He completed part one of the study and was informed to return a week later to complete part two. Bill was paid $40 and left.

 He left. His gut said this is some kind of a scam.

Pictured here:  confidential informant Ron T. is assigned .

The N.Y.P.D. has a lot of stake in this investigation and law enforcement assigns the best of the best. Ron is one of the good guys.His personality is a bit like actor Joe Pesci .

His assignment is to befriend Bill the ceo of the cartel and the wanted fugitive Brandon.  

He wears a large cross around his neck that comes complete with a built in hidden camera and listening device ( LOL) .

He is not out to entrap the individuals during his assignment. He assignment is strictly to recover information.

Pictured here : Two forensic police photographers .As Bill make his way up to Washington Heights, these photographers will get up and close to Bill as they blend in with the crowd .Silhouettes  are provided to conceal there identity's.

Chapter Seven 

The United States Postal Service       p-67

Pictured here are (L) undercover officers Gregory Boozer and (R) Cleaveland McMillian .

Bill looks up to "Cleavage" McMillian . McMillian carry's himself much like NYPD's Jack Maple. When he walks into a room everyone turns to his attention.

To conceal the officers identity's silhouettes are provided.