By morning Bill is a N.Y.C. Sanitation Worker and by evening  he is a vigilante

Bill sought out for a job during his reinstatement period .He came to realize that he is going to have a difficult time in finding a job.

You see as he fills out employment applications or upon leaving a job interview  he observed  law enforcement officers enter the employment site. 

He knows this because as he was awaiting to speak to the manager at a Apple Bees Restaurant  an undercover officer in his presence had turned around. As the officer turned Bill observed his federal shield protruding through the rear pocket of his jeans.( federal Perhaps)

The undercover officer was there to obtain information. Bill realized that once the officer identifies who he is to the manager it will diminish his chance of being hired. With that said, he entered a work experience program that is offered by the City of New York.

With his strong work ethic he choose the  New York City Department of Sanitation.

As luck would have it, he is assigned to NYSD South Street Seaport Headquarters were he is assigned to work directly under Chief Troy and his personal assistant Millie.

Chief Troy and Millie both lead by example. Chief Troy quickly took Bill under his wing and demonstrated to Bill on how to remove garbage from the streets of N.Y.C.

Bill proudly wore his N.Y.D.S. uniform vest with pride. He is assigned to the China Town district.

For the most part he is on foot as he worked his assignment. As luck would have it ,his route begins behind Police Headquarters. For law enforcement this is now a convenience.  At times ,officers would line his route to catch a front row seat and get a glimpse of Bill the former federal officer who sabotaged a federal drug sting operation in Los Angeles. 

At the present moment law enforcement is trying to make sense of what took place in Los Angeles and what he is doing interacting with drug dealers up in Washington Heights N.Y..

 Bill continues with his work assignment on foot ,he gives the NYPD officers on his route an acknowledgement ,a brief "nod and a salute of respect".

On some days ,Bill will work alongside "first time offenders" .

The department of sanitation has an arrangement with the N.Y. District Attorneys Office. It is a community service program to lessen or avoid jail time for first time offenders.

Many of these first time offenders will interact with Bill.

They will brag and disclose vital information of a crime that they have just committed. Bill is working at the rate of a Chinese laborer and is eager for reward money .He has big ears .As part of the N.Y.C. "see something ,say something" campaign he fliped a coin and reported there wrong doing to the crimes stoppers hotline in the hopes of receiving reward money to supplement his income.

These first time offenders don't realize  they are working alongside a modern day  vigilante who just so happens to be working part time for the sanitation department. These first time offenders  will soon find themselves as a "second time offender" as Bill reached out to the crime stoppers hotline.

After a hard days work of removing the garbage off the streets on China Town he punched the time clock and transformed himself  into spy mode.

Once in spy mode ,he headed up to Washington Heights to remove the garbage (drug dealers) off the streets. 
Chief Troy and the N.Y.D.S. hail Bill as:

​"One of the Strongest"

As a routine , Bill leaves the church convent for a jog through Chelsea every morning .

As part of his routine ,he then headed to the Oliveri Grand Hotel for a budget breakfast . He then saw a familiar face from los Angeles . He recognized the individual .The individual resided at the Oviatt apartments located in downtown Los Angeles.

When Bill resided in Los Angeles he suspected that this individual was a undercover LAPD officer. When in Los Angeles Bill assigned a aka name for this officer.  

The aka is:  "Baby Face" .

 Bill remembered seeing Baby Face searching the drop ceiling of a lobby bathroom .He was most likely searching for the 007 spy jacket and the marked bills.

As baby face was making an inquiry at the Oliveri concierge ,he and Bill both glanced at one another .Baby Face turned and left the premise .This means one thing.

The LAPD is in the New York . Bill thought to himself : "Geez . LAPD is not to forgiving. Man what a frame job this turned out to be .Talk about holding a grudge".

Pictured here is : Actor Charles Bronson in the movie" Death Wish".

Bill reflected on this movie as he remembered his brothers passing at the hands of the cartel .He passed from heroin use .

With that said, Bill has a death wish for the Washington Heights cartel

The stage has been set for this reality experiment . This reality screen play is split between Bill and Mr. Eric Holder the United States Attorney General.On or off stage ,  Bill wants to look his best for the surveillance team as he puts on a comical performance of a lifetime.

With that said, he made his way to Sephora Beauty store. The cosmetic advisers offer there services for free .When leaving the store you will look your very best. 

 The staff pampers their clients with free services and cosmetics. 

During Bill's mission this will become a daily routine .Like many reality shows, Bill too lacks the budget for a makeup department of a major production.

Sephora fits the bill !

He makes his daily visits to the one of many Sephora locations through out the city , he observed the masculine officers of the surveillance team as they too are now  getting in touch with there feminine side. The officers are seen applying cosmetics for a quick fix or two. When the sales team approaches the metro sexual undercover officers ,the officers reply back with the same comment : I'm buying for my wife .The sales people make the sale with a follow up comment : "That is what all the macho men say".

Bill has now labeled the surveillance team that has been assigned to him :

"The Powder Puff Police"

Pictured here: on the left is Bill as he posed as a collector of fine art.

He is jerking off the confidential informant .The photo on the right is Bill as he is in spy mode. He is negotiating a sale at the Agora Art Gallery

February 2013 
The Oliveri Grand Hotel New York City           p-53

Washington Heights of New York City is known to be the pipeline to the epicenter for pharmaceutical entrepreneurs and drug mills.

 Bill's brother passed away prematurely in Washington Heights at the hands of dealers due to heroin use. Bill watched the movie death wish featuring actor Charles Bronson who played a vigilante in the film .

In The film the daughter is murdered and being the father ,Charles Bronon sought vengeance . He took the law into his own hands as he pursuesd her killers

.Bill then reflected back on his brothers passing .He would not want any family to live though the grief and anguish and pain of losing a family member . So with that said, this opportunity of being under a federal microscope will provide him the chance of a lifetime to become a modern day vigilante. With his allegiance to the NYPD he will expose the cartel who are partially responsible for his brothers death to the anti-crime officers of the 34th precinct.

He will take the investigation that has been set upon him and flip it onto the cartel.

This makes his mission iconic and what many will soon call a modern day death wish .So in spy mode ,Bill creates this magical illusion that he is Pablo Escobar the CEO of the Colombian cartel . He then headed back up to Washington Heights with a police dragnet in his wake .He puts his plan into action as he passed the anti-crime officers located in front of the  NYPD's 34th precinct.

Bill labels this component of his mission : "operation snowfall ".

Washington Heights -The Crime Scene       p-61

 A multiple law enforcement investigation is underway.

The New York City Police Department will now initiate a parallel  investigation with the feds. Three N.Y.P.D. Officers will be assigned to him over the next two weeks during a preliminary NYPD investigation.

Bill suspected that an  individual named "Francis" and an individual who wears a local Mercedes car dealership security outfit are the officers who are assigned to him.

Bill suspected these  individuals because what ever table he took seat at the individuals would soon follow him .In the dining room Francis would take seat next to Bill .Francis would pull out and place his over sized phone charger on the table .He would lay the charger down on the table in front of Bill.

This is not a common charger .This bulky phone charger is a listening device.

Law enforcement is doing there job and that is to pick up information.

Being that Bill had worked at the 105 precinct in Queens and now being labeled as a drug trafficker, this matter is of grave concern. Not only is law enforcement in search for the whereabouts of evidence that Bill took custody of when he was in Los Angeles , the NYPD seeks to find out if others from the 105 precinct had involvement with Bill from years prior. 

 On the evening of February the 12th  , Bills ankle was swollen and he had difficulty walking on it. He walked up to the Oliveri concierge and asked if they have a first aid kit with an ice pack .

Concierge took one look at his ankle and said this requires immediate medical attention. Concierge called 911 to have him transported to Bellevue Hospital for medical treatment.

As he prepared to leave ,undercover NYPD officer Francis asked Bill :

"where are you going at this hour ? " Bill replied: " to the hospital"

Bill then headed in the direction of the front door and he then had a change of mind as to give his foot another rest. He took a seat to the right of the concierge.

Right at that moment outside the Oliveri, a bar brawl altercation was taking place. With all the screaming and commotion taking place out in front on the side walk, undercover officer Francis became concerned for Bill's safety .The officer jumped out of his seat and ran over to the front entrance. As he was exiting he pulled out his shield that was in place around his necklace

Bill still inside the Oliveri observed his heroic action .When pulling out his shield the officer revealed the agency he worked for. Bill's gut proved right . Francis is a New York city police officer. Bill having years of training from the department took notice of Francis's concern over his safety .Francis thought Bill was in harms way.

The New York Fire Department EMTs arrived and whisked Bill away to be treated at the hospital.

Bill observed that the ambulance had a NYPD police escort located behind the ambulance.

At the hospital  he was admitted and seen quickly . A NYPD plain clothes officer who was a police escort walked in and was greeted by hospital security.

The doctor examined Bill and looked at the ankle and then left the room .

The doctor returned and explained to Bill that when he examined him during his breathing he heard a "crackle" in his lungs and recommended a chest x-ray. Bill agreed and gave consent for the doctor to proceed with the x-ray

 Truth is : the undercover NYPD escort suggested the X-ray to gain further medical information.

In this cover up, law enforcement has labeled Bill as an individual who is a avid smoker of crack ,crystal meth and heroin with tendencies to shoot these drugs intravenously.

The chest X-ray will reveal if he is a smoker. Smokers develop a condition that is called: "crack lungs ".

When the doctor suggested to Bill that he wanted conduct the X-ray because he heard a "crackle " Bill being comical replied with an explanation: "For breakfast I had Rice Krispie's cereal .One of the Krispies  went down the wrong pipe. After all ,on the cereal box the company guarantees a snap,crackle and a pop".

The X-ray was then performed.

The results came back and the physician explained to the NYPD police escort that Mr. Sullivan  (Bill ) has lungs of a marathon runner.

The NYPD Officer looked in disbelief as he scratched his head in wonder.

His facial expression said it all : "Something is not right with this picture" .

Bill was than released and advised to stay off his feet so that the ankle can heal. 

Bill returned to the Oliveri Hotel. The following day he realized that the second NYPD undercover officer who was assigned to him has came down with the same ankle condition. With empathy ,the undercover officer explained to Bill that he is more than welcome to use his cane to get around.

Being comical, Bill accepted his offer whereby he inscribed into the shared cane :"Property of the N.Y.P.D." .

The Oliveri Grand Hotel maybe a budget hotel however just as reported in the New York Post , diplomats and foreign dignitary's who have just arrived at JFK Airport roll up with there limousine to take advantage of this hidden N.Y.C. treasure.

Virgil advised Bill to ( B.Y.O.B. )

Upon checking in. Within a day he realized it stands for: "Bring your own Bed" .

Bill gives Chef Lucy and her complimentary breakfast 5 stars. You can't beat this deal !

Pictured here: The Washington Heights Cartel

 Bill is welcomed by these prominent civic leaders in the Washington Heights community (LOL)

Bill added some Latin flavor to his mission.

With that in mind, he called N.Y. radio personality Polito Vega of Mega 97.9 FM.

Bill requested a song and he dedicated it to the feds who were on his tail.

The songs title is: "I know you want me" by Pit Bull .

As an added incentive Bill placed the video on his Face book wall for the feds in Washington D.C. to hear.

The water pistol designed with the amateur bandit in mind

This concludes chapter six.

Click here to view Chapter Seven

Pictured here  The Police Mounted Unit outside of Sephora. When Bill left the store he tipped his hat towards the officers and he headed back up to Washington Heights 

A Death Wish 
The Twist that Law Enforcement Never Saw Coming.
 " Operation Snow Fall " Washington Heights N.Y.C.         p-58

​Chapter Six

Dough is back        p-51

Pictured here . The law enforcement surveillance team

( The powder puff police ) are getting in touch with there feminine side 

A truck crashed through the wall and Bill walked away unhurt . A  D.S.N.Y. clusterfuck

Radio Disc Jockey Mr. Polito Vega of Mega 97.9 FM        p-60


Pictured here is Virgil Starkwell.
As luck would have it and just by chance, Bill ran into old friend .

His name is Virgil Starkwell. Bill asked him how Is life been treating him. Virgil explained to him that he has had a rough time as he was just released from the joint (prison). 

He further went on to say that he had bad luck as he attempted to rob a bank.

He misspelled the bank robber note that he had handed to the bank teller.He was then apprehended and charged. The judge explained to Vigil "If you can't get it right on paper how do you expect to get it right at trial ? Virgil accepted the plea arrangement and was released with time served. 

Bill explained  to Virgil what has recently transpired in his life.

He spoke candidly and explained to Virgil that the feds had set him up in a drug sting operation and that he feels that the feds will do it again or perhaps when he moves into his own apartment the John Dough will plant evidence.

 The issue that surrounds Bill is serious. Bill making light of it, joked around with Virgil and commented that he feels that the only safe place for him would be a church since there is separation of church and state .This would keep the feds out.

The idea struck him as he reflected back to the movie "Sister Act" featuring comedian Whoopi Goldberg.

Virgil explained to him that with a shortage of housing due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy he knows of a church program that is assisting individuals who are displaced by the hurricane .

This program is short term

Virgil continued to say that the program has helped him as well as many people for all walks of life. The program accommodating people by placing them in a church convents. 

Virgil provided Bill with the contact information.  He suggested that he should speak to Mrs Trinette at the Oliveri Grand Hotel for the details .

With that said and fearing the feds were going to set him up, he headed over to the budget hotel called The Oliveri Grand . 

Once he arrived at the Oliveri Grand Mrs Trinette made every effort to assist him .Although he had just arrived from Florida and los Angeles ,he told her he was displaced due to the hurricane . Mrs. Trinette would soon work her magic. 

Pictured here is Confidential  Informant Dano Potter.

 Dano Potter's assignment is to take residence at the church convent , befriend Bill as to infiltrate his criminal drug enterprise. John Dough continues  to build a case against Bill and Dano will assist them with that goal through police entrapment.

However ,Bill is not involved with a criminal enterprise .He confessed that Law enforcement played a joke on him while he was in Los Angeles and now through his mission, it is his turn to play a joke back on them. He is misleading law enforcement through his grand illusion that he is Pablo Escobar the Colombian Drug Lord. He continues to take law enforcement on wild goose chase through the city.Again ,all at the expense of New York City taxpayers. 

The Olivei Grand Hotel

Shown here is John Dough

Mr. Dough is delighted to hear the news that Bill has returned to Suffolk County New York. He then headed over to the Holiday Inn of Stony Brook to gain information on Bill.

Dough's attempt to have Bill framed in Los Angeles backfired

Dough  is under the impression that Bill will take residence in Suffolk County .With all the law enforcement presence that surrounds him Bill has a change of venue. Bill sets his eyes on New York City as he would be residing within the jurisdiction of the New York City Police Department. Dough will continue to set Bill up in the near future.

Bill is in search of an apartment .

He headed into New York City .He made a pit stop at the Nassau County parking violation court to pay fines. Since his hotel room is bugged ,the feds know of his daily plans. The feds intercept him as he entered the court to pay his fines. He left the court and walked over to the train station . Once on the platform he used the pay phone to call Homeland Security to check on his reinstatement.

Human resources greeted him with great news.

"Upper management has approved your reinstatement"

He is told the process would take a few weeks. As he turned to hang up the phone he noticed that an undercover officer has been listening in on his conversation.

Bill shouted to him: "Excuse me.I'll be off the phone in a minute."

Bill boarded the train and headed into NYC. When he arrived in Brooklyn he ditched his phone to see if it is being tracked.Then from high up on a train platform he took notice that law enforcement swooped it up.

Bill concluded that his phone movement is being tracked .He than headed uptown to Inwood to check on apartment rentals.

At the corner of Dykman 200th St. and Broadway he re-entered the subway station.

He walked down the staircase and heard an echo :  ((( Subject entering system ))) .

Once he reached the platform an undercover federal drug enforcement officer attempted to put his radio into his jacket pocket .Upon seeing the subject "Bill" ,the large whip antenna made it difficult for the officer to stow away the radio. The radio leaped out of his pocked and slid across the platform where it came to a halt at Bill's feet.

The first words from Bill's mouth were: "HOLY SMOKE".  Bill then leaned forward to pick up the radio .

The officer said: "Thank you.I got it!"

As they say : "The Heat is on". This is a police blunder . Bill sees this as a sign from above to set his MissionIMPROV able into high gear. Bill returned to the Holiday Inn of Stony Brook to pack up and prepare for his mission. 

"This is a certified walkie talkie clusterfuck"

The Church Convent  
The Church of Saint Francis West 15th Street Chelsea New York City 
 "A Taste of Heaven with Sweet Revenge"         p-56

 Bill made his rounds and headed back up to Washington Heights however,he mades a pit stop off at the 10th precinct in Chelsea. He Approached an officer and explained to him that he needs a strip of crime scene tape.

The officer replied: "for what"

Bill replied: " I'm on a mission a scavenger hunt mission for crime scene tape".

The officer went above and beyond and presented Bill with half a roll of crime scene tape. Bill gave the officer a salute and acknowledged :  " Thank You NYPD " .

Bill has lived in the vicinity of Washington Heights for a number of years and he knows who's who. Once he arrived in Washington Heights he is going to give fair warning to the street dealers who are on the Washington Heights cartel payroll .

Over a period of  many weeks he has been building rapport with a number of them. What Bill is doing here is making a declaration of war as he is now taking the initial steps as he is a vigilante and is exposing them to the surveillance team.

Being comical and entertaining for the surveillance team  he wraps himself with the crime scene tape. Moments later he will tip off the surveillance team as to who the dealers are. He will drape the dealers in crime scene tape as well  .The dealers equate Bill's actions to one who is just goofing around . 

February 10,2013 

 Snap , Crackle and POP.             p-54

January 29, 2013 

 an Agent Drops a Walkie Talkie            p-52

The Suffolk County Police Department is hiring.A help wanted sign hangs outside the precinct The sign reads :

"Smiles wanted .Inquire within"

Anyway ,Bill is out and about and making his way around Stony Brook. He made a pit stop at Friendly's Restaurant .Undercover Suffolk police entered and as they passed him they acknowledged him with a welcoming nod.

Out of respect Bill tips his cap to them. He is now in his hometown of Stony Brook, Suffolk County. His gut felling tells him to move to NYC.

Under surveillance, he realized that his cell phone is again being monitored.

He acknowledges the N.Y.P.D. for there intervention .

Bill being a former disc jockey himself called radio show host Delilah and made a request for his new love interest

That love interest is : "The NYPD".

His requested song is:  " Your Song "  by -Elton John .Featuring the lyrics : 

"How Wonderful Life is Now That Your in This World"

However ,Delilah chooses to play the version from the movie: " the Moulin Rouge" .

As an added bonus Bill placed the video on his Face Book page dedicating the video to the officers of the N.Y.P.D..

Pictured here . (L) Street dealers soliciting drugs to a passerby .(C) Bill who is under surveillance laid on a side walk in front of street dealers . (R) Bill wrapped a dealer up in crime scene tape. Bill a modern day vigilante is using his comical antics to draw heat to the dealers of Washington Heights .

" A Modern Day Street Cleaner "
   D.S.N.Y.      p-63

Pictured here are the two  N.Y.P.D. undercover officers who were assigned to Bill during his initial stay at the Oviatt Grand Hotel .

Silhouettes are provided to conceal their identity's . On the far right is a GSM surveillance cell phone charger that is placed on a table where Bill seated daily.

  Radio Talk Show Host Delilah       p-55

January 28, 2013 
The Suffolk County Welcome Wagon 
 a.k.a The Suffolk County Police Department.            

Pictured here : Bill seen here ,under police surveillance as he makes his way though Washington Heights .

Deceiving law enforcement that he is a drug lord ,he passes the entrance to the 34th precinct and the NYPD Anti-Crime Officers He has now laid the ground work and set the stage for his mission.
"It is heaven sent"

Pictured here. At Bellevue Hospital an undercover N.Y.P.D. officer reviewed Bill's X-ray. It became clear to the NYPD that the story the feds have painted of him is not adding up.He has lungs of a non-smoker ( a marathon runner )

March 2013 
The L.A.P.D. arrives in the Big Apple      p-62

Pictured here .Centered is Captain Culpepper of California .

He is on a conference call with the Indian River County Sheriff (L) and the New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (R)

Captain Culpepper and the Indian River County Sheriff alert Mr. Kelly that  Bill Sullivan is in New York . Put the A.P.B. out on Sullivan the drug trafficker.

Prior to hanging up ,with the conference phones in front of him Culpepper screamed at the top of his lungs :

"Be on the look out for the 007 Spy Jacket and the marked bills".

Pictured here :Dano's  cell phone charger listening device , happy hour @ the art gallery

​​Confidential Informant Dano Potter took residence at the Church of Saint Francis 
He quickly Befriended Bill.

Dano explained to Bill that he has just arrived in NYC from Indiana. He further went on to say that his purpose for the trip was to drive his wife's car from Indiana to the Bronx New York to have it chopped up so that they can collect on the car insurance.

He than hands Bill a sheet of paper with his phone number inscribed on it. # (317) 774-6628.

Dano said, give me a call and we will hang out. Bill will do just that. 

However ,Bill knows by now exactly what is going on .Dano's story does not add up. Plus he is carrying a "cell phone charger listening surveillance device". It is the same device that undercover officer Francis carried.Bill had nothing better to do and with the surveillance team video taping the both of them Bill took Dano up on his offer .

They both head out on a art gallery safari. An art gallery safari is much like a pub crawl however ,you hit up the art gallery's and drink up the free wine .

This is Bill's happy hour tip for all New Yorker's. They hit up a couple of gallery's and make a finale stop at the Agora Gallery. With Dano carrying a "Wire", Bill entertained him with a little bit of improv.

Bill played it off like he was a high end art collector. He rubbed shoulders with the elite socialites of N.Y.C. Basically what Bill is doing is jerking the federal informant off with a B.S. story of his own.

 Dano and Bill then leave the art gallery .

Once outside, Dano being a tough guy explained to Bill that he has just stolen a leather jacket from the coat rack inside the art gallery. A block away he offered the jacket  to Bill as a gift.Bill quickly declined .He would never wear hot goods and he knows what John Dough is up to. The jacket has a wire and tracking device within it.

Bill gut feeling all along is that Dano never stole the jacket that came with a camera in the interior pocket. Law enforcement most likely passed it off to him when they were both inside the art gallery.

Bill was suspect ,so the next day Bill checked with the 10th precinct to see if a complaint was made regarding a stolen leather jacket and camera  from the art gallery. The desk officer entered the computer system and there are no complaints coming from that art gallery location. Bill then went back to the Agora Art gallery to make his own inquiry .The manager told him that they have no report of a missing or stolen jacket.

With that said, Bill did a little more research on Dano and discovered that he is out of prison on a temporary release.

Dano is a certified informant and is working with law enforcement as to reduce his own prison sentence.

The Agora Art Gallery N.Y.C.          p-65

Mrs Trenette Of the Oliveri Grand Hotel came through.

Bill now took refuge at this landmark church. Virgil Starkwell introduced Bill to the residents .He is then greeted by the hosts Paul, Jim, Frank and Trevor.

He explained to them what had gone on in Los Angeles. After Bill learned that Frank is a retired police officer with the Port Authority ,he felt at ease taking residence there.Soon after Bills arrival, he puts his mission of undermining the Washington Height cartel into gear.

Over the next five months of his mission and during his darkest hour he will reveal to law enforcement who he truly is .

When he completes his Mission, law enforcement will declare him a modern day vigilante.Within the weeks to come law enforcement, confidential informants and a government operatives will soon move into the church convent of Saint Francis.

Pictured here . Bill entered the Dykman st subway station .

A federal agents dropped his walkie talkie . The radio slid across the platform and came to a resting stop at Bill's feet. This becomes a critical error.

Upon moving into the church Bill was greeted by Vinny the chin.

Vinny and Virgil  both had former ties to the mob. Vinny asked Bill what his deal is ?

Bill explained to him that the feds attempted to be frame him as they set him up in a drug sting operation.. He further went on to say that he wore a  surveillance jacket that came complete with a wire and transmitter and that he fears that the feds are going to set him up again. 

Vinny replied back to Bill :  "Get fuck out of here. Your not even Italian".

Vinny then explained that he was released from prison and he feared that the mob from 20 years ago may still have a hit on him. He welcomed Bill and raised a glass to a toast :"Here is to the Church of Saint Francis for providing us a safety net".

Law enforcement Assigns Informant Dano Potter 
The tide of Bill's mission is now turning.      p-64

John Dough arranges for Dano Potter to set Bill up on a violent assault charge.

This is police entrapment and law enforcement is taking their measure a bit to far.

Truth is : Bill can't hurt a fly 

As a confidential informant, Dano Potter is licensed to commit crimes.

One day Dano explained to Bill that he needed to purchase a few items at Kmart .

Dano asked Bill to join him prior to them going out for a bite to eat in the theater district.

The two headed into the toy isle where Dano picked up a toy water pistol .

From there Dano picked up a bottle of Tabasco sauce. As the two were leaving K-mart ,Dano explained to Bill that he was short on cash and asked him if he could cover the purchase for him. Bill obliged .

Once outside he asked Dano: "whats with the water gun ?" 

Dano replied back : "I need to make quick cash ". He went on to explain the purpose of the water gun. The idea is to fill the gun with Tabasco sauce as to create a weapon .With the gun he went on to say that he intends to shoot passerby's in the eyes were they would become impaired and making them an easy target to rob of their electronic devices .

Bill said: "are you for real ? "

 Dano replied back: "yes".

Dano went on to fill the gun with Tabasco sauce.

He than motioned to Bill on how to use it. Dano then placed the gun into Bill's hand and told Bill to pull the trigger just to see how good his aim was. He saw a potential victim approach them, so Dano then encouraged Bill to shoot the individual in the eyes.

With his hands sweating ,Bill with hesitation tightened his grip around the trigger and pulled it .

He just shot Dano in one of his eyes.

Being remorseful ,Bill said to Dano:

 "Geez .Accidents happen . the gun must have back fired . I'm sorry .I guess I'm not cut out to be a Bandit".

Truth is  : If Bill did shoot that passerby in the eyes law enforcement assigned to him would have locked him up on the spot and he would be charged with a violent assault charge .

However ,this kind of behavior is not within his nature.

New York law enforcement now sees a different picture of Bill . That picture is one that gives contrast to the fact that he is not a violent MS-13 member that John Dough attempted to paint him as.

The surveillance team concludes to the fact that :  

"a funny thing happened on the way to the theater".

Mob Turn Coat Vinny the Chin             p-57

The Water Pistol
  A funny thing happened on the way to the theater      p-66

Lights , Camera and Action 
The Powder Puff Police   p-59

Bill's mission is gaining heat as he travels back and forth to Washington Heights everyday. At this stage of the game,New York law enforcement now views Bill as Pablo Escobar the CEO of the Colombian Cartel.

His actions are suspicious as he interacts with street drug Dealers. Bill knows that he is gaining attention among multiple law enforcement agency's that are investigating him. To gain information as to what Bill is up to and what ties to criminal enterprises that he may be connected to , the government assigns an informant.