Pictured here : Vice Cop Limp Dick Lenny

Bill is preparing for reinstatement at the Burbank Homeland Security Headquarters. He has been told by human resources that the returning military will have priority in the reinstatement and hiring process .He should expect delays in his reinstatement.

At the moment Bill is searching for work at the local restaurants.  

Law enforcement is aware of this.

To be hired you need a working phone however ,law enforcement will apply bully tactics upon Bill.

In an effort to sabotage his employment efforts they will tamper with his phone. Potential employers call Bill in for an interview. When they call his phone ,the call is forwarded to another phones voice mail.

Bill voicemail message goes like this: "Hello this Is Michael" . The voice is grumpy and unwelcoming. Bill does find out about this issue.He is informed  through a potential employer and close friends as they have all made many attempts to reach out to him. He calls his cell phone provider however, Virgin Mobile is unable to figure the problem out .Bill is unable to change the message.

There is a reason for this. If Bill is unable to find work and bring in a paycheck he would than be more prone and placed in a position to break the law to make a few bucks.

This is what law enforcement is hoping for. This is a bully tactic

Now with Bill's funds running low this is were vice cop "Limp Dick Lenny" comes in. As Bill is walking down Santa Monica Blvd. he is encountered by an undercover law enforcement posing as a pimp.

The undercover officer (pimp)  greets Bill and introduces himself as Limp Dick Lenny.

He further goes on to say that he operates a coed escort service ( prostitution ring ) and business is booming. He explained to Bill that he is a perfect fit for the business  and the income he could make is the sky's the limit.

Bill knows that this is some kind of set up and he declines.

 He bids a farewell to these nefarious scoundrels and chuckles towards law enforcement : " You Guys Crack Me Up ! "

Bill humors law enforcement as he hitch hikes down Santa Monica Blvd.

He rolls up his slacks to show some leg and then thumbs for a ride like a 1970's hitch hiker. Within moments a truck with customized California license plates pulls up roadside . The plate reads : " J U S T O " .The individual is a burly looking. Some what of a  "he / she creature" . The individual  gains Bill attention and whips out a $100 crisp bill for sex.

Bill responded by saying :

"Madam what kind of person do you think I am ? Sloppy seconds are not my style".

Bill then continues on his way as he hitches a ride. This time it is a free pick up . The West Hollywood shuttle pulled up curbside. Bill hops on board and is on his way for a night on the town. Like on the sign on the shuttle reads :

"The shuttle guarantees a free pick up"

Truth is : This was a set up. This is police entrapment .If Bill accepted the $100 .He would have faced a solicitation charge. 

Pictured here is Confidential Informant Buck Wheat .

Tony a.k.a. Buckwheat has  prior drug related charges. As part of his plea arrangement with the district attorneys office Buckwheat agrees to become a confidential informant and assist law enforcement .As a confidential informant his jail sentence will be reduced as part of the plea deal. Buck Wheat is now licensed to commit crimes. His assignment is to plant evidence in Bills motel Room and to offer him Crystal meth.

Bill pays his rent weekly . He is looking to move because were he lives has been invaded by law enforcement .(Two's company and three's a crowd ).

 A friend of Bills recommends a area motel. Bill heads to the motel to look at the facility and to gain information regarding the monthly rates. Bill is unsure if this environment is suited for him. With that said, he will give the motel a 2 day trial before committing to the monthly rate.

The motel is called the Alta Cienega Motel . located at 1005 North La Cienega St.

To make a long story short confidential informant Tony Buck Wheat intercepts Bill and befriends him in quick conversation. By now Bill knows this is a law enforcement charade and a set up. It is the same routine that occurred days before when Bill met a confidential Informant named Slim Shady. 

Buck Wheat welcomes Bill to the neighborhood and then uses the bathroom.

He plants drug evidence in the garbage pail and on his way out he places a listening device watch on the cable T.V.converter box.

Buck Wheat then leaves .Prior to leaving he explains to Bill that he will be in the area later and will stop by. Once Buckwheat was gone Bill ran into the bathroom and his gut proved right.Buck Wheat has planted evidence.

In the next room over, Bill hears the surveillance team drilling through the base board of the wall. Buckwheat the confidential informant has made one critical error.

When he pulled the evidence out of his pocket his ATM receipt dropped onto the floor.

The receipt read  "Chase Bank 8966 Santa Monica Blvd. 11/29/13 . Sequence # 5204 .$103 withdrawal from savings. ATM Ca 0307 .

This is a blunder , as Bill would put it : " a clusterfuck " This is the equivalent to a police officer dropping his I.D. card in the commission of a crime. When mid afternoon came around , Bill opened his door to vent the room.

About 5 hours later confidential informant Buck Wheat returned and entered  the motel room as the door was left open. Bill told him to get the out. Buck Wheat then dangles dope in front of Bill and offers him a bag. Under surveillance Bill declines and abandons the premise.  

Bill wearing a Superman T-shirt and cape walks down Santa Monica Blvd .

A black SUV  pulled out of the driveway of Bank of America. In the black SUV is a detective in business attire. Bill takes the ATM receipt and adheres it to his forehead .

Bill gave the detective a nod and the detective returned a salute and a thumbs up. It was a good thing that Bill had left. Upon him leaving law enforcement rushed into the room and recovered the evidence that was planted in the garbage pail .

Being that the motel room was registered under Bills name the evidence recovered will be presented to the district Attorney .This is circumstantial evidence and the probable cause to gain a search warrant for the address were Bill presently resides.

A search warrant is issued and is valid for 10 days.
The search warrant will be presented on December 7 ,2013. 

This is relevant to the 2nd "frame" job that is soon to come .

With his crime scene costume in hand , Bill makes his way to the Halloween Carnival . Prior to attending the event he stops off at the Old Coast Saloon. Upon entering, he meets up with  his friends Wes and Dan. Wes is known as the honorary Mayor of West Hollywood.

He is a man of caliber with foreign dignitary ties. Both Wes and Dan take notice of the presence of undercover officers that are swarming Bill.  All three recalled the incident when Bill who at the time worked for Homeland Security ,discovered a wire dangling from his ceiling fan. Because of his ties to foreign dignitary's , this becomes a novel concern as he to is a foreign traveler at heart. 

With the feds in view ,Wes explained to Bill that he must conduct a search.

Bill goes on to say : "Are kidding , trust me I'm not wearing a wire" .

Dan responded : " it is protocol ".

Bill consents to the pat down. Dan completes a full body pat down and explains to Wes that Bill is all clear . Wes who has some understanding that Bill has landed in some kind of shit comments to Dan his body guard :

"He has a bad case of the" blue flu" and he needs to shake it off ".
They all than head off to the Halloween Carnival.

Over the past couple of months Doug has befriended Bill.

Whenever Doug was in Bills presence he never revealed that he was a police officer however, Bill knew he was a police officer because during a discussion he accidentally slipped  personal information that only he would know .

Doug has integrity.

Doug is aware that law enforcement will act maliciously towards Bill in their pursuit of vengeance.  Doug can't come right out and tell Bill what law enforcement has in store for him . He would risk losing his vacation pay however, since rogue officers are going through with the plot and have gained a search warrant under Bills name Doug explained to Bill that unlike in New York, in California the district attorney can present a case without going through a grand jury proceeding.

Unlike in New York, in California the district attorney can get a conviction through  circumstantial evidence.

Doug then explained a scenario to Bill .

Basically put here, in a nutshell.

" You have screwed law enforcement and they are going to screw you in return.When they do screw you ,your better off in New York because Riker's Island jail in New York is like a walk in the park compared to Los Angeles County Jail " .

The message that he has conveyed to Bill is : 

" Pack up and leave Los Angeles now ".

Bill knows that Doug works for the same law enforcement agency as undercover officer Edward who resides in the same house as him. Knowing  that the house is bugged ,later that day  Bill wrote on a sheet of paper the following words:  

" If you were me would you stay in los Angeles or move back to New York ?  Nod yes for the move back to New York or nod no to stay in Los Angeles" .

 Bill then gave the note to Edward the undercover officer who he resides with. Edward read the note and gives Bill a nod "Yes" as he should  move back to New York asap. This shows that Edward has integrity .

Thank You Officers Edward and Doug of West Hollywood !

Pat left and most likely reported to his/ her superiors that Bill is not under the influence of dope and dope was not seen in his possession.

Since Cool Hand Luke lied to the officers ,Bill is unaware that he is the suspect who is carrying a large stash of drugs (meth).

With all the law enforcement around him he sees this being very costly to the taxpayers. Whatever is going on ,he exhaust the efforts of Law enforcement .Soon he took notice that they have seemed to have pulled back.

Bill bids a fare well to his make shift tent .

He makes his way down Santa Monica Blvd to his residence.Unmarked vehicles are parked along the route to his residence.

He entered his shared residence and called It a day .Law enforcement will remain parked outside 24/7 of his shared residence over the next days to come.

Pictured here :The spy pen and the crack pipe that was planted 8 feet up on a window header.

Pictured here: "Wes " the Honorary Mayor of West Hollywood

 Halloween Carnival 2013
   West Hollywood Santa Monica Boulevard        ( P-116 ) 

​​Pictured here :The Bevonshire Lodge located on Beverly Blvd. 

Pictured here :Bill as he opens the blinds ,he takes notice of all the unmarked police cars located across the street at the post office. He opens and closes the blinds to send a morse code signal to law enforcement. He got the idea from watching McHale's Navy. 
The morse code is received and translated : 

((( Happy Thanksgiving , at the taxpayers expense, enjoy the overtime !! )))

Pictured here : (L) to (R) Undercover officers Dave the Wave , Ramrod and Jermaine aka Big Lips Johnson

Pictured here Bill moves into 953 North Normandie .

It is just one month away from the next ambush. With the money and revenue spent on operation fly swatter  ,law enforcement is going to proceed to grind the finale axe. They will have to produce a major arrest to justify the cost of the operation.

A day after Bill moved in ,an undercover law enforcement officer named Edward moved in.

Rye the property manager explained to Bill that Edward has moved in and will share your room, Then on the third day undercover officer Jerold moved in. Rye the property manager explained to Bill that Jerold has moved in as well and all three of you  will share the room .

Bill now reflects on the saying : "two's company and three's a crowd".

On the forth day undercover officer Patrick moved in however , he is assigned to another bedroom in the house.  By the fifth day ,the surveillance team moves into the apartment building next door.

The surveillance team will have a complete view of Bill's bedroom since the curtains were removed prior to him moving in. Law enforcement had the curtains removed for good reason.

To Bill the employment story's that Edward ,Jerold and Patrick came up with just did not add up.

The story's are: "full of baloney" as Judge Judy would put it. This is why Bill knows instinctively that they are undercover officers. The officers are assigned to do a job and this bunch seem to have much more integrity then others. They will build report with Bill and interact with him. There will come a time that the game will change and their conscience will take over when they find out that law enforcement is going to act with criminal intent.

When this takes place , all three will tip Bill off  because of the oath that they have sworn to "uphold the law". All three will be in a difficult position and risk losing their vacation days if they blow their cover.

The three will find creative ways to tip him off when the time comes. For now and over the weeks to come ,law enforcement will arrange for confidential informants to intercept Bill and pursued him to do drugs in a continued effort to stage and set him up.

Pictured here :(L)The second floor where the surveillance team has moved into .They are peeping on Bill and are getting off at the same time. (R) The driveway that separates the properties .

Rye the property manager explained to Bill that he manages a property located on Normandie ave .

He further went on to say that its much closer to Santa Monica Blvd and he has a bedroom available . There is reason behind Rye's motivation to transfer and move Bill to the house located on Normandie Blvd. You see the house that Bill now resides at is located next door to a drug rehabilitation facility. That facility is owned by the same property owner that owns the house that Bill is now residing in.

There is a big problem here. When a warrant to search the premise is issued and Bill is arrested  the owners of the property could risk losing their license to operate the the drug rehab facility that is located next door.

Law enforcement makes arrangements for property manager Rye to move Bill to the house located on Normandie Av. a couple of blocks away. Since Rye's sister works for the L.A.P.D. Rye has some knowledge that something is up.

For what ever the reason ,Rye will turn a blind eye and let law enforcement have their way. At the same weekly rent payment Bill accepts Rye's offer and moves into the Home on Normandie. With that said ,the property owners will not risk their license to operate a drug rehabilitation facility .

Pictured here  :(L) The motel (C) The motel room. Bill being a disc jockey finds the room fitting as he can say that he has slept in the same bed as Jim Morrison of the music group "The Doors". (R) The drugs and evidence that is planted in the garbage pail.

Pictured here is : Electrocardiogram surveillance equipment

Bill caught undercover officer "Dave the Wave" red handed as he was harnessing this sophisticated equipment under his 4 inch thick mattress of his bed.

 Once caught, Dave quickly placed the electronic apparatus in two sleek grey boxes .The grey boxes which are quite small can fit in the palm of your hands. The thing is when Dave became startled he had left the surveillance harness behind.

Again this is a police blunder and critical error.

 Bill quickly removed the harness pins from the mattress .He than displayed the eight harness pins on his dress shirt. As part of his mission these pins displayed on his shirt can now be viewed as a medal of honor . 

Bill wears the harness pins with pride as he travels through los Angeles and Hollywood.

The surveillance team is now is pursuit of the harness. Many in law enforcement are gravely concerned over this mishap.

Many in law enforcement are holding back in laughter over this blunder .This is seen as an embarrassment within the law enforcement community.  

Now after a wild goose chase as law enforcement pursued after the harness pins, Bill headed back to his shared residence.

He entered the residence and upon entering the bedroom he made a stunning observation. High up on the 8 foot window header ( the window frame ) is a pen. Bill retrieved it. The pen has a camera and listening device within it. Then he makes another observation. High up on the window header he discovered a crack pipe that has what appears to be drug residue within it.

This is planted evidence.

This evidence , once discovered in ones possession is the equivalent many years in prison. Bill takes the crack pipe outside and smashes it. He than walks around the property clicking the surveillance pen .Curbside and in the street , plain clothes law enforcement officers are expressing signs of grief.

Bill is well aware that if he destroys the surveillance equipment the officers could lose vacation days. Bill places himself in the officers shoes and is aware that the officers are following orders from the mother ship and are just doing there job although, many are being misguided. Having empathy for the officers, Bill walks upstairs and surrenders the surveillance equipment. 

He rest the surveillance pen on his pillow. He then left his room and headed to use the bathroom. When he returned to the bedroom he took note that the surveillance device / pen has vanished. Officers Jermaine and Ramrod took possession of the electronic apparatus.

Bill's mattress is having an anxiety attack .

The mattress undergoes ( EKG testing )     ( P-117 )

Pictured here : With his many years as a Boy Scout and his experience to live off the land , Bill finds solace in his make shift tent .

Once more ,the plot will begin to thicken  for a second time            ( P-115)

Thursday December 5, 2013 
The frame Job is underway  ( P -126 )

The West Hollywood drug sting operation  
Featuring the two hobo's . 
"Good things happen to those who wait. So with that said you'll have to wait for the movie release"

Pictured here : The We Ho Shuttle Bus

As Bill exits the free ride he shouted out : "Sorry no tip.Death in the family"

                    Bill destroys the planted evidence and foils the Plot           ( P-118 ) 

Ever since Bill pulled out and left the hotel the attempt to set him up continues. 

During the week of Halloween three undercover law enforcement officers move into the house that Bill now resides at.

The agents names are Dave the wave , Ramrod and Jermaine a.k.a Big Lips Johnson.  The agents pictured here are following the orders from the "mother ship" known as the DEA

Jermaine arrived first and planted a crack pipe high up on the window header in Bill's bedroom

This is the same crack pipe that rogue law enforcement officers recovered in the early morning hours of October 11 when Bill was in the presence of Orange Juice Jones the confidential informant.

Be mindful ,on October the eleventh while Bill was under the influence of a "roofy" Orange Juice Jones rolled Bill's finger prints around the crack pipe.This evidence has been re-planted and that being said law enforcement continues to engage in wrong doing.

Dave the Wave moved into the house the next day. Dave brought along a bag with surveillance equipment  that included evidence collection jars.

A day later Ramrod arrived and moved in.Ramrods assignment is to befriend Bill and plant the drug evidence .When all factors come into play a search warrant will then be issued.

November 7,2013 
 Its back to the drawing board for law enforcement           ( P-119 )

The Hollywood coed escort service .

          More police entrapment           ( P-120 )

Pictured here : (L) to (R) undercover officers Edward , Jerold and Patrick . Silhouettes are provided to conceal their identities.

The Surveillance Team ( The Peeping Toms) 

949 North Normandie Ave. Los Angeles  

Pictured here is : Confidential Informant Cool Hand Luke  

Cool Hand Luke , has a prior arrest record . As a confidential informant he works alongside law enforcement .This is part of a plea agreement with the district attorney as to reduce his jail sentence . However, a confidential informant is supposed to act within the letter of the law. In this scenario law enforcement will turn a blind eye as confidential informant Cool Hand Luke is licensed to commit crimes under their authority. As a confidential informant his assignment is to befriend Bill and then lure him into a sting operation.

" With that said its time for the games to begin".

Bill heads to Tree Trunks lounge For a pool tournament .

Upon arrival Cool Hand Luke intercepts Bill and quickly befriends him.

At the end of the tournament, Cool hand Luke takes first place . As he and Bill leave the lounge Cool Hand Luke dangles the dope in front of Bill. He offers Bill the dope under one condition .That one condition is that he must join him at an undisclosed  drug den in Hollywood. Bill humors Cool Hand Luke and agrees to go with him to the  party.

 The two  head over to Rite-Aid drug store. Once in the store ,Bill observes plainclothes officers as they abruptly surround the both of them. They Both exit the store and await for the bus to arrive at the corner. Bill who is swarmed by law enforcement has a bad vibe about this set up. Cool Hand Luke has a lot of drugs in his possession and with that said ,Bill terminates his mission .

He explains to Cool Hand Luke that he has left his debit card behind at Rite-Aid drug store .He explained that he would return in a moment. Bill re-entered the store he made a quick dash out the rear exit. He was heard by many customers as he shouted out to law enforcement  "Adios Amigos Suckers !"  Unbeknownst to Bill , moments later Cool Hand Luke stashed the dope that law enforcement had given him. Cool Hand Luke then explained to Law enforcement that Bill has the dope that he was issued Cool Hand Luke explained that Bill ran off with the supply of drugs .Law enforcement is now misled by the confidential informant.

 Law enforcement is pissed. They are misled and believe that Bill has the stash of drugs.

Bill is now walking along minding his own business as he makes his way back to his residence .Law enforcement and their unmarked cars are all over Bill.

With that said ,he is giving law enforcement a run for there money as he takes them on a wild goose chase. He zig zags through the side streets of West Hollywood. Bill then goes into hiding .This game of cat and mouse has been transformed into a game of hide and seek. Bill hides and eventually the blood hounds in the sky will seek him out.With the amount of law enforcement that is swarming him he feels that it is best not to head back to his residence. He feels that this may be the hour of the 2nd frame job. With that said, he found an opportunity to shake law enforcement off.

Bill found a location in a secluded parking lot. He makes a make shift tent .

Just when he is about to get some rest he is awakened by the L.A.P.D. air support. The helicopter has sniffed Bill out from miles away .The air support has him on there thermal finger print system. They have him locked and his location is pin pointed .

The LAPD air support notified the ground units of Bill's location . They found him and the surveillance team moved into position. As Bill slept marked patrol units scrambled into position .They have Bill in full sight .The patrol cars are just feet away from the make shift tent.

Bill awakens and takes a peek. He questions himself . He ponders that he may be on the property of the police precinct .The patrol units leave and a cream colored mini van pulls up and parks in the lot. The driver gets out and walks of the property. Bill observed a surveillance camera attached to the  window of the mini van.

Bill snoozed and is awakened by a undercover West Hollywood police officer. Bill can't make out if the officer is a he or a she ? Bill assigns the officer a name . He gave the officer the name Pat.The officer asked Bill if ( he/she) can join him. Bill explained to officer "Pat" that the space is limited however, he being cordial offered "Pat" a cocktail.  Undercover Pat declined .Before Pat left he had just one wise crack for  "him/ her " .

" I see that you have a limp wrist.You must be over worked and under paid. "

Pictured here : Bill exposes the license plate of a Hollywood law enforcement sex slave 

Thanksgiving 2013
Featuring confidential Informant Slim Shady.
Slim Shady is licensed to commit crimes        p-123             

The West Hollywood Sheriffs a.k.a "The super friendly sheriffs" 

The officers are armed with fly swatters       p-121       

Pictured here :The thermal imaging equipment the L.A.P.D. used to locate Bill a.k.a. "the fly"

 A West Hollywood undercover police officer.   p-125

Chapter Ten

October 16,2013 
830 North Mariposa Los Angeles  p-114

Pictured here : Rye the Property Manager. Soon he too will play a role in the frame job.

Upon Jerold moving in and being aware of the plot to frame Bill. He tips Bill off with a subtle hint. One day as Jerold walks up the front steps of the house he makes an acknowledgment will Bill.

He said to Bill :  "I'm going to purchase you curtains for your bedroom window" . 

It takes a few days for those words to sink in . One evening as Bill  ponders that gesture, he looks out his bedroom window. Perfect timing . He sees law enforcement (the surveillance team )  enter the second floor apartment of the adjacent property. The surveillance cameras are positioned and aimed right towards Bill's bedroom window.

Following the masquerade event ,Bill headed over to a  gala event that was held at the Eagle Nest lounge.

Pictured here is : Lester the host .Out west he is known as the "black cat" in law enforcement. He has Bill's back .No DEA funny business  at this hot spot. The thing is law enforcement entered the bar and they have crossed his path.With Lester being the black cat , this no doubt it will spell bad luck for John Dough

Pictured here is : Bill and Jennifer in costume as they lay across the pavement of Santa Monica Blvd.

For Halloween , they entered a costume masquerade event  as "A crime Scene".

Pictured here is:Pat the undercover he/she cop

Confidential Informant Cool Hand Luke 
 Licensed to commit crimes                p-122   

Early morning Rye the property manager walks in to the bedroom that is shared among Bill , undercover police officers Edward and Jerold.

Rye explains to all three that he has a group of women that will be moving in and that he needs to reserve this bedroom for the women. He than went on to say that Edward and Jerold will have to move to another room in the house A.S.A.P.

Rye explained to Bill that he would have to stay in the room for now .

He would have the room all to himself. Rye than left the room.

Edward and Jerold turned to each other .There faces expressed concern of being " left out  in the dark" as one would say. Edward and Jerold both reached for their phones and then exited the room to call their superiors.

Truth is : Rye the property manager is working with law enforcement. The story about the women moving in is a B.S.story. Rumor has it ,Rye's sister works for the L.A.P.D . With that said ,Rye the property manager is going to turn his back as it is now open hunting season on Bill who is now wearing a bulls eye on his back.

Law enforcement has obtained a search warrant for the shared bedroom.

The search warrant has Bill's name on it. The search warrant is limited to 10 days from the date of issue .Obviously ,there is a conflict of interest and this is why the undercover officers must vacate the shared bedroom.Bottom line is: they can't frame a person if they share the same room with him.

Later that day Patrick the undercover officer who also resides in the house has integrity and he intends to tip Bill off and undermine the frame job . Patrick walks into the kitchen and turns the gas stove on high. He than turns all four gas burners on high. This is for good reason. Since the house is bugged his actions are  conveying a  message to Bill.

The message is a simple one and that is :

"The Heat is on" and "Its getting hot in here".

Through Patrick's message ,hopefully Bill will get it.

Bill gets up and walks through the house . He observed that the oven and stove are on and that there is nothing cooking.

He left the house and returned a few hours later. When Bill returned he walked in and realized that it is so hot in the house that he nowi beginning to gasp for air.

He walked into the kitchen and he noticed that the oven and stove are still on . Bill feeling like a cooked hot dog shouted :

" Who has the oven and stove top on ? Has anyone here about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning ? " 

Patrick then walks out to the living room and comments to Bill as he gestures a nod " Hey it is getting Hot in here ! ".

 A light bulb then went off above Bill's head. He  got it. He understood Patrick's message loud and clear.

Then undercover officer Jerold  is also making efforts to tip Bill off.

Jerold is  in need of a night light for his lap top computer. He returned with a 150 watt utility lamp along with a heavy duty 20 foot utility extension cord .

Jerold explained to Bill that this night light exceeded his expectations as it is illuminating the house like a ball park. Bill then asked Jerold if he could use his laptop. Jerold gave Bill permission however , he explained to him to use caution  since the keypad is hot.

Truth is : Undercover officer Jerold has integrity. Through his actions he has conveyed a message to Bill . That message is :

"It is getting hot in here. Move back to New York A.S.A.P ! ".

Jerold has just undermined the Frame Job. Thank you Officer Jerold.

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013 

Featuring confidential informant Tony a.k.a. Buck Wheat 
Buck Wheat is  licensed to commit crimes             ( P-124 )

This concludes chapter ten

Click here to view Chapter Eleven

Pictured here : undercover police officer Patrick tipped Bill off by placing the gas stove and oven on high temperature.

The temperature inside the house is a sweltering 100 degrees. The officer is aware of the search warrant and his action demonstrates integrity . Officer Patrick has just undermined the "frame" job a.k.a operation fly swatter.

Thank You Officer Patrick !

Bill refers to Craigslist.org .

Upon searching for a apartment or a house share ,he hits the jackpot as he has came across a posting . 

The posting read : House share , $135 a week includes all utility's including cable and wi-fi. 830 North Mariposa .Los Angeles contact Rye (323) 207-6237.

This fits the bill since the rent covers all.

Bill reaches out to Rye and the deal is finalized. Bill says farewell to the friendly staff at the Adventurer Hotel and heads to Hollywood. Upon moving in , Rye greets Bill with a genuine welcome . He shouted out: "Welcome to Hollyweed". Rye further went onto say that all weed smoking is off limits inside the house however , the back yard will welcome your hearts desires.

Bill explains to Rye that he is down on his luck since he is a non-smoker.

Unbeknownst to Bill ,rumor has it,  Rye the property manager has a sister who is a police officer within the ranks of the L.A.P.D.


West Hollywood Sheriffs K-9 unit at Pan Pacific Park. L.A.P.D. K-9 were on holiday time off

Pictured here is Confidential Informant Slim Shady .

Slim Shady has prior drug related charges . As part of a plea deal to reduce his jail time he and the district attorneys office have agreed to a plea to reduce his sentence. He will assist law enforcement .

Slim Shady's assignment is to befriend Bill and plant evidence in Bill's hotel room. 
Bill plans to relax on Thanksgiving at the Bevonshire Lodge .

After being out and about on Thanksgiving eve Bill makes his way to the Bevonshire Lodge. Just prior to arriving  Slim Shady intercepts Bill. Slim Shady makes his conservation brief . He carries a white CVS plastic shopping bag.

Just prior to reaching the property an L.A.P.D. patrol car drives up along side Bill. The L.A.P.D. officer has integrity. The officer is aware that law enforcement plans to Set Bill up.

In front of Bill, the officer approaches Slim Shady and questions him .

He asked him  :

" Didn't I arrest you last week ?" 

Slim Shady replied :"No . You must have mistaken me for someone else".

Truth is : The police officer has integrity and was tipping Bill off that Slim Shady is a confidential informant and is working with law enforcement to set him up.

Bill received the officers nudge and saluted the officer as he parted.

Bill heeded to what the officer had said and proceeded with caution in the presence of Slim Shady. Once at the hotel property Slim Shady asked Bill if he could use his bathroom real quick . Bill obliged and moments late Slim shady left.

Twenty minutes later while in the hotel room, Bill looked out the window .

He noticed that the post office parking lot is packed with cars. He then looks to the right and sees that Pan Pacific Park parking lot is also packed with cars. This is odd since it is Thanksgiving and it is a federal holiday.

Each car has a driver seated behind the wheel. Bill then went into the bathroom and he noticed that Slim Shady has left his white CVS shopping bag behind .The bag was in the bathroom garbage pail. Bill opened the bag up ."It is a set up".

Within one hour ,Bill realized that the slim shady has planted drug evidence in the hotel room that is registered under his name. Bill knows he can't go any where .The cars located across the street are unmarked police cars.The moment he leaves law enforcement will enter and recover the evidence that has been planted. Bill stays put.

Later that day he notices that the officers are still parked. It seems that all eyes are on Bill's hotel room. Bill has some knowledge of morse code and he opens and closes the window blinds sending law enforcement a message . The message he conveys to them by opening and closing the blinds is translated to :

" Happy Thanksgiving ! "  " Enjoy the overtime ! " .

During the evening hours Bill leaves his room and he makes a quick dash to get rid of the planted evidence. He throws the evidence over a nearby parking lot fence. Bill suspects that detectives are nearby as well. He headed back to his room where he heard the surveillance team in the adjacent room. While in his room law enforcement recovered the evidence bag that Bill had thrown over the fence. The following day he checked out.

As he checked out ,rogue officers seek to chump up the charge and plant more evidence. 
Law enforcement enters the hotel room and they recover the evidence as they build a case against him.

The sun is going down and Bill is standing just outside the Old Coast Saloon .He is admiring the sundown .

He is standing in the presence of the "Wes" Honorary Mayor of West Hollywood . The Sheriff of West Hollywood is driving in a marked patrol unit .He pulled up curbside to his favorite watering hole called the Old Coast Saloon. The Sheriff waved Bill over in Gesture.

 Bill approaches the Sheriff and the Sheriff commented to Bill :

" You look familiar .What is your name ? 

Bill  replied Back :

"I know that you know , that you know ,that you know my name".

The Sheriff then greets Bill with a handshake along with a welcoming smile.

He then said to Bill : "Good evening William Sullivan "

He further went on to say :

"We call you the Fly . Do you know why we call you the Fly ?

"Bill quickly responded by saying : 

" Is it because I have a buzz to my step ?

The Sheriff replied back : 

"No its not William .Law enforcement has given you the name as "the Fly" because at times your an annoyance , you get in the way and you are known to land in shit".

Bill then questioned him and asked him if the tactics used upon him were to rule him out as a suspect. The Sheriff advised Bill that law enforcement was never using techniques in order to rule him out as a suspect and that he is considered the suspect.

Bill then went on to say :

" Do you think that Homeland Security is going through with my reinstatement ?" 

The Sheriff responded by saying : "No .It ain't happening .You can forget about it".

The Sheriff asked Bill to stick around a moment since other patrol units were en-route to meet him. The other patrol cars arrived and greeted Bill . One officer even waved at him with a Fly Swatter (LOL) . Bill then tipped his hat and gave the Sheriff a salute.

The planted drugs (probable cause -circumstantial evidence)

Law enforcement motions to Bill 

" surrender the spy pen you funny mother fucker"