Shown here is The Cougar of Sebastian @Earls Hideaway Lounge

Bill has a feeling that N.Y. law enforcement has something planned for him. At the last minute he decides to pull out of New York and head down to Florida to visit his cougar "Claudia" in Sebastian Florida. 
During this time he will work on his website novel. Unbeknownst to Bill , law enforcement placed another tracking device in his foot wear. Within a short while of arriving in Florida ,law enforcement entered his condo while he was in the shower. Law enforcement retrieved the one sneaker with the tracking device.

Bill stepped out of the shower and he noticed that he is missing a sneaker for his other foot. "Son of a bitch.Law enforcement swooped up my sneaker" he shouted. 

His cougar Claudia picked him up for an day on the town. She asked "Wheres your shoes"  

He replied : 
" The guy who took residence above me is named Dennis .He operates a surveillance post.He most likely swooped up my sneaker.

"It is not the first time that law enforcement has swooped up my belongings " 

With the feds mixing and mingling in the background ,the crowds of party goers at Earls Hideaway cheer the band as they perform the song  "99 BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL"

​​Bill has a flair for hospitality and his employer recognizes his efforts to throw the red carpet at his guest. He is assigned to oversee a security detail at Bounce entertainment venue.He is assigned to the front door.
Just at the peak of the evening the manager turned to all and cheered "Romance is in the air ! " 
Unbeknownst to his second employer ,there are parallel multi-law enforcement investigations on Bill . 
Funny thing is ,within moments the N.Y.P.D. has officers from the local precinct join the party.

 Bill was greeted by NYPD patrol officer "Romance" .
What a  last name of convenience. Coming from other officers,rumor has it that that Officer Romance is a good kisser.With that said Bill invited him back for the annual spin the bottle event to be held on Valentines Day. 

Mission : IMPROVable 
"A Taste of Heaven with Sweet Revenge" 

"Good morning everyone.I'm Bill's Grampa  Leo Schnauzer  N.Y.P.D.police officer " .

"As Bill's role model , I would have gave the John Dough the screw too! Tea  anyone ? "

Police brutality and the use of rabbit ears  p-149

Sept 2 , 2014 
The Long Awaited Phone Call      p-154

Sugar and Spice will make everything nice !

" John Dough is wounded and bleeding at the moment . As part of  this grassroots movement share this web site with all you know ".

"In doing so you will be pouring salt on an open wound".

"Thank you" - Grampa  
" P.S. in case your wondering :
" I drove N.Y.P.D. patrol car # 54 back in the day when officers were permitted to fire friendly warning shots instead of today's routine stop and frisk ".

Claudia the Cougar and Bill arrive at Earl's Hideaway.

Earl's Hideaway is on game. The staff provided a personal touch to welcome the feds

Culpeper recieved a call from the president.He updates him on Mission :IMPROVable."the 007 spy jacket and marked bills have not been recovered"

New Years Eve 2015 Bounce Bar . Romance is in the air  p-156

Congressman Charlie Rangel pays a visit p-155

By trade, Bill is a bartender . Congressman Charlie Rangel payed Bill a visit at his workplace to have his usual .
With recent knowledge that Bill was involved in some kind of " monkey business " Charlie with a banana in hand exchanged the banana for a glass of Chardonay . 
The banana is part of Mr. Rangels strict diet. 
Bill explained to Charlie :
" It isn't easy being the TSA Agent Framed". 
Mr. Rangel turned to Bill and asked him " With all that  monkey business what charges did they get you on ? "
Bill replied :
"Never arrested or charged " 
With the Holland Tunnel to New Jersey backlogged, bartender Bill poured Charlie one for the road. Charlie raised his cup of wine and made a toast : 

" Here is to you Bill . Your a sly fox."  

This concludes chapter thirteen.

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Pictured here isDanny the Bartender.He and his staff made Dohn dough feel right at home. Many ask Danny what is with the Bunny ears .Danny the Bartender is on game with Bill .He mocks the police mis-conduct within this story. You see back in the day when cops had to get information or a confession from a perp the cops would put on bunny ears on as they roughed up the suspect. When the suspect faced the judge the next day the suspect would make a claim of police mis-conduct. The Judge would ask the suspect what the cop looked like . The suspect would provide the Judge with the description of the cop wearing bunny ears. Once the Judge heard that a cop was wearing bunny ears ,the Judge would remand the suspect to a local psych ward for evaluation.

Welcome FBI

A New Year. A new Beginning. Bill has his eyes on a Cougar   p-157

 A flag is raised .
" It is The Official White Surrender Flag " 
 It is time for  John Dough to surrender     p-152

" Mission IMPROVable ! I'll drink to that "

-Elaine Stritch a notable Broadway actress

The L.os Angeles Police Department -Criminal Conspiracy Unit  p-150

                   Late July 2014                     
Bill's Grampa ,an officer with the New York City police Department speaks out and offers words of wisdom  through this website p-151

Shown here on the left is Bill's Grampa. He has a story to tell you . Here it is :

" Back in the day when I was a patrol officer the feds came down on  the NYPD.

My superiors advised me that I had to head downtown and surrender myself to the feds . Being comical I wore head dressing and surrendered myself like as if I was a wounded soldier.

The federal investigation was called  the : coffee corruption investigation.

Merchants would provide us patrol officers with free coffee.  Who would ever had known that to accept a cup of free coffee was a form of corruption ?  For me It was a quick fix.  I simply switched to Coca Cola . The bottom line is, John Dough is caught with his hand in a plot to retaliate against my grandson . 

It is time for him to surrender . As part of this grass root effort I ask everyone to join in and raise a white flag , hang a torn white towel from your cars antenna, drape a white sheet around area land marks.

"As a professional courtesy, if you get stopped for an infraction use my name .Explain to the officer who is writing you the ticket that you know Leo Schnauzer NYPD car # 54. You are sure to get a warning". 

" John Dough picked the wrong Cowboy to bring into a drug sting operation "

- Actor John Wayne

Chapter Thirteen

Deputy of Love 

101  WCBS  FM 
 featuring  "Brooklyn's Own" Joe Causi        p-148       

Bill calls in on Joe Causi's on air radio show and he updates Joe on Mission IMPROVable.With his phone being tapped he request an on air dedication to law enforcement.Joe declared Bill as the Deputy of love.

L.A.P.D. Sergeants "Bill" Crowley and Pepper Anderson of the criminal conspiracy unit uncovered the plot to frame Bill in a drugsting operation .They accuse John Dough as being the instigator .

​​Pictured here : Radio show host Mr. Curtis Sliwa , Mr.Eric Holder the U.S. Attorney General and his partner the Reverend Al Sharpton .All  three conclude that it is a white surrender flag on top of the Brooklyn Bridge .

The white surrender flag debuts up top on the Brooklyn Bridge. 

His friend Reverend Al Sharpton has one question for  Mr. Holder :

 "During the frame job and Sullivan's heist ,how much was the economic lost  ?

 Mr.Holder replied :

" Rev. Al the dollar amount is still in question .What you owe the government in taxes. That is to say the least !