Shown here is The Cougar of Sebastian @Earls Hideaway Lounge

Bill has a feeling that N.Y. law enforcement has something planned for him. At the last minute he decides to pull out of New York and head down to Florida to visit his cougar "Claudia" in Sebastian Florida. 
During this time he will work on his website novel. Unbeknownst to Bill , law enforcement placed another tracking device in his foot wear. Within a short while of arriving in Florida ,law enforcement entered his condo while he was in the shower. Law enforcement retrieved the one sneaker with the tracking device.

Bill stepped out of the shower and he noticed that he is missing a sneaker for his other foot. "Son of a bitch.Law enforcement swooped up my sneaker" he shouted. 

His cougar Claudia picked him up for an day on the town. She asked "Wheres your shoes"  

He replied : 
" The guy who took residence above me is named Dennis .He operates a surveillance post. Dennis is retired from the Suffolk County courts. He worked for the courts in Suffolk and is very familiar with District Attorney Thomas Spota and the Tankleff wrongful conviction trial  .New York law enforcement most likely installed a tracking device in my foot wear while I was working at my place of employment. I suspect that the tracking device was issued by the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office or the New York City Police Department."

"It is not the first time that law enforcement has swooped up my belongings " 

With the feds mixing and mingling in the background ,the crowds of party goers at Earls Hideaway cheer the band as they perform the song :

" I shot the sheriff " - by Eric Clapton

Police brutality and the use of rabbit ears

Sept 2 , 2014 
The Long Awaited Phone Call                  ( P-165 )

With the latest information that he has received Bill seeks insight.Police are known to hire psychics and mediums in tough to solve cases.Police use this resource as an investigative tool.Bill will experiment with this investigative tool to expand his mental capacities.He got the idea from watching the T.V. show the Long Island Medium featuring Theresa Caputo. She communicates with the heavens.  With that said he ventures out to his home town in Long Island .He meets with Lady T the Psychic -medium for a consultation.She is known as the psychic to the stars .He provides her with a scope of what happened to him however,he does not reveal details.During the reading ,celebrities come through from the other side."That is odd" ,she said .She communicates with those who have passed on through feeling and images she said.

Sugar and Spice will make everything nice !

" John Dough and his federal gunslingers are wounded and bleeding at the moment . As part of  this grassroots movement share this web site with all you know ".

"In doing so you will be pouring salt on an open wound".

"Thank you" - Grampa  
" P.S. in case your wondering :
" I drove N.Y.P.D. patrol car # 54 back in the day when officers were permitted to fire friendly warning shots instead of today's routine stop and frisk ".

" Evidence against Sullivan has been manufactured " - Attorney Johnny Cochran 


Wanted Alive

New Years Eve 2015 Bounce Bar . Romance is in the air  ( P-167 )

Congressman Charlie Rangel pays a visit ( P-166 )

                               August  2014                           
" The House of Cards Have Come Down "
"Greeting from New York City"  ( P-160 )

Pictured here isDanny the Bartender.He and his staff made the Suffolk County District Attorneys office feel right at home. Many ask Danny what is with the Bunny ears .Danny the Bartender is on game with Bill .He mocks the police mis-conduct within this story. You see back in the day when cops had to get information or a confession from a perp the cops would put on bunny ears on as they roughed up the suspect. When the suspect faced the judge the next day the suspect would make a claim of police mis-conduct. The Judge would ask the suspect what the cop looked like . The suspect would provide the Judge with the description of the cop wearing bunny ears. Once the Judge heard that a cop was wearing bunny ears ,the Judge would remand the suspect to a local psych ward for evaluation.

Welcome FBI

Bill has withdrawn as a witness in the upcoming federal trial.

His logic is simple.  It is way to dangerous to testify against a police detective.

When called to testify he can be found touring the country side of Canada .

M.Kennedy Forensic Investigations - Project Name : The Mission Position

Mr. Holder Resigned on the dotted line and he than checked the box for personal Reasons.( Resign with immunity)

He should have checked that box that is marked for other reasons.That other reason would have read : exposed for my part in public corruption to overthrow  the Suffolk County  District Attorney  

The L.os Angeles Police Department -Criminal Conspiracy Unit  ( P-158 )

                   Late July 2014                     
Bill's Grampa ,an officer with the New York City police Department speaks out and offers words of wisdom  through this website ( P-162 )

A white federal surrender flag has been raised. 

With the assistance of our friendly German allies a white federal surrender flag makes it debut on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

It is time for U.S. Attorney General Mr. Holder to resign.

As part of a grassroots Campaign Bill asks all his supporters to display and hang a white towel or rag  in there home, office or car as part of a mission to rid the government of corrupt officials.

Within days, following the raising of the white surrender flags on top of the Brooklyn bridge, Bill continued his mission .

His target is the Manhattan Bridge. As he made an attempt to dangle a white bed sheet from the bridge he is was intercepted by N.Y.P.D. Officer Steadman. The Officer approached Bill and asked him if he is planning to raise a flag on the bridge. Bill replied : " No .I was just going to hang dry some laundry"

Officer Steadman pleaded with Bill : "Not on my watch".
Officer Steadman received an "Atta-Boy Award" for protecting this Landmark.

Mr. Barkets email 

"I can sum it up in one shot for the Long Island Psychic" .

" The Feds picked the wrong Cowboy to bring into a drug sting operation "

- Actor John Wayne

Chapter Thirteen

July 2014, the law enforcement feud surrounding the Gilgo Beach serial killer investigation continues

Mr.Thomas Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney  has arrived in New York City ( P-156 ) 

President Obama notified Captain Culpeper of Eric Holders resignation.

He explained to Culpeper that Mr. Holder will step down over the Gilgo Beach investigation cover up.
Mr. Holder has been given government immunity. 

Captain Culpeper further went on to say that Sullivan is looking more and more like a modern day Frank Serpico 

​​Holder , Dough ,Comey vs Spota

The nightmare of the United States Government looms over Attorney General Eric Holder of the United States Department of Justice. The feud between the Department of Justice and the Suffolk County District Attorneys office magnify into a war.  D.A. Spota comes to terms that John Dough sought to have him overthrown during his re-election in 2013 .This behind the scenes war has now interrupted the investigation into the Gilgo Beach homicides.

D.A.Spota took Holder by surprise.In the confrontation D.A. Spota requested to see the federal investigation on Bill Sullivan. Holder denied the request. In a sharp tone, Holder stated to Spota : " Once You let the FBI into the Gilgo Beach investigation I will hand over the federal investigation on Bill Sullivan ". The American justice system has been assaulted. Spota who is a defender of the justice system, lashed out to Holder : "No one is going to black mail me ". Spota then took Sullivan's petition for witness protection and pinned it to the chest of the United States Attorney General 

D.A. Spota was heard shouting towards Holder,Dough and Comey: "What the hell is wrong with your men.Your department and the FBI are bringing heat down on me again. I've got to listen to people because of your f***in' shit ? Your ordering me out ? Your men retaliated and framed the witness for Tankleff to instigate problems during my re election.You better hope to God Sullivan does not find out that your office had his medical records falsified. You better get your own f***in' army pal"

Spota slammed the door on Holders face.Seconds later ,Spota turned around and interrupted James Comey the FBI Director. Spota again had the last words: "Oh and one other thing you backstabbing bastard .When Tankleff's attorneys find out about your little cover up, your history. Spota then gave John Dough a piece of his brain: "And as for you Dough,You just walked everyone into a federal wrongful conviction civil trial you dumb ass.Think twice before throwing me under the bus.. I should lock your asses up now ! "

Shown here are the attorneys representing Mr. Tankleff's wrongful conviction lawsuits.The dream team .Mr. Barry Scheck, Mr.Bruce Barket and Mr. Barry Pollck .

Bill explained to Mr. Barket that he was framed in retaliation for testifying on behalf of the American justice system during Martin Tankleff's appeal. He now wishes to withdraw as a "witness for Tankleff".

He will not testify against the Suffolk County police detective or any police officer .Based on his experience, corrupt law enforcement will continue to seek vengeance and make another attempt in the future to "Frame" him for a crime.

It is just to dangerous and risky .

You see Bill has good reason. Years back when Bill testified during Mr. Tankleff's appeal process a friend of his, who retired from the Suffolk County Police Department explained to him: "Sometimes your best to keep your mouth shut or one day you will find a bullet in the back of your head".

Mr Barket explained to Bill that a witness can not withdraw and that he will be subpoena by the court.

L.A.P.D. Sergeants "Bill" Crowley and Pepper Anderson of the criminal conspiracy unit uncovered the plot that was meant to overthrow D.A.Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney during his 2013 re-election .The two officers notified D.A. Spota of the federal  cover up behind the Gilgo Beach serial Killer investigation.They accuse John Dough as being the instigator and the one individual behind the homicide frame job set forth on Bill Sullivan

" This is witness tampering.Count my fingers. I can sum this up in three words for the Long Island Psychic"

#1- Injustice to Martin Tankleff 

#2- Embarrassment to law enforcement communities around the world .

#3 - A crime against the American justice system by officers of the court.

- The God Father

An International Fugitive    

​​Bill has a flair for hospitality and his employer recognizes his efforts to throw the red carpet at his guest. He is assigned to oversee a security detail at Bounce entertainment venue.He is assigned to the front door.
Just at the peak of the evening the manager turned to all and cheered "Romance is in the air ! " 
Unbeknownst to his second employer ,there are parallel multi-law enforcement investigations on Bill . 
Funny thing is ,within moments the N.Y.P.D. has officers from the local precinct join the party.

 Bill was greeted by NYPD patrol officer "Romance" .
What a  last name of convenience. Coming from other officers,rumor has it that that Officer Romance a good kisser.With that said Bill invited him back for the annual spin the bottle event to be held on Valentines Day. 

Mission : IMPROVable 
"A Taste of Heaven with Sweet Revenge" 
 Featuring a Psychic -Medium  ( P -164 )

"Good morning everyone.I'm Bill's Grampa  Leo Schnauzer  N.Y.P.D.police officer " .

"As Bill's role model , I would have gave the feds the screw too! Tea  anyone ? "

When it comes to Private Detectives ,one comes to mind. That Private Detective is Jay Salpeter. Through the expertise of P.I. Salpeter, Martin Tankleff's conviction was overturned.Wrongful conviction lawsuits were formed. He is the best in his field however,Bill does not have the funds to pay him to look into the frame job that was set upon him. He is still is unaware of his connection to the feud among the law enforcement agencies involved in the Gilgo Beach LISK investigation however, Bill suspects the frame job is retaliation  in respect to his witness status for Martin Tankleff.

With that said ,Bill reached out to M.Kennedy Forensic Investigations.

M.Kennedy approach in investigation is holistic,unorthodox in nature mixed with the concepts of old fashion time tested police work. Bill called him and explained to Kennedy all that occurred and had him reference this website for updated information. Kennedy reviewed the web site and context,he than reached out to Bill and in confidence he said :  

" Bill ,this  involved Homeland Security,,LAPD and NYPD. .Consider it done.This sounds like a movie. As far as the fee is concerned ,I have you covered.Consider it community service ".M.Kennedy gives his investigation a project name ." The Mission Position " .Classified.

Holder ,Dough,Comey vs Spota  ( P-159 )

Wanted Alive

Claudia the Cougar and Bill arrive at Earl's Hideaway.

Earl's Hideaway is on game. The staff provided a personal touch to welcome the feds

Mr. Barket's  email to Bill :
" Thanks for the note. Being a witness is not a voluntary act. It can be compelled via a subpoena and enforced on the penalty of contempt. I appreciate your concerns, but you should not think that you can "withdraw" as a witness ".

Bruce A. Barket, Esq. Barket, Marion, Epstein & Kearon, LLP 666 Old Country Road , Ste. 700 Garden City, NY 11530 (516) 745 1500 [P] (516) 745 1245 [F] *Please note my new email address*

Pictured here isMr. Thomas Spota the Suffolk District Attorney  He has friends and foes. Some see him as the Knight of Suffolk County and then some accuse him of running a criminal enterprise.His record into public corruption excels most by far in his capacity.As stated in the opening chapter,one thing is for sure ,his office is now a target because James Burke the Chief of the Suffolk County Police Department worked for D.A. Spota and Chief James Burke is under a federal probe for a cover up on an unrelated incident involving the assault of Christopher loeb. Both D.A. Spota and Chief Burke  have blocked the F.B.I.'s request to join the investigation into the Gilgo Beach serial killer investigation. Many in law enforcement suspect blackmail is a possible hinder to the Gilgo Beach investigation.  Criminal psychologist suspect that a law enforcement officer is behind the homicides of Gilgo Beach .

As stated before in the opening chapter, the Suffolk County District attorneys Office is a named defendant to Martin Tankleff's wrongful conviction trial.

With recent retaliation ,Bill Sullivan petitioned for witness protection.He was advised by a governors aide to send the petition to the District Attorney.D.A. Spota .

Spota received the petition and being professional he responded back. He advised Bill that the federal investigation that has been set upon him is "undisclosed". In closing he remarked  to send his request for witness protection to Eric Holder the United States Attorney General. He took D.A. Spota's advice, yet never heard back from the Eric Holder.

As Bill is a witness for Martin Tankleff , D.A. Spota of the Suffolk County District Attorney office arrived in New York City to get to the bottom of the frame job that has been set forth on Bill.

D.A. Spota and his team set up a satellite surveillance post within the same building in which Bill works at .New York City will become a second home for the Suffolk County District Attorney for the months to come.

 Law enforcement will place a tracking device in Bill's shoe to monitor him from and to his workplace.Parallel investigation are under way.

Wanted Alive

After communicating with the godfather, Actor John Wayne, Attorney Johnny Cochran and Broadway Actress Elaine Stritch the Long Island Psychic concluded the session .She provided him with some clues for him to expand on.She explained that there is a behind the scene feud among high profile attorneys and politicians in a case.This is down right wrongful as it involves vengeance and blackmail.Everyone involved is screwing each other.It is a cut throat environment. There has been an assault on the Justice system.Evidence has been and will be further planted to frame you on a major crime.

September 25 ,2014 
The Resignation of the Attorney General    

By trade, Bill is a bartender . Congressman Charlie Rangel payed Bill a visit at his workplace to have his usual .
With recent knowledge that Bill was involved in some kind of " federal monkey business " Charlie with a banana in hand exchanged the banana for a glass of Chardonay . 
The banana is part of Mr. Rangels strict diet. 
Bill explained to Charlie :
" It isn't easy being the TSA Agent Framed". 
Mr. Rangel turned to Bill and asked him " With all that federal monkey business what charges did they get you on ? "
Bill replied :
"Never arrested or charged " 
With the Holland Tunnel to New Jersey backlogged, bartender Bill poured Charlie one for the road. Charlie raised his cup of wine and made a toast : 

" Here is to you Bill . Your a sly fox."  

This concludes chapter thirteen.

Click here to view Chapter Fourteen

A New Year. A new Beginning. Bill has his eyes on a Cougar   ( P-168 )

The Witness   for Tankleff Withdraws      ( P-161 )

Public Corruption Surrounds a Federal Witness. A flag is raised .
" It is The Official White Federal Surrender Flag " 
 It is time for Eric Holder the United States Attorney General to surrender      ( P-163 )

" Screw the feds ! I'll drink to that "

-Elaine Stritch a notable Broadway actress

District Attorney Thomas Spota is investigating his claim of public corruption behind the Gilgo Beach investigation.
He sent all the agency's listed here a post card. His inscription was a brief thank you :

" To all , warm regards from NYC.Thank you all for participating in the plot to throw me under the bus during my re-election. Don't forget that Tankleff's trial is coming up. Mark your calendars I look forward to seeing you all there. Remember ,Your all on your own"- D.A. Spota

 The post cards  were mailed to :  Ret. Suffolk Police-FBI task force  Detective Robert Trotta ,Chief Beck of the Los Angeles Police Department , Gary Honings  the Sheriff of West Hollywood , Lee Baca and Jim McDonnel the Sheriffs of the County of Los Angeles, Mark Fronterotta the Chief of the Inglewood Police Department, Dory Loar the Sheriff of Indian River County Florida, Chief Michelle Morris of the Sebastian Police Department , Police Commissioner William Bratton of the New York City Police Department , Edward Webber the Police Commissioner of Suffolk County New York. Kamala D. Harris the California Attorney General, James Comey the FBI Director,DEA Director,Homeland Security Director 

All those listed here may soon share a common thread.Through there would concur, they all have walked themselves into a wrongful conviction federal trial on the grounds of witness retaliation .

Shown here on the left is Bill's Grampa. He has a story to tell you . Here it is :

" Back in the day when I was a patrol officer the feds came down on  the NYPD.

My superiors advised me that I had to head downtown and surrender myself to the feds . Being comical I wore head dressing and surrendered myself like as if I was a wounded soldier.

The federal investigation was called  the : coffee corruption investigation.

Merchants would provide us patrol officers with free coffee.  Who would ever had known that to accept a cup of free coffee was a form of corruption ?  For me It was a quick fix.  I simply switched to Coca Cola . The bottom line is, John Dough and his federal gun slinger's are caught with their hand in a plot to retaliate against my grandson who is a federal witness.

It is time for them to surrender .No one is above the Law. As part of this grass root effort I ask everyone to join in and raise a white flag , hang a torn white towel from your cars antenna, drape a white sheet around area land marks.

As a professional courtesy, if you get stopped for an infraction use my name .Explain to the officer who is writing you the ticket that you know Leo Schnauzer NYPD car # 54. You are sure to get a warning". 

" You can't make this stuff up " - Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium

The Suffolk County District Attorney is the Deputy of Love 

101  WCBS  FM 
 featuring  "Brooklyn's Own" Joe Causi                ( P-157 )

With the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office taking residence within the same building that he works at , Bill reached out to " Brooklyn's Own " Disc Jockey Joe Causi of WCBS FM.

Bill being a former Disc Jockey himself, he picked the perfect song to welcome the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office to the city.

He requested the song "The Deputy of Love" by Don Armando's 2nd ave Rhumba Band .

As the lyrics in the song go 

"Lock em up , shut the door and throw the keys away" 

After a long bartending shift, Bill punches the time clock.He leaves his work place and as he walks a few blocks he senses the presence of the Suffolk County District Attorneys office.Bill who is a native of Suffolk County recognizes certain familiar vehicles that cross his path. 

The vehicles all have a common thread. The license plate frames mention the dealership the vehicles were purchased from. The license frames read : "Smithtown Toyota".

Another thing that Bill picked up is that the investigators are chewing gum and  blowing Bubbles. Bill knows this because he owned a catering venue and provided services to the many law enforcement agency's of Suffolk County.

This chewing gum is one habit they need to set aside but who is Bill to judge.

Bill has a thought,the Suffolk County District Attorneys office is now on my tail. With that said he is going to give them a good run for the money.Soon he becomes aware that there is a secondary layer of surveillance around him.With a twist,Bill being a comic ,he decides to venture through the underground of the NYC's gay night life.He can't wait to see the look on their faces. Well anyway 'Bill enters Tys Lounge and orders a drink from the bartender. A moment later Bill turns to the front door as if he had just heard a warning shot fired.

Walking in with a limp wrist and a soft voice is the Suffolk County District Attorney in the flesh. It appears as if he is trying to fit in with the clientele . Mr. Thomas Spota approached the Bar and the bartender with a Rolling Rock Beer in hand shouts out to Mr. Spota " will it be your usual Tom ? " .

With a nod , the bartender pours Mr. Spota the DA  a Rolling Rock beer. Mr, Spota turns to Bill and gives him a "wink".

Bill replied back to the DA  with a nod. 

This is not your average wink. This wink is a god wink. DA Spota is the real deal. What is a God wink ? : A God wink is the same wink your grandfather would give you at the dinner table. The wink is translated : "Hey Kid .Your OK" .

​​Pictured here : Radio show host Mr. Curtis Sliwa , Mr.Eric Holder the U.S. Attorney General and his partner the Reverend Al Sharpton .All  three conclude that it is a white federal surrender flag on top of the Brooklyn Bridge .

President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel gave a thumbs up.

The white surrender flag debuts up top on the Brooklyn Bridge. Mr.Eric Holder is feeling ashamed that his office is involved in witness retaliation despite  a cover up .The future looks dim as he has no other option other than to resign or face the guillotine. 

His friend Reverend Al Sharpton has one question for  Mr. Holder :

 "During the frame job and Sullivan's heist ,how much was the economic lost  ?

 Mr.Holder replied :

" Rev. Al the dollar amount is still in question .What you owe the government in taxes. That is to say the least !