Pictured Here is the "Bug" Known as an Electronic Surveillance Listening Device

Pictured here is : a picture of Bill's studio apartment.It came complete with central air and great views

BillBeing the Lucky Irishman has survived the gunfire and dangers of the Compton environment. He has moved to downtown Los Angeles. This is a dynamic environment that satisfies all his senses.

 Upon moving into the Oviatt apartments Carmen the office manager upgrades him to a studio with a window view of downtown L.A.. It came complete with the beauty of the city skyline. All at no extra charge. Carmen and Jacob give Bill the V.I.P. treatment.

Unbeknownst to Bill ,the upgrade was pre-arranged by law enforcement. The owner of the Oviatt apartments has a relationship with the L.A.P.D. .The owner is making strides to rid the undesirables who reside on the property. It is related to quality of life issues

The reason for the upgrade with a window view of the city is simple. He is under an undisclosed investigation and the surveillance team (the peeping Toms) will have a complete window view of Bill's studio apartment.

Pictured here is photos of electronic surveillance equipment.

This is called the sting ray.This is a portable cell tower.

It sends out a strong signal. When turned on the machine sends out a signal that says "Marco" and your phone responds back with a signal that says "Polo" .

Once law enforcement has your cell number they can trace and track your phone activity and location. Even when your phone is off they have the technology to convert your cell phone into a listening device for eves dropping purposes.

This explains why Bill's phone became so hot and had third party interference. He has come to learn that when you work for the government you sign your life away with the regards to privacy.

The sting ray machine       p-18

Cell Phone Scandal     p-17

Can you imitate a dog ?

This is certified 100% true by the F.B.I.      p-16

Wednesday October 17 ,2012
Twiggster the mystery caller  p-20

Pictured here (L)to (R) The corner posse, law enforcement officers risking their own lives in the pursuit to provide a quality of life for the City of los Angeles

Bill then made his way up to Hollywood. As he rodes the train from the metro station he observed undercover officers in his presence .The train pulled up to the Vermont Street Station .Bill decided that he is short for time and will not be able to visit Dr. Greta Green at the Saban Clinic to present her with the gift of rubber ducky's for her new born.

Then he headed to see a the second physician at the Clinica San Miguel on Santa Monica Boulevard .Bill realized that he is swarmed by officers of an anti-crime unit. He then entered the doctors office and took a seat in the waiting room.

An undercover officer abruptly entered and approached the counter were he then identified himself to a Physician.

The undercover officer entered the examination area.

Minutes later ,Bill is called in to the same area. Bill entered an observation viewing room that has a one way viewing mirror. The law enforcement officer is on the other side of the wall viewing him. Bill knows this and his level of anxiety is running high as he begins to become suspect that he is now a subject of a major crime that may involve a homicide.

The thing is when you work for the government in the position that he holds he has waived much of his medical privacy rights.

The doctor patient confidentiality is down the drain.

 As he is being examined by the doctor Bill feels his privacy is violated. In the mean time, the doctor had left the examination room. The undercover officer is conducting a search of the premise including the bathroom in which Bill had used.

As Bill leaves, he attempted to use the single unit bathroom however, the officer had locked it .  

The officer then entered the initial examination room .

Within seconds he and the medical staff heard  ((( Quack , Quack ))) .

Geez , the overzealous officer discovered the bag containing the rubber duckies. 

The Doctor stated to him that he has blood pressure of a young girl and with that said ,Bill used the ladies bathroom. Bill has a bad feeling and a haunting vibe that something is not right. He picked up his gift bag of rubber duckies and he left.

Once he arrived at the subway station his cell phone rang. With great anxiety he answered. On the other end is "Twiggster" the mysterious caller. Twiggster explained to Bill that he is in the area just a few blocks away .Bill told him he is heading back to his studio downtown.

With great anticipation Twiggster said:  "Oh I would love to see your studio"

Bill replies back: " Not tonight . I have law enforcement swarming me and I suspect that my cell phone is on a tracer .My phone is so hot you can scramble eggs on it. I'm out of here" He then hung up on Twiggster. Bill has a Oprah Winfrey "ah ha" moment .  Twiggster stated to Bill that he is a few blocks away .The thing is how does he know where Bill is located ? This is a law enforcement blunder.

Unbeknownst to Bill , his Phone is on tracer and being tracked by Twiggster .Twiggster is just one of many who are tracking him. Moments later as he is about to enter onto the subway platform a DEA law enforcement  officer wearing a green uniform entered the subway system and is in hot pursuit of Bill..

 The Cave Man        p-22

This concludes chapter three.

Click here to view Chapter Four

Friday October 19,2012 
Rubber ducky's    p-21

Finger Prints           p-19

Homeland Security sets up a federal officer  for IMPROV  
crystals , diamonds and gems        p-15

Bill attended amateur night at the Improv. He took a leap of faith and signed up . 

He is given just three minutes of stage time and he makes the best of it.

On stage he introduced himself as the 30 second comic and welcomed all to the "Polish Joke hour" . For Bill it is more of a monologue .

The monologue is titled "Piss warm beer" .

He continued to explain to the audience how easy it is to receive a free beer in a bar. Simply put . Just enter the bar . Find an empty beer bottle. Head into the bathroom. Piss into the bottle and return the bottle to the bartender.

Shout out to the bartender : "Hey bartender this beer is piss warm !" 

Of course the bartender will be hospitable and oblige as he takes back the warm bottle of beer as it would** be placed back on the ice.

* Just be sure to have a crisp dollar bill in hand for him when he cracks open a new ice cold bottle of beer.

For a good laugh, stick around for the next patron that approaches the bar and request an ice cold bottle of beer .

The bartender is sure to satisfy the patron's taste with a ice cold bottle of beer that has been resting in ice.

 Cheers everyone !

 Disclaimer : For sanitary reasons ,when refilling the empty beer bottle just use warm water from the bathroom sink.

Pictured here is The Cave Man .

The caveman is well known in the law enforcement community.

In an effort to build a case against Bill , officials under the orders of Mr. Dough assign the caveman to plant drug evidence and contraband under the lobby toilet bowl of the second floor of the Oviatt Apartments .Bill recently advised Oviatt management of the caveman.

This is just part of the set up to build a case and frame Bill for drug trafficking.

On October 19, 2012 He will entered the apartment building in a race of time to plant the evidence. As a confidential informant working for law enforcement he to is licensed to commit crimes.

The caveman has ties with Sonny .The caveman was involved when evidence was planted in Bill's hotel room back in early August 2012.

Law enforcement will set the stage for police entrapment again.

As luck would have it ,Bill had befriended a regular customer from the Old Coast Lounge. His name is Chris and he claimed to be a retired civilian police employee from a Westchester N.Y. area police agency .

One day as they take a routine walk from Hollywood to West Hollywood, Chris observed undercover officers in unmarked cars intercepting and observing both he and Bill. Chris kept this to himself as he changed their routine travel route. Chris decided to take a short cut and the two zig zagged through the side streets.

Chris did this for a reason. His gut feeling proved right.

Chris realized the two of them are under surveillance however, he chooses to keep Bill in the dark. Then as they approached an intersection two undercover officers pulled up to them. The driver offered them an opportunity to make money.

The undercover officer explained to the both of them that it is easy cash and all they have to do is walk into cell phone stores and purchase cell phones. For every phone purchased the individual will receive $15 dollars cash. 

Bill replied : " for that rate of pay it sounds time consuming and not worth it ".

"Here is my number, if something worth the time comes up".

Chris and Bill bid a farewell to the undercover officers and they continued on to West Hollywood. Chris then had a straight forward talk with Bill. He is direct with his questions that he is about to ask him. Chris throws out the question.

"Are you involved with selling hot and stolen merchandise ,street drugs or involved with individuals who are?" Bill replied: "no".

Chris  further went on to say: "Let me see your phone" . Bill then handed Chris his phone. Chris immediately Pulled the battery out and explained to him that his phone is so hot that he can scramble eggs on it.

Chris, with a recent background in law enforcement, explained to him that technology has changed. "This ain't the early days of the millennium. Law enforcement has your phone on a tracer.Throw this phone out .Get rid of it!" 

A few days have passed and with a burning sensation coming from his pocket he took Chris's advice and threw it out .

Bill than purchased another phone.This is getting costly since that phone had replaced the phone that was stolen from his apartment recently. Bill suspected law enforcement swooped the phone up from his apartment. 

 Chris also mentioned to Bill : "Those undercover officers are out to set you and I up in some kind of entrapment scheme ".

 Sunday October 21,2012       p-23

Pictured here is Twiggster.

Unbeknownst to Bill, Twiggster is a deep down undercover officer in law enforcement . Evidence is now mounting on Bill and Twiggster's assignment is to put the finale nail in the coffin and lure Bill into a federal drug sting operation

Bill has just had his cell phone swooped up again by law enforcement .

The phone is missing in action and on Sunday, October 14, 2012 Bill purchased a prepaid virgin mobile cell phone. On Tuesday October 16 2012 he activated it.

Within a day ,Bill made a call to 911 to report a domestic dispute between a husband and wife who reside in his building.

In doing so his phone is now registered with LAPD 911.

Within a short time frame and out of the blue he received a call from a individual named Twiggster. The caller id revealed Twiggster's number as: (800) 555-9871 .

Bill called him back. Twiggster answered and claimed that they had met in a West Hollywood lounge the week before and that they had exchanged cell numbers. Bill asked him for the name of the lounge. Twiggster stated that he does not remember. He mentioned to Bill that he would like to hang out with him again.

Bill humored him and told him that he will get back to him.The exchanging of phone numbers a week earlier does not make sense since he just activated his phone a few days ago.

This information is relevant to the upcoming frame Job on November 18 ,2012 

The towel test will notify you when an individual enters the premise without consent.

This is how it works. When you leave your premise have a towel in hand. As you close the door behind yourself drop the towel on the floor behind the door as you close it.

When you re-enter, if you notice that the towel has been pushed back from its original location then this would signal that someone has entered.

Bill puts the test to work one day and his gut is right. Someone has entered his apartment.

Pictured here is: The Blue Line Train. Bill's phone is taped below a seat

Bill arrived back at the Oviatt Apartments and the parking lots are consumed with parked unmarked cars. As he entered and walked up a flight of stairs a scruffy looking individual enters and passes him by . As this scruffy looking individual entered the building he looked downward as to conceal his identity from the buildings security cameras .He passed Bill and beat him to the lobby bathroom.

 This individual is known as the "Cave Man" . He is assigned to plant evidence. When Bill knocked on the bathroom door the  caveman said he would be out in just a moment . He planted the evidence and exited .Bill entered and noticed that the Bowl is not seated correctly to the floor .He reset the toilet bowl so that it seals tight to the floor below it. 

His phone is scrambling like hot eggs again .Bill gives it some thought.

Spy they want .Spy there going to get ! With that said ,Bill goes into "spy mode" .

He ran into another resident of the building. Bill asked him if he could do him a favor.Bill said to Sammy :

"Don't ask why .I'm going to give you my phone and I'll need you to place it below the seat on the next train to long Beach Ca. I will buy you dinner".

Sammy took Bill up on his offer. Sammy walked across the street to place it on the train. Undercover officers swarmed Sammy. The train Pulled up and Sammy completed the assignment .

All aboard !!  Sammy then stepped off the platform and then  headed back towards the building. He is confronted by law enforcement . The undercover officer explained to  Sammy that they are going to arrest him. An officer than stated to him:

"We know you have the phone .The phone is on a tracer  .Where is the phone ? ".

Sammy is out on probation .He quickly cooperated and explained to the officer that he found it in the laundry room and just dropped it on the train. Then just at that moment the train whisked away towards Long Beach. The officer let Sammy go on his way . A hand full of unmarked cars "zoomed" at full throttle after the train. They are now in hot pursuit of the train.

Law enforcement intercepted the train and the phone is recovered .

About 30 minutes later in front of the Oviatt Apartments ,Bill heard a broadcast over the radios within the unmarked cars.He heard the broadcast : "Phone is recovered and is registered to Bill Sullivan of 1313 Mockingbird lane" Bill then over heard an officer comment to his partner:  "Hey doesn't a famous person reside at that address ? "

When working for the government you will be tested. For government security there are many reason why.  At this present moment Bill is in a bit of denial that he is being investigated . After all what would a "wire" be doing on the blade of his ceiling fan.  However, this is more than just a test . 

((( Law enforcement will set the stage for police entrapment  )))

An agent in law enforcement will come through the TSA Security check point with an illegal drug called crystal meth.

It is the hopes of law enforcement that Bill who is working at the TSA checkpoint will confiscate the drug and take "illegal" possession of it.

Once he takes possession of the drug, law enforcement will move in and arrest him whereby he would be in the national media spotlight with headlines that would read :

"a  federal officer arrested in a airport sting operation" .

This is how the "set up "went down:  A law enforcement officer posed as a passenger. The so called passenger opts out of the screening process and requested a "pat down". Bill is assigned to that task. As Bill proceeded with the procedure, the passenger explained to Bill that he has crystal on him.

Bill replied to him : "crystal ?  Like in crystal chandelier ? ,  diamonds ? , gems ? " 

Bill lacks the knowledge of crystal meth the drug. Although at the present time frame he is aware of individuals pushing it on him when he is off duty .

 When off duty he suspected that these individuals are law enforcement.

Now to continue .The passenger then explained to Bill that he has crystal in a pouch that hangs from his necklace. Since Bill does not hold a degree in chemistry he explained to the passenger that he is required to conduct a visual inspection of whatever it is and he can then be on his way to travel. 

Upon inspection ,the pouch feels and appears to be granular without being a threat. He handed back the passenger his property as it was still around his neck .He wished him a safe flight. Unbeknownst to Bill ,this was a set up. Bill being a sworn federal officer has the utmost integrity . In an all out effort ,Mr. Dough will continue in his pursuit to charge Bill with a drug related crime.

Law enforcement has now painted a picture of Bill as being a born killer with ties to MS-13

 When ever Bill has guest over they make the same remark and then question him.

They ask Bill if he is a spy .

Bill replied to all : " No .Why do you ask such a question ? " 

Everyone replies back to Bill with the same answer .That answer is :

" All you have in your apartment is a futon and a table with no clutter or worldly possessions. It is spotless with no clues to reveal your character. This is how a spy lives". 

Bill replied : " This is how I live. I like to travel light"  He explained this to all who enter and question his apartment.

With that said, one day as Bill entered his immaculate apartment  he discovered a thread of wire on the floor. The wire thread was about two inches in length . Bill wondered what and how did this get here. He brushed it off as he must have tracked it in on his shoes. That evening as he relaxed on his futon, Bill observed a wire dangling from the backside of the blade of the ceiling fan.

His curiosity kicked in, he climbed up onto the table and then reached for the blade . Upon inspection ,  the first thought that passed through his mind was: " Jesus,Mary and Joseph .It is a Bug " A bug is also known as an electronic listening device.

His next thought was:  " Maybe it is left over from an old investigation ? "

Then Bill realized that the wire snipping that he found on the floor came from the bug . This means that the bug was installed that day. He reached for a pair of scissor's and he sniped the wire to disable the bug. He than spoke to his retired friends in law enforcement .He told  them what he had discovered. They all came up with the same conclusion and that is ???

 Perhaps the government is looking at you as a spy. Bill mentioned to them that everyone that comes over to his studio asked him if he is a spy as well. He feels that it is possible that the government has a surveillance warrant on him. With a bug being attached to the fan above his futon this spells "eavesdropping".Without a warrant or authorization this act is a crime.

Be mindful, he has a security clearance with the United States government .He  has waved much of his privacy as he works for the government. He finally comes to terms that his privacy must be diminished next to nothing. 

Initially this causes great anxiety and duress however ,it diminishes soon after the discovery of the wire .

* Bill has the feeling that it is a possibility that residents in the building may have reported him to the authority's as a spy.

After a few weeks of residing at the Oviatt Apartments, Bill observed plain clothed officers on the premise. He is not sure of the agency however, he suspects that the officers represent the LAPD. Perhaps they live on the premise ? Bill then takes notice of them entering apartments. Bill wonders, are they searching apartments ? Could they be planting evidence ? He sees no warrants in their possession .

 Then In October Bill observed uniformed officers with what appears to be a warrant. He suspects it is arrest or a search warrant.

He feels that his apartment will be next.

Bill, being pro justice and pro law enforcement, has nothing to hide and welcomed the presence of law enforcement.

With a plain white sheet of paper and a marker he inscribed on the sheet "WELCOME LAPD ". He then took the sheet of paper and placed it inside his luggage case that is stashed under the futon. A short period later , he retrieved the luggage bag and then took notice that someone had unlawfully entered his studio and has rummaged through his luggage bag. The sheet of paper is placed exactly were he placed it however, the sheet that had been inscribed with the words : "WELCOME LAPD" has been crumbled and placed back in his bag.

One day Bill spoke to an employee of the deli located on the ground floor. During the conversation, Bill asked the deli worker :

" what is going on with all the police activity inside the building ?"

The deli worker then confirmed with him that the owner of the Oviatt apartments is working with the LAPD to get rid of the riff raft that resides within  the building.

October 2012 
                           The towel test         p-11    

Under pressure Bill called his Manager Mr. Lee of Homeland Security. He explained to his boss that his phone is on tracer/tracker and that law enforcement  has recovered it. He further went on to say that he has great concern with this matter.

Mr Lee replied:  "Come into work and we will have a discussion about it".

When Bill arrived and began to work his level of anxiety lowered.

The discussion was never brought up. With that said, he felt that sometimes things are better off left unsaid.

Pictured here  : Bill is now under duress.He sniped the wire and then goes into spy mode.
To discover a wire snipping left behind on the floor is the work of an amateur .

To leave a wire dangling from the fan blade is a reflection of a sloppy investigation . This is an embarrassment.
This is a wire on a ceiling fan clusterfuck and is relevant to the upcoming "frame job"  on November 18th 2012

The L.A.P.D traveling Stingray on wheels is parked across the street from Bill's residence

Pictured here : The Cave Man , Bill's phones are so hot that they are scrambling eggs, Bill back in spy mode,  law enforcement as they zoom off after the runaway train in pursuit of a phone.

This is a cell phone on a runaway train clusterfuck.

It is Relevant to the upcoming frame Job on November 18,2012

Pictured here is : A undercover officer at LAX Airport .The officer is posing as a passenger . Around his neck is pouch filled with the drug crystal meth .

Pictured here: For over a month ,Bill has re-positioned the toilet .

Unbeknownst to him, there is contraband and drugs that were placed under the toilet.

Truth is : John Dough have arranged for the drugs to be planted in order to spruce things up .

It is part of a set up to frame Bill.

As a comparison this is similar to the OJ Simpson case and the bloody Glove that was thrown over the fence .

The glove "that did not fit" tainted the case and OJ was found not guilty.

This is what happens when the "west is left unchecked" .

At this point of the game ,Mr. Dough is getting out of hand as he and others are working on painting a picture for the prosecutor .With the drugs and contraband planted they are making every effort to paint Bill the federal officer as a ruthless born killer.

The Runaway Train 
It is about 9pm and Friday Night is about to finally come to a close    p-22

With this latest incident, Bill placed a suggestion into the TSA employee suggestion box. He suggesed sensitivity training on how to correctly imitate a dog.

The big question is ?: If this was not the passengers true name ,how  can this boarding pass mishap happen ?

Bill entered the Oviatt Apartment. He headed up to the second floor and as a routine he made a pit stop at the lobby bathroom that is shared by all residents .

Since moving in ,  every now and then Bill noticed that the toilet bowl is not seated to the floor correctly .It appeared as if someone had tried to steal the toilet. Bill, being a handy man, got down on his hands and knees and he reset the toilet so that it is seated and sealed correctly to the floor.

Around this time frame ,Carmen the office manager of the Oviatt become aware that he is a federal officer. With that in mind, she asked Bill if he would be interested in a part-time security position working for the Oviatt property.

Bill responded with a "yes". Carmen told Bill that she would keep him in mind when a position opens up. Towards the end of October ,Bill made another inquiry about the position. She further went on to say that the position is not open yet and then she briefed him on a recent incident.

Carmen further went on to say :

 "I'm not supposed to tell anyone this ,but this is what is going on".

 " Someone who resides in the building has placed drugs and contraband underneath the toilet bowls within the building. The police were notified about the situation". Bill responded by telling her: 

"I have been resetting the toilet bowl so that it seats correctly to the floor".

"My finger prints are on the base of the toilet bowl"  

She further explained to him to stay away from the undesirables within the building. Bill mentioned to her that on two occasions he heard the noise of porcelain clanging as he awaited to use the bathroom.

Bill initially thought that the individual had removed the top of the tank as to adjust the flushing component in order to flush the toilet .This individual may be the one who is placing drugs under the toilet. Bill provided her with a description of the individual. "He looks like a caveman"

She said: "thank you .That fits the description of an individual who resides on the upper 4th or 5th Floors". This would explain why law enforcement is within the building he thought to himself. Their investigating a drug trafficker who resides in the building.

With Bill's fingerprints on the base of the toilet bowl ,one would have to agree that he has now landed in shit and is a subject to a drug investigation.

This is a finger print on a toilet bowl clusterfuck .

It is relevant to upcoming frame Job on November the 18th 2013

The IMPROV Comedy Club and piss warm beer  p-14

 The Wire a.k.a The Bug        p-12

Welcome L.A.P.D.   p-10

Bill has a busy day ahead of him. He will be visiting two doctors .But first he has to pay a visit to a women that he has befriended.

Her name is Slick. One day at the Pico Train Station Bill encountered her.

She explained to Bill that she has a wheel chair that is in need of repair.

Bill explained to her that he is a handyman and as a good samaritan he would attempt to repair it free of charge. Soon after that fateful encounter Bill headed out of his apartment with a gift bag of rubber ducky's in hand . Still to the day, he is unaware that he is a target of a drug investigation .The gift of rubber ducky's is for his doctors new born baby.

However, as Bill set out that day his bag will be a target as law enforcement suspects that the bag contains drugs. Through the action of a few rogue officers law enforcement suspects that he is a drug mule working for MS-13

Bill arrived in downtown Los Angeles near an area that is known as skid row.

For obvious reasons he sticks out like a sore thumb.

Bill met up with Slick and headed to her apartment.He inspected her wheel chair.

This will require tools such as a hammer and a screwdriver. So Slick and Bill headed to the corner. Slick asked members of the corner posse if they could loan her tools.

They replied: "yes however ,the white boy(Bill) must wait across the street".

 Undercover Police Officers then drove by and the corner posse then explained to Slick that Bill is drawing heat on them.

With that said ,Bill followed their instructions and waited across the street. About 20 minutes later one of the neighborhood posse members passed Bill a brown bag with the tools required to fix the wheelchair.

He then headed back up to Slicks apartment and made the repair. Slick returned and explained to Bill that he needed to stay put. She further went on to say that undercover officers have jumped out of a white van and ordered the members of the posse to lay on the ground .

She said that one of the individuals shouted out :"The white boy is a snitch".

Bill stayed put and after about 30 minutes later Slick told Bill that the coast is clear and it is safe for him to leave. Slick gave Bill a hug.

Bill replies to her: " With a hug coming from the honorary mayor of downtown Los Angeles, this means a lot " .He bid Slick a farewell.When Bill looked back at the situation he took note of an object in slicks apartment.He thought that perhaps the item maybe a sex toy. The Item was Smith and Wesson handcuffs with a white rubber coating on half of the cuff.This was the first time coming across a set like this.

Note : In New York ,it is illegal to have handcuffs in your possession unless your a law enforcement officer or peace officer.

"White Guy is a Snitch"

Chapter three -September 2012 
The plot  thickens @Apt #236
The Oviatt Apartments 1315 South Flower Street downtown Los Angeles -L.A. Live  p-9

Drug Pushers          p-13

John Dough sets the stage for police entrapment

(Bill is a non-smoker) The undercover cops make many attempts to get him to smoke crystal meth.There are drug dealers and than there are  drug pushers.

In Bill's book there is a difference. During the month of October individuals are befriending him. Soon afterwards ,they are pushing dope on him in the hopes that he will get hooked to the drug whereby he would make future buys .He suspected that these individuals may be law enforcement. Something is not right and their story's just don't add up.

Within  a month his gut proves right.

Pictured here (L)to(R) The Saban Clinic, Bill's Doctor Greta Green and rubber ducky's for the new born. Clinica San Miguel and Twiggster the deep down undercover officer that Bill has yet to meet.Faces have been concealed to protect the innocent and Dr. "rights"

It is a routine day for Bill and his supervisor reassigns him to the gate area of the airport. His assignment is to check passenger boarding passes. Just as the last few passengers are entering the ramp, Bill asked a Passenger for his boarding pass and I.D. .The Passenger presented the boarding pass . Bill began to review the pass.It is a connecting flight leaving LAX and going to San Francisco .

The passenger name on the boarding pass reads: " CANYOUIMITATEADOG " 

This is how it was printed .Just as you see it here.

Bill thinks his bosses are playing a joke on him so he responded back to the passenger with a bark ,then he Begged and finally rolled over and played dead.

This was no joke.

The angry passenger lashed out at Bill and ripped the pass out of Bills hand. He than shouted: " You need sensitivity training !" 

The passenger then boarded the plane.

Nearby TSA officers came over to see what the commotion was all about. Bill explained to them what had happened. When reporting the incident to his supervisor the supervisor replied :

"At the connection ,the passenger probably gave a airline rep a hard time and the rep deliberately changed his name to teach the passenger a lesson.Than again, there is a possibility that since he is heading to San Francisco his freak parents may have had given him that name at birth.Then it is also a possibility that at the hour of his birth he was imitating a dog. Now this would make perfect sense on how the parents came up with his name " .