In Law Enforcement ,"You cannot break the law and comeback around and enforce it" Words of wisdom from the Noble Mr.William Bratton the New York City Police Commissioner

Behind closed doors and back in California , Captain Culpepper  (L)  has learned  through the investigation that his office was misguided by John Dough and Attorney General Eric Holder.

 Captain Culpepper is outraged by the action of a corrupt few.

He called N.Y. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton pictured on the right to inform him that Bill Sullivan is a witness and is testifying in Martin Tankleff's upcoming federal trial. It appeared that law enforcement in California were in cahoots with John Dough and the feds

There is speculation that Sullivan was set up as part of a plot that was meant to derail the Suffolk County district attorneys re-election.

Culpepper went on to say to Bratton that Bill Sullivan is unaware of this plot that surrounds the cover up within the Gilgo Beach serial killer investigation. Also at the time ,Sullivan has no clue that he is a federal witness for Mr. Tankleff.

Bill Bratton explained to Culpepper that his detectives dug deep and uncovered that the feds indeed went to far as they set him up using police entrapment tactics.Sullivan was well aware at the time that he was being set up. He reported his suspicions a week prior to his superiors in 2012. Bill Bratton further went on to break Captain Culppers heart.

He informed him that Sullivan had funneled a portion of marked bills to charity. Prior to Mr. Bratton hanging up on Captain Culppeper , Culpepper chuckled and he acknowledged Bill Bratton :

" I was hoping to put the loot bag of marked bills into my IRA account. lol ! "

Pictured here: Martin Tankleff after being wrongfully convicted and spending 17 years in Prison ,Mr. Tankleff is released and exonerated . Mr. Tankleff hit the books,attended law school and is seen here at his law school graduation.

Pictured here : A plainclothes law enforcement officer in disguise tips Bill off as to why he was framed.

Picture here : Bill  notified  the N.Y.P.D. 911 and he puts in for a 10-78 to request for back up as he was dealing with a hostile drunk driver. Officer Homer and his fellow officers quickly arrive and make the arrest.

Pictured here :NYPD detectives share the news that Bill Sullivan the witness for Tankleff has petitioned for witness protection against Eric Holder the United States Attorney General.Mr. Sullivan mailed his petition request to  Mr. Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney.The Suffolk County District Attorney responded.

NYPD detectives agree with local mafia leaders that Sullivan is a "funny guy"

Pictured here: : With scissors in hand , Mr. Steve Ballone the Suffolk County Executive demonstrated for Long Island politicians on how Bill Sullivan foiled the federal plot against D.A. Spota. The feds trained Sullivan to find a wire and that he did. It was located inside the James Bond 007 jacket that was issued to him.

U.S. Congressman Charlie Rangel

He finds it hard to swallow that a white guy was framed by the feds

​​Pictured here : Officers from the 10th precinct are given citations of honor for saving lives.

It is 2:15 am Memorial day Monday . Bill being a modern day vigilante is on foot and on the prowl.

 He approaches the corner of West 16th and 7th Av .He then witnesses a male driver get out of his vehicle to urinate. The driver appears to be drunk. It is during this moment that Bill reflected back on a tragic DWI car accident that took place on Long Island .

The Accident took two lives due to a drunk driver. In a split second innocent young Katie Flynn and the limo driver Lost there lives on impact to a drunk driver. After reflecting back on that tragic accident Bill is not going to turn a blind eye. He advises the individual who stepped out of his car to urinate not to drive drunk. The driver replied back : "FCUK OFF" .

Bill then being a quick thinker reached into the corner garbage pail and retrieved a piece of aluminum foil. He then molded the foil into a shield. He flashed his homemade shield at the driver and then stated to the drunk driver that he is a vigilante out on the prowl.

The drunk driver re-entered the car. The Driver motioned to drive off and then it appeared as if he had blacked out behind the wheel. Bill made a call to 911 from the local pay phone to request for police back up. He gave the following description and details to the 911 dispatcher.

 "Drunk driver in a silver car , Plate state and number : Washington DC plate EH-9441.

Bill the vigilante then headed to the 10th precinct to advise the desk sergeant regarding the drunk driver one block away. The officers quickly responded and scrambled into action to save a life. The officers arrived and administered the breathalyzer .The driver who slumped over had failed the test. An arrest was made.

Officer Homer confiscated the car and took it for a test drive to the Precinct were he met up with Bill the vigilante. Officer Homer extended his hand and thanked Bill for making the call .

In conversation , Bill  mentioned to Officer Homer that he would see to it that the police commissioner and all officials from N.Y. to Washington D.C. will know about your quick response to save a life in regards to the :
"NYPD See Something .Say Something" awareness campaign .
Before leaving he acknowledged with Officer Homer that he is the TSA Agent that was framed. Officer Homer asked Bill what his name was ?

Without hesitation Bill  replied back :

"Bill Sullivan ....Thanks for the C.P.R.  !! " ( Courtesy , professionalism and respect ).Officer Homer extended a handshake to Bill
Once again , Bill has demonstrated that he is not a honorary MS-13 Gang member that the rogue law enforcement in California tried to portray him as .
He's a life saver not a life taker. Bill then heads uptown to the Apple Computer Store @59th street N.Y.C. 

Unbeknownst to Bill rogue N.Y. law enforcement are about to stage another set up.

Pictured here : This is photo shown here is Bill's motive for not turning a blind eye towards a drunk driver.

As a vigilante ,he called for police back up in an effort to subdue a drunk driver in NYC.

Pictured here : Knowing that Bill funneled the marked bills to charity ,President Obama gave Bill merit for his thoughtfulness.  Federal money well spent.The sign from St. Judes Children's Hospital reads : 

Thanks a million !

Chapter Twelve

Easter 2014 
"Dear Heavenly Father For I Have Sinned" 
          Sullivan confesses and the priest now has reason to celebrate ( P-147 ) 

The winds of Gilgo Beach have shifted towards New York City

Behind the scenes the shit Just hit the fan    

Pictured here : Bill taught "Johnny Stage" a lesson he would never forget.

The DWI incident had occurred outside of his restaurant / bar located on route 347 Stony Brook .He and his employees Kevin S. , Paul J. ,Carlos M. ,Kevin K., Kenny , Dj. Antonio and Eddy lizard taught this drunk driver a lesson that he would never forget.

Following the DWI arrest they flipped the car over and posted a billboard next to it that read :
"Does your car turn over in the morning"

Pictured here : Behind closed doors, the Suffolk County Executive Mr. Steve Ballone holds back in laughter upon hearing the news that Bill Sullivan had cut the wire and in doing so he foiled the federal plan that was meant to overthrow Tom Spota the Suffolk County District Attorney.

With the winds of Gilgo Beach have changed direction, Governor Coumo's instinct kicked in.He smelled something fowl in the air.It is the God awful smell of  federal corruption.Years earlier when he was the New York Attorney General he exonerated Mr. Tankleff who was wrongfully convicted.Bill Sullivan petitioned for witness protection through the Governors office.The Governors aide responded.

Late April 2014
Culpepper receives the news that  Sullivan funneled the marked bills       
 ( P-148 )

This concludes chapter twelve.

Click here to view Chapter Thirteen

Pictured here :  Eric Schneiderman the New York Attorney General. His office is now taking interest in Martin Tankleff's wrongful conviction federal trial.Bill Sullivan petitioned for witness protection through the New York Attorney Generals Office.No response from this officer nor the Department of Justice.

Another set up is underway featuring the red test bag       ( P-153 )

Soon after the DWI arrest .rogue N.Y law enforcement make another crack at it .

In the early morning hours of Memorial Day Monday Bill has arrived at the Apple computer store.

He logs on to his Face Book account. He is aware that law enforcement is monitoring his Face Book entrees .On his Face Book wall he hails the efforts of police officer Homer and his fellow officers from the 10th precinct who intervened and made an arrest in his stunning adventure as a vigilante. The post also startles the rogue officers. Bill mentioned over FB that he has just discovered that he is a witness to Martin Tankleff's  wrongful conviction civil trial.Bill notes that he has petitioned for witness protection. Some in law enforcement read this post and they scramble to check the validity of his claim to fame over Face Book. 

Bill leaves the Apple Computer Store @59th street.

On foot he took his usual path to Columbus Circle to catch an uptown train to Bodega Village in which he lives.He made his way down West 58th Street.Rogue N.Y. law enforcement are lurking in the landscape. One of the undercover officers who is standing curbside threw a red bag in his path. With his recent post on Face Book Bill is aware that rogue law enforcement have identified and pinpointed his most recent location and are in the mist of setting him up. 

Bill knows that their up to something . It is a test bag of some sought. Bill thinks to himself .

"I bet they want me to pick it up and take possession of it so that they can build a case or stop and frisk me whereby they would charge me with drug possession". 

Bill being nervy leans forward and picks the bag up .He does this with pleasure. The size of the square bag is under 2 inches. Inside the red bag is a white powdery substance. He has good reason to pick it up. It has the finger print of the individual who threw it into his path. This is the bag that he plans on placing into the hands of a United States federal judge who is overseeing Martin Tankleff's wrongful conviction trial.

Till that day arrives he locks it inside a vault. As he approaches his residence undercover officers are in position and they have an concerning expression covering their faces. Local law enforcement is now made aware through a Facebook entry that Bill is a federal witness. He enters his residence and calls it a night 

Pictured here : The news of witness tampering spreads ..Within the walls of the Department of Justice , the shit has just hit the ceiling fan. Everyone including former New York City Mayor David Dinkins looks up.

Being that he is a white guy, Bill notified the Rev. Al Sharpton .

Shown here is,his National Action Network Upon hearing of the incident , they cheerfully responded with a smile

Pictured here :The Good fellas try to hold back in laughter as this is a going  to decapitate the function of the Attorney General Mr.Holder. The attorney general will be forced to step down."Sullivan the federal witness wore a wire without a warrant.It is a federal crime and a felony"

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice and Benson Gives Bill and N.Y.P.D. Officer Homer a high five after hearing the news that they subdued a drunk driver ( P-152 )

Through the care of St. Jude's ,pictured here is Laura Swift . She is well now and her smile illuminates the world.

Pictured here : A NYPD traffic officer greets Bill and provides him with courtesy,professionalism and respect.The officer compliments him on his mighty big business card and provides him an escort.

Bill heads off  to an area airport .He comes across a familiar face. Its Port Authority Police Officer Figueroa.

He Cheerfully greets Bill. Bill explains to the officer that he is checking in on his reinstatement . He then provided the officer with details about his pursuit of justice. Bills new mission is to see all those wrongly convicted by these corrupt officials released from prison. His mission statement is strong as he seeks the resignation of the United States Attorney General Mr. Eric Holder.He suspects that Mr. Holder had his hand in the frame job. 

With pleasure the officer explains to Bill that he is going to document his website link : into his memo book .A police officers memo book is an instrument used in court and this action now documents his story of retaliation whereby making his mission for justice official.He then provides Bill with a great idea. He suggest to Bill to display a bill board in Times Square. With that said He now has The Port Authority  Police Department's "stamp of approval" 

Bill is gifted in the area of promotional and marketing  With that said he incorporates his marketing 101 skills into his venture and he heads to Times Square with a Sign / Billboard that reads: " TSA agent FRAMED " .Picture here is Bill with his profession looking sign. Image is everything !

Around his wrist are chrome handcuffs .This is a marketing technique. The technique is called a "bally-hoo". It is a jaw dropping eye catcher. 

Many hard working everyday people are aware that Bill seeks the resignation of Mr. Eric Holder the United States Attorney General. You see Mr. Holder through his career has investigated more law enforcement officers then criminals. In a sense he is a criminal himself as he had his hand in the frame job. Every day people now stand behind Bill.

 With his billboard sign in hand and on foot ,he receives a hero's welcome from the  NYPD ESU command mobile unit. The Officers provided him with complete bells and whistles. The E.S.U. Officers give him a fist pump in his mission for the Attorney Generals resignation. Then he passes by the NYPD East Village patrol units and the Officers demonstrate there support with a chirp with their siren.The 110th Precinct Patrol Officers along 14th St also  give Bill a nod known as : "The Stamp of Approval" .

As he makes his way down Broadway NYPD Transit District 2 Patrol Unit # 5232  passes him giving him a thumbs up. Bill salutes them back. As he turns the corner NYC Environmental ,NYC Sanitation a.k.a "The Strongest " toot " their horns in competition with the NYC Yellow cabs and Allstate Garbage Carting. "WOW"

The response is positive. Bill was recently  impressed when a Black Suburban type vehicle pulled up next to him roadside.The individuals in the vehicle were all suited up and presented Bill with a complete meatball dinner from the Meatball Shop.Well with that said The Butcher , the Baker and the Candle Stick maker now stand behind him as he takes a stand against a bully named Mr. Holder.

The movement for his mission is catching on.Shortly after that two detectives from police headquarters pull alongside Bill and offer a handcuff key if need be.His handcuffs are a new fashion statement.The detectives ask to take a picture of him. Bill obliges .The detectives show their support and identify themselves. The Id has the words "chaplain" on it. Before the detectives drove off Bill had one question for them ."Should I return the Jacket with the wire back to the feds ?".The detective replied: "Bill your on your own on that one".Bill then ran into undercover officer Lacole a.k.a "Lucky" of the sixth precinct at CVS drug store. He left his handcuff key behind and Lacole provided Bill with courtesy,professionalism,respect and a handcuff key.

Thank you NYPD !

NYPD Police Officer Homer a.k.a Mr.Likable  is honored         

Pictured here :The story of witness tampering unfolds over social media .With a petition for witness protection in store ,Governor Cuomo  holds back in laughter knowing that Sullivan has given Eric Holder the U.S. Attorney General the screw.

N .Y. law enforcement arranges for a sleepover at Bill's shared apartment .

                                The residence is located at 547 West 142 apt 18        ( P-154 )                                                                                                                                 

On the first occasion, an investigator walked up to Bill near Penn Station.The investigated informed him that his sign should read "Bar Owner Framed".The investigator in a rush shouted out "Think about it.All talk no action".For Bill it did not sink in however he was a former bar owner years ago.The Bill took seat on a park bench. An investigator sat next to him. A short while after that, the investigator slammed down the newspaper onto the bench and shouted out : "F*** these mother f***ers". The individual got up and left. Bill had a thought that this individual was suffering from a spell of road rage or what many park goers would call to be park bench rage.A few moments later Bill picked up the newspaper the individual left behind.He read the headline : "Martin Tankleff Graduates Law School".This individual is in law enforcement and has tipped Bill off as to why he was framed.Bill reviewed the article and took note that Martin Tankleff has formed federal wrongful conviction lawsuits.This makes Bill a witness for Tankleff. As Bill got up he to said to himself : "f*** these mother f***ers".

The message that these investigators  had given Bill was clear, yet Bill only translated a portion of it.

This motive is repeated throughout the story line to make a point and expose public corruption.

Truth is : The feds and the Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota are having a feud behind closed doors.The feud is over the mis-handling of the Giglo Beach serial killer investigation and the police corruption surrounding it.Eric Holder the United States Attorney General and colleagues arranged Bill to be framed in an effort to overthrow District Attorney Thomas Spota out of office thereby taking a position into the Giglo Beach investigation.This is a low blow for the United States Government .If Bill was arrested on federal drug trafficking charges it would have diminished his credibility as a witness for Tankleff in his upcoming wrongful conviction trial.When you finish reading through the website it will be clear to the readers that the United States Government has assaulted the American Justice System.Bill now notified the attorneys for Martin Tankleff.

This is now witness tampering and retaliation towards the witness for Tankleff

" You can't make this stuff up "

- Robert Trotta pictured here .Formally with Suffolk County Police Department -FBI Task Force

Bill operated a bar -restaurant entertainment venue years ago.On Saturday evenings, he hosted the county karaoke sing-a- thon. One Saturday evening a area local named "Johnny Stage" had one for the road as he left the venue.He then got behind the wheel of his car .Entering the parking lot was Police Officer Robert Trotta. Officer Trotta barreled through the parking lot in pursuit of steering the customers to a competing bar.Then all of a sudden, Johnny Stage backed his car out of the parking spot.Both cars collided.It was a horrific accident. Luckily the officer nor Johnny Stage were injured or Killed however, Like clock work and what many saw as divine intervention .Office Trotta arrested "Johnny Stage" for driving drunk.

Johnny Stage lost his license for a year.Well ,one year later Johnny Stage had a reason to celebrate.His drivers license had been restored.He showed up at Bill's entertainment venue ,he sang : " 99 bottles of beer on the wall".Prior to leaving ,he had one for the road and left the venue.He had parked in the same spot as the year earlier.At 2 am,he got behind the wheel of his car.Seconds later the same police officer barreled through the parking lot in pursuit of steering the bar patrons to a competing bar.Then like clock work,Johnny stage backed his car out of the parking spot.Both cars collided.Again it was a horrific accident.Luckily again, the officer nor Johnny Stage were injured or killed.They both walked away without a scratch.Does lightning strike the same place twice ? What are the chances of that ? Officer Trotta arrested Johnny Stage for drunk driving a second time. Since that accident ,Johnny Stage set the booze aside for life.It was a sign or what many would call a "God wink"

The landlord of the entertainment venue is also a retired Suffolk Police Officer.He commented to Bill:

"Get ready for police retaliation .When it rains,it is gonna to pour.It is the nature of the business "

The feds finally "Framed" a white guy

Suffolk County dignitaries respond with laughter.

Witness Protection-A Protective Order 
The Martin Tankleff Wrongful Conviction Federal Civil trial
   The maneuver to cease further retaliation and misconduct          ( P-155 )

With his website up, Bill made his travels through New Your City. He captivated the attention of many.In this photo a detective explained to him that his heart is in the right place however,his billboard size business card and his dangling chrome handcuffs are creating a stir.The detective further went on to say to him that concerned citizens are calling the NYPD 911 emergancy dispatch.The citizens are reporting that the TSA agent framed has escaped from jail.Your worthy efforts to expose pubic corruption has backlogged the 911 system

Bill has a heavy heart and he feels as if he is carrying a cross over his shoulders .

He headed up to a local prominent church to make a confession.The confession booths are out of order however, as he continued back to the lobby he passed a priest.He seated and confided with the Priest.He mentioned to the priest that law enforcement set him up in a federal drug sting operation.

He then went on to say that he is ¨gravely¨ concerned that the feds who set him up may charge him for stealing the loot bag of marked bills that occurred during the initial frame job.

He continued to say that he had funneled and donated the funds to charity's like St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

The Priest stopped Bill and said to him:  "If the feds were going to charge you they would have done so already".He continued to say : "The feds are no Dummy's ,they know exactly where the marked bills went. The rogue law enforcement officers took a risk with you.The Feds will write it off .It is the nature of conducting a business .I'm not here to judge you however ,I would never encourage any person to do what you have done. The world will see you as a Modern Day Robin Hood. Our doors are always open to you. See you next week ". 
Bill now has the lords blessing. 
later that evening ,Bill met up with Laura Swift a recipient of the St Jude Spinal Cord Stimulator .He told her that he finally opened up to a priest and confessed what he did with a portion of the  marked bills . Laura swift gave Bill a big hug and said : 

"Your a life saver and a Modern Day Robin Hood". 

May 2014 
The TSA Agent Framed Campaign Kicks off    ( P-149  )

Pictured here is a $2,000 flat screen T.V.

This is New York law enforcement hush money well spent.

 Bill shares an apartment with Luis and Victor. Victor is the lease holder. They are undocumented and non U.S. Citizens. They both speak very little English .

Rogue law enforcement will soon prey on Victor and his weakness regarding his documentation and immigration status.

With Bill's most recent announcements over social media rogue law enforcement will make every effort to recover "the red test bag" as it has a finger print of an officer on it.

N.Y. law enforcement has many reason behind their plot to set Bill up .For whatever the reason they will seek to put an undercover officer inside his shared apartment most likely to finish the job were the feds left off..

One evening a undercover law enforcement officer confronts Victor in the kitchen . Victor is very much unease about the situation however , he does not have a choice due to his immigration status . He being the lease holder consents to having an officer sleep over. The officer will pose as Victors guest .

Bill arrives at his shared residence in the wee hours. He makes his way through to the kitchen. As he made his way through he observed the undercover officer "Fake" sleeping on the living room couch. While in the kitchen he took notice of the officers wallet that was left out on the kitchen table. Bill then headed to his bedroom.

Moments later he heard Victor arguing with the officer .Victor is heard saying "I don't want any problems" The officer then left the apartment. 

The following day Bill announced over his website about this law enforcement overnight stay at his residence. With the announcement of witness retaliation, law enforcement suspects the soon arrival of the Suffolk County District Attorney Mr.Spota.

To cover up this law enforcement overnight stay N.Y. law enforcement will have to gain Victors trust. In a form of hush money the officers involved will provide the financial means for Victor to acquire a $2,000 flat screen TV. along with an entertainment console.

Truth is: a week earlier Victor and luis could not afford to chip in for a  microwave oven.

The television flat screen seen above is all courtesy of  law enforcement provided by PC Richards the electronic retail giant. *Remember PBA members receive a discount

Cardinal Dolan explained to all that Sullivan confessed that he had funneled a portion of the marked bills to charity and in doing so he gave the Attorney General Mr. Eric Holder the screw

( L.O.L )

It is a bright day on a rooftop in Tribeca New York City .

Bill meets up with the Nassau County district attorney the honorable Kathleen Rice and her assistant Benson.

When it comes to D.W.I. Kathleen Rice is the toughest in this country on this subject in her line of work. In conversation Bill acknowledges her work ethic and the passion that she brings into the courtroom. Bill explained to her that being in the bar business himself  has memories of  horrific drunk driving accidents including the one that killed 2 innocent human beings on the Meadow Brook Parkway

Kathleen acknowledged that she prosecuted the drunk driver in that case. Bill then explained to her that he had recently encountered a drunk driver and as he reflected back on the loss of Katie .He took prompt action. 

He put his foot down and took action to prevent another loss of life.He went on to say that he notified the NYPD and Police Officer Homer and his fellow officers arrested the driver . As seen in this picture ,D.A. Kathleen Rice gave Bill and Officer Homer an "Atta Boy Award " .

She explained to him that she wished that more people would take that kind of action .

Its Memorial Day Weekend 2014
There is Reason To Celebrate !
Congratulations to Martin Tankleff on your success ! 
There are things that are not taught in law school. 
Martin Tankleff brings his experience of being wrongfully convicted into the courtroom. (P-151 )

Behind closed doors ,the investigation into the Gilgo Beach cover up is underway.

  Bill reached out to Al Sharpton's Nation Action Network              ( P-150 )