Late April 2014
Culpepper receives the news that  Sullivan funneled the marked bills       

This concludes chapter twelve.

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In Law Enforcement ,"You cannot break the law and comeback around and enforce it" Words of wisdom from the Noble Mr.William Bratton the New York City Police Commissioner

Behind closed doors and back in California , Captain Culpepper  (L)  has learned  through the investigation that his office was misguided by John Dough.

 Captain Culpepper is outraged by the action of a corrupt few.

He called N.Y. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton pictured on the right. It appeared that law enforcement in California were in cahoots with John Dough.

Bill Bratton explained to Culpepper that his detectives dug deep and uncovered that  law enforcement in los angeles indeed went to far as they set him up using police entrapment tactics.Sullivan was well aware at the time that he was being set up. He reported his suspicions a week prior to his superiors in 2012. Bill Bratton further went on to break Captain Culppers heart.

He informed him that Sullivan had funneled a portion of marked bills to charity. Prior to Mr. Bratton hanging up on Captain Culppeper , Culpepper chuckled and he acknowledged Bill Bratton :

" I was hoping to put the loot bag of marked bills into my IRA account. lol ! "

Picture here : Bill  notified  the N.Y.P.D. 911 and he puts in for a 10-78 to request for back up as he was dealing with a hostile drunk driver. Officer Homer and his fellow officers quickly arrive and make the arrest.

John Dough finally "Framed" a white guy .dignitaries respond with laughter.

With his website up, Bill made his travels through New Your City. He captivated the attention of many.In this photo a detective explained to him that his heart is in the right place however,his billboard size business card and his dangling chrome handcuffs are creating a stir.The detective further went on to say to him that concerned citizens are calling the NYPD 911 emergancy dispatch.The citizens are reporting that the TSA agent framed has escaped from jail.Your worthy efforts to expose the frame job  has backlogged the 911 system

Another set up is underway featuring the red test bag      p-146

As Bill is walking in the vicinity of Central Park an undercover officer tosses a bag of cocaine in Bill's path.In the presence of the officer Bill bends down to pick up the treat.

Being that he is a white guy, Bill notified the Rev. Al Sharpton .

Shown here is,his National Action Network Upon hearing of the incident , they cheerfully responded with a smile

U.S. Congressman Charlie Rangel

He finds it hard to swallow that a white guy was framed

​​Pictured here : Officers from the 10th precinct are given citations of honor for saving lives.

It is 2:15 am Memorial day Monday . Bill being a modern day vigilante is on foot and on the prowl.

 He approaches the corner of West 16th and 7th Av .He then witnesses a male driver get out of his vehicle to urinate. The driver appears to be drunk. It is during this moment that Bill reflected back on a tragic DWI car accident that took place on Long Island .

The Accident took two lives due to a drunk driver. In a split second innocent young Katie Flynn and the limo driver Lost there lives on impact to a drunk driver. After reflecting back on that tragic accident Bill is not going to turn a blind eye. He advises the individual who stepped out of his car to urinate not to drive drunk. The driver replied back : "FCUK OFF" .

Bill then being a quick thinker reached into the corner garbage pail and retrieved a piece of aluminum foil. He then molded the foil into a shield. He flashed his homemade shield at the driver and then stated to the drunk driver that he is a vigilante out on the prowl.

The drunk driver re-entered the car. The Driver motioned to drive off and then it appeared as if he had blacked out behind the wheel. Bill made a call to 911 from the local pay phone to request for police back up. He gave the following description and details to the 911 dispatcher.

 "Drunk driver in a silver car , Plate state and number : Washington DC plate EH-9441.

Bill the vigilante then headed to the 10th precinct to advise the desk sergeant regarding the drunk driver one block away. The officers quickly responded and scrambled into action to save a life. The officers arrived and administered the breathalyzer .The driver who slumped over had failed the test. An arrest was made.

Officer Homer confiscated the car and took it for a test drive to the Precinct were he met up with Bill the vigilante. Officer Homer extended his hand and thanked Bill for making the call .

In conversation , Bill  mentioned to Officer Homer that he would see to it that the police commissioner and all officials from N.Y. to Washington D.C. will know about your quick response to save a life in regards to the :
"NYPD See Something .Say Something" awareness campaign .
Before leaving he acknowledged with Officer Homer that he is the TSA Agent that was framed. Officer Homer asked Bill what his name was ?

Without hesitation Bill  replied back :

"Bill Sullivan ....Thanks for the C.P.R.  !! " ( Courtesy , Professionalism and Respect ).Officer Homer extended a handshake to Bill
Once again , Bill has demonstrated that he is not a honorary MS-13 Gang member that the rogue law enforcement in California tried to portray him as .
He's a life saver not a life taker. Bill then heads uptown to the Apple Computer Store @59th street N.Y.C. 

Unbeknownst to Bill rogue N.Y. law enforcement are about to stage another set up.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice and Benson Gives Bill and N.Y.P.D. Officer Homer a high five after hearing the news that they subdued a drunk driver  p-145

Through the care of St. Jude's ,pictured here is Laura Swift . She is well now and her smile illuminates the world.

Bill has a heavy heart and he feels as if he is carrying a cross over his shoulders .

He headed up to a local prominent church to make a confession.The confession booths are out of order however, as he continued back to the lobby he passed a priest.He seated and confided with the Priest.He mentioned to the priest that law enforcement set him up in a federal drug sting operation.

He then went on to say that he is ¨gravely¨ concerned that the feds who set him up may charge him for stealing the loot bag of marked bills that occurred during the initial frame job.

He continued to say that he had funneled and donated the funds to charity's like St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

The Priest stopped Bill and said to him:  "If the feds were going to charge you they would have done so already".He continued to say : "The feds are no Dummy's ,they know exactly where the marked bills went. The rogue law enforcement officers took a risk with you.The Feds will write it off .It is the nature of conducting a business .I'm not here to judge you however ,I would never encourage any person to do what you have done. The world will see you as a Modern Day Robin Hood. Our doors are always open to you. See you next week ". 
Bill now has the lords blessing. 
later that evening ,Bill met up with Laura Swift a recipient of the St Jude Spinal Cord Stimulator .He told her that he finally opened up to a priest and confessed what he did with a portion of the  marked bills . Laura swift gave Bill a big hug and said : 

"Your a life saver and a Modern Day Robin Hood". 

May 2014 
The TSA Agent Framed Campaign Kicks off     P-142

Cardinal Dolan explained to all that Sullivan confessed that he had funneled a portion of the marked bills to charity and in doing so he gave John Dough the screw

( L.O.L )

Pictured here : This is photo shown here is Bill's motive for not turning a blind eye towards a drunk driver.

As a vigilante ,he called for police back up in an effort to subdue a drunk driver in NYC.

Pictured here : Knowing that Bill funneled the marked bills to charity ,President Obama gave Bill merit for his thoughtfulness.  Federal money well spent.The sign from St. Judes Children's Hospital reads : 

Thanks a million !

Chapter Twelve

Easter 2014 
"Dear Heavenly Father For I Have Sinned" 
          Sullivan confesses and the priest now has reason to celebrate P-140

It is a bright day on a rooftop in Tribeca New York City .

Bill meets up with the Nassau County district attorney the honorable Kathleen Rice and her assistant Benson.

When it comes to D.W.I. Kathleen Rice is the toughest in this country on this subject in her line of work. In conversation Bill acknowledges her work ethic and the passion that she brings into the courtroom. Bill explained to her that being in the bar business himself  has memories of  horrific drunk driving accidents including the one that killed 2 innocent human beings on the Meadow Brook Parkway

Kathleen acknowledged that she prosecuted the drunk driver in that case. Bill then explained to her that he had recently encountered a drunk driver and as he reflected back on the loss of life .He took prompt action. 

He put his foot down and took action to prevent another loss of life.He went on to say that he notified the NYPD and Police Officer Homer and his fellow officers arrested the driver . As seen in this picture ,D.A. Kathleen Rice gave Bill and Officer Homer an "Atta Boy Award " .........a high five

She explained to him that she wished that more people would take that kind of action .

Surveillance wire is dropped into the bedroom wall in the residence. Undercover officer sleeps over in the living room .The officer leaves his wallet out on the kitchen table perhaps to set Bill up as to see if he would take the cash.Bill feels something is in the cooker for him and he will make plans to move out of this shared apartment.

NYPD Police Officer Homer a.k.a Mr.Likable  is honored         p-144

Behind closed doors ,

  Bill reached out to Al Sharpton's Nation Action Network             p-143

N .Y. law enforcement arranges for a sleepover at Bill's shared apartment .p-147