Upon arriving at headquarters, Bill is greeted by Mr. Randy Parsons the Federal Security Director for LAX Airport.

Mr Parsons assigned Bill to be trained by the "Best of the West" .

That man is federal officer Robert Alford. Mr. Alford is recognized by all at LAX as a man of high caliber.Bill is than introduced to his Senior Managers Mr. Cruz and Mr.Lee. They then introduce him to Mr. Alford.

Mr. Alford asked Bill what was it like to work at JFK Airport know as "the good ship lolly pop". Being honest he replied to them all :

 "It is obvious that the bar of professionalism is raised at this airport".

Mr. Alford than gave Bill a stamp of approval as he greeted him with a genuine welcome :

 "Welcome to Lax World Airport .At LAX we are known as the good ship pit bull and we take no prisoners! "

 Mr. Alford and his training staff provide Bill with the expertise that is required to safeguard America. Bill is further trained to find a "wire". As said before he will use this training that he acquired and will unleash it onto the mysterious John Dough as he attempts to ambush him . Bill will sabotage a drug sting operation in the very near future.

Pictured here: The staff of the Adventurer found out that Bill works for the government. They question him during his stay as to what his work details. They become suspect .Since all he has is a back pack ,they perceive him to be a possible government spy .

When questioned ,Bill explained to them that he just likes to travel light.

With the spy rate of just $15 a day , he gave the Adventurer Hotel five stars

(  * * * * * )

Pictured here is "Uncle Dave's" Compound located in the affluent community of Compton and Watts .

Centered is the platoon "the property staff ".On the right are gang members who reside on the compound With Bill.

Upon moving into this home ,two individuals will also take residence.

They are two confidential informants named Clumsey and Danny. They are high ranking members of a gang that is called MS-13. As an informant their goal is to assist law enforcement in building a case against Bill. While Bill's cell phone battery is charging in the shared kitchen these two will use his phone in connection to other MS-16 criminal investigations that involve his employer Homeland Security.

Welcome to Compton 
The Home of Gangland Tours    p-8

The Adventurer Hotel West Century Blvd.  p-5

At the time Bill has no Knowledge about 508 North Highland Drive. 
Here is the scoop about the property. In 2005 the owner of 508 N.Highland Drive is renting bedrooms in his large Hollywood home. The owner then died. The individuals living in the home become squatters .Some will even challenge the owners will and the eviction. The eviction of these tenants / squatters  will be prolonged as the property will be in the hands of a probate court. So from 2005 through 2012 ,these squatters turn this home into a drug den .

The Home has become an eyesore to the community of Hancock Park. People are coming and going at all hours. Drugs are being sold out of the home. The home is now a 24 hour pharmacy and the community demands that the LAPD raid the residence. However,  with the squatters coming and going the LAPD is unable to gain a search warrant for the property since the LAPD is unable to identify the individuals to name on the search warrant. 
This is were Sonny the undercover agent and federal officer Bill Sullivan will come into play. John Dough knows Bill Sullivan's identity and date of birth .Dough will name Bill on the search warrant as a squatter at that property. 

This is how it goes down. Sonny the deep undercover agent has just befriended Bill. He advised Bill to Check into a local hotel in Hollywood were first thing in the morning Sonny will show him property's. However, the budget hotel that Sonny referred Bill to is also under a police drug investigation since it too is a drug den. Bill took Sonny's advice and he checked into the hotel not knowing that it was a drug mill. Once checked in ,Sonny explained to Bill that he would return in the morning whereby they would get off to a early head start in pursuit of an apartment .

The early bird gets the worm as they say. Sonny arrived much earlier .Within moments Bill heard a "Boom" "Boom" against the wall and floor of the adjacent hotel room. Bill then hears robotic surveillance equipment within the walls. It is the noise of robotic fiber optic cameras being installed into the wall from the adjoining hotel room. He questions to himself :"could  law enforcement be in the adjacent room conducting surveillance" ?

He also began to wonder if Sonny might be a wanted fugitive. Bill then took notice of Sonny's tattoo that is showing through his shirt. It is a stereo-type gang tattoo. Across his shoulder blades of his back ,it reads : 
Bill wondered that maybe he escaped from prison. As the two leave the room ,Sonny is holding hypodermic needles. Sonny headed to the bathroom .Bill remarked to him : 
"What are you ? a diabetic " ?  

Bill is a regular at this favorite Los Angeles destination.The Adventurer Hotel provided Bill with a personal driver named "All the way Ray" .Ray provided him with door to door service. Bill explained to Ray that Homeland Security has transferred him out to Los Angeles From New York and that he is assigned to the TSA at LAX Airport.

Upon him checking in ,Ray explained to the  front desk that Bill will be working at the airport. He is than greeted by Frank who is the owner of the hotel. Frank provided Bill with the royal treatment.

" You work for the government ? You get the spy rate @ $15 dollars a day ! "

This included a continental breakfast and complimentary champagne at happy hour.

This is a great deal. Bill extended his stay as he started working at LAX Airport by day and searching for an apartment by night.

Melody and Ray chauffeur Bill to and from work. He is under the impression that the heavenly father is working miracles for him.

Photos from Compton -the Compton train station

August 2012 
Homeland Security Los Angeles Headquarters - Training Day   p-6

Pictured here.​The LAPD Wilshire Division .

Patrol cars prepare for staging curbside as they await for a search warrant issued under Bill's name

Chapter Two .

The ambush is underway 

Touch down LAX Airport Los Angeles  p-4

Truth is  : Sonny is planting drug evidence in a hotel room that is registered in Bill's name.
Unbeknownst to Bill this is part of set up. Once they left the hotel the LAPD entered the room and discovered the evidence that the feds pre-arranged for Sonny to plant.This is the probable cause to gain a search warrant

 On foot,Sonny and Bill both headed to 508 North Highland to see the property listing .In the meantime, the LAPD will attempt to get a search warrant in Bills name.The evidence recovered from the hotel is the probable cause that is required for a prosecutor to sign off on the search warrant. With timing, a search  warrant will be issued once Bill arrives at the property location. That said , a raid would take place and Bill will be arrested. 
Moments prior to reaching the property at 508 N. Highland, Sonny and Bill met up with another out of town individual. 

All three stopped off at the brokers home. Bill has had this gut feeling that this individual who claims to be from another state is law enforcement. His story did not add up..In route from point A to point B Bill observed two white unmarked Crown Victoria (with there running lights on) pacing them from a block away. 

Upon reaching the Brokers home ,Bill made an observation of the brokers office that was located inside his garage. 
There is no real estate motif. The Broker told Sonny that the guest house located in the back yard of 508 North Highland is available . All three leave the brokers home and headed towards 508 N.Highland. 
Bill made another observation. In the distance, he saw about 15 plus marked LAPD patrol cars that are staged curbside. From Bill's experience, this kind of staging is done when law enforcement is going to raid a bar however ,it is early afternoon. Bars get raided at peak hours. Well finally ,they all reach the property. Bill spoke to a property care taker. The care taker explained  to him to be patient as the home owner is on his way. 

Bill arrives in Los Angeles . It is the last week of July 2012 , unbeknownst to Bill he has arrived with a bulls eye on his back.

The federal government has Jurisdiction over Bill . John Dough, the  government official will monitor Bill's every movement with the help of Homeland Security ,Drug Enforcement Agency ,Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriffs, West Hollywood Sheriffs and Inglewood Police Department. Just to name a few.

The plot to ambush Bill will go down in early August 2012. He will be cleverly lured into a LAPD drug sting operation .

The  property target of the the sting operation is a home located at 508 North Highland Drive Hollywood Ca. 

Bill Sullivan the federal officer will never see this "frame job" coming.

Pictured hereis 508 North Highland. For seven years this property is a nuisance and an eye saw to the community.

On the Left is the house prior to the raid. Centered is the house after the raid as the squatters are evicted. On the right the house is finally placed on the market and sold to a neighbor.

The community of Hancock Park give the LAPD a standing ovation for restoring the quality of life to this prestige neighborhood.The "Broken Windows" have been repaired.

For details regarding this case contact LAPD Detectives Marla Kiley or Detective Joe Aves . LAPD Wilshire Division. (213) 473-0250

This turns out to be a property listing clusterfuck and is relevant to the next upcoming frame Job on November 18th 2012

The bells and alarms of Bill's inner radar guidance system is going off. A LAPD patrol car passed by and the officer glanced at him .A feeling came down upon him. It is known as : " the quiet before the storm feeling ". Something is not right.

On the Front lawn there is a female .She turned to a male and said : " Hun lets get out of here. If we don't we are going to regret it ". Bill then asked her : " What happened to the individual that I came with "? She replied back : "He said he was going to use the bathroom at the corner Burger King but he got into a white car a block away ". With that said Bill replied : " Thank you just saved my life I'm getting out of here too ".

Bill left just in the nick of time. He knew something was fishy. For the time being the raid is put on hold. Inevitable the house is raided . Bill headed back to the Adventurer Hotel near the airport under heavy surveillance as he used the bus's and trains. Plainclothes Offices intercepted him from point A to B.

 Bill made a pit stop at Burger King of Inglewood where he chowed down a Whopper and fries in the presence of his police dragnet. The calvary of law enforcement parted and Bill called it a day .He headed back to the Adventurer Hotel.

The scoop is : If Bill stayed at 508 North Highland a minute later officers would have surprised him with a search warrant in his name as they conducted a raid .In the end he would have been arrested and charged.

This is ruthless, cold and calculated. 

August 2012 
The ambush @ 508 North Highland Hollywood Ca. 
Featuring Sonny a deep undercover officer in law enforcement        p-7

However, like the sign outside LAX airport reads there will 'Always be a happy ending".

Pictured here is :  Randy Parsons The Federal Security Director of LAX World Airport

Pictured  here  left to right is Al the owner of Gangland Tours,a tour bus of sitting ducks parked outside a bodega ,the local Welcome Wagon and the Compton Civic Association .

Bill came across a listing on Craigslist; a house share. What this means is basically you're renting a bedroom and sharing expenses with others residing on the property. Bill checked the property out. It is a stepping stone towards an apartment. Convenient since it is near the train station, Unbeknownst to Bill ,Compton is known as gangland central and his employer Homeland Security is investigating the local gangs in that area.

Pictured here left to right is confidential informant Danny and on the right is Clumsy .They both wear LA Dodger shirts and both have tattoo with the inscription LA -13. Bill is under the impression that they are both die hard L.A. Dodger fans.

Bill hit the sack and called it a night.Then at 2 am, he heard : "Cock-a -Doodle-Do" over and over . Bill realized he is living next to a rooster farm. He called 911 to report this nuisance .The 911 operator explained to Bill that there are no animal codes for birds. She further went on to say welcome to Compton and call back if the rooster begins to bark.

Bill finally went to sleep at 7am .The following day he would invest in ear plugs. Bill befriends an individual who resides on the second level of the house. His name is Keith "Grossburger" .

On one occasion they go out and about through Compton .As they go sight seeing a tour bus passes by. On the side of the tour bus it reads "Gangland Tours Of L.A." At the corner intersection there seems to be gun fire. Bill remarked :

 "Hopefully it is a staged re-enactment".

As they continued down a side walk ,a pit bull then came out of thin air and barked as if the creature had a mouth full of marbles. Keith shouted out to the animal : "shut the fuck up". Within seconds , members came out of the wood work. It  appeared that the gang thought that Grossburger had cursed at them instead of the dog. 

Bill then commented to a group who were sunbathing on a roof and chill'in on their front porch " Whats wrong ? You people cant afford a living room ?" A women stood up and said : " What did you say sucker ?  . I'm going to wrap this stick around your neck and whoop your ass !. Get back here ! Jay Jay go get em ! ". Bill now realized that this is a life and death situation.

Keith mentioned to Bill that he is going to turn back. With that said, Bill continued to the corner. At the corner, a gang member asked :"Who is the loud mouth ?" Bill replied: " Not me . I don't know ? That guy over there ". Moments later Bill heard a scream. Keith Grossburger never returned.

Back at the compound the next day everyone was  told that Grossburger was assaulted and is at a local hospital with his mouth wired shut.Everyone was all forewarned that this is Compton and to avoid the other side of the train tracks.

Bill being a federal officer finally realized that he is residing with a criminal element and the community is hazardous to his health. He then prepared to leave the residence . Bill finally found a studio apartment located in downtown Los Angeles.

Prior to leaving ,he found out that MS-13 members Clumsy and Danny have been using his phone. At the time, Bill  was unaware that these two are confidential informants however, since the two used his phone ,he is going to teach them a lesson that they will never forget.

As he is packed and was just about ready to leave ,Bill taped metal aluminum forks and knives to the ceiling of the microwave oven.

As Danny is preparing to place food in the microwave, Bill then closed the front door behind him and said :

 "Adios Amigos Suckers!"   

Then from across the way,he heard a bam ! boom ! sound coming from the microwave oven.

He turned around and saw a blue flash of lightning coming from the kitchen bay window.

"That will teach them a lesson for using  my cell phone !!!"

A second later ((( A Free Fire Works Show ))) illuminates from the microwave and window.​

Pictured here : as Bill leaves Compton gun fire erupts at a local park .

Residents of Compton flee the area on bikes and Bill bids a farewell to his tour operators of Gangland Tours

Confidential informants Clumsy and Danny are licensed to commit crimes .

Under the orders of the John Dough, informants Clumsy and Danny used Bill's cells phone for criminal activity.

This is a certified MS-13 clusterfuck and is relevant to the upcoming frame Job on November 18th 2012.

Pictured here is Sonny the deep undercover agent in law enforcement and the evidence that he had planted.
He is licensed to commit crimes. 
Bill, who is residing at the Adventurer Hotel, headed up to the Hollywood area in search for an apartment. Later that evening,one night and out on the town ,he left the Old Coast lounge in West Hollywood .Bill is intercepted by an individual named Sonny. Sonny explained to Bill that he is a brokers Assistant and has a few leads for Bill as he is on a hunt for an apartment. 
Unbeknownst to Bill, Sonny is involved with  law enforcement. Sonny's goal is to befriend Bill and lure him into a drug sting operation were he would be arrested . Once arrested, the media would be notified and Bill would be a federal officer working for Homeland Security making headline news as a drug trafficker. 

Bill is proud to work for Homeland Security Los Angeles

John Dough has now painted a picture of Bill as being a born killer with criminal ties to the Bloods, Crips and Ms-13 

This concludes chapter two.

Click here to view Chapter Three

Pictured here is Keith Grossburger and the domesticated animals of Compton , 

The roof top clan responsible for Grossburger's assault. "Rumor has it with his jaw wired shut he eats and drinks through a straw .He is now on a slim fast diet " , 

Marty the MS-13 rooster and Marbles the pit bull.