"The pinnacle in law enforcement, the men and women of the Indian River County Sheriffs and Sebastian Police Department of Florida ".

Anthony Sullivan the Infomercial  Pitchman Speaks out 

Paulie Walnuts and Gumba Johnny ."This sounds like a movie"

and last but not least......
Presented On behalf of Thomas Spota ,the Suffolk County District Attorney.
An Oscar has been crushed ,melted and modified for the Department of Justice.

 Charitable Movie Premieres to Benefit 9/11 First Responders    

 Victor javier Solano of Univision comments that the feds are feeling the pinch ,he and Lewis Dudley of NY1 News have common ground in reporting ."This sounds like a movie"

The proud men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department roll out the red carpet and welcome the east coast stars of Mission : IMPROV able . 

On the red carpet below is the N.Y.P.D. Anti-Crime Unit , Mr. Bill Bratton Police Commissioner, Mr. Cy Vance N.Y. District Attorney and Mrs. Bridget Brennan the New York Special Prosecutor.The host is D.A. Thomas Spota 

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The reviews are in

"The Pit Bull in law enforcement,the elite men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department"

This story is told from a comics perspectives .The writer Bill Sullivan is pro law enforcement and pro justice. There is no intention to slander a person or institution .He is never arrested or charged .

He seeks the facts surrounding the frame job and cover up to be as accurate as possible .To cover up is a crime and the Department of Justice has done just that.The initially cover up dates back to 2012 during the feud between law enforcement involved in the Gilgo Beach serial killer investigation.

With that said, he welcomes any and all information and is willing to add and delete information as to make changes to this  website .

Every institution has bad apples. Realistically speaking Governor Coumo recently was quoted saying : 
" You've always had and will probably always will have some level of corruption " 

Bill Sullivan  can be reached at  :  william

A tasteful police comedy with a charitable heart is underway

A Cameo Appearance

Portions of this story were previously aired on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Dr. Phil Show. 

With that said ,Dr. Phil questioned Oprah Winfrey :

"What were the corrupt officers thinking ? This is retaliation as clear as day" 
Oprah shrugs her shoulders in response and raised a glass to a toast .
Oprah addresses all :
" Cheers to Mission : IMPROVable the Movie "
" Congratulations to Mr. Tankleff in his pursuit of justice !! " 

"The best and the brightest,the men and women of the New York City Police Department"

Pictured here centered on stage is Actor -Director Mr. Mel Brooks and Dr. Ram Raju the President of NYC Health and Hospital Corporation
At the charitable movie premieres, the front row seats are complimentary and are reserved for dignitary's. Bill got the Idea from Actor / Director Mel Brooks.Mr. Brooks explained his philosophy. Those who receive complimentary tickets are the first ones to show gratitude and rise by giving a standing ovation. 
By seating the complimentary ticket holders in the front row seats they would be the first to stand at the end giving applause. This applause is known to cause a domino effect whereby the rows behind will follow in a gala standing ovation . 

Bill pitched his movie to producers and Directors 

In reflection, Actor / Director Robert De Niro speaks out :

“ It’s not only our brave policemen,firemen and women who sacrifice for us, it’s also their families,” 

the Greenwich Village native told the News :  

“They’ve done their duty, and now it’s time to do ours. Be generous . Donate".

 Being pro law enforcement,Bill  takes Mr. De Niro's heartfelt words into consideration. 

He sees this online novel as an avenue to raise funds.

 At heart,this is a charitable online novel and is free of charge. Thinking of our brave first responders .  Click on a link and donate today .

A donation can be made through the following 9/11 foundations​

This web site is about an individuals experience as he was framed and those who were wrongfully convicted 

Bill being inspired by Oprah, he took my advice to walk the path of Jesus and kill the corrupt few with kindness
The Heavenly Father used him as a porn to expose these officials. This is not a set back in his life, it is a set up. Through police corruption, the Heavenly Father has set him up for a movie deal
- Pastor Joel Osteen

"Things don't happen to you ,they happen for you -Pastor Joel Osteen

​Mission : IMPROVable Movie
" The Mission Position" 
The Oscar goes to ................


- Donald Herlihy retired NYPD Officer and author of a best selling book "Brothers in Blue"

In 2013 and fearing that the feds were going to set him up ,Bill being in spy mode and operating as a vigilante ,took refuge at the Church of Saint Francis located on West 15th Street New York City between February 2013 through August 2013.

Mother Superior and the nuns anticipate a major motion picture will now come from the Gilgo Beach cover up

The lord works in mysterious ways 

Pictured here: The .N.Y.C. charitable movie premiere to benefit the 9/11 foundations .
Front row is reserved for dignitaries.
Held exclusively high up on a roof top in Tribeca . Bill's Boss Mr. B is the Host.
Catering by Celebrity Chefs Mr. Joe Jenkins and Mr. Doug Brunner 

A Supersized Red Carpet Event for a Tasteful Police Comedy

 Bill takes this story of American justice and with the help of a well know producer and director,he creates a major motion picture titled " Mission : IMPROVable "
"Cover Up Behind Gilgo Beach "
Film Production  
Filmed on location. Los Angeles, Florida and New York  ​ 

Shown here is Mr. Eric Holder, He had jurisdiction over the federal investigation.

Bill is a good sport and will call upon Mr. Holder to play a cameo in his film. Mr. Holder would dress and play the part of a confidential informant.
The story is recorded through a comptrollers deposition. It is registered through with the United States Department of Justice ,Drug Enforcement Agency,Federal Bureau of Investigation ,along with the dedicated men and women who serve in the Los Angeles Police Department , West Hollywood Sheriffs, Los Angeles County Sheriffs, Inglewood Police Department, Indian River County Sheriffs , Sebastian Police Department ,Suffolk County Police Department ,the Suffolk County District Attorneys Office,the New York District Attorneys Office And last but not least.
 the Finest - the New York City Police Department

Copyright 2014 ,2015 Screen Writers Guild of America
2016 oral deposition through the Comptrollers Office of Scott M. Stringer 

"Hi everybody .I'm Anthony Sullivan . This story is much like a infomercial. But wait there's more" !  
 ****A Major Motion Picture ****

Finally, someone gave the feds a taste of there own medicine.
"A thumbs up to Bill Sullivan" - Dr. Oz